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Age regression Baby 07/16/2020 (Thu) 03:16:05 No. 562
Be it physical/mental or both. Back to diapers where you belong.
Anyone have the second part of tales 9?
>>562 God I wish a game like that existed IRL. I have trouble getting into the regression mindset
Anyone have micman4202's stuff from his deviantart page before he took everything down?
I've been thinking about writing a story where a mother's continence is inversely linked (psychically, magically, whatever) to her young daughter's potty training. Wouldn't be physical regression or mental regression but I guess, just potty training regression. Basically when the daughter starts potty training, the mother starts having little accidents here and there. As the daughter gets better at using the potty her mother gets worse and worse until she's completely incontinent and humiliated that her own daughter can make it to the potty but she can't. Maybe there would be mental regression at the end but mostly would have the mother being perfectly capable otherwise.
So are there more abdl magic, regressions? I don't care if it's stories or pictures. As long as the girl gets insta diapered by magic.
>>664 I'd read the fuck out of that. There isn't enough mom's being regressed story content out there
(47.98 KB 370x355 01.jpg)

(47.58 KB 454x385 02.jpg)

(44.23 KB 340x454 03.jpg)

(26.00 KB 240x311 04.jpg)

(48.76 KB 440x344 05.jpg)

Does anyone know where to find some regression stories? I'm looking for something like JR Parz Barbie Teen Agent, but with lesbians. In this story a 20 something woman gets regressed. But a side effect of the regression makes her feel very aroused.
I just need someone to say something to me. Even of its just to call me an idiot. I just want help
(2.51 MB 4000x4000 play_date_by_herretik_dd4sf3w.png)

(928.01 KB 2307x1719 Storks.png)

(946.14 KB 2307x1719 StorksALT.png)

(1.19 MB 3517x3469 FioBab.png)

>>849 Thanks for your service. Sadly, I don't have any pictures to add.

(43.50 KB 296x537 LF2.jpg)

(898.88 KB 1541x504 Ash Light Fantasy 2.png)

(82.69 KB 640x544 1403106298691.jpg)

(576.50 KB 1000x1000 82986615_p0_master1200.jpg)

How about some video game age regression or references to age regression that happens in video games?
Lots of different age regression out there at least.
Age regression with a mirror is always kind of fun (I also like VR and so on)
Possessed toys or objects are quite a thing as well.
Speaking of VR and so on here are some tech situations.
(112.68 KB 517x411 16278288_p0_master1200.jpg)

(89.71 KB 800x600 59717215_p0_master1200.jpg)

(62.41 KB 1000x563 Ninjala_episode-0-screencap.jpg)

(644.16 KB 1200x1200 78231214_p2_master1200.jpg)

Not gonna lie I do like how flexible age regression can be for story telling. Shit like pic 4 happening is kind of scary to think about IMO. I so want pic 5 to happen in Breath of the Wild 2 as well.
>>995 Odd the one I had for pic 4 didn't load. Well lets try again.
(445.35 KB 827x1300 Horologue_ate_the_time.png)

>>996 Ok that was kind of annoying. My bad
>>993 >third image If you're into regression at all Sunny Paws Daycare is a must-play.
>>1002 Yep Sunny Paws is great. Though there is a new contender IMO for the potentially best AR game that updated on Fox Tales Times recently. Stuff is no where near done but the person making it shows lots of promise. And even if they don't finish it the stuff they got (a few hours actually of content so far) is totally worth a play. Anyway here are some more Sunny Paws regression pics.
Super heroes have always been fun to see regression for.
>>1003 That's exciting to hear! >Hey, you, you're finally awake
>>1005 Yeah and some of the regression dreams are great. >for some reason you yell at your nanny saying you don't want to take a bath in one of them so she gets pissed and chases after you. >you can't seem to get your overalls off on your own, your now "older brother" figure can either help you take them off or if you can get them off you can go w/o help. Or if you fail you have an accident. Those are 2 highlights just to name a couple of dreams I like but they have a lot more. My favorite one is trying to avoid losing the ability to walk, didn't think an RPG maker game would make me feel so helpless lol.
>>1003 My only issue with sunny paws is that I tend to get lost a lot. I end up getting mixed up with where everything is, I think I saw something in one area and I go there and it turns out it was actually somewhere else, or I forget how to get to a certain room, etc. I tried drawing a map but with limited success, although I dont remember why. It may have just been really tedious, that and I had to constantly resize the canvas I was working on to make space, or change the layout/shape to make things fit together, etc. Is there a version that shows a little minimap automatically or something as you discover stuff?
>>1015 None that I know of. But I never really got lost in Sunny Paws myself. Anyway here are some Bojay things
p6 spoiled but it clear why if u look at what is happening on p5 Guess I'll post a bit from the cuckoo clock of doom to round this out.
Are there any stories involving female physical regression and sexual content?
(183.22 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 01.jpg)

(205.38 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 02.jpg)

(178.78 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 03.jpg)

(168.91 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 04.jpg)

(155.05 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 05.jpg)

>>1029 Chances are yeah but I don't have any interest in sexual age regression stories. Good luck finding what you want though.
(175.80 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 06.jpg)

(182.59 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 07.jpg)

(178.60 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 08.jpg)

(157.09 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 09.jpg)

(186.18 KB 1024x597 Charlie's Regression 10.jpg)

well lets finish Charlie's Regression up with Dr visits of some kind.

(487.68 KB 968x1318 ILLYA COMM 1.png)

(459.98 KB 968x1318 ILLYA COMM 2.png)

(471.78 KB 968x1318 ILLYA COMM 3.png)

>>1033 Think it's this one.
Anyone have better quality versions of these pics?

(207.68 KB 1032x1344 SBR_01.png)

(303.19 KB 2483x1199 SBR_02.png)

(285.48 KB 1299x1119 SBR_03.png)

(266.45 KB 1397x1195 SBR_04.png)

(161.85 KB 999x1199 SBR_05.png)

(1022.93 KB 1000x1999 ALM FAYE SUGGESTION 1.png)

(979.51 KB 1000x1999 ALM FAYE SUGGESTION 2.png)

(983.89 KB 1000x1999 ALM FAYE SUGGESTION 3.png)

>>1038 Oops forgot last one.
>>1037 ty Anon. Ada makes a good mommy though with the virus regressing Leon I do wonder what horrible monster she really is shooting at. Wish I knew where a good 6 was for this. I like the idea of the guards for the town treating him like a baby
>>1042 5 is missing as well but I have a back log of it. Not gonna lie Link being a self insert hero in a land of magic and wonder and being based off Peter Pan really does make him the perfect age regression target.
(533.08 KB 1129x1600 unidendna.jpg)

>>1034 Thank you!
(363.03 KB 877x1148 zelda_ar-01.jpg)

(285.22 KB 943x1035 zelda_ar-02.jpg)

(384.54 KB 1246x1439 zelda_ar-03.jpg)

(288.91 KB 1095x1065 zelda_ar-04.jpg)

(392.80 KB 1867x1158 zelda_ar-05.jpg)

>>797 I'm not much into diapers, but I do like AR. Here are a few images I could find with the lesbian AR. There aren't that many that I could find. Would love to see more as well. I could find a story that has a similar theme. > process-productions com/old/ar/akiko doc Regression here does have a similar arousing side effect. But it is only mentioned once. The characters that regress are all female. Hope some of you enjoy this as well
(557.39 KB 610x1200 01.jpg)

(583.40 KB 610x1018 02.jpg)

(441.20 KB 610x1067 03.jpg)

(861.19 KB 1177x1328 ar_smash_by_armatic_ddbbn7q.jpg)

(67.87 KB 743x493 zelda_ar-06.jpg)

>>1047 Here are some more. I could come up with some weird story ideas if people like? bouncing ideas around is my favorite part of these threads
>>1042 anyone still by chance got a better pic of image 5 here by chance? I noticed a lot of age regression has flat out vanished. Wonder what is up with that? Granted I know a lot of it was dumbasses thinking age regression is Cheese Pizza.
>>1052 Archive.org didn't do a decent job at archiving his deviantart page so no luck on my end and none of the Link ones were posted on pinterest either. Remembering from looking at the /aco/ archives I was browsing a few months ago only image 3 was sometimes posted but the rest of the set never was. I'm sure someone had to have saved the rest at some point. Wish i scraped his deviantart page before he decided to plaster everything with watermarks. Age regression art has always been a smaller subset of abdl art. At one point it was tolerated on /d/ and /aco/ but as time went on it was being deleted more often and as you noted criticized for being cp or stupid arguments about it involving 2D children until it became almost non-existent on 4chan. Seems that the only places to find any new content of it is deviantart, pixiv, furaffinity and twitter. A few good images and stories tend to popup every so often but I noticed that can take up to a month.
>>1055 Sadly I can't find it on any other spot either. Part of me bets if I were to go on a more populated board and ask about it I'd find it but oh well. Shame because it and image 2 are my favorite in the set. But at least the main story board is a thing still. Still I find it funny how people could even think of AR as CP when its a common as dirt subject that has been brought up since ancient times. People have always wanted to get their childhood back!
>>1031 I love number 7 for several reasons. First, the way the accident is depicted. You don't actually see anything, its just this really cute "statement without words" instead. Second, said accident is happening in overalls. Overalls cover you up, your not *wearing* overalls, your walking around inside of them, like a shell of some sort. I just love the sensation of being wrapped up and covered like that, and accidents in that kind of clothing are even better because of it. Third, his posture/pose. I just love how he is still clinging to the ball even while he is sort of leaning forward having an accident in his pants. I also love that he is leaning forward while it happens. Finally, and I cant stress this enough, is the kid in the bottom right corner. He looks so happy! I mean, look at his face, look at his eyes, look at his little feet pointed inward! This kid is so freaking adorable!
(1.05 MB 1016x601 Space Ace baby 2.png)

(6.78 MB 1036x4052 hat ending.png)

(236.16 KB 1280x905 1597449780051.jpg)

(228.93 KB 473x643 18265837_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>1058 Yeah this image set has been around for a while now and everyone loves image 7 in it I think. I <3 the final one as well myself because it sort of leaves a mystery to the whole thing. Are the girls making fun of him and saying they are the reason he is like that or are they just treating him like a baby like he did to that one kid in the 1st pic? So many questions. Also I just love the art style. It sucks this artist was bullied off the or so from my understanding.
(969.43 KB 1280x575 trace and color in progress.png)

>>1060 I never heard that they were being bullied around before, I never heard any reason, just that they purged everything and left. I agree, its a shame, I really like all their stuff, but I wasn't around when they were still doing it. >>1039 I really like these two as well. (the second and third ones) Especially the third. The facial expression, the posture, its perfect. Without actually being able to see anything, you can tell exactly what is going on in each frame. I tried tracing and then coloring the middle 5 panels. Took a lot longer than I expected, but I think it looks pretty decent. I might try doing some more with it, coloring the background, etc. How do you think the blushing looks? Im not sure if I got that quite right.
>>1063 I love your coloring. I'd totally love it if you did the one here: >>1043 The blushing is perfect IMO.
>>1068 Thanks! Ill take a shot at one of those later on.
>>1071 Tyvm I'd love to see the Link one colored but I'm sure whatever one you do will look nice. I gotta say I love this tails doll one. Really mental crash makes great ar stuff
>>1103 I like the art work from both these users tbh. I'm missing the 2nd one in this 1st set I'm posting though. I gotta give credit to an artist for referencing such an old movie though with the 5th drawing I'm posting.
(257.87 KB 531x898 5323836_p0_master1200.jpg)

(421.93 KB 553x2259 5540331_p0.jpg)

(359.01 KB 595x1681 6046039_p0.jpg)

(644.37 KB 596x3317 6698584_p0.jpg)

(461.64 KB 400x2400 3967678_p0.jpg)

(679.06 KB 362x3081 5532868_p0.jpg)

(125.71 KB 892x427 8051633_p0_master1200.jpg)

(647.42 KB 2220x608 3059748_p0.jpg)

Anyone ever read the age regression chapter in Demon Candy? And anyone ever play the game in pic 5? I have mixed feelings on that game.
Anyone have little trip's stories?
>>1238 What game is pic 5 from?
>>1332 https://old.ararchive.com/index.php?option=com_ewriting&Itemid=99999999&func=authorstories&userid=3868 >>1335 Your Sweet House ~Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion~ Its been translated to English fully recently. I feel I should point out it is x-rated and has stuff happening to your main character mostly when they are aged regressed in it.
>>1339 I'm looking for his premium stuff. It's not on there. I would buy his stuff but I heard the guy was dead.
>>1357 Oh there is a lot of extra stuff from him that may have been premium stuff in the ar archive discord. Its an unofficial discord of the site (and they say that in the rules when you look) but there is a link to it somewhere in the forums on the site somewhere. There are a couple of ar discord links in the forums actually. One of them is pretty much dead.
(2.22 MB 4000x6100 FOPThreeGenerations.jpg)

(2.46 MB 3625x7295 TulaMomAR.jpg)

(1.18 MB 3890x4377 SusanLong.jpg)

(4.36 MB 4900x4000 MaddieFentonAR.png)

(2.11 MB 4000x4000 MikoNicaAR - Clean.jpg)

Bumping with some, mostly, AR'd moms
(199.51 KB 2048x806 EjwWXR3XsAMPk2O.jpg)

(173.98 KB 1006x2048 EjwWXR2WAAA1pvG.jpg)

(141.37 KB 889x2048 EjwWXR4WAAApgAN.jpg)

(169.33 KB 2048x696 EjwWXR1XkAIQiK7.jpg)

Taco Child makes some ok AR IMO.
Dragon Ball of course as shown already has an ok amount of ar.
Final Fantasy
>>1451 I like the idea of FF characters regressing a lot and truth be told it could totally fit in the universe since there is plenty of time magic and age progression as well is kind of a thing even but I kind of wish it was done with an idea in the universe more than just this person using their OC to do it. This is why I like the "regress" spell/materia idea some actually. Also I notice twitter stuff doesn't show up in search results that much and going to the site itself it seems like I'd have to actually make an account to get into the better search selection. Anyone know if the site has a good amount of AR art beyond some of the stuff shown here?>>1451
>>1457 That's not an OC. It's from World of Final Fantasy.
>>1458 Well shows what I know. Just felt like some OC for some reason though.
>>1457 Are you referring to Furaffinity? That's where I got Tato's works. Him and artiecanvas seem to be the only ones that are decent at drawing AR on that site and that's even if you include semi-furry and furry content.
>>1475 >Furaffinity Well I'm familiar with it having a small amount of AR. But the best stuff I've found overall seems to be hard to find with search engines out of the sites (like stuff on pixiv and twitter won't show up on google a lot for example).
>>1465 i love that len one, always thought there was some fun stuff you could do with personifications of computer programmes
>>1514 Funny enough there is an ok amount of AR out there for that.
(1.83 MB 960x9280 AR CYOA 1.png)

(1.73 MB 960x8680 AR CYOA 2.png)

(954.61 KB 1100x5220 ar cyoa b.png)

(68.64 KB 540x880 ar cyoa b2.png)

(4.14 MB 2121x2870 Treated_Like_A_Total_baby_.jpg)

Any new one of these made by chance?
>>1540 Those first 3 images are so darn cute! That little girl doesn't realize how lucky she is.
>>1574 Little kids being a brat to the older person that was recently regressed is always kind of fun imo, granted if it is unrealistic it isn't as fun though.

(114.16 KB 1200x1043 EDyUsDGWsAElZuJ.jpg)

(270.43 KB 1934x1984 D35nQ_MX4AAhhZn.jpeg)

(248.00 KB 1934x1984 D35nRZEWsAwsbC9.jpeg)

(239.16 KB 1934x1984 D35nSPrXkAIO4xn.jpeg)

how about some Jojo?
(152.12 KB 443x604 17139416_p0.jpg)

(737.00 KB 800x1174 36229757_p0.jpg)

(137.22 KB 480x503 27720600_p0.jpg)

(314.14 KB 1220x2000 ramna 2.png)

Ranma is ok for regressing.
(13.00 MB 800x450 baby.gif.gif)

(2.05 MB 7500x3000 TrixieLampAR.jpg)

(1.71 MB 4000x4000 BulmaAR - Messy.jpg)

(1002.52 KB 3008x4000 PrincessWhatsHerName.jpg)

(1.57 MB 4000x3849 ArmyBrats.jpg)

Anyone else remember any AR scenes from tv shows/movies? Care Bears and that Rugrats ep of Angelica's birthday were ones I liked watching as a kid.
(1.19 MB 1197x1777 LoisLaneAnnual01-56.JPG)

(1.20 MB 1225x1769 LoisLaneAnnual01-57.JPG)

(1.08 MB 1229x1789 LoisLaneAnnual01-58.JPG)

(1.17 MB 1217x1789 LoisLaneAnnual01-59.JPG)

Classic Lois Lane AR story
(1.26 MB 1213x1801 LoisLaneAnnual01-60.JPG)

(1.22 MB 1213x1777 LoisLaneAnnual01-61.JPG)

(1.14 MB 1221x1793 LoisLaneAnnual01-62.JPG)

(1.20 MB 1209x1785 LoisLaneAnnual01-63.JPG)

(795.14 KB 1217x1165 LoisLaneAnnual01-64.JPG)

>>1862 >>1863 Not only is this relevant to our interests, it's also a pretty good story in it's own right! Thank you for sharing this! Absolutely saved!
The author just finished this. It's a nice AR story involving a cute toddler doing cute things. https://www.deviantart.com/regressionlover/art/A-littler-Future-Part-1-832558560
>>1937 Who is the guy in the 2nd and 3rd pics? Also anyone ever play Zanki Zero?
>>1992 tyvm for the info good anon
Merry x-mas, In regards to the 1st picture do you guys think Santa would give them coal as well to add insult to injury?
>>2057 Source on that 4th image?
>>2083 Sorry friend I'm not sure. Part of me wants to say Sock, tato, or kircai
>>2083 Tomasfer on Deviantart although he has deleted everything. That was the only diaper related ar pic he had that I remember.
>>2096 damn thanks bro, shame he seemed like a good artist
(179.70 KB 1280x948 1346750485.lemurqueer_ar1.jpg)

(581.19 KB 2957x4096 Little Paws AR.jpg)

(146.16 KB 571x600 12539844_m.png)

>>2104 I do like Sock's stuff. They seem to be honest as far as artist go as well. As in if they can't make a month they don't charge you. Which is more than what can be said about some of the artists out there. Something tells me they might be making a top tier limit soon though since they are getting a bit more popular I think.
4th pic's name is one of the reasons I really like Age regression idea wise tbh. Not a sissy but I certainly know how to stay in character.
please i need more of socks age regression in my life
(1.78 MB 3508x2480 shmergal2_no_text.png)

(3.80 MB 3508x2480 shmergal.png)

(1.83 MB 2000x2000 shmergal_septembertext.png)

(1.72 MB 2000x2000 shmergal_septembernotext.png)

(1.11 MB 2000x2000 Shmergal_October.png)

>>2118 Got these days before yiff.party went down.
(130.98 KB 560x315 New_canvas.gif)

(406.43 KB 560x560 Animation.gif)

(634.35 KB 560x315 Animation4.gif)

(101.92 KB 560x448 ar.gif)

>>2118 I really don't wanna post all their new stuff cause I do feel that discourages artists from wanting to draw. But I do love their work and the only reason I know about them and am giving em money is because their work was posted out of their patreon and in a few discord servers I'm in anyway. Not sure how they feel about their work being posted though. So I'll just post their animation rough drafts I've seen. Though I guess the 5th one is a complete work that was made in Sept.
(657.15 KB 1439x1877 shmergal_no_back.png)

(1.07 MB 2000x2000 300dollar_July_Reward.png)

(169.98 KB 1000x754 1608571608.sixonesixone_img636.jpg)

(321.85 KB 900x600 Chie ar2.png)

>>2040 That and replacing all the presents they would have gotten with baby essentials.
Did anyone manage to grab the 1st pic from Kircai's twitter before it was deleted? Mentioned that it was a Patreon reward but don't remember seeing this pic on yiff.party.
>>2135 >That and replacing all the presents they would have gotten with baby essentials But Santa punishes bad kids man! >>2136 I didn't see it on Patreon but I'll admit to not looking that hard. I wish Sebtomato had more drawings. I love their teaser pics but pretty sure I can't post em here even if they are innocent. 4th pic has already been posted but not gonna lie Superman is my favorite hero to see regressed.
>>2134 To be clear, what artist is this? I can't find a 'Sock' on Patreon.
>>2184 https://www.patreon.com/diapersock/posts I wonder if I should get a list of people making age regression content or not. There are a few writers and artists on Patreon. On that note have some Mortal Kombat.
>>2171 Damn. Anyone able to translate thr last one?
(115.58 KB 1002x923 EmvjgwLUcAAkk7w.jpeg)

(210.31 KB 1216x1366 EmwX92rVkAUXzmK.jpeg)

(258.62 KB 1274x1971 EoUxFO2VgAIXXvy.jpeg)

(240.13 KB 1403x1794 EqbGVsQVoAAtzAS.jpeg)

(203.38 KB 1140x778 1125077535836950528_2.jpg)

>>2186 Surprised that Patreon hasn't been cracking down on age regression, guess they don't consider it as sexualizing minors for now. >>2187 There's more, unfortunately the artist doesn't do ar very often. https://twitter.com/lowproteinhighf
>>2197 >AR >Also a minor trope in non-fetish media Outside of twitter complaints, has it ever been banned outside of overlap with ABDL material?
>>2204 Think I've seen some age regression art get people banned on both DA and FA tbh for whatever reason. Though explain to me the twitter complaints thing I don't understand.
>>2209 It's nothing much really, I wasn't personally familiar with it until I found neocities sites linking back to twitter. It's more of a general issue with art of young children sometimes being cast under suspicion rather than AR in particular (with explicitly ABDL art it can be more obvious). There are of course plenty of artists of the material on there as well, so the response hardly seems to be monolithic.
(52.04 KB 2163x256 _Dawn_of_Magic_.jpg)

(347.13 KB 1800x2000 Erik_Stone.PNG.webp)

(87.36 KB 500x480 King Erik Stone.png)

(150.46 KB 3470x344 _Waxworks_.jpg)

>>2212 So it is like people complaining about AR photo captions stories where pretty much all of them are the person's own baby photos or people someone freaking out cause someone posted an innocent picture of their daughter in a bathing suit at a pool on Twitter or something? K good to know.
>>1802 this fucking episode
(609.74 KB 1200x2547 AR-SSgundam.jpg)

(56.54 KB 1113x408 _AR_scene7_.jpg)

(1.28 MB 4243x1500 AR-Selfie.jpg)

(1.54 MB 5026x1756 AR-princess-bandit.jpg)

Sorry for walking into your board while only being interested in mildly related content, but does anyone have resources for pure AR/non-diaper related content? Especially when it comes to story/art commissions whiling to do casual nudity and/or /ss/? Every site I can find is either dead, or is almost always dedicated to the diaper aspect exclusively. The only other place I know of is DA, and that community is practically dead except for the diaper community.
>>2231 You're probably aware of ararchive. https://ararchive.com/ Site is dead too but they seem to be trying to update the site and they have a forum you could try asking. As mentioned here >>1366 they also have a discord that might be more active. The hourglass-of-youth Deviantart group has a discord as well that might be worth asking too. For stories there's https://www.asstr.org/ but you'll have to use the advanced search feature if you don't want to deal with AR stories involving sex. Even the diaper related AR content seems to be slow relative to diaper art, maybe one good story on Deviantart is posted every 2-3 months and the furry artist seem to be more active than the artist willing to draw human AR, so I check on them every so often to see if they were commissioned to draw a human.
>>2235 One of the ararchive discords in that link is actually quite fully active. You just have to find the right one. There are tons of ar stories in it as well that get posted often enough. There are actually a few discords you can find age regression in. Though they aren't all public but users do know about them. The furry artists I've talked to draw human ar just fine. They have a few easy to respect rules as well. Granted I'm one of those ar people that like being put into diapers so who knows.
Who would you regress and do incredibly cute things with? For me it's a tough choice between ump45 or Cirno.
>>2349 >Who would you regress and do incredibly cute things with? No one I wanna be the one regressed.
(411.13 KB 1680x1050 nichijou_babies_1.jpg)

(502.60 KB 2400x1050 nichijou_babies_2.jpg)

(515.00 KB 1050x1680 nichijou_babies_3.jpg)

(264.03 KB 1920x1080 nichijou_babies_4.jpg)

(513.56 KB 1050x1680 gallery_6149_246_456915.jpg)

>>2349 There are far too many cute girls to choose from. Yukko (Nichijou) is definitely one though. She could really do with a break from the struggles of highschool.
I felt like coloring the middle of this older piece here. Added a few things to it.
>>2368 nicely done
>>2448 I wonder if there is much overlap between people who like ABDL and AR content. For me it's all about seeing a girl in oversized clothes and seeing the world grow around her. I usually like the posts on /delicous/'s AR thread. I don't mind a girl being put into baby clothes, but I'm not into mental regression or dirty diapers. This is something a lot of people in the ABDL community do like. Then again, this is just what I look for in stories. Others may look for something else in AR stories. Would a AR story without mental regression and dirty diapers be something people here would be interested in reading? (I genuinely would like to know)
>>2470 I'd like that kind of story, but for me it's all about status change. Don't really care about diaper use but love to see them babied. Especially things that emphasize their lower status: >Dressed by caretaker >No backtalking or questioning caretaker or it's a spanking >When not supervised, restrained with a crib/bouncer/playpen/carseat/stroller >Fed, especially if their diet is now exclusively breastmilk >Diaper checked without being consulted, babies can't be trusted to know >If too talkative, simply silenced with a pacifier >Decisions made for them, especially emphasizing babies don't get a say (e.g.: Remember how we were trying to grow you back up? I decided this is better for you, so you'll be staying as a baby.) In my case the only appeal of the used diaper is having to rely on the caretaker for a change.
>>2222 Spongebob knew what is up tbh. >>2448 Seeing this made me wonder if more age regression topics were on the other neighboring boards and sadly I can't say there is atm. >>2470 I like male ar in my case and like a lot of the same things happening as well. But I totally self insert myself into whatever story I find myself reading at the time as well anyway. >oversized clothes to the point where their shirt is now like a tent on them and they just look like a little boy playing dress up. If they are so small to the point where their shirt isn't even staying on them and they are slipping though the part where one puts their head that is even better. >going from being physically able to carry others and strong to the point where they now can easily be held in one hand and they themselves can barely stand and even walk on their own. The idea of being small and having to rely on others is certainly something that hits men harder mentally as well. I will say I'm not a fan of flat out mental regression myself because it feels lazy. Now if someone is just in truth getting use to their new status and ends up acting more and more baby like even if it is to the point where it could be seen as mental regression this I like and could be seen as accurate, classical conditioning is a real thing n all. But just for someone to start thinking like a baby right away just feels cheap IMO. If mental regression happens I guess what I'm saying is I want it to be believable. Baby talk is fine. Stuff like as you regress it affects things like your vocal cords and makes you speak more baby like and or have more trouble talking is ok for me. A lot of regression really has things happen like your vocal cords change and your voice becomes higher but it stops at that funny enough. Dirty diapers are fine. Being stuck in them til the caregiver feels like changing them is fine (just as long as it is kept realistic, most people wouldn't leave a kid in a diaper so long n all for sure if it is messy). Just a small focus on them is fine as well. Everybody poops but it isn't the only thing that goes on n all. >>2477 And what you like is what I totally want to happen to 'me' when it comes to stories or so. I'm a fan of it happening because of their new limited abilities are starting to be a danger to themselves as well. Like for example: >hey remember when you got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and ended up breaking a bunch of dishes in the fridge? And I came rushing into the kitchen and thought you seriously hurt yourself when I saw ketchup all over yourself as well from it? Yeah, well that is why you are staying in a crib from now on when you sleep. >but the cup was too high up! (because the caregiver put it up too high for whatever reason) >excuses excuses. If you really were responsible for yourself you would have gone for help to get it right? >right... >good then you understand why things gotta be this way. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. >this isn't fair! (ends up pouting and only looking just like a toddler at the start of having a tantrum).
Well what does /abdl think of these stories? https://archiveofourown.org/works/14991464/chapters/34745297 https://archiveofourown.org/works/20558015 https://old.ararchive.com/index.php?option=com_ewriting&Itemid=13&func=chapterinfo&chapter=2823&story=1102&type=0 I liked the first two, because I like how she is made helpless while making her feel good. I only wish there was physical regression instead of mental regression. Sadly this is the only lesbian regression story I found without dirty diapers. The other is a just from ararchive, it is a fun read though I'll try to share another story I found tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions for more lesbian regression stories? I don't mind if it's a ebook in a store or something.
>>2500 Why isn't normal deviant making AR pics anymore? I don't know any lesbian regression stories sorry. I don't mind posting a few stories I love though: This is BabySat https://old.ararchive.com/index.php?option=com_ewriting&Itemid=99999999&func=chapterinfo&chapter=230&story=114&type=0 Spring Eternal https://old.ararchive.com/index.php?option=com_ewriting&Itemid=7&func=storyinfo&story=1137 >>2117 Korean Mother just got a part 2. On a side note, I don't know if anyone has ever seen this but man VR and AR totally go great together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0D1LnJm7SY
>>2511 or at least close to 1st person? (yeah the last 2 aren't age regression but they are awesome and could easily work for AR).
>>2508 Thanks, more content is always welcome. NormalDeviant made a post about it. Basicly he was afraid of his account being taken down. I can't say I blame him with how Deviantart keeps broadening the list of things that you could get kicked off the site for. If see regression or abdl art you like on DA, I would recommend making backups. You won't know when the ban hammer drops on them. Honestly I don't think DA is the place for this kind of stuff anymore or any other art that pushes any boundaries. >>2479 It Takes a village might not be male focused regression, but you might still like it. Its about a cursed women. She has these random orgasm that make her regress. Her mind stays the same, but people around her treat her like her physical age (this is part of the curse). The other story is about someone 'casting a spell' that causes mental regression. It's honestly not that interesting, but it was one of the few exclusively lesbian regression stories. Sadly it only has mental regression not physical regression and it also contains wetting a diaper, which I don't care for. Hopefully someone will get some enjoyment out of it.
>>1821 The 90s spider-man animated series had one, with silvermane trying to regress himself, and accidentally going too far... And then a couple years later, he tries to progress himself back to where he wanted to be, and ends up back where he started... No clips, but every episode is on disney+ so...
Anyone ever seen more of this comic? Only page I've seen
>>2656 okayokayokok Tales from the Crib Keeper, Issue #2, story 1
>>2349 sauce on that first pic?
Also some higher resolution pics from this set >>1030 that I got when they were still on Deviantart. Didn't save the rest since I was in "diaper only" mode at the time.
(435.17 KB 1800x1433 Illustration11.png)

(7.04 MB 3600x2400 2255396_Coqo_svnursery.jpg)

(217.15 KB 2048x1450 Baby Taullo by tenkami.jpg)

(462.61 KB 480x270 strange way to wake up.webp)

bump a good thread

(64.92 KB 900x688 Graduation Baby.jpg)

(163.37 KB 1280x997 1617223884.subakitsu_babykigus.jpg)

(798.45 KB 1300x1448 BOOKS 1.png)

(803.23 KB 1300x1448 BOOKS 2.png)

(2.67 MB 3508x2480 Aurora_and_Maximo.jpg)

(554.74 KB 1013x707 AR in Maximo.png)

(988.24 KB 1015x716 AR in Maximo 2.png)

>>3106 Can't say seeing a happy regressee is too common. That last image is kind of cute.
>>3295 Idk, I see happy regression plenty IMO. Granted it is more than likely to be paired with mental or soon to be mental ar. Just plain physical ar w/o much mental ar is more along the lines of "yeah I like this" after the regressed adult fines themselves being held (usually after the crying or initial shock happens). The most common 1st reaction to regression I see actually is "confused or wat happened to me" look.
>>3297 More in the immediate reaction sort of thing as you mentioned, for obvious reasons the post-AR situation is generally positive. Was just used to the general "shock" reaction that nearly all AR art has.
>>3393 If these had cuter, more cartoony faces they could be really nice. I don’t mind realism, but if realism isn’t done very close to right it is off-putting. I do not like the faces here, but the rest of the art is nice

(248.00 KB 1934x1984 D35nRZEWsAwsbC9.jpeg)

(1022.87 KB 1934x1984 D35nQfqW4AYeP1g.jpeg)

(521.11 KB 720x720 file_4b5cf99b18_original.jpg)

(239.16 KB 1934x1984 D35nSPrXkAIO4xn.jpeg)

>>3403 I'm not bugged by the faces myself but that is just me.
(108.44 KB 733x800 I Wish I Was The Baby 01.JPG)

(36.54 KB 341x499 Otto Grows Down.jpg)

(78.69 KB 410x609 The Cuckoo Clock of Doom-1.jpg)

(1012.89 KB 2948x3054 image0.jpg)

How about kid's books with AR?
>>3413 Also anyone have a copy of Otto Grows Down? I used to have a physical copy but I can't seem to find it anymore.
>>3413 >>3414 >>3413 I'll get to the other 3 sometime today. Have a bonus: The Knight in Screaming Armor has AR content in it.
(2.12 MB 3236x2688 20191126_191225.jpg)

(1.51 MB 3240x2600 20191126_191317.jpg)

(1.01 MB 755x1005 HoD.png)

>>3423 Interesting looking at House of Danger. I have a version that has way better artwork overall.
Does anyone have back to her teens and stuck in her teens? Been trying to find it but for free but it does seem like anyone has posted it.
(79.10 KB 1280x720 greatone.jpg)

I'm not usually into TF AR, but Bloodborne made it interesting.
>>3458 Oh cool. Love how AR finds itself in mainstream games and media w/o much effort sometimes. Purah, Kafei, and even Link himself in Zelda for example (God I hope BotW2 will let that age regression rune be a thing used on Link) >>3436 Sorry have no idea.
>>3458 PaddedBorne when?
(217.83 KB 850x1365 greatonecarriage.jpg)

(53.63 KB 800x600 hunterfeeding.jpg)

>>3462 Given that they already had a similar mechanic in Ocarina, crossing my fingers for that, anon. >>3465 Good question.
(627.03 KB 1200x1200 83773131_p0_master1200.jpg)

(394.58 KB 1067x600 52361123_p0_master1200.jpg)

(650.47 KB 1137x1646 Ero_Shota_17_126.jpg)

(198.08 KB 760x1079 03_150.jpg)

>>3466 It would be a good way to explore the world as new again. OoT was great for how it did it. Ledges young Link couldn't even get up on his own w/o having to climb them Adult link just jumped up like those ones in Kakariko village. Those small holes you crawl into as a kid you see just how small they are as an adult. The idea of a kid doing that is alone scary.
(127.36 KB 900x600 cosmic life cycle.png)

Let's get some more esoteric content
>>3490 >Last pic Older people getting ARed to childhood is an aesthetic.
>tfw 30+ years old and still haven't been TGARd into a qt diaper loli someday, right?
(2.91 MB 2600x4000 linkregress-min.png)

(3.43 MB 1996x2445 linkcleanalt.png)

(54.18 KB 800x800 E1xwNTwWYAITkmI.jpg)

>>3544 >tfw 30+ years old and still haven't just been ARd into a little diapered baby boy who thinks girls are gross but likes em anyway and pulls on your hair because my emotions and behaviors are messed up like a normal little boys from the regression someday, right?
(59.47 KB 680x679 robotwipe.jpg)

>>3544 >>3549 >tfw past maturity and still haven't outgrown this someday...
>>3550 Its ok anon, we are all just little confused tots at heart after all still
(1.27 MB 3717x2702 84783739_p0.jpg)

>>3544 Never give up hope, anon. Just remember that you're already a cute diapered little girl at heart already <3
>>3559 Yep just have some hope little one. Maybe try wishing on a star?
(582.48 KB 1210x1000 89005402_p0.jpg)

>>3574 Anything is worth a shot with how big the possible reward is! I've dreamt of being a little girl before and it was very nice
(586.50 KB 1102x1631 E1f693HUcAE_qBt.jpg large.jpg)

>>3617 Poor little girl I do hope you get your wish. I just want to be a little boy again myself. So much stuff to miss about early childhood and it sucks more because we can't even remember most of it. On that note this looks interesting at least Translated from Japanese by Google We will officially announce "Age Regression Festival 2021 Summer". We are looking for novels, illustrations, and manga for age regression fetishes and their understanding. Period 2021/8 / 23-8 / 29 Simply tag "Age Regression Festival 2021 Summer" within the above period and post it on pixiv. They sure did pick a good picture for it. 1st person regression is always fun.
(353.60 KB 1116x1579 dannydazzler.jpg)

>>3617 >Anything is worth a shot with how big the possible reward is! Personal investment and donations towards actual, real-world anti-aging biotechnology so you can live long enough to be here when real whole-body alteration is available. We can rebuild him, gentlemen... much cuter than before.
(723.90 KB 957x1276 80898522_p0.jpg)

(681.88 KB 957x1276 80898522_p2.jpg)

>>3620 Just imagining that scenario is very fun. I would drive to the hospital myself, and when I'd get there, they'd put me under and a few hours later I'd wake up groggy and bit confused. The doctors would take me by my hand and lead me to a body-length mirror, and I'd see a cute little girl reflected back at me—with rosy cheeks and very slightly pudgy. I'd be around the beginning of kindergarten age or perhaps an older toddler. I'd giggle or smile at my reflection, and before long a friend would come to the hospital to pick me up. They'd lift me up and strap me into my car seat, and take me back home. To think that I had driven there as an adult man and am now being taken home in a car-seat as a little girl! I'd spend the rest of the day if I had the energy playing with toys and just having fun~ >>3619 I hope you get your wish too, anon. Let's hope there is no quotas here! That picture really is great, the choice of the kindergarten uniform is really just perfect
(884.87 KB 1050x970 81158084_p0_master1200.jpg)

(319.48 KB 849x1200 65687735_p0_master1200.jpg)

(182.55 KB 1209x1280 1621204883.babychristhefox_194.jpg)

(486.26 KB 2706x2727 E2GSV8-VEAAoFGO.jpg)

(487.27 KB 920x1100 58104932_p2_master1200.jpg)

>>3620 >real whole-body alteration is available. One can dream >>3625 The Kindergarten uniform is great. It works even if the regressed person is younger than the age it is meant for as well.
(286.19 KB 587x415 carpool.png)

(367.79 KB 588x459 I voted.png)

(140.00 KB 594x409 Meeting.png)

(289.32 KB 591x451 work place accomodations.png)

(673.24 KB 2898x3738 EIn3I8tXkAEa_q8.jpg)

So I gotta say I liked this idea.
(2.94 MB 1200x3840 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.25 MB 715x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.49 MB 2400x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.18 MB 900x1618 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.27 MB 1000x1196 ClipboardImage.png)

(185.69 KB 1063x1421 EaKfD4IWAAAGYDd.jpg)

(270.66 KB 1467x1694 ExmGADaWUAIK25z.jpg)

(141.99 KB 948x955 EtfAXWWXIAgGYNq.jpg)

(1.44 MB 3392x3760 E2vTHezXwAklZhw.jpg)

(230.00 KB 2048x1638 E25ngdCXwAAj1pW.jpg)

>>1451 who the artist for the FF7 art?
(390.96 KB 2500x1300 48162832_p2.jpg)

Feel like bed wetting and/or pants wetting is surprisingly uncommon in AR fictionb. It's either transformation into a baby so all diapers all the time or just regression into a kid with no accidents. Any recommendations for stories or whatever that has both? Prefer being regressed into an older school-age kid that still has accidents, maybe leading to diapers.
>>3961 I feel the same way. Having a very limited ability to hold it is far more interesting and can be far more embarrassing than simply having zero control and being stuck in diapers 24/7. I wish there were more stories where characters ended up stuck somewhere in the middle of potty training.
>>3961 I get what your says like a story about a boy or girl who age regression into a 4 or 5 year old and have some accident or a 12 year old would be better. I know of a story called Tommy’s tribulations, it’s more of a age play story but it is on Wattpad so yeah and it’s about a boy named Tommy and he start to wet the bed and he’s mom start to diaper him at night but she start to diaper at day time to I not get say more
>>3962 It's probably a matter of underlying preferences. School-aged with accidents lends itself better to those with an inclination towards desperation, embarassment, or being somewhat "behind the curve" in terms of childishness in comparison to peers. Baby/Toddler in diapers all the time lends itself more towards the identity of being "in diapers" or reliant upon a caregiver. The binary of underwear vs. diapers provides a stronger cementation of role, with pull-ups being a sort of threatening, liminal force. Then there's the even more niche subtrope of "incontinent kid in diapers." I do think the typical all diaper is scenario is common just due to the proportion of ABs, though even then there is nuance, as that scenario typically assumes the potential of potty training as an eventuality. Very few stories will have a baby or toddler completely lacking in even potential continence, if only because there is little separating them from those who can potty train in a year or so. >tl;dr different aesthetics, some are more common due to demographics
>>3971 Yeah I just remember when I had a trial of amazon's ebook subscription thing and got access to so much trashy erotica and the like. There were a ton of age regression stories and ton of ABDL stories but nothing kind of in the middle. Remember only one of those stories having a short bedwetting scene and that was it.
>>4004 >>3971 Funny I thought that age regression, shrinking and abdl had quite some overlap. There are quite a few stories that have lose of bladder control combined with shrinking, but not with regression. My best guess is that it is harder to keep erotic, physical regression stories or art from getting banned. Probably because physical regression is seen as CP. But when it is about a shrunken adult it is okay. Weirdly enough mental regression does seems to be okay. I like erotic shrinking and/or regression stories, but those are also very hard to find. It's either mixed in with:mental regression, gender bender, wetting, or cruelty. The feeling of being powerless or embarrassed is what I'm looking for in erotica. Being small and forced to wear diapers fits that pretty well. It will always be hard to find what you're looking for.
(550.88 KB 1449x2043 467457454.jpg)

(3.31 MB 2000x875 bb2.png)

(119.50 KB 1055x624 JX5A7fpWbMjI7rmho2HHfSVT.jpeg)

>>4004 Funny enough my favorite of the ar stories on their is babysat (which the writer made for free on the ar archive) and Sending The Jerk Back To Daycare. The person that made Babysat also made In The Sandbox which I liked to a point before it just turns into a cuckoid story and the caregiver starts doing some other shit that sucks to me (pretty much ruined the full thing after that point).