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Requests Baby 07/25/2020 (Sat) 22:17:12 No. 674
A thread for Requests. Anyone got these pics in Higher-res?
(398.55 KB 551x762 EYJ3oqKU4AAYapE.png)

>>674 bump for these, and does anyone have the full comic from (pic related) ?
(35.54 KB 400x400 51+G3yvQ5bL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

Could someone make a webm of the Pull-ups New Leaf ad?
>>1390 Here you go. I chose not to embed it in this post since the very last second shows the package designs with children on it and I felt it was pushing the boundaries of what isn't allowed here. https://files.catbox.moe/kyqc4d.webm
>>1391 >>1390 Thats genuinely cute.
>>1391 Thanks anon, much appreciated.
>>1391 >>1390 >diaper companies are literally producing decent loli content now Best timeline
(234.47 KB 1500x1500 1591190444876.jpg)

>>1399 It's about time.
(131.09 KB 1000x1000 happyjama.png)

>>1400 Very cute
>>1390 >>1391 Very cute. You know, I wouldn't mind an ad-blocker which, rather than just blocking ads, replaces them with ones for baby/toddler products.
>>1390 >Elsa design Nice one, I get it
>>1390 >>1391 If only there was an artist in the thread that could draw her sitting in a diaper looking fussy while her mom patronizes her for not using the potty.
There's a doujinshi called Omutsu no Toriko that's been translated into two different languages already, and neither one of them is English. Can someone do that, please? Link: https://exhentai.org/g/1587275/477b1f567a/
Can someone translate Omutsu no Toriko? I would do it myself, but I don't speak Japanese and Google Translate is… not the best tool for translating doujinshis.
Anyone got the Bd:Miss Smarty Pants from elven I think I cant find it?
>>1777 Get a job and buy them yourself.
Can someone translate this from Chinese to English? https://exhentai.org/g/1579507/1f7a5b72f6/ It seems to be about a female Chespin at the beach who really needs to pee.
(279.87 KB 1280x1807 01.jpg)

Could someone typeset Hello My Pretty Baby 3 and upload it to Exhentai for me? Raw: https://exhentai.org/g/1765556/9c921c29ff/ Translation: https://pastebin.com/qtfLe3fX
Does anyone have the comic of a corporation that tricks girls guilty of extremely minor crimes to agreeing to be diapered forever as an alternative punishment? There was a purple-haired nurse in it.
searching drawings of anything that put their feet in their mouth, i'm in this fetish since like 2 years but that's rare
(537.91 KB 1280x720 dlee.webm)

Looking for 3 Strapon-videos from "Littleredbottom" and ClipsforSale: especially "Tina Kay fucks Chloe Toy with a strapon wearing diapers" and "Alisha & Red: Strapon Dildo Diaper Sex!" and "Invited for Playdate - Fucked by Step-Mommy & Step-Daddy " ty! Will upload my collection in return!
someone here will know the artist who made this drawing I tried to look for it in saucenao and yandex but I can't find it.
>>2798 looks absolutely gorgeous but there is no way I'm paying up to 40 bucks just to have a wank!
Can someone translate this doujin into English? https://nhentai.net/g/350889/
Can anyone give the translation or at least the text of this doujin? I don't know a single word in japanese but i can manage to make an english version with some time
does anyone have the latest demo for perpetual change from piece of soap?
(146.35 KB 901x1200 EfTjAjFWsAA0tcX.jpg)

anyone have content from her? (twitter was @littlespeak2 , ig was @littlespeak4)
Does anyone have any Bubblybuns videos they'd be willing to share?
Not sure if anyone can help me, but I'm looking for a video of a girl who (I believe anyway) first wets her diaper, then definitely messes it heavily, all while laying on a bed. I have pictures of the girl (or someone who looks just like her, same haircut and everything), but I have no name for her, so I can't pin the video down. I have three pictures of her, with the second one I believe is specifically a screenshot from the video. Appreciate anyone who can help me find this video, or hell even a name would be great. Put a spoiler on them because they contain super messy diapers, and I know not everyone likes to see that stuff.
Probably a long-shot, but I was late to a video posted (it is removed now - https://thisvid.com/videos/pov-mommy-changes-your-messy-diaper). The screenshot was a woman with blonde hair wearing a blue romper. Any info on who it is or where to find it (or similar content)? Thanks!
>>5046 Seconded this request. I don't even know if there IS a full (heh) video of this set. I know I remember seeing just a bit of it, didn't have the messing, but was definitely post-filled.
Anyone got the images from this thread? https://archive.md/1vWIX The old megas are long gone.
Any chance kemono.party will ever be updated with abdl content?
>>5046 Here ya go https://mega.nz/folder/EEF2DJQS#sQ3oISN1-mVEHVuxucPl_w That's Zenia from diapered online, also threw in some extra stuff I found while looking for the video. The video sure isn't as clear as the pictures and she doesn't lie down, but that's definitely the messing from pic 2.
>>6059 Not the anon requesting but nice of you to share. On an unrelated note more a question about updating certain patreons. Does Yuhi-Tan post anything worth grabbing?
>>6059 Holy shit you are amazing. I never thought I’d find that video again, and the extras are awesome as well. Thanks again!
>>6092 Np, glad I could help, cheers.
(299.41 KB 1280x597 inps_009.jpg)

Anyone got the set of this? I think it was only a couple images total tbh.
(18.77 KB 850x340 ea6cm8VBU2.webp)

Anyone got any of this paywall locked content, or where to find it? I am only really interested in the diaper stuff, and well, there's plenty of *other* stuff going on that it doesn't feel worth my money. https://maxximo.cl/tag/diaper/
(271.40 KB 768x1594 72269327.jpg)

Anyone know who this adorable cutie is and where I can find more of her?
That wonderful woman is littlefantasyworld on tumblr. She was extremely active for along time on instagram and tumblr but then covid happened and she stopped posting if I recall. I hope she's okay.
any misspandapants videos?
Anyone have any aballycakes stuff?
anyone have perpetual change's latest demo?
(424.29 KB 566x800 ClipboardImage.png)

Don't suppose anyone able to translate a lot of strips from this? https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/105895 Seems a lot of diaper bullying going on.
Does anyone have M157Re55 5EnNe77 "Suckling Regression" Audio?
>>8764 There are a lot of images there, but I might have a go at translating a few of them when I have time. I'll start with the one you posted. The yellow armband she's wearing says "bedwet-" but from the artist's other images I know the full text is something like "bedwetting prevention squad". >What a good girl, wearing you diaper properly~ >All the kids who've done it [bedwetting] after starting middle school are wearing them~
>>8764 And here's another, with proper typesetting this time.
miss panda pants videos
I never request but this girl haunts me. Her energy is amazing. any and all paywalled diaper content https://twitter.com/lilsuccubunnie
(223.31 KB 1440x1800 sbun.jpeg)

(1.25 MB 3024x4032 sbun0.jpeg)

(1.34 MB 3024x4032 sbunn.jpeg)

>>9753 guess I should've posted pics
Im looking for a video which was a compilation of clips of 3 girls in diapers recreating memes or acting funny in general in a house, i think it was posted in one of the previous chans One of the girls may have been SunnyWittleDays but im not sure
Does anyone have sugary little videos? Looking for her content and couldn't find a mega anywhere.
>>6059 the link doesn't seem to work anymore. do you think you could reupload it?
does anyone have omulettes' Gawr Gura's comic? his twitter is nuked and I can't access pixiv so if a kind anon has it saved
IIRC there was a mega link on Julay with vids of diaper scat. Like big leaks and such. Anyone have that link, or any similar content?
Anyone have any of Ami Mercury's ABDL videos?
(57.40 KB 569x856 bogi1_1-2.jpg)

(86.82 KB 569x856 bogi1_1-30.jpg)

(60.15 KB 571x860 bogi37.jpg)

(77.16 KB 571x860 bogi38.jpg)

I have this whole photoset that I pirated years ago but I have no idea who this is. Anyone got a clue or have more of her?
somebody’s gotta have miss panda pants stuff
>>10230 She used to go by the name Bogi. Not sure where she went or when or why. I like her pictures though because she has a relatively small/petite frame and seems to have a real enjoyment.
>>10260 Thanks, I always wondered if that was her name or if that was just the file name. Do you have any other pictures outside of this set? I have this whole set, more than these 4 pics, but nothing else on her.
>>10265 I might somewhere, but they don't seem to be catalogued if so. The only thing I can easily find in my retarded labyrinth is a set of 60 pictures. If that's the number of pictures you've got, that's the same set.
(123.47 KB 1024x814 1.jpg)

>>1750 do you by any chance have big sister is watching by elven dreamer
Is Sugary Little's stuff worth buying? This vid caught my attention if anyone's got it https://www.manyvids.com/Video/3173371/Diaper-Fuck-Cousin-at-Family-Reunion/
long shot but does anyone have the pics of the sissy who used to post with his wife/dom on newfapchan
>>10315 as incentive Ill post scans of this dogshit omufest ....doujin?? collection?? tankobon maybe is the right there
(468.71 KB 500x707 new.jpg)

>>10316 >>10317 I also have some shitty sanwa pub vids I dont mind sharing but I wanna know if any oldfags know how they circulated. And if any of the old timers jjust went to nip land and got them back in the 90s or if they got them off babygals.jp
>>10303 I guess I had some duplicates with modified resolution for some reason. Apparently that set is called "babydream" (I assume due to the brand of diaper she was wearing. It says that on the front) and it was a baby-doll.com photoset. The modified resolution seems to be primarily a removal of the watermark. I don't seem to have any images that weren't in that archive. Thank you for posting.
>>10341 No problem. Happy to share. Enjoy.
what is the best active site (paid or otherwise) for videos of woman wearing diapers in public? not merely in the wilderness but in the city and around strangers many sites have a few videos like this, but im not trying to pay for five different sites just to scratch my exhib itch
>>10426 Digging out old public diaper vids or checking the megas in the video thread.
Can someone please share stuff from sugary little?
does anyone have this pic in full?
>>11118 This, please. She's adorable.
(2.10 MB 956x1400 tftck - halloween - pg6.png)

>>11308 Tales from the Crib Keeper by Okayokayokok Halloween Edition Page 6
>>11312 tyvm! Can ynaone tell me please how to use this code? YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOUtVMHBEYlZSdlVpTTNSa1ZmUTFsV1NIVjNVblJLVW5jMFdXUndWRnBC
>>11344 base64decode good sir
>>11345 how?
>>11347 ...lmao
>>10289 bump
Anyone have Tales from the Crib Keeper 11 yet? Not sure if its worth it and don't want to waste my money on it yet.
>>11347 bro i work in a warehouse and have actual brain damage and even i could figure this shit out
(751.89 KB 1280x1967 004.png)

(1.33 MB 1280x1967 003.png)

I think I'm going insane. Anyone know what the artist is called? I did have it saved but can't find the link anymore and I feel like I'm losing my mind.
>>13212 If you don’t know the artist, then you’re clearly too fucking young and you’re new to 8chan in general. Fuck off and do some research retard.
>>13212 Looks like pieceofsoap >>13213 autistfag
>>13213 >they dont know everything I know >they cant instantly identify who a particular artist is based on style alone >they must be an absolute oxygen thief of an underaged summer fag >it is my duty to make sure they dont stick around and eventually become as knowledgeable as I am and thus grow and better the community >I bet if I just bitch at them and dont answer their question, even when answering their question would have taken less time and effort, they will go away and never come back Have you ever analyzed this anon? There are few things I hate more than people going out of their way to not dispense information they are in possession of when it would be just as easy to just answer the goddamn question.
>>13213 Holy shit. You tried to sound really meta and ended up making yourself out to look like a giant toolbag loser. Delete yourself cancerous fuckwad.
>>13227 that's the one, thank. Not sure how I could be so stupid to forget to check that artist in the first place.. >>13213 Chill the fuck out man, a simple "no idea" would've been enough from you.
Looking for a specific file, surely someone must have this. It’s of an asian ABDL, she’s sitting crosslegged in a swimsuit with a mesh boob window. Underneath she appears to be wearing a cute set of cherry underwear. Her hair in in pigtails and she has a bright red pacifier strapped in her mouth and a red schoolbag. Anyone???
>>13528 Found it
>>13239 Loser? Your crack whore mom isn’t here. You can call me a faggot at anytime you fucking new gen buttfuck
>>13252 quit dick riding this moron. This faggot kid obviously can’t use Google, it’s not his fault he was dropped on his head
Any sauce? Name gives nothing
(146.57 KB 896x672 romp.jpg)

Does anyone have TS on Male ABDL content. Been searching for a while and wondering if it just doesnt exist
>>13846 A TS in a diaper getting rammed sounds great
Anyone know who this is? I can't find anything with reverse image search
Does anyone have a copy of the Walking Dead abdl comic called the Crawling Dead?
(663.50 KB 972x1200 98506010_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>14256 His recent baby-mate stuff is only on twitter afaik, most of his old sets are on Hitomi. https://hitomi.la/group/kameya%20mannendou-all.html
>>10252 go buy it, dummy
>>10252 forgot to sage, my bad
I'm looking for the full vid of this or even just the name would help. I saw her years back on tumblr and can't seem to find any leads. Thanks!
does anybody have any sleepover/slumber party stories specifically where a girl is found out to still wear diapers. Still, everybody is either okay with it or even finds it pretty neat and starts wearing them
This is kind of a long shot, but i deleted my copy of the video and i can't find it online. Absolutely seething since it was so hot It's a DDLGish video of a slightly chubby woman with blonde hair (i think pigtails) and mediumish tits talking to the camera, in like a pink lingerie set the first thing she says is " I missed you daddy" and i think she goes on to gag and paddle herself Insanely grateful to anyone who has a copy.
>>15253 Sounds vaguely like DaisyDiapered but I don't think I have one like that
>>15258 Nah it's not her, this girl was more babyfaced and her hair was paler blonde.
>>15258 Sorry to post so many times but I just managed to find it myself and figured I ought to at least share it now. https://thisvid.com/playlist/239223/video/daddy-joi-60/ No clue what her name is, if there are other videos ect.
I have a request. A few months(maybe even years), i had found a cute picture of a girl. if memory servers, green shit, standing in a slightly dark hallway with a goodnite on. Short hair, relatively small boobs. I can't seem to find it online anymore and i find that quite annoying. ALSO, anyone knows how to find pictures of girls showing their diapers, like we see a lot, but specificaly in front of a mirror in public toilets. Like just a quick selfish showing it. Not sure how that's called so a bit annoying to look for. I'll post some good asian videos in the video chat in a few days if that serves as an incentive.
>>15261 Ditsy Daisy
>>15263 Diamonds
(77.01 KB 571x860 bogi39.jpg)

>>15262 Maybe this?
>>13239 Yep that’s a fucking faggot minor. If you don’t know pieceofsoap. You’re clearly too fucking young and retarded to use Google. >>13233 >I didn’t read >still didn’t read >still didn’t read >still typing faggot? >Google is helpful tool, everyone knows who pieceofsoap is? If you don’t then you’re probably a faggot kid or imagine a retard with head trauma. Now quit typing paragraphs like some Instagram queer
>>15270 Some people peak in life playing football in high school, your peak is trying to bully people on a diaper chan. KYS.
(645.07 KB 640x1136 VID_19720921_163318_388.mp4)

I need to know her name and link for her social media
>>15265 sadly no, i've seen that one. The one i'm talking about is rather low quality. Thanks still.
>>15273 That’s a fucking hypocrite statement right there faggot
>>14209 That's BB-Napine. She was on pocketstars before their crypto bullshit. Don't know if she's still active.
Does anyone know who the mommy is in this clip, and if she's done any other abdl content as a mommy? I think she may be the same alice as the one in domination for your own good stuff but not sure. Thanks in advance. https://www.manyvids.com/Video/966313/New-Mommy-New-Toy--lush-trial/
Usually I find this sort of POV cringy as fuck and I dont really like the Mixtrix lady, Mindless is ok I guess, dont care much for her. But this videos go a bit further than the regular POV cheap fap clip for me, a bit more engagy and more """"""interactive""""""" imho they seem kind of interesting, at least because I have always wanted to comission to one of these camwhores to do a show like video of a show targeted specifically for AB/DLs. Hell I would love if hot Ludella Hahn would do something like that, that would be amazing. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/114316/18631781/funtime-show-with-miss-mixtrix https://www.manyvids.com/Video/3811418/The-Funtime-Show-with-Miss-Mixtrix-ep2/ https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2929780/POV-encouraging-you-to-regress-with-me/
>>15304 One of Those bitches babyblair started hating me because I told her and her friends that this Crypto bullshit was a scam and then they told me how was “mansplaining” then afterwards I reported blair’s account for scamming and she got banned. Karmas a bitch
>>15353 So you are the cunt that made us lose decent content? Have you considered not ruining others fun?
Does anyone have this Adriana Strapon-video, please? "Adriana Kayley Strapon-Sex"
>>15357 not that diaperanon but >babyblair >decent pick one and only one she is not even pretty by normie standards bro, heaps of makeup and tattooes, her content is plain boring and cringy, you can tell she's a big time attention whore which makes her even worse than a regular whore, nothing of value was lost there.
So I know that they are kind of lazy content, but for what ever reason the "rapid images flashing with text imposed on them" hpyno gifs that were popular on /gif/ sissy hypno threads, and tumblr in like 2016 or so really get me going. Does anyone know a good source for them nowadays, or at least consistent tags for searching them? Pic related.
(31.46 KB 480x360 __hqdefafflt.jpg)

Can we upload torrent files? *tests* Apparently not. Someone requested this (somewhere else) but I'll just dump it here... https://onideus.online/Junk/D_-_Archive_-_YouTube_-_Little_Loli_Kat_aka_Liza_Lassiter.torrent There's probably other people that want it... I think there's like... drama or... some shit I don't care about going on. I dunno.
>>15455 Magnet link that will probably outlive your shitty website: 851fc2e9
>>15455 Why did you post this the Dotty cunts are scouting this board
Does anyone have anything on little hikari hime
(68.03 KB 320x240 Picture2.jpg)

(78.58 KB 752x1024 meandPaul.jpg)

(106.06 KB 480x640 catvictory.jpg)

(62.29 KB 403x604 bdukeislucky.jpg)

(47.14 KB 797x600 atMimis.jpg)

>>15472 I don't know anything about your drama nor do I care about it. Someone made a request, I filled it, that's what I do. I'm a data archivist before anything else and I share data freely for all. If you're confused at all I would highly recommend you pay more attention to the Supreme Court, because public data acquisition is protected under the law. If you don't like that... learn to control yourself better. Autonomy is functionally dependent upon responsibility. As in, don't put shit on the Internet that you DON'T want permanently archived... cause there are LOTS of "me" around... everywhere. And like I said... we don't give a shit about your drama... people like me, Discordians, Conceptual Christians, Contrarians, Athenians, Shitposters, Absurdists, Magnificent Bastards... doesn't matter how you want to quantify us, we will verbally shred ALL sides without hesitation. That's why no one likes me, because I don't put up with your human bullshit... at all. And I am certainly NOT selective about it. I've got a nice shiny PADDLE with ALL your names on it. If you need a rosy red reminder on your bottom to help you behave and to better understand how autonomy works sustainably, well that can certainly be arranged! :D PS - Does anyone know if the person Night Sprite was dating was LoliKat? Or is this someone else?
Does anyone have a link to the comic Timothy's Summer Vacation?
>>15477 >>15455 Are you serious? Doxxing people? Can we ban this idiot now
>>15493 I don't dox anyone... but if you're stupid enough to publicly dox yourself... well, that's on you.
>>15468 How do you turn torrents in Magnet links? I'd be inclined to post more if I don't have to bother uploading an actual torrent file. Also, do people prefer zipped torrents or like open folder torrents?
>>15502 >How do you turn torrents in Magnet links? In qBittorrent you can select a torrent from the list right click -> copy -> magnet link. If your torrent client is too autistic to generate magnet links just use a .torent to magnet converter like https://nutbread.github.io/t2m/ >Also, do people prefer zipped torrents or like open folder torrents? Matthew, didn't your mother tell you to never place zipped folders in torrents... there's no advantage. Downloaders have to wait for 100% to start opening videos/pictures and they can't select files to prioritize or skip.
>>15516 The advantage is just perceptual organization. On my end it would look like a folder full of torrented zip files, otherwise it looks like a folder full of folders with tens of thousands of loose files that then look identical to other folders I already have. It's visual organization only tho (meaning it's like illusory organization). My OCD often drives me to want to organize redundantly, even when there's no real point and no real advantage. It's like trying to achieve a sense of false perfection. The best idea is to probably just setup a specific drive for torrents and then I can keep them separate from everything else.
>>15455 file is corrupted... careful I think it might have some shitty thing installed. I am formatting my pc.
>>15540 Yeah, I'm pretty sure one of the 50+ other people would have said something by now if that were the case. Next time get to the party quicker if you want to try and shit a convincing lie, Mossad.
>>15541 no wait, I inadvertedly stopped the download at 90% yikes my bad
>>15477 Yeah well done. You like totally doxxed the fuck out of a Scottish 20-something chick by posting these pictures of some random American girl from 1990's that looks nothing like her :D

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