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(150.40 KB 720x1071 IMG_20211124_192103.JPG)

Tykables releases new "Bluey" inspired diapers Baby 11/25/2021 (Thu) 03:28:14 No. 7195
This is edgy. The art style is very similar to bluey and I'm wondering if they're going to be sued for copyright infringement on this one. The loosely based paw patrol diapers were close enough as it is but they might have gone too far. Idk about you guys bit I'm gonna get some, they're adorable
>>7195 I think the application of the term "edgy" here is seriously loose, but I am interested in the potential consequences. Honestly the idea of normal human beings being forced to see is probably one of the better parts of this if something does pan out.
I usually don't like printed ones but these look pretty good tbh and 7000 ml capacity sounds good too. Those hook and loop tapes are a little bit meh though if they are those weird ones with strong itchy plastic as seen on previous abdl diapers. I wonder why they can't just make regular velcro ones? It's not even patented I guess because it's featured on almlost all (clothlike) medical diapers and baby diapers. But anyways, going to buy a pack when they arrive to local shop.
>>7200 I googled these and someone already made a thread to some normie reddit board. It would be definitely interesting to see tykables on newspaper, but I want to try these first.
>>7202 I already own some puppers from tykables which are basically the same diaper with different print. The plastic is smooth, definitely not cloth based. The hook and loop tapes are great since I like to wear for about an hour at a time and its great that the tapes don't wear out and I can keep putting them on
There are three things that would prevent a lawsuit the way I see it. 1) None of the copyright owners of Bluey become aware of this even existing in the first place. 2) Even if they are aware this exists, they may not want to do anything because they dont want any association with something ABDL or remotely nsfw related. They ARE a kids show, after all. 3) Even if they are aware of it and they dont think addressing it would be more of an issue than ignoring it, they may not have enough (or any) financial incentive to do anything about it. It's not like tykables putting something that looks like Bluey on their diapers is eating into the market of the owners of Bluey. They are targeting kids and their parents. They are making a television show, and at best they would be merchandising things like cups, plates, lunch boxes, pack packs, stuffed animals, etc. MAYBE even Bluey printed baby diapers. I cannot imagine for a moment that they have any intent on expanding that to adult diapers. In short, they are not directly being hurt by this due to competition related loss of revenue, and as long as the general public doesnt know about it and this whole thing doesnt blow up into a big fiasco that somehow makes them look bad, it isnt directly hurting them by association either. Technically of course they could make a claim for intellectual property reasons, since they own the rights for it. But I dont think they would see it as a worth while action.
>>7229 So we're so awful as a community they want nothing to do with us? Based...
Didn't Tykables already get a cease and desist from Huggies when they used to be called Snuggies? You'd think they'd learned from that.
>>7279 Yea, bit only after tykables tried to trademark the snuggies name. Huggies wasn't having any of it
>>7295 Except Huggies is a brand name, you're talking about Kimbery-Clark, the plantiffs.

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