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(525.75 KB 719x1024 diaper loli nazi.png)

Padded Reich Baby 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:31:01 No. 80
(498.97 KB 612x698 GraceCapeNoBackground.png)

(1.94 MB 3000x3352 GracePyramid.png)

(2.72 MB 3000x3715 RitaAndGrace.png)

(2.05 MB 1323x2048 TradGrace.png)

(1.06 MB 2152x2888 PoutyPrincess.png)

(2.15 MB 1124x1113 GraceTraining.png)

(794.16 KB 1380x1559 PamperedPrincess.png)

(795.81 KB 1380x1559 PamperedPrincessLewd.png)

(103.81 KB 304x426 DiaperedDespot.png)

(402.53 KB 537x1000 DesperateGrace.png)

(1.83 MB 3000x3352 BirthdayGrace.png)

(822.85 KB 1380x1559 BabyGrace_Spoiler.png)

(346.94 KB 640x480 whyDidIMakeThis.png)

(969.84 KB 1200x1200 ProvedRight.png)

(3.22 MB 3640x3308 TwoBoardsOneNursery.png)

(535.81 KB 768x720 lchaim.png)

(1.10 MB 850x1200 CabalStrikesAgain.png)

(2.10 MB 1920x1080 CutiePatooties.png)

(309.96 KB 910x559 NewBannerMoe.png)

(143.45 KB 415x553 AdorableAurelias.png)

(253.32 KB 742x883 AureliaCribSnek.png)

(366.79 KB 900x1480 AureliaNOSTEP.png)

(733.36 KB 650x1350 LibertyOrFoam.png)

(148.03 KB 600x854 Little_Snek.png)

(601.33 KB 800x1200 ErikaIsLikeaSixAtBest.png)

(618.87 KB 1157x1721 FussyErika.png)

(2.14 MB 1600x2262 ReadyForBattle.png)

(525.78 KB 808x1724 FussyFraulein.png)

(831.38 KB 1500x1000 CommiesgetDiapered.png)

(97.72 KB 1100x782 aurelia caption.png)

(69.50 KB 422x782 diapered aurelia new.png)

(284.66 KB 735x882 aurelia presents her mess 2.png)

(385.02 KB 763x1047 diaper integralist 2.png)

(380.38 KB 763x1047 diaper integralist.png)

(791.87 KB 806x633 integralist grace spank full.gif)

(336.04 KB 806x633 integralist grace spank.gif)

(1.28 MB 604x474 spanking video.mp4)

(247.88 KB 748x886 pout grace.png)

(692.69 KB 1333x1777 updated loli grace.png)

I usually am pretty reliant on pre-existing art for diaper edits but seeing as its kind of limiting at times I tried to freehand it for once to inaugurate the new board. I am pretty happy, but the arms might have turned out better. I am bad at bodies. If anyone has a better speech bubble idea feel free to change it. Clothing based of this: https://www.deviantart.com/tamaeftt/art/Fantasy-month-Magical-Month-2020-839491256
>>102 Poor Integralist-chan is still under the delusion she's a big girl. We should definitely make a draw thread for people interest in learning to draw and improving their diaper art, that would be fun!
>>104 She’s so stubborn, isn’t she! That uniform she’s wearing is for her re-babyfication school, I’ll have to check in on her progress occasionally! >We should definitely make a draw thread for people interest in learning to draw and improving their diaper art, that would be fun! That’s a good idea. I could see that being fairly active as we get more people. If you have any special ideas for the OP you can make it, otherwise I’ll do it. That reminds me that I should advertise this place around a bit tomorrow.
Re-babyfication training is continuing on steadily...
(1.01 MB 2958x4268 high chair integralist.png)

>>120 Weird my image didn't attach, maybe the pic is too big. I'll have to remake the vector.
This picture has just made me think – do we have any diapered pic of all three together? I don’t have any saved at the very least
>>150 Nope, we have a couple of Grace and Integralist but none with Aurelia as well.
(1.86 MB 1990x2022 four girls potty charts.png)

>>152 Grace and Aurelia are more of a natural pair than Aurelia and Integralist, so I'm not too surprised. I think I might base my idea on something like this. The biggest thing that needs redone is the hair. The fourth girl can be Rita or something.
(1.15 MB 996x802 ClipboardImage.png)

>>153 Ah yes Red-moda and their love of the persona 4 girls, definitely a good edit option provided one can match the art style to change the hair to match our board-tans
>>158 I almost like that pic even better that you posted! I'll have to think which is the best to do first. I'm thinking from left to right that we see Grace, Aurelia, Rita and Integralist. This is mostly based off my head-canon personality guesses though. Let me know if you have any alternative interpretations
(719.88 KB 1024x714 ClipboardImage.png)

>>161 I agree with that ordering, don't even need to change the hair for the first three assuming you're talking about the first pic. You might run into issues adjusting black hair to blonde for Grace is my only thought. >I almost like that pic even better Some people really like the potty training theme. I'm not really one of them but it seemed like a good compliment to the first image. But I prefer to think of the first pic as tracking their untraining.
(116.44 KB 1024x1396 satsuki baby.jpg)

>>164 I was actually talking about the second pic, but now that you point out the hair on the first one, I think you're right. The less fucking around with hair to do the better tbh. Funny how that worked out. Lucky for Integralist on the end there in the first pic here hair is really easy to do due to her hime cut-like style. >Some people really like the potty training theme It can make for some cute images, but I agree that untraining is infinitely preferable, not to mention more interesting, especially when it is partially or fully involuntary. One twist on this theme that I like as well is where they're given the opportunity to be potty-trained, but they keep failing over and over, showing that they're truly just a big baby now.
(2.85 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>165 >they're given the opportunity to be potty-trained, but they keep failing over and over, showing that they're truly just a big baby now. That can definitely be pretty cute
(88.15 KB 886x902 potty.jpg)

>>169 Sauce on that cute pic?
(2.84 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>171 Sketchman, here's the follow-up to it
(32.40 KB 649x939 ClipboardImage.png)

This is going to be a classic, I can feel it.
(1.09 MB 846x476 ClipboardImage.png)

>>180 Now this is art
>>182 Each girl isolated might make a good caption image as well now that I think about it. I was surprised how well Grace turned out so far. I’m excited to work on the others.
(165.37 KB 649x939 TestVector.png)

>>185 Oh definitely! I ran that Grace edit through inkscape's vector algorithm just to see how it came out, smoothed things out a little bit
(267.81 KB 804x2095 grace preview vector.png)

>>197 And that was just a vectoring of my low-res clipboard image, still turned out looking better than you'd expect. Here's a sneak preview of the completed Grace, vectorized at all. After this though I've gotta restain myself and leave an element of surprise though kek. They do seem to work well as standalones. I'm going to have to think of a subtitle. Something like "the padded princess' curtsy". Something that's more witty though.
(346.94 KB 640x480 whyDidIMakeThis.png)

>>198 Wow that really does look fantastic, excellent job! There's plenty of time to think of witty subtitles and captions while their boards get migrated over thankfully.
>>199 Thank you, anon. I’m impressed it turned out as good as it did. If I can make all four girls look this good it might even oust my favorite edit so far >>59. Aurelia will be a bit harder though, especially depending on how much I work on making the clothes look more vaguely like her hoody, or especially the hair different. I have nothing better to do than browse /abdl/ all day and fuck around in photoshop so I’m determined to meet the challenge kek
(44.46 KB 406x385 loli grin.jpg)

>tfw the Aurelia edit turned out just as good as Grace, if not better
>>86 Do we have any more Rita pics like the third one? I'm not sure what the front of her outfit looks like.
(1.48 MB 800x1215 ClipboardImage.png)

>>222 Not that I have, her standard outfit is different from that one. I believe the outfit in that image is based this famous picture of Dante Alighieri in which case it seems to be a plain red robe with some sort of white undershirt.
(1.59 MB 2480x3508 ClipboardImage.png)

>>222 This of course is her standard outfit
(1.26 MB 766x599 ClipboardImage.png)

>>222 >>223 Does seem to have some small buttons up the front, I have no idea what this style of robe is called.
>>223 >>224 >>225 Thanks a lot, anon, I would have likely never drawn the connection between those paintings and her outfit I thought she was supposed to be dressed as a tomato or something not gonna lie. I'll have to see what will work best with the third girl in this >>153
>>227 Seeing as you probably want her diaper showing that kind of ankle length robe might be difficult, I would just color adjust the current outfit to that shade of red, make sure she has green eyes, give her some laurels and call it a day but that's just me.
>>228 That's probably what I'll end up doing, honestly. I'm still tracing her body right now and the only thing I've really changed is the collar of her top to make it look more like >>223. With her the hair will likely remain the same for the most part and the laurels will be added. Luckily this is the easy one. Aurelia took a bit of time since I almost completely redrew her hair.
>>229 You could also give her the cap if that makes the hair easier like in >>86
>>230 It doesn't look too hard to draw so I might as well try. I'm just about to start the head now
(26.43 KB 581x399 ClipboardImage.png)

(23.89 KB 504x426 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not entirely happy with the cap but I think I'll keep it.
>>232 Ha, both are cute. This image will be the perfect way to welcome the boards to the new site.
>>233 I should be finished by tomorrow or the day after at latest, perfect timing if they are migrated over.
>>232 >>234 What about Erika?
>>239 I didn’t feel she was best for the particular image I’ve been editing, but I’m glad you mentioned Erika, because you reminded me that we could be having a bit of fun with the small /pol/ on here. Later today I might make a diaper thread. Just have to think of a fun idea.
Will probably be deleted, but I saved the text for later use. >>>/pol/467
Is this the peak of all art? I fucked up posting this like five times, fucking hell
>>248 >Is this the peak of all art? Absolutely, and I think this might be the very first image with all four of our babies all together. You outdid yourself with this one, going to color the background or just leave it white?
(1.74 MB 2654x2697 four girls vector color.png)

>>249 I hadn't planned to color the background, but now that you mention it and I tried it, I'm glad I did, it looks even better. I will also be making individual cut outs soon. I love them in their short skirts and thick diapers. I can't wait to show it to the babies over on the other boards.
>>250 God damn it, don't save that one, I missed part of the floor on the right-hand side, this is what happened last time too.
(1.74 MB 2654x2697 four girls vectorized.png)

Unironically going to throw a toddler-tier tantrum if this one has a missed spot.
(136.83 KB 320x180 1590001202586.gif)

>>252 >Unironically going to throw a toddler-tier tantrum Only one way to answer those But there aren't any that I can find, this is the perfect way to welcome the boards to their new home! Definitely saved.
(674.78 KB 750x1000 cute loli change wet.jpg)

>>253 >this is the perfect way to welcome the boards to their new home! I'm very happy with how it came out, particularly with Aurelia and Integralist, those two took the most work. I don't usually make a full thread for a diaperpost but I think I might break the rule this time, it is a welcome thread, after all. I'm probably gonna take a day or two off before I start coming up with my next idea for playing around with them since doing all of that was a lot of work, but I'm thinking it might just be something as simple as a diaper change pic like the one of this cute loli that I attached to my post. We have a lot of them in diapers, but not being changed or anything. I'll have to think though. I also want to keep practicing some of my own stuff behind the scenes. >Only one way to answer those Heh I w-wasn't really crying, no need to s-spank!
>>254 I think a break is well deserved after such a large project, but its always fun to start brainstorming future ones.
>>256 At least we until Monday for them to show up assuming things remain on schedule, it's the perfect time for a break haha. It was a big project, but still nowhere near as exhausting as some of the bigger things I've done like the spanking video / gif or the one where Aurelia wets herself. Those killed me
(1.91 MB 2654x2697 WelcomePatterned.png)

>>257 I like patterned diapers so I edited them back in and matched their colors to the girls, hope you don't mind. The gif and the video must have been enormous tasks, but well worth it
>>259 >hope you don't mind. Unforgivable. Just kidding, it looks good. Patterned ones are a bit more appropriate since it adds to the babyish element and humiliation. I was thinking of giving each diaper patterns appropriate to each girl such as crowns on Grace's, etc but got lazy.
Fingers crossed for migration today
(4.30 MB 3640x3308 ClipboardImage.png)

>>277 Here's hoping!
/fascist/ HAS ARRIVED >>>/fascist/ It doesn’t look like users have really trickled in yet, but get ready, diaperchads
>>293 Kek /fascist/ has already deleted theirs, some things never change!
>>298 They just can’t handle being babied! It looks like /monarchy/ did too sadly, but look at /liberty/‘s thread!
>>304 I think the only reason the /monarchy/ one isn't there anymore is because they cleared the board to migrate over their hoppe-sama threads.
(1.34 MB 1801x1720 smelly socks vector two.png)

>>308 Did they? I guess I'm not enough of a /monarchy/fag to know what their catalog looks like, that makes sense, especially since /monarchy/ is usually bro-tier. This might be diaperable too
(1.38 MB 1801x1720 FeelPic.png)

>>321 I've been kind of lethargic with the edits lately I admit, that image is a bit difficult just because of the perspective and their pose. Here's what I have for it so far
>>338 Nice job! >smelly socks and diapers Just imagine...
>>349 They'll just smell like baby powder
(3.69 MB 3360x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

Another pic with potential for anouther group shot of our four board-tan babies.
(3.03 MB 3360x1920 threeTans.png)

>>439 Here's the work in progress thus far, can't decide what to do with the one third from the left, not quite right to be Aurelia. I'd also take suggestions about what to do with the one at the controls.
(1.07 MB 1920x1080 pointOutTheBaby.png)

Quick edit of some OC /monarchy/ made
(2.58 MB 3000x3536 integralist grace new.png)

>>501 Based. I've been looking but there hasn't been too much good things to edit lately.
>>509 There's really been nothing, /liberty/ hasn't made any new Aurelia pics in ages, the Grace stuff from /monarchy/ has also been slow, and I don't even know where to find /ita/ anymore
>>512 Rabbi fucking up Julay really killed the OC that was flowing. We did get another Integralist yesterday but it's just a profile shot that doesn't go below the shoulders so there's nothing to really work with or babify. Some point here soon I'll have to make some shit for them if they don't step up.
(359.71 KB 972x1350 diaper box girl.png)

If this was traced and colored it could be good. Maybe I'll do that later tonight or tomorrow. I just thought it was cute but I noticed the hair-style was right for /fascist/
>>516 It certainly did a number on it, I think one of the big problems is a lack of a centralized place like the hunger games that incentivized people to make OC. >>518 That is a pretty cute pic, might have to break out the crayons and do some coloring...
>>519 Yeah you're right about the Hunger Games, that definitely gave us a centralized place to continuous poke fun at other boards. I'll have to go back to discreetly diaperposting on some of the boards here. That's always fun. >That is a pretty cute pic, might have to break out the crayons and do some coloring... Ooh that would be fun
>>520 I'm still hoping that 8moe will join the webring, that'll help with linking up the disjointed community to some extent. If we really wanted to do something with the other boards we could always try to join that football game thing that icup is putting on over at anoncafe
>>521 Yeah I've seen the advertising around for it, I've gotta look into how exactly that works. It seems to require more people than Hunger Games
(176.31 KB 400x580 GraceTemplet.png)

(187.92 KB 400x580 GraceNOSTEP.png)

Hey, made a templet of best padded princess.
(425.57 KB 972x1350 GraceBox.png)

>>518 Quick and lazy coloring but cute none the less.
>>762 >>764 So cute, great job. Grace in her diaper box brings a smile to my face.
(423.74 KB 972x1350 GraceBoxTransparent.png)

(3.75 MB 2800x4582 GraceOneKingPlain.png)

>>767 Cleaned up the lines a bit more, also did another edit that I've been meaning to do for a while.
>>768 Nice job as always, anon. Sooner or later I'm gonna have to contribute some OC as well. I haven't done anything in a while
>>769 The way I look at it is you should do it when its fun, if its not fun don't do it.
>>770 I totally agree. That's why I haven't done one in a while. Not that it's not fun, just that there's been no urge. I seem to make stuff in bursts. Since it has been a while I'm beginning to feel like it might be time to diaper up and spend some time brainstorming No breaks needed that way
>>771 Ha that is one of the benefits isn't it. There also hasn't been a whole lot of OC coming out of /monachry/ or /liberty/ to work with lately. Regardless, I look forward to seeing whatever you're making. Someone also made a thread on /site/ that might be a good place to share our edits.
>>773 I’ll be sure to check it out! The more visibility the better
(2.19 MB 3000x3104 GraceShrug.png)

(2.21 MB 3000x3104 GraceShrugPaci.png)

New Grace edits
(1.34 MB 2152x2888 GraceTantrum.png)

Another silly one for fun
>>1501 Kek I love it.
>>1502 Grace clearly insists upon an all-over pattern
(224.54 KB 938x500 ClipboardImage.png)

It's a always a good time to diaperpost. >>>/monarchy/2114. I tried to keep it lighthearted and not to weird in an attempt for it to stay up for a bit. >>1503 She's very particular about these matters!
(1.51 MB 2152x2888 GracePolitical.png)

>>1505 Just like the good ol' days, sadly their board doesnt seem to be as active as it once was. Also made a highly political version
>>1506 Yeah, it's a shame. Maybe some good ole diaperposts will spur some activity though! >Also made a highly political version Let the record show that Grace is 100% correct.
>>1507 Damn right she is!
(1.51 MB 2152x2888 GracePoliticalPatterned.png)

>>1501 >>1505 Had to make a version with her actually wearing those, she seems to have gotten over her protest.
>>1509 When faced with pull-ups minor concerns go out the window!
(682.24 KB 960x1280 grace royal diaper change.png)

A lazy trace and edit
(2.72 MB 3000x4073 GraceTheLittlePrince.png)

(2.72 MB 3000x4073 GraceTheLittlePrincePatterned.png)

Whats the best book for the monarch? The Little Prince of course!
>>1522 Adorable! She just needs a paci!
>>1523 Thats easy to add
>>1525 Make sure to share with /monarchy/!
>>1522 >>1525 Had to fix a small error, new versions
>>1527 Their board is slow enough that I dont want to just flood them with all this new stuff all at once. There's a line between bants and just spamming
(3.11 MB 2848x3544 GracePrepared.png)

Mother of nations
(3.35 MB 2848x3544 GracePreparedAlt.png)

>>1538 Hell why not have some variety
>>1505 based I missed bullying other boards
(270.68 KB 1280x858 smelly 2.jpg)

I just realized how much this is just asking for a redraw / edit. I'll have to get to work on that.
>>1664 That does look like it would be a good candidate for editing
>>1529 So here's an idea, /monarchy/ loves to make images of Grace standing in front of a massive wall of text that no one reads. So if we were to do the same with this image what should the text be?
>>1669 I had made some cringe story about Grace messing her diapers at one point, I'll have to see if it is archived anywhere.
(3.69 MB 3000x3563 GraceSpaniardSword.png)

>>1672 Look how proud she is in her pink diapers
>>1673 As she should be! Pink is a nice color for a princess's diapers.
(960.20 KB 3000x2500 grace 247 guide.png)

>>1676 Lol, yeah that'll definitely work!
>>1676 god, that's so autistic.
There is a new /monarchy/ location alongside the one here that we should keep our eyes on: https://9chan.tw/monarchia/catalog I’m gonna drop some diaper posts later
(65.88 KB 1330x312 grace monarchia.PNG)

Capped in case it's deleted https://9chan.tw/monarchia/thread/78
>>1676 You should be sure to share this with /monarchy/
(6.67 MB 2790x3414 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1752 It would be great if we were able to edit legs onto her so we could just have her in a diaper, but that would be a tall order
>>1754 Having her sitting down is kind of an akward position for that. On the plus side its a great position to have integralist-tan bent over her lap. Something about her leg length relative to her torso though is kind of strange I think.
(4.45 MB 2790x3414 GraceAndAuralia.png)

>>1755 Quick and lazy version, did Aurelia and not Integralist.
(106.17 KB 969x269 ClipboardImage.png)

/2drandom/ is upset
Virgin moral values enjoyers vs Chad diaper pedo
Man I miss this stuff
>>2949 There needs to be another holy war.
(609.70 KB 1200x1824 Grace picture transparent.png)

(12.93 KB 623x90 sceenshot.png)

We did it reddit.
>>3737 Absolutely based. Grace being a diaper girl is canon
Canon in the Retard Cinematic Universe
>>3744 Seething. Grace messes and wets her diapers daily and her loyal servants change them
>>3744 Rude, don't make Grace throw her used diapers at you.
(1.58 MB 2833x2125 abdl grace diaper.png)

>>3749 I fear for the one who transgresses Grace's royal authority.
Why are yall fapping on this character btw? Is this just to piss off the royalists?
>>3751 >yall Nigger
(1.96 MB 1644x1480 noGodsOrKings.png)

New Grace and Aurelia edit
>>4624 Very nice, be sure to share with /monarchy/ and /liberty/. All anti-statists deserve diapers.
>>4624 Is there any more content with grace in diapers?
(425.57 KB 972x1350 grace diaper box.png)

(2.70 MB 3000x4073 grace prince.png)

(2.89 MB 2392x4100 no paci grace.png)

>>4666 Grace really needs spanked for fussing about her diapers lately.
>>4788 A shame, as Grace should be proud of her second, padded throne she sits and carries with her.
>>4624 Aurelia is made for getting diapered (and bullied)
>>4803 Grace does not carry her throne, that is the job of Aurelia and Integralist-chan!
>>4808 Her throne is around her butt, of course she carries it
>>4804 and spanked. Not enough of that tbh.
>>4822 I wish I could draw
(3.49 KB 432x107 ClipboardImage.png)

(50.62 KB 430x278 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4851 I foresee a new age of OC
>>4851 >>4854 Does that mean I should expect more grace in a hijab/hijabi diaper girls? If so, im all here
We have been summoned brothers! >>>/monarchy/2950
(677.26 KB 1412x1526 grace diaper box 2.png)

Thought I'd throw a new one on the pile since things seem to be warming up a bit again in this area. I have some anatomy problems to solve, evidently though.
>>4869 It's actually not that bad. Hands and the overall body shape could use work, but I think you have potential drawfriend.
>>4869 pretty ok, most off thing about it is maybe the face
>>4872 >>4873 Thanks, anons. It looks like you guys see the same problems with it that I do (fucked up arms, hands, slightly weird face). I will keep practicing. I need to find a good book to learn from
>this thread fucking slowed down >even the grace thread isnt on top whats hooopening
>/islam/ exists We know what happens now
>>4881 Babs taking a nap.
>>4885 think its time they recieve an /islam/o diaper girl
>>4885 Inshallah
(575.74 KB 488x615 ClipboardImage.png)

(707.50 KB 600x424 ClipboardImage.png)

Do you think she needs diapers?
>>4902 Indeed she needs them, allways!
Just needs booties to disguise those two left feet.
>>4909 How about some fluffy & frilly silk socks instead of booties?
>>4911 Only if they hide the feet.
>>4911 sure, but tbh booties > socks
>>4902 which girl doesn't
This really needs a diaper edit!
>>4950 Not really sure if anything would fit unless the skirt was removed.
>>4959 A really thick diaper would be needed. I may have to try later today
(930.97 KB 1200x1848 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4950 >>4959 >>4972 Nude version, if needed
>>5030 This will definitely make things easier
(633.48 KB 1200x1848 grace diaper 2.png)

(625.86 KB 1200x1848 GRACE DIAPER.png)

Can Grace ever keep her diapers clean?
>>5039 After a lifetime of royal pampering (pun intended!), Grace can't even remember what it is like to have the ability to control her bladder or bowels. To see her with a clean diaper is a rare sight indeed.
>ywn kidnap Grace and punish her with potty training
>>5049 Cruel and unusual punishments are frowned upon!
Considering the influx of islamo monarchists around here should diapers be considered halal?
>>5106 It’s not even halal, it’s fard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fard
>>5108 No wonder the Taliban takeover was so complete.
>>5106 /monarchy/ tourist from a few threads here. Wearing an adult diaper would keep you in a constant state of impurity, so you'd have to change then do ablution for prayer. I don't know about the more "kinky" parts tho
>>5117 Isn't wearing diapers a sign of innocence?
>>5214 Muslims don't seem to be concerned with that.
>>5218 Do they consider diapers a dirty bomb?
(594.45 KB 239x158 suicide bomber muslim.gif)

>>5219 The infidels will never see it coming...
>>5220 >when you don't change your diaper.gif
>>5223 Taking hypermess to a new level
>>5224 Talk about dropping the Islamic Bomb.
>>5214 Absolutely, but I don't know how it connects to the original post lmao
Why am I so scared to look this up? https://www.audible.com/pd/Jihad-Squad-Full-Diaper-Biden-And-You-Podcast/B091SQK7NL Also I just remembered Muslims burning pampers. Guess if it ain't huggies its kafir
(18.70 KB 588x207 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5250 I don't know what's weirder: that link, or the link between islam and diaper-wearing
(115.13 KB 1199x813 ClipboardImage.PNG)

I think that every Muslim 'lurking' here secretly has a giant diaper fetish due to our canvassing of /monarchy/. Allah himself knows it, we all know.
(542.58 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5294 D-d-dunno what you're talking about anon. It isn't just the same guy on incognito, don't know what you're even thinking
>>5301 Aww it’s okay, Muslim-kun. Everyone knows that cute girls in hijabs ought to be wearing big, thick diapers between their legs under all of that modesty <3 Hijabis can be little babies in secret too! It’s halal, after all.
>>5311 Little known fact if you were to flip up the burqa you'd find thick padding between the legs.
>>5313 I’ve heard rumors that they are mandated in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan as well. Entire nations of diapered modest women
>>5319 Can (unfortunately) attest that this is not true here in Saudi. >>5311 Congrats, you turned someone who doesnt jerk off and dislikes porn into a diaperfag by brigading /monarchy/. I dont know what to do now; maybe it will go away with inactivity, but for now, I understand what you see in thicc-ly padded girls
>>5320 >Can (unfortunately) attest that this is not true here in Saudi. How do you know anon? Have you been performing checks?
>>5320 >I understand what you see in thicc-ly padded girls Very based. Every girl looks better thickly padded. I hope you can diaper up your wife one day, anon.
>>5321 Touche. Makes marriage prospects easier, I guess
(333.02 KB 592x867 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5323 Thank you very much, anon. I take that as a very high compliment. I don't see diapering up myself tho, but I hope I can have a wife that appreciated having a padded booty
>>5333 Tell a women it complements their butt and they'll wear anything.
(1.78 MB 832x1080 diaper snap.mp4)

>>5333 There are more guys into this like you than you would think, honestly. Even for me, I've been into diapers for six or seven years now, and I've only worn exactly once, and that was probably like four years ago now. It wasn't bad, but what I really want is to diaper up a cute girl. It doesn't do much for me otherwise. Also very cute picture haha
>>5339 thank you for letting me know, i feel slightly better about myself for that >Also very cute picture haha ikr? I assume some warm and damp padding goes well with a large penguin costume or onesie
(2.33 MB 2954x2337 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5333 Just use a firm hand anon to get your way.
>>5363 I'm not sure I've gotten into the idea of spanking her yet, but it might make things easier when it comes to getting her into them.
>>5367 Spanking her would definitely be enjoyable. For one, you get to put her over your knee, vulnerable and exposed to you. Then you get to spank her butt and hear your hand slap against her rear as it jiggles and turns a cute shade of red. And of course she finds all of this pleasurable as well. As long as one is spanking in the right location and not extremely hard, it can be fun
I wonder what would happen if you caned her anal ring before putting her in diapers and making her mess?
>>5379 She would be very stinky and fussy
>>5377 Another thing sold to me. It's just at the end of the day, if my (future) partner is happy with it and enjoys it, that's all that matters
>>5385 >Implying they should get a say The Diapered Reich will ensure that they will be happy with ignorance!
(867.85 KB 1228x868 1632480359603.png)

>>5385 Very based
>>5396 >Pic The ass of elves are meant to be spanked and diapered
>>5397 Indeed.
I always wondered about fantasy and diapers. Elves always seemed like such massive buttsluts that diapers would become a necessity. Maybe for another thread if anons are interested.
>>5406 what's wrong? can't handle a little fetish involving some unique attire
>>5406 Someone is cranky.
>>5406 What is with all of you namefagging trannies lately? YWNBAW
So anyone have an archive of all the padded reich characters saved somewhere? Need some SS Pamper Girls.
>>5418 I'm not sure we even made more than one or two padded Nazis (one of them being the OP pic). I will have to make a few diaper edits here in a little bit maybe to add to our collection.
>>5419 I wonder if there can be pics edited for padded nazi lucky stars?
(529.90 KB 1116x1469 diaper nazi 2.png)

>>5419 It's really fun to make new diapered Nazi edits! Pic related >>5420 If I were able to find the right picture, or if I were able to trace, draw in and edit enough to get something good together, that could be a real fun pic. I will have to think about this.
>>5421 Sieg Pampers!
(915.48 KB 840x1617 diaper nazi 1.png)

>>5422 Padded reich now!
>>5423 Day of the stroller! pretty good anon! Keeping the diapers pure!
>>5421 I have 3 questions that i want to ask you. But first i must say, wow that is a wonderfull job you have made here, i love it. Question 1, could you make a picture of this picture where she is wearing the used version of this diaper? Question 2, is it in your ability to recolor diapers the has allready been diaper edited? Question 3, could you make a re-color of 2 pictures that i have, please?
>>5432 Glad that you enjoy the edit, anon. I was very pleased with how it turned out as well. Such a cute loli. Regarding your questions, I can absolutely do #1. I can probably do #2, and by extension, unless there's something up with the picture that prevents easy editing, I can try to do #3 for you too.
(532.78 KB 1116x1469 diaper nazi 2 wet.png)

This poor little Aryan couldn't hold in her pee~
>>5434 Indeed she couldn't, she is afterall a little girl & in the 3rd Padded Reich, potty tarining girls of all ages are strictly forbidden. I bet that she will soon make a mess to in her diaper.
>>5435 That’s right. One of the Führer’s first decrees was to totally ban potty-training for girls. Some anti-diaper factions attempted to resist, but they were quickly sent to concentration camps, where they are forced to clean up the messes of other girls and wipe them clean day in and day out. Let’s not even get started on what the gas chambers of these camps are like... This little girl will definitely be messing soon! Never having been potty trained ever under the Padded Reich, her bladder and bowels are well-synchronized. Soon she’ll be very smelly and cute, and not even shy about it!
>>5433 You're very welcome my friend. It truned out even bevver than well, it turned out fantastic. That is aswsome to hear, i will post the pictures and the coloring description in this thread right here. -> https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/557.html#q5438
>>5439 >LazyTown Extremely good taste.
>>5437 That is so true, our Der Führer’s gave us the decree & we obeyed. The decrees follow up decrees that he gave us was this. >All allready potty-trained girls of the Reich is to be sent to Re-Diaper-Training camp for 9 months up to a 1½ year. There they will be reformed so with new medical & mental methods & treatments, so that they loose all of of ability to controll thier bladders & bowls. Then get used to have males change them from day to night & beyond. >All males are now given the task by laws to change their femlaes diapers. This include fathers, the older brothers, their husbands. Younger Brothers & Sons need not apply to this. Un Married males... get married, this is the 3rd Padded Reich for Führer’s sake.
>>5442 The Führer’s laws are so wise! I would love to work at an unpotty-training camp. I imagime the girls are so embarrassed and slightly resistant to the idea at first, but soon they begin flooding and filling their diapers daily, and they soon lose all shame, especially when they have to get wiped and cleaned so often by males guards!
>>5444 Indeed they are & more laws may be implemented acording the the Führer’s wisdom, like this one. >No girl may remove, change or have their hands near their own diaper area. They also may not do the same thing to another girl either. There should be no problem finding work.a hiring program has started within a subdivision the labour department, set to find job in these new camps. The only downside is that you sometime must change the diapers of a 1000 girls in all ages within single day... So say good bye to your noes ability to smell & there will be alot of blowouts thanks to the laxatives they are given multiple times a day.
(363.23 KB 632x410 FpwTP.png)

>>5421 >>5434 Very cute, possibly the very first decent natsoc diaper art involving a loli even if it's just an edit.
>>5448 >Pic The one on the left obviously noticed she has made a mess.
>>5446 It is definitely important that the girls are made to be as helpless and dependent as possible such as this law stipulates. Anyone trying to be a big girl will get an extra dose of laxatives and will be forced to bounce in her mess for up to twenty four hours in one of the devices in the attached pic! At first there are many bad girls when they first arrive at the camp, and accordingly, entire rooms might be filled with poor girls helplessly bouncing in their messy diaper, with tearful eyes and blushing cheeks. I imagine that changing these girls would certainly be a popular job for many young men. Some of the more long-time workers wear gas-masks as they work to prevent the damage to their nose over longing difficult hours of diaper changes, but the new works aren’t provided with any such equipment. The second pic shows a camp warden with a senior diaper-changer on the right. Not everyone can endure the smell of these girls though, and some men quit early, leaving only those who enjoy it the most and can endure the smells.
>>5448 Thanks, anon. I think I will try to make more pretty soon, especially lolis.
>>5456 is this available to purchase, as of now? For testing use, of course
>>5460 I’m glad you asked, anon. In preparation for widescale roll-out of these methods in the padded reich, these are all already available to purchase. It would be good to have the girls of one’s family ready beforehand so they don’t have to go the camps!
(940.18 KB 1600x1143 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.44 MB 1000x1900 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5462 great to hear
>>5456 Indeed, that means no feeding themselves, no puting their own clothes on & not go anywhere without having holding their asinged male in his hand. As a futher punishment, they are not given baby powder or baby lotion either when they are changed. Leaving them to have severe cases of diaper rashes untill they have fallen in line & have started to obey the law. >>5462 Indeed, it is a good thing to prepare one of these things to be deliverd to your home. But i am afraid that if they allread are potty trained, then they (MUST!) go to the camp no matter what as the law states, no exceptions.
>>5463 I forgot how much Sammy looked like Tarrant-tan
(540.80 KB 900x1675 baby bouncer.png)

>>5463 It is! It's also good to be able to leave her bouncing there for a while while doing things around the house, you don't have to worry about her going and trying to be a big girl or anything else like that. >>5464 >Indeed, that means no feeding themselves, no puting their own clothes on & not go anywhere without having holding their asinged male in his hand. Aww there are so many adorable mental images conjured up by what you have said here! Just imagine a whole cafeteria's worth of girls strapped into their high-chairs, about to be fed baby food until their bellies can't take anymore! "Here comes the plane, say ahhh!" They would be so embarrassed, it's just adorable. >As a futher punishment, they are not given baby powder or baby lotion either when they are changed. Leaving them to have severe cases of diaper rashes untill they have fallen in line & have started to obey the law. I imagine even the most rebellious of girls turns into a good girl after having such a red and sore butt! >>5467 I also see a potential Grace and Aurelia edit in that first picture. I have so many edits to do!
>>5472 >Aww there are so many adorable mental images conjured up by what you have said here! Just imagine a whole cafeteria's worth of girls strapped into their high-chairs, about to be fed baby food until their bellies can't take anymore! "Here comes the plane, say ahhh!" They would be so embarrassed, it's just adorable. Indeed, a cafeteria that is princessy pink & look some sort of mix between a little girl's nursery & the princess part of any toy store. & Their feeders sometimes on purpose spils thier drinks & mush thier food all over their cute little faces, on thier bibs & sometimes clothes, telling them how messy of a little girl they are. (1-2 Liters of liquds (often milk) are given to them via babybottles for the girls to drik up, so that they stay very well hydrated & all of their food have a very big does of very strong laxatives mixed in with it. This is so ther girls will fill their diapers as much as possible with both thier pee & poop.) >I imagine even the most rebellious of girls turns into a good girl after having such a red and sore butt! It isn't just thier butt, the gaurds spreads their messes all over their diaper area, so it is the whole area that is extremly red & sore. & this punishment can last for about 10-100 hours in the worst cases. Extremly thick & absorbent diapers with extra extra booster pads are used then & plstic pants are applied. The regular uniform for girls in these camps are, pink onsie with buttons, pink mittens & silk socks, a pink baby bonnet & pink pacifier. (But for bad girls they get the nothing but diaper treatment).
(162.72 KB 317x850 diaper nazi 3.png)

>>5474 Aww it would cute to see them so messy after their meals, with baby food all over their faces and bibs~ With that much food and drink being given, they must have big swollen bellies after a meal like that. I imagine that a lot of it will end up in their diaper before long.
>>5477 Indeed, these little ones are just adorable with all of that all over them. Their bellies defently in swollen after that much to drink & eat for every meal. (Not to menton that very big does of very strong laxatives that are allways mixed in with it). A normal girl goes through around 10 diaper changes per day. This breaks the spirits of the newcomers rather quickly, for 88% of them it breaks somtime within the 1st week to the 1st month. 5% break before the 1st week & 1% break before even the 1st day. 5% last a liittle tonger, upto a week after the 1st month has passed & only 1% last upto but never past the 1½ month line. (To breakfast only baby fromula is served, with that very big does of very strong laxatives that are allways mixed in with it of course.) Crying when feeling embarresed, humilliated, sad, uncomftable or pain are extremly heavy encouraged & reinforced to make that reaction a perment part of their mental structure. Imagen these girls getting spanked very hard with a paddle on their red and sore diaper area that are just 1 big diaper rash.
>>5477 >Pic Just puts me in mind of how fussy the little Reich mistresses would be thinking that because they wear the uniform that they are above diaper checks and the stroller. Imagine her fighting the endless headpats and threats of being put in the concentration corner! >>5480 >Imagen these girls getting spanked very hard with a paddle on their red and sore diaper area that are just 1 big diaper rash. What if there was a room where they were all lined up and bent over, all the girls being spanked in unison? Imagine the screaming for mercy as they beg that they'll be good girls?
>>5481 >What if there was a room where they were all lined up and bent over, all the girls being spanked in unison? Imagine the screaming for mercy as they beg that they'll be good girls? You know within the camps there are such a place, but it is more like a massive school hall with many desk for each girl to be bent over on. It is a place that is called the Crying Chamber & is highly feared amongst the girls. But not much screaming takes place i am afraid. To protect the ears & hearing of the gurds will wear earplugs & the girls will have pacigags put into their mouth & around their necks. The spanking often stops either when the hour has gone or the girl passes out. I case of passing out she will be taken to her crib cage to sleep in for the night, with the pacigag still in there. They will just be put into another diaper before that.
>>5481 >What if there was a room where they were all lined up and bent over, all the girls being spanked in unison? Imagine the screaming for mercy as they beg that they'll be good girls? Gosh, can you imagine the sound of dozens of cute girls having their asses paddled in unison? I wonder if it is done via a spanking machine or whether the male guards are the ones who do it. >Just puts me in mind of how fussy the little Reich mistresses would be thinking that because they wear the uniform that they are above diaper checks and the stroller. Imagine her fighting the endless headpats and threats of being put in the concentration corner! They tend to get a bit uppity, but since their diapers are always exposed (as per the law), there is a constant reminder of their status, especially since it's not uncommon to see a female Padded Reich mistress actively flooding or filling her diapers in the presence of other people. They just can't help it! If none of that works, the usual methods will get them back to being a good girl in no time. And on the chance that doesn't work, complete regression hypnotherapy and a trip back to the camp might be necessary.
>>5483 >Gosh, can you imagine the sound of dozens of cute girls having their asses paddled in unison? I wonder if it is done via a spanking machine or whether the male guards are the ones who do it. Well you would have to hear the crying through their pacigags, so it would be very low. Der Führer’s gave the gaurds this decree. >You must all maintain strong arms, therefore all paddelings must be done by you. All spanking machines & things like that are strickly forbidden.
What if there was a room where their pacifier gags were removed called the Hall of Tears? Imagine the fear wettings alone from the sounds emanating from there?
>>5486 There is, it is called The Padded Palace. It is a completly dark isolation cell with a stel crib where the girl gets strapped in with restrainets & then left there for the night.
>>5484 >Well you would have to hear the crying through their pacigags, so it would be very low. Aww poor babies
>>5488 >Aww poor babies If they disobeyed the rules the deserve the punishment, no how much crying they might do. The pain will teach them to be good girls & obey.
Just had a horrid thought What do we do with anons that have been turned into anime girls by the Ara patrol?
>>5490 If they have not been mindbroken already by the aras, send them to the camps along with the 3D girls. If they have been successfully turned into diapered anime girls, they will make good prison guards at our concentration camp. Anime girls are very kawaii and unthreatening, and are good for this sort of work.
>>5490 Der Führer’s gave us this decree in regards to the Anime Girl question. >All anime girls who can't be truned back shall be sent to Japan for full & permanent custody. Because all anime belongs to the great empire of Japan. >The Ara partol is an terror grouping within the 3rd Padded Reich & will be hunted down & eradicated by our most skilled elite members within the ᛋᛋ.
>Not using anons for more productive purposes I say we should use them for experiments to help produce the perfect aryan waifu. Imagine for the most serious offenders we were able to turn them into anime girls ourselves using reverse engineered ara research? It is a shame the anons have sacrificed their potty training for the Reich but it is all for a higher purpose.
>>5492 >>5493 >>5514 Hahahaha, you will never be an "anime" "girl", losers.
Think the thread got a bit sidetracked, does anyone have any updates on any board-tan art/edits
>>5493 Imagine an anime anon revenge on an ara in the camp? >>5516 t.ara patrol
>>5517 Extreme autism is par for the course on /abdl/
(567.14 KB 1200x1848 grace new 2.png)

(536.17 KB 1200x1848 grace new.png)

>>5523 Needs a Padded Reich uniform or her to dress as zee furher
>>5534 Hmm stay tuned..
(306.50 KB 546x850 ClipboardImage.png)

May I present to you hijabi grace, from /monarchy/ We know what time it is
>Be a guard at the camp >Sitting in mess drinking coffee watching the anime anons gossip like the schoolgirls they are >Be irritated as they have grown a little too big for their boots lately >They think just because they are allowed to wear the uniform they are our equals >Some think they are above their routine diaper inspections >By the fuhrer they should be in the stroller and today I will remind them >Other guards feel the same way >One comes over and tries to take the coffee pot from my table without asking >Grab her hand and ask her what she is doing >She demands I let go and that she wants some coffee >Remind her that little girls do not drink coffee and to sit down and behave >She continues to complain and tries to jerk the coffee away >It knocks over and spills >Before she can react drag her over my knee, flip up her skirt and begin spanking her diapered rear >She immediately begins to scream out, the other anime girls look on in horror, the other guards laugh >Ask her if she still wants coffee as my fellow guards bring out a tube and an enema bag >Shes too busy whining to answer so I pull down her diaper and insert the nozzle, she yelps and kicks her legs as the hot coffee enters her colon but a few slaps to her rear settles her eventually >Once filled up pull up her diaper and make her sit on my lap, enjoying the squirming she is doing trying to stop herself from messing >During this time the camp commandant comes in and demands to know what the trouble is >Tell him that the anime girls spilled the coffee >As I hold the troublemaker on my lap I can feel a warmth spreading at the back of her diaper while she looks on in horror as the other girls are made to line up bent over the tables, skirts up to receive 6 swats of the paddle each >Now the anime girls are much better behaved, especially now they've also been confined to baby food for a week
>>5561 Then the ᛋᛋ-Reichsführer arrives at the camp, to update them on the latest decrees. >Proud camp gaurds of the 3rd Padded Reich! Our Der Führer has orderd that all anime girls transformed or otherwise are to be released from the camp & brought onto ships headed for the great empire of Japan. Failiure to comply with this will result in severe punsihment for you. Also i don't care how mature & what status the girls are, they are not to wear any other unifroms than tehir onises & birthday suits when being changed.
(317.38 KB 546x850 ClipboardImage.png)

Here's a paci version
Stephanie wrongly thinks that just because she is our Der Führer's #1 girl that she is exempt from the rules & won't get sent to a Re-Diaper-Training camp like all the other females of The 3rd Padded Reich. Neither does she knows that the long full day long driving tour of the Reich, that she will have with alone with the Führer + 1 driver in his own Mercedes tomorrow. That that driving tour's final destination for her will be the toughtes of all of the Re-Diaper-Training camps Flushwitz - Babynow, and that she will be left there all alone to undergo her trasformation frorm Der Führer's #1 girl to Der Führer's #1 baby girl, so she can say good bye to her big girl life and kiss her panties farewell.
>>5615 >NatSoc Stephanie I can only get so erect. I am going to try hard to put her in diapers when I wake up tomorrow. It might be hard with the art. She’s already perfect in the pic though. The Führer is so lucky knowing that he will turn Stephanie into his cute little baby girl!
(121.08 KB 850x1400 2017-01-15-nazi-stephaniex.jpg)

>>5615 windel macht frei
>>5618 >I can only get so erect. That sounds awfull iope that the picture i posted didn't go to (hard) on you. >I am going to try hard to put her in diapers when I wake up tomorrow. It might be hard with the art. That sounds awesome, i can't wait to see the results. I have great faith in you ability to make the epic result of it very cute & sexy. >The Führer is so lucky knowing that he will turn Stephanie into his cute little baby girl! Well of course, he will. She might not like & outright hate it in the begining. But she just have to the used to be a good (Sport) about it just like all of the other girls. Or she might end up being a bratty selfdependent bitch, or outright spoiled (Rotten). (By the way, if you were the one who made the recloring of the other pictures of Stephanie in her diapers changing them from green to pink. I sent this post for some other edits, link down bellow, descriptions to that is written there.) https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/557.html#q5479
>>5615 >>5619 Someone is in for a rash.
>>5626 If she can't learn to obery & behave + refuses to be turned into a good baby girl, then she will indeed suffer a sever case of diaper rash all over her then Ketchup red diaper area. Maybe even a spanking ontop of that. But that is only if she missbehave & disobey.
I wonder how the anon turned into an anime girl coped at the camp?
>>5619 I’ve heard that the Führer uses stinky Stephanie to punish disobedient prisoners with face-fitting in a messy diaper. Poor bad girls are smothered with stinky diapers until they beg to be let go and promise that they will be good little babies again
(1.29 MB 720x1278 ClipboardImage.png)

Any anons care to help providing the rounds of medicine?
(6.86 KB 511x104 ClipboardImage.png)

bump for grace to sit on her throne of hyper poopy
>>5722 >Muslim wants to see Grace unleashing a dirty bomb Figures
(98.20 KB 577x638 diaper toilet.jpg)

>>5722 We need to get some mad-man to commission this. >>5724 Kek
>>5733 Get the Aras to kidnap a drawfag!
>>5724 Can you really blame me? >>5733 True, we have to pool all our GBP/GGP to pay some artist for this.
(457.77 KB 1024x1313 hypermess grace monarchy abdl.png)

>>5779 Goddamnit anon
>>5781 Even though it was essentially a tracing with some re-drawing of clothing and the face, I feel like I outdid myself tbh
>>5790 You certainly did.
>>5779 Thanks trace-fag, very appreciated
>>5816 No problem, anon
(834.73 KB 1200x1000 1580632026194.png)

(619.18 KB 784x475 1582931341736.png)

Whatever happened to the day of the stroller? Did you all lose your will?
(685.23 KB 1200x1167 ClipboardImage.png)

The Aras have taken over!
(1.07 MB 872x1200 diaper nazi 4.png)

>>5852 The Padded Reich is steadily advancing
>>5878 Is that cum in that bottle?
>>5916 Yes, it is milked out of the anons before they are feminized and then fed to them
(237.45 KB 1216x1359 61212630.jpg)

>>5918 Makes me wonder what those Aras put up their butts?
>>5921 I'm not sure if I even want to know!
>>5918 >>5921 >>5926 What does any of this have to do with diapers you glorified trannies? Go be a stupid AGP rape fantasizer somewhere else you absolute fruits
>>5943 You know if you got that stick out of your ass you might be glad to fill your huggies for a change.
>>5943 Someone has been having a lot of tantrums lately! Board-tan related threads have always been a vortex of autism, embrace it.
(176.18 KB 900x900 Average Pol Anon.jpg)

I feel we need to say hi to /pol/ again. Been too long since we've been twinned. Mean your average /pol/ anon is a tranny that secretly craves secure padding between their legs.
>>6052 Obsessed
Unless we're going for Right Wing Diaper Squads again I'm not interested.
>>6052 Will probably be deleted before long, but here's a thread: >>>/pol/12389
(242.20 KB 1281x402 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6126 Get any good OC out of that thread while it lasted?
>>6301 Nah it was mainly reposting old OC
Is there anything related to /islam/-tan?
>>6347 Check for ISIS-Tan
(525.78 KB 808x1724 FussyFraulein.png)

>>6347 Not really unless you are willing to edit it.
>>6603 Cute
(3.68 MB 1323x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

After a visit from Infiltrator-Anon, looks like Grace is back in diapers and joining the rest of the babies in the Palace
>>6700 The real question is when is Grace's Royal Revenge?
>>6704 Soon, she's just biding her time (and indulging in her diapers) >>6603 very cute
As someone who's rather libertarian-right myself, I quite like these pics of diapered ancapfu, please tell me you have more
(1.03 MB 1225x2082 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.15 MB 1225x2082 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.04 MB 1225x2082 ClipboardImage.png)

Did Grace dye her hair?
(8.29 MB 4093x2894 ClipboardImage.png)

RIP Grace. Died from diaperrash.
>>7221 She looks good with red hair!
>no christmas-themed diaperfagging or grace yet smh my head, this place has changed
>>7413 good picture, but what's up with her armpit hair? have the ara's not been taking care of her as much anymore? >>7221 grace looks qt with her new hair <3
>>7440 Hmm maybe I should try to think of something for Christmas
(243.30 KB 1004x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.72 MB 9200x6400 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7461 maybe you should...
>>7470 NEED padoru posting
Daily reminder that someone from the FBI has to monitor this board daily and record the degeneracy that goes on.
>>7667 God I hope so. I think the feds should learn people use imageboards for stuff other than trying to overthrow the government.
>>80 >>6127 Keyed. Pamper ABDL master race.
>>7667 >Implying it isn't the FBI /abdl/ posting all along >>7678 Reminds me of that time that the FBI, NSA, ATF, State Marshalls and Local Police managed to all honeypot themselves into a group meet.
>>7667 >record Yes, if that is what you want to call it
>>7716 >Be FBI agent >Assigned to do follow up Tarrant associates >Check out Tarrant-Chan >Results lead you to /abdl/ and leaves you confused >Boss states you need to keep investigating >Have to check and catalogue every thread >Slowly start to develop a fascination for the subject >Boss asks if you found any more leads >Reply that you need to do further research >Results lead you to exploring the fetish in detail >Later volunteer to go undercover at meets in an attempt to infiltrate right wing diaper squads >FBI provides your own Ara handler to attend to your needs >Put through potty "untraining" to fit in >Even if you fail you are going to spend the rest of your FBI career padded >Be left wondering if this was some ploy by some deep state infiltrators to turn agents into crinklebutts or if you had this urge all along
(470.24 KB 1600x1200 evola_tena.jpg)

>>7745 >right wing diaper squads
>>7810 Imagine FBI breaking down your door catching you wearing a tena and reading that material now imagine it being FBI aras offering to read it to you like a bedtime story and teasing you if you need a change
I wonder if FBI uses this as bait to turn anons into babygirls?
>>8443 They do! Please be careful, anons. I recently was chatting with a cute loli online and went to meet up with her. When I walked into the room, she was doing that very pose. I could not resist a loli in a thong, and so I made one of the greatest mistakes in my life. As soon as I put a hand on her, the FBI burst into the room, confined me, and took me off to some sort of black-site off the map somewhere. Those were the last moments of my normal life. They strapped me to a hospital bed, and I fell asleep. Waking up, I realized that I was no longer myself. I was literally a baby girl now. There is no way to tell the difference between me and a real baby girl. This is my punishment for trying to meet up with a loli IRL... now I am what I so desired... the punishment is fitting. The FBI told me that I will never grow, I am stuck with this body for life. Right now my mind is normal... but sometimes I am feeling babyish urges... please help me anons Pic related: me after my surgery
(1.31 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8443 >>8451 >tfw the feds are actually baiting and kidnapping diaperfags to turn them into babies
>>8464 I hear they got the idea from the Tarrant-Tan thread.
>>8485 So you're telling me that the entire Tarrant-tan thread was possibly a fed-op to feed the FBI ideas under the guise of a fun imageboard LARP? Those devious motherfuckers..
(4.19 MB 4000x2250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8489 Not the craziest idea that has come from the spooks. Mean just look at the other agencies like the CIA for example. I just wonder how involved their operatives got either in Ara recruitment or agents infiltrating to become babs themselves.
Okay which one of you fags commissioned this?
>>8553 i like how the pin doesn't go through the sides meaning the diaper wouldn't stay closed professional diaper artists everyone
>>8554 If it wasn't such a shit diaper it could be saved as a Grace edit.
(3.34 MB 1948x2645 ClipboardImage.png)

Why does baby Grace always squeeze diapers?
I think we are losing our foothold on /monarchy/ We need to post more padded Grace.
>>8907 /abdl/ likely is. /monarchy/-bros are getting tired of us diaperfags brigading and posting on their basically dead board (basically bitching about us in the Grace thread), and I've even heard rumors of Grace trying to regain her continence! >>8826 Jealousy, I assume; she wants to make sure that only she has the most padded, poofiest, diapers to soil and mess in
(1.91 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)

>looking up English Civil War pics for inspiration for Grace edits >Find articles about crossdressing Really the evidence is piling that Grace is a trap all along https://archive.ph/aorpY
You know with a haircolor edit this could be punished Grace.
(768.01 KB 3000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(202.78 KB 476x451 ClipboardImage.png)

Have Grace with her mute button plus a template
(970.81 KB 880x1200 Grace Fishcl.jpg)

Nice to see still bullying board-tans Really need to find those old padded reich stories somewhere.
(1.22 MB 1200x933 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8938 Nice anon. Now time to think of a story about the inevitable padded reich Where right wing diaper squads will take dissidents down into the dungeons and forcefully remove their continence.
>>8995 >removing continence of dissidents >not flexing on them with superior diaper-loading skills ngmi
>>8995 Hmm, need a more well spanked bottom.
>>8931 That's adorable <3
>>9014 The day of the stroller is about enlightening others to the way of the diaper. By force if necessary.
>>9119 Nah, diapers shall be reserved for based aryan men, you don't get to have them if you are a jew or cuck. Jealous?
>>9131 That sound suspiciously like Ara talk.
(412.85 KB 724x1024 hitler spank.png)

>>9131 Aryan men will be turned into cute Aryan lolis with blond pigtails and blue eyes, waddling around in thick diapers. Der Fuehrer wills it.
>>9166 Oh really? Then you get gas chamber, not diaper. Too bad, so sad. cuck! >>9176 That but with adult men instead sounds cool
>>9176 Definitely Ring Wing Ara Diapering Squads.
>>9228 little Aryan girls > faggotry
(12.33 MB 4824x6000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9315 This is true and also what Aras were trying to convert anons into. Also what about mem'ing diapers into being fashionable? Mean the Third Reich was all about looking great and people wanting to copy their aesthetic, whats to say the same can't be achieved with padded rears?
(1.50 MB 1588x1221 diaper girlfriend feminist.png)

>>9330 >Also what about mem'ing diapers into being fashionable? Mean the Third Reich was all about looking great and people wanting to copy their aesthetic, whats to say the same can't be achieved with padded rears? We need to start making memes. I just made pic related and have a few other ideas in mind. The Jews have completely psyoped the West into believing in the potty-training and adult meme. We need to redpill them on diapers and eternal childhood. The Jew fears the ABDL.
>>9336 kys
Men should be the ones diapered cause they are a naturally barbaric and angry gender. Only with a Misandrist Reich can the white race be saved.
>>9343 t. Jew mad that the goyim are waking up to the toilet psyop
(676.81 KB 1186x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9344 This post totally not endorsed by the Ara Patrol
(575.15 KB 792x589 ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine a board-tan like Grace having to deal with the common folk. It would be only a matter of time before she is bent over an Aras knee and subject to a long overdue bare bottom spanking. She would not know how to deal with the feeling of not only her bum being roasted but the discipline being taught to her behind.
>>9413 People in positions of power often have submissive sexual fantasies. Just ask all the Japanese Businessmen who like being spanked by black women.
>Ukrainian throw poop filled diapers at Nigerians Right Wing Diaper Squads! https://archive.fo/RwJ4H
(6.19 MB 2480x3508 ClipboardImage.png)

https://archive.ph/ROBp0 How does it feel investing in adult diapers for women might be a good stock advice?
Really need some right wing diaper squads at the moment.
(1.40 MB 3000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.61 MB 3000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.23 MB 973x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

(504.28 KB 994x1086 ClipboardImage.png)

(866.83 KB 969x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>>/monarchy/4112 You know what to do anons!
(49.77 KB 428x542 cub party.jpg)

>>12028 Stupid bab can't read the right thread to post cringe in.
>>12022 Not really a good image there for a diaper edit.

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