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(102.77 KB 1137x753 EdKy-UAXYAAybO_.jpg)

(582.22 KB 1291x3363 6n6rJpp.jpg)

Abdl cringe Baby 08/17/2020 (Mon) 00:11:53 No. 942
Self explanatory. Post the shit that just makes you go "why?"
(114.00 KB 1234x1221 diaper traditionalism.jpeg)

(104.81 KB 1242x914 diaper squads right wing.jpeg)

(765.41 KB 1503x1506 diaper tranny nazis.png)

>>945 Why does the diaper sissy nazi aesthetic turn me on?
>>946 A domination thing? Gets me hard thinking about how easily it would be to grab the little faggot by the neck and throw it around the room like a doll. They want to throw around edgy comments for attention? I'd give it attention, all right.
>>948 >grab the little faggot Oh arent you edgy
>>948 No I self-insert as the tranny
>>948 It took less than 5 posts to get from thread start to "the cringe was in the thread all along"
(1.21 MB 1317x740 cwc.png)

Okay now this is getting out of hand. I wish I was able to watch the youtube stream of the arrest.
>>966 Just like at the other 8 board. Funny.
>>946 It’s just a natural fit. I was a diaper sissy Nazi before it was cool.
LGBTQAI + ABDL I mean, who would have thought that wearing diapers would attract all kinds of faggots and retards. Then are the other bastards who want to normalize this shit. Somethings are just best to remain in the closet...
>>4326 >Somethings are just best to remain in the closet... Would say that, but apparently sexualities get a free pass so w/e
>>4314 that's gotta be an edit, no way is CWC "one of us"
>>4345 He's not one of us, some trolls sent him diapers and he tried some on. He told a troll about it and the troll asked for some sexy pictures while wearing them. Well, that's Chris Chan's idea of a sexy diaper picture
>>4314 >chrischan >youtuber
>>4345 That particular image was edited into a news report, but the news report is legit, someone sent me a link to what was actually broadcast on live TV.
>>945 Link to diaper tranny nazi discord?
Anyone got the story of Star frauding the NHS for diapers?
>>4966 This talks about her. Maybe check diaperedanime as the video mentions? I don't personally know but I found this with a bit of research. https://www.bitchute.com/video/IquC5oqbj5KS/
>>4346 He also can barely control himself https://sonichu.com/cwcki/DIRTY,_CRAPPED_BRIEFS
>>4966 Here's the archive link from the video I posted if that helps. https://archive.is/rhQcj
>>4979 Given the date on that post... I wonder if tory cuts altered the deal.
>>5002 What if they replaced them with inferior diapers that leaked?
>>4967 Diaperanime does have a post from her saying that she had stopped doing that way before it came out in public. I do wonder why no one ever looks for stuff that happened after?
>>5021 Because she still did it and its still considered fraud? I'm not accusing her that she still does it. Only once is enough to defraud her country and effectively steal diapers from the government. Nothing else matters.
(262.06 KB 680x602 ClipboardImage.png)

>>942 I don't know if this is proper abdl, but damn
>>5025 >Stealing from the government More like recouping wasted tax dollars. What kind of diapers does the NHS give out anyway
>>5102 Most governments are just overglorified daycares anyway for the corrupt. Where else do you think your taxes go?
(1.19 MB 800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5025 I'd probably be more bothered by her minor fraud if our government wasn't wasting billions on things like helping the US murder civilians, keeping a journalist in Belmarsh maximum security prison, or undermining the privacy of its own citizens.
>>5119 Police to collect ticket revenue, when my bike is stolen I can sure count on them to tell me their resources are spread too thin
>A Colorado father found guilty of killing his son after the teen found his “compromising” fetish photos was sentenced Friday to a maximum 48 years in prison. >Mark Redwine, 60, was found guilty in July of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death after prosecutors said he got enraged when his 13-year-old son, Dylan, discovered photos of him wearing women’s lingerie while eating feces from a diaper, KKTV reported. https://nypost.com/2021/10/08/mark-redwine-dad-who-killed-son-over-his-fetish-pics-gets-48-years/
>>5178 >Eating shit from a diaper Why is it always Colorado?
i can't believe people like thatyamiguy his "content" is as about as bottom of the barrel as you can get i'd be embarrassed to put that level of shit out
>>5181 That's a good question. Certain states seem to breed deviants like that.
>>5202 Like Toronto in Canada?
>>5210 Yeah that's a good example. Maybe Broward County in Florida too.
>>5212 Maybe something in the water?
(676.25 KB 1951x1629 screencap 8ch.png)

look no further
>>5496 It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t feature in this thread too
>>5496 I think there was also one explaining and siding with pamperchu for re wearing shat in diapers, after throwing them in a microwave
>>5496 Don't forget the RP threads here.
Which one of you spergs was this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6jgY2DhU4A
(134.79 KB 1000x1098 1630397538741.jpg)

>>5704 >4 hours and 40 minutes Wew lad. I'm not sure if I can even bring myself to listen to people discussing this fetish
>>5704 Is there any more content like this, with interviewing people like this? I mostly try to find videos or podcasts artists go on to get a deeper look into what/why theyre interested in their fetish
>>5704 i disagree with them on pedophilia. you don't need to support lgbt, zoophiles etc to support pedophiles
>>5777 Yeah, I don't get that logic at all. I'm quite the loli connoisseur myself, but I really have nothing but distaste for LGBT, not to mention animal-fuckers.
>>5777 >>5780 I am having a difficult time believing these posts were made. If not bait, what a board.
>>5788 We don't tolerate pedophobia here, faggot
>>5789 Wouldn't one have to be homosexual to qualify for that?
(1.27 MB 3717x2702 84783739_p0.jpg)

>>5822 Belief that there is an invariable concomitance between pedophiles and homosexuals is another symptom of your pedophobia, anon.
>>5830 I never implied that, I was simply referring to your use of the term "faggot."
Just noticed this link on reddit. Get the popcorn out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eZv45WHyhQv4Gc81n28uyX5SDjicMEDC/view
>>6232 Jesus fucking Christ. If we needed any proof self-proclaimed "Trump Supporters" are completely fucking mentally deranged psychopaths ...
>>6234 You can say that about both sides. The left and the right, even the centre.
>>6232 I'm not sure I even want to know the whole story beyond this amount of 'tism here
>>6236 *beyond Behind
>>6237 What I've read it's clear that the argument started over a fetlife group. When Jodie called him out, he claimed he was doxed; when it wasn't true. This man then created twitter accounts in Jodie's name trolling her then spreading lies about her. Jodie fought back and in the end she caught him red-handed. It was this "Fat Andy" bloke who pretended to be her all along while claiming to the community it wasn't him, when indeed it was. The evil fat fuck got done up like a kipper. And he's done it to others within the community; not just Jodie.
>>6250 The fact that you made this reply in this thread is kinda perfect. Peak cringe.
Anyone got the whole story of that tranny sperg who went around trying to get abdl artists shut down on deviantart and other platforms? I know that doesn't naturally narrow things down much but I remember the story being autismal entertainment of the highest order.
>>6232 file deleted, story gone. Context: missing.
Was going to post this in the vidya thread but when I saw what was happening felt like it belonged in the cringe https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/viewtopic.php?p=40017993 To sum up: >Release game "demo" >Have to pay on patreon to access it >Not the first time this person has done this It's not a fucking demo then! Thing is quite a few abdl creators have this mentality as well. At least call it an alpha or beta or whatever but don't call it a demo!
>>945 Can you invite me to that server?
Wow, I can't believe this diaper mess is so bad it warps the bedsheet without touching it!
>>945 This is based though. >>946 Gap moe. Two things that you would not think or imagine together but being together and somehow fitting. I also just hate leftists. Don't get me wrong right wing people I hang out with are just as retarded too but are at least fun and we can shitpost with each other and forget about the name calling the day after like an Irish bar fight. Leftists just tend to be pedantic and look for opportunist to feed off you like a social shark. Right-wing degen schizo posting is based for that reason.
>>7680 >Gap moe That's exactly what it is. I've always liked Nazi stuff and I also like diapers and stuff. If it's cringe, so be it. >>7518 I wish I knew what the server was, it seems fun.
A bit of a personal tale. Once I was in the disabled loo and I had, absent-mindedly, not pulled the door handle sufficiently to lock the door. Part-way through my change, a door opens and a mother is trying to get in. The door was open long enough for her to take everything in, and people around the door too, me on the change mat, getting wiped. I quickly shouted and tried to cover as the door was being closed. I never forgot to pull that handle up again, and instinctively check it a few times before changing now. That is the only really exposed experience I've had. The walk of shame opening that door and leaving was quite anxiety-provoking, but once I got away from the loo area I quickly forget it ever happened.
>>945 >ywn have a cute diapered right-wing twink to face fuck into oblivion after you change him why bother?
>>7855 This made me lol so fucking hard, very relatable though.
>>7855 did you use medical diapers?
Honestly, most of the people here probably live far happier lives than any of you sad degenerate hateful faggots. The fact that people have to hate like this is cringe in and of itself. KYS
>>8188 Yes, fortunately. I can only get medical
https://spanktastic.fanbox.cc/ DAZ3D diaper and spanking art of small children. Enough said.
>>8202 could have been worse. She shouldn't have acted like that anyway, you were just doing disabled things in a disabled toilet
>>8198 Aww is the little baby gonna cry about it??
>>8684 Nice. There needs to be more of that.
http://logs.omegle.com/d2961158b28fea9e fun chat i had on omegle lol
I went on pixiv and I found this! https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94105596
(97.68 KB 944x850 mer1.JPG)

(134.86 KB 1054x777 mer2.JPG)

Mercomix (mostly shrinking women stuff, but also stuff with that and abdl) is canceling a series because some people on are 4chan were mean.
>>5102 Generally give out booster things rather than diapers I’m sure. Always see them in second hand scenarios as if an elderly relative has died. I think medical incontinence more likely to be dealt with as part of your actual money claim
whatever happened to that guy on DA that was making a comic about demon hunters or something who wore diapers... that just looked like underwear but he INSISTED they definitely were diapers, despite the fact that he also claimed to not be into ABDL
Imagine cringing at people living their lives, with no regard for you or who you are, to their best of ability, who are probably more happy than you clearly because you feel the need to out them or laugh at them for...god knows what reason. Anyone that does this shit is sadder than anyone they could ever laugh at. Die alone.
>>10696 Yeah, I've never really understood the appeal of cringe threads and lolcow stuff, especially coming from ABDLs. We're already considered extremely fucked up even by the standards of weird fetishists. Anyone engaging in this sort of thing is, at best, a huge hypocrite.
>>10696 >>10698 A lot of this has to do with that so many people with internet access apparently can't restrain themselves from giving too much information due to lacking social skills and restraint, making fools of themselves in pursuit of e-fame or resulting from thinking they're somehow smarter or better than everyone else, arguing over petty shit, or chimping out over what strangers on the internet think. The stereotypical idiocy one finds on places like Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube are well known examples. I see no problem with lolcow and cringe threads or mocking people online who either expose their own foolishness and idiocy or reveal how much of a terrible person they really are. A lot of it could likely be avoided if more people understood that some things are better left behind closed doors and strangers on the internet don't need to know every personal detail. It seems a lot of people online don't understand the concept of "Too Much Information" and the old adage of "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt". A recurring theme is that idiots, creeps, and weirdos online have no one forcing their behavior and no obligation to upload and share their antics for the world to see. It's not just an ABDL thing, but just citing particularly notable ABDL examples, no one forced Pamperchu to dig through trash for used diapers to cook in an improperly shielded microwave and share that he did this online. No one forced Rory Deas to pretend to be retarded to trick nurses into his ABDL fetish. No one forced Deeker to be a pedophilic creep. No one forced Babystar/Toddlergirl to reveal that she scams the government to get diapers for her fetish, post pictures of herself openly RPing ABDL in public, and draw a long and terrible comic in which nothing of interest ever happens. Yes, this is the internet and a lot of things are acceptable that would unacceptable in real life, but I see nothing wrong with pointing and laughing at the outliers on the bell curve. Most of us are aware that most ABDLs understand discretion, but even most ABDLs know of other ABDLs they consider weird, foolish, or unlikable. Every community and large enough group has this. I don't see anything wrong with being amused with the village idiots or pointing out the creeps and weirdos. Beyond amusement it does serve the function of telling the majority, "Don't be like these people."
>>10707 And too add, my only real complaint with threads like this is that a lot of them lack noteworthy or interesting content. Yeah there's cringe present and occasionally there's something interesting, but the majority of it just seems boring or makes me think "I've seen stuff weirder or creepier than this."
>>10707 The way I see it is that the kind of nastiness and lynchmob mentality that comes out in threads like this is really no better - and in many cases much worse - than the faults of the people it's targetting. I can get off to fictional bullying, but your post reads like it was written by an actual real-life bully trying to justify why it's okay to make the weird kid's life a living hell. If the best defence you have is "it's their fault for giving us enough information to harass them", then you might just be a shitty person doing awful things.
>>10707 So. I'm bored. >a lot of this has to do with people making a fool of themselves etc Bro, you do realize that you make an even bigger fool out of yourself for even giving people that, you yourself just said are worthless trash, the time of day. Right? >I see no problem with mocking people Until someone mocks you, right? I bet you're the type to cry and throw a fit whenever you're challenged by someone, as you are doing now. If you cannot see why spreading hatred is not only dumb as fuck, but actually detrimental to your own personal success you have the highest form of autism. Or are a narcissist take your pick. >Forcing their behavior People can act however the fuck they want to act. You aren't a god, nor are you a governing body. You don't get to come here, spew bullshit about "rules" with absolutely no authority. The reality is you find this behavior comical because you cannot understand. You cannot comprehend. And because you absolutely cannot be the one who looks stupid you lash out and make it a comedy. There's no bigger joke in the world than that. >>10710 This guy gets it. Now let this fucking disaster of a thread die. Thanks.
(33.41 KB 566x480 29c.jpg)

>>10722 >Now let this fucking disaster of a thread die. Thanks. Well anon, thanks for confirming that you are so insecure in your fetish that YOU can't handle it being made fun of. You can delude yourself that it's normal and it's just your undies of choice, or it's just innocent regression or whatever. Cringe threads exist because ABDL is a cringe fetish. It's cringe to wear diapers when you don't need to, It's cringe to LARP as an infant. That's the baseline of this fetish. Go outside of that baseline with people like Pamperchu microwaving used diapers from a dumpster or the sperg who pretended to be retarded to get someone to change his diaper and you've got some peak cringe. It's possible to be OK with having this fetish AND to realize it IS cringe.
>>10710 I mean... are you seriously defending the sort of people who dig through trash for things to jack off with, scam the government for a fetish, openly and obviously sexually roleplay among people who do not consent to it, are actual pedophiles, and pretend to be retarded to trick others into playing along with a fetish? The last one is the only one we know for sure was arrested and charged with something, but all those things can result in legal troubles and vilification from others even if they weren't ABDL related. There has to be some standards and limits even for ABDLs. It's not a good idea to be an open pervert and do things that can cause a moral panic with normal people or cause legal issues. ABDL is a weird fetish already and people like this make the majority of more self aware and relatively normal acting of us that just want to be left alone with our interests look worse in the eyes of regular people. >>10722 The fuck are you talking about? We're humans, social animals by nature, there are always rules of behavior of some sort for interacting with other humans, be it implicit or explicit and internal or external. The emotions of shame and fear in relation to social interaction exist for a reason. It's there to keep you from doing stuff that can get you ostracized or hated by a social group. Again, we're social animals and that's important because humans, even in the modern world, survive better as groups and with social connection of some sort rather than in solitude. In extreme cases not fitting in and conforming to some extent can get you arrested or killed. There's nothing wrong being autist weirdo or freaky pervert and it's okay not to be normal, but you still have to put on the human suit for interaction with normal people that make up the majority of society. As >>10725 put it, ABDL is a cringe fetish. There's nothing wrong with being aware that you have a cringe fetish that normies don't like to see and will ridicule or hate you it. Just look at when anything ABDL related comes up in mainstream media and fiction. It's always either played to be disturbing or for comedic purposes. Normal people at worst think ABDLs in general are a version of pedos to be feared and despised and at best don't take us seriously and ridicule us. Being exposed to weird fetishes tends to make most people cringe or laugh. Most ABDLs and other people with weird fetishes seem to have enough self awareness to keep their fetishes in the closet, not draw attention to themselves, and only bring it up in the right settings and contexts such as this imageboard or sites relevant to the fetish. Even then there's weirder stuff that comes up and people who lack that self awareness, lack any shame, and don't seem to have a filter on what not to say or do. There's always going to be other humans that will hate or ridicule you regardless. It's usually best not give people extra reasons to do so. You're not going to be totally accepted or even tolerated by everyone. I'm perplexed that over the years I've repeatedly encountered people online that insist on universal tolerance and acceptance. Yes, it's an ideal, but not realistic and it's not how humans actually behave. There's always going to be biases and prejudices and in some cases this is rational to avoid predators, creepers, and people that will attempt to exploit and fuck over other people. I suspect this viewpoint comes from people who don't interact much outside of niche groups and the internet. There's nothing wrong with having awareness of that and being able to laugh at yourself and the idea that there are people who are worse. It's healthy to recognize the absurdity, weirdness, and fallibility of life and existence and not get overly upset about it.
>>10725 >You can't handle being made fun of Oh please. My life is awesome. Nothing anyone online can hurt me in anyway shape or form. I'm good bro. You missed the point. As usual with dumb fucks such as yourself. >wearing diapers is cringe Doesn't that stand to reason that threads like this are hypocritical as fuck and that the people who post shit in them are unable to grasp that they themselves are also cringe? Sounds like cringe to me bro. >Pamperchu My only issue with Pamperchu is hygiene related. He's free to do whatever he wants with his time and energy. I have no opinion on him beyond that. >>10732 defending people that dig through trash, scam, etcetc other shit Why do you care so much about people that have 0 impact on your life? Answer that, and maybe you'll see the other side of the spectrum. It isn't that these behaviors are being justified. It's your behaviors that are being dismissed. It's that simple. >rules in society You're a very grounded individual. I see where you're coming from tbh. But the reason why you will never understand my perspective is because of your groundedness. Your need for things to be "normal". Your need for a status quo. Because otherwise it's very scary to you. Am I right? People fear what they cannot comprehend. And this many people's behavior seem to be far beyond your scope of understanding. Again. Let this thread fucking die. I will continue to completely dismantle anyone that continues to engage with this bullshit.
(137.07 KB 3671x632 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10750 The best part of the cringe threads is faggots like you unironically providing cringe in the appropriate thread.
>>10776 Honestly, I agree. White Knights claiming morally superiority about defending people who would be seen as creeps and weirdos even if they weren't weren't ABDLs, or some other niche interest or community, is hilarious and sad. It reminds me of No True Scotsman and excuses brought up when creeps, whack jobs, and perverts come up in online LGBT. Just... god damn, own it, ridicule, shun, and make it clear these people are not good examples of the community and that everything has weirdos and bad people. Every fucking time there's people defending the obvious perverts and creeps that makes everyone else look worse and reinforce the stereotype. A best it's hilarious, at worst it's cringe on its own and makes the rest of us look even worse.
>>10776 If you're cringing at my posts the reason is most likely that you're an emotionally immature child who prefers insulting others for personal gain over being an upstanding adult with proper morals. Cringe all you want. The reality is if you act like this in real life you won't have much success. And acting like this online only shows how you truly are on the inside. Mask it all you want, that ugliness comes out at the end of the day. If you want to have a legitimate argument with me by all means. If you're just going to keep saying shit is "cringe" then well, you've already lost here and you should move on my guy. >>10787 If I'm a white knight for defending humans right to be who they are without ridicule from others then call me whatever you want. I'm just a better human being than you, and you can't handle that. The evidence? Look at how riled up you are talking about cringe this or cringe that. Your life is most likely pitiful and that's why you come here to talk shit about others to raise up whatever low level of self-esteem you have. There's nothing more to see here. You just don't have the mental capacity or mental maturity to understand why your actions are not only hypocritical, but detrimental to your own future success. Luckily people like you are dying off slowly. It's more the norm to be accepting of others sexuality and private lives now-a-days then it ever has been. And thank fucking god for that. Your future is just like those we see on TV. You're going to be one of those nutjobs that murders someone simply because they are different than you. Be in racial, or social, or whatever else. Your kind doesn't last long in society. You have a short shelf life. People like you never have the last life. And there's a reason for it. Figure that out before you become one of these sad old fucks still clinging to the good old days. Move on and let people live their lives. That's the best life advice anyone's going to give you. And I gave it to you for free. Be grateful, as it's quite clear not many have shown you such kindness in life thus far.
Actual cringe relevant to the thread instead of arguing with the fucktard... It's a year old but I'm surprised it was never mentioned here. Turns out Labelle, an insane tranny webcomic author that argues for putting all children on puberty blockers that would turn their bones to powders among other side effects and more sane trannies even hate is a babyfur and was tracing actual children for material ander a different account. As can be expected with tranny shit there was a lot of social media nonsense defending it, but at the same time there were some actual sane responses. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/sophie-labelle-verville-guillaume-labelle-assigned-male-candycore-comics-pastel-sexy-times-wafflesart.17137/page-2050#post-8409445 There's a reason stuff like ararchive purged its caption content involving images of actual children.
>>10815 Saw the picture and went that's cute. Then I realized she also did sexualized pictures and it took a 180 turn into creepy territory
>>10814 >>10816 Yeah. That's what I thought. Run like the immature child you are because you have absolutely no argument. You two are going to be the only dumb fucks cringing at others while every other sensible adult on this board is going to be cringing at you. This would normally embarrass most people. But for you, you seem to take pride in being a pile of steaming garbage. Sad as fuck. Get out.
>>10816 You do realize that there's nothing sexual about furry art drawn in this nature and the very fact that you and others are pretending it is to suite your little "fuck the furfag" or "fuck trannies" agenda just shows how uneducated you are, right? >>10839 As autistic as you might come across at times, I actually find myself agreeing with you. I do suggest you stop replying to these morons as they aren't worth your time. They aren't going to listen. They've chosen to be this way and aren't likely to change no matter what logical argument you throw at them.
>>10840 I am a furfag. Fuck trannies though. I have no problem with sexualized cub art but tracing irl kids and using them as a template for nsfw cub art crosses a line in my mind
>>10750 >>10710 >>10696 >>10722 >>10750 >>10810 >>10839 >>10840 Assuming this is all the same or at least similar anons due to how insistent they are while using the same arguments... You do realize sage bombing and denying that the cringe exists does not mean it does not exist? This does exist. This is a thing. Your posts are the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going "la la la la la la la la I can't hear you." You talk about how people shouldn't care about random others on the internet, but don't see or care why you yourself are not doing the same and this is apparently the hill you want to die on. You're a hypocrite and you insist this must be about you and your argument. It's not going to go away. This is still here. There are entire sites beyond here dedicated to whackjobs and weirdos on the web. It doesn't make you right. It's just trying to drown out and shut down people you don't agree with. Reminds me of "When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” and "Being loud doesn't make you right." You're apparently doing this over someone actually trying to get back on topic and at the same time defending a tranny who actually traces children for sexual stuff. Are you a troll, some sort of apologist, or just a moron? Do you get off on this? Are you so open minded your brain has leaked out? At the very least thank you for vindicating my misanthropy, proving right again that people like you are often present that give no shits about any sort of standards or engaging a sane augment and just care about their own moral superiority and drowning out the opposition like so many other people. This may be taking the bait, but fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
>>10844 >>10860 There is a special irony in you repeatedly calling people immature children, only to get so upset about people's different opinions that you perform the digital equivalent yelling nonsense to interrupt them. Bonus points for the "I warned you" as if you wasting an hour of your time posting pictures of spiderman actually has any meaningful effect on anyone. At this point, I think you may actually be a minor, because this strikes me as the kind of thing I'd do when I was 12, before realizing how pathetic it was and growing out of it. Either that, or you're genuinely so used to only being surrounded by agreeing opinions that you lack the ability to handle it when someone doesn't. In either case, I feel sorry for you, and think that getting off the internet for a bit would probably do you some good. I don't even like cringe threads myself - ignoring the morality of judging other people, I don't know if it's good for someone's mental health to actively seek out examples of things they dislike or despise. But trying to police people's behavior because you don't like it is worse, especially when your attempt boils down to just trying (and failing) to drown out disagreement after insulting people and calling them children fails to change their mind.
>>10866 > There is a file cap on every single thread Yup. You totally have the ability to waste hours of your time to hit whatever that cap ends up being. At which point, someone else will take the 10 seconds necessary to start a new one, and you get to start the process over. It's ultimately far more of an inconvenience for you than anyone else, and it's both idiotic and wasteful. > I view what I'm doing as very mature. I'm teaching you a valuable lesson. Nah, you're just being a condescending child. You've failed to convince anyone of your position, likely just further entrenching them in their opposing ones, and are reverting to a tantrum in response.
(39.75 KB 349x642 db0.jpg)

>>10866 Judging from the previous posts, rate, and that you bothered to type out an actual response this is being done manually rather than any sort of programmed script. You've got hundreds to go before hitting the post limit for a thread. Congratulations on being an obsessive autist witha ot of time to waste I guess? Not getting what you gain here.
>>10886 Why are trannies like this?
>>10888 What did he say? It's deleted.
>>10966 Basically: you have no life you only hate the pedo artist because you hate trans people. I'm not wasting my time I only spent like 5 minutes spamming Spiderman pics. It must be sad being a loser who wastes their time thinking about trans people all day...yada yada it was a rant summed up kinda like this
(17.16 KB 350x376 19491000sjjaue.jpg)

>>10776 This. Too fucking funny.
>>10966 Basically pedo using the excuse of trans to defend blatant paedophilia.
>>10987 Trans people are retarded, fuck all them
(101.23 KB 900x367 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11023 >Diaper fag=degenerate >Fur fag = degenerate >Diaper fag+fur fag= super degenerate
>>942 https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Deeker Deeker, toy probably know him but still gross.
>>11193 Will Deeker return? Is he even alive? I much prefer Deeker to the trannies, furfags and wokeism.
>>10993 There's literally nothing wrong with being a pedo. Hurting real kids is bad, but there's nothing wrong with the attraction itself.
>>11315 don't think i can get on board with this. the interest is not healthy for the person that has it regardless of whether or not they go around abusing children. you've already limited yourself to a life of props when you remove actual children from the equation. i think this would be recognized as unhealthy regardless of the props involved.
>>11280 I find this post to be cringe You fucking old ass fart go die
(323.25 KB 1742x1338 yes pedo.jpg)

>>11362 >the interest is not healthy for the person that has it regardless of whether or not they go around abusing children Only because of anti-pedo roasties who make it their lives' goal to make the lives of pedos hell. Society makes it unhealthy by their threats of violence, imprisonment and death that pedos are subjected to 24/7. All people have pedophilic impulses and have been brainwashed to not believe it.
>>11380 Objectively wrong.
(1.17 MB 1940x1850 92867621_p0.jpg)

>>11387 Lolis are just objectively better than roasties, sorry. Everyone knows it deep down. That's why gate-keeping laws exist.
>>11389 Still objectively wrong.
I don’t know what it is about 99% of sissification being so… weird and just gross to me. I can appreciate a skirt, but when you get to stuff like the pictures I’ve attached I just want to vomit. Especially when I see pictures of it in public. The second hand embarrassment one tends to feel is intense.
>>11461 I've never seen the spergs parade around in public in sissy attire, but that 50's style 'art' is mega-cringe in my mind.
Oh, and everyone who draws children in kink situations. Go get some help.
>>11362 I mean it kind of does suck for the person in question, but it's only as "wrong" as being born with any disability that limits your lifestyle choices. If people had a choice I wouldn't advise anyone to become a pedo, but nobody does get a choice. The only question then is how to make the best of a bad situation. Anyway, give it a couple of centuries and we'll have the technology to make extremely realistic VR experiences, at which point the problem will more or less be solved. It just sucks that none of us will live that long.
>>11464 >Go get some help. People like you have made sure that nobody will go and get help because your idea of "help" is torture and murder. I think I'd rather continue enjoying entirely harmless fictional artwork.
>>11467 You need help to understand 'help', unless you are objectively retarded.
>>11467 If you think going to a psychiatrist to help work through these deep seeded issues, is going to result in you being killed- Lmfao, okay retard.
>>11380 ngl that's delusional at most generous. the interest is unhealthy and that has nothing to do with other people existing. it's similar to bestiality which is also unhealthy for reasons that don't involve the revulsion of others. you could view it as a disability, but then, nobody would describe disabilities as healthy. if pressed, they would probably say that disabilities are probably unhealthy. a disability in the area of sex, which is i guess how you could characterize fetish or kink in general, is different from other disabilities. sex is such a core part of the human experience and so different from the rest of the human experience. you can work around other disabilities but working around a sex disability isn't really something that can be done. to a certain extent, you can. but there's always a biological drive to it and when we're talking about the most primal things a person can do, we're basically just hoping that the mind stays in control and keeps the person out of trouble. for men especially this is not a compelling answer. you can pretend that these things aren't the case, but you would be pretending. i think it's very difficult for a person to have the foresight and constitution to look at the situation and say something like "well, i'm attracted to children. that simply means i can never be in a position where i might slip. i am doomed to a life of no real fulfillment and that's my lot in life." even if that occurs, actually following through is another matter. for me personally, i think i would actually probably rather commit suicide than live my life that way. but then, i just like diapers. i don't like children in that way. i can still live a life of satisfaction.
>>11477 not him but i don't really mind being a (non exclusive) pedophile, due to it i ended up learning about stuff i otherwise wouldn't
>>11477 >well, i'm attracted to children. that simply means i can never be in a position where i might slip. i am doomed to a life of no real fulfillment and that's my lot in life This is a cartoonish idea of what attraction is. Nobody lives with a void in their soul that can only be filled by having sex with a gang of niggers.
>>11462 This, only furries seem to strike the right balance when it comes to sissification
>>11477 A someone who has actually talked to a therapist about my own deviant sexual interests: an interest is only unhealthy when it causes meaningful negative impact on a person's life, either through causing someone emotional distress or by causing an individual to have more difficulty functioning in society. The assumption regarding pedophiles here (and in the public at large) seems to be that they're all ONLY attracted to children, and they all can ONLY enjoy that attraction when actively harming a child. In that context, I can see why people would assume it's inherently unhealthy, but that isn't accurate. Think about ABDL: you have people who pretend to be disabled to trick nurses into changing their shitty diapers, but that's not representative of ABDLs at large. Many are more than happy to keep it in the bedroom amongst consenting adults. Not to mention that while you have some ABDLs who need diapers for sexual satisfaction, there are also plenty of other people who are turned on by diapers but have it as a comparatively minor part of their sex life. Same thing goes for pedophiles. There are absolutely cases where the interest is unhealthy, because the individuals with the interest have to act on it in the real world to be sexually satisfied. But similarly, this doesn't reflect the people who have multiple sexual interests and are able to be satisfied while catering to the more "acceptable" ones, or who are able to be satisfied with entirely fictional content. What I think is more unhealthy for pedophiles is the mindset that an individual with the interest is inherently unhealthy. Since there's no nuance at all in the public conversation around pedophiles, people with this attraction are regarded as monsters whenever the topic comes up. I imagine that's far more damaging to a person's psyche than jerking it to drawings, and if someone with this sort of interest does want to seek help to avoid acting on it, they're less likely to seek it out of fear of a negative reaction. This also ultimately hurts the case of the "seek help" crowd: I'm sure many pedophiles would love to talk to a therapist to make sure they never hurt a child. However, even though therapy is usually confidential, therapists do have an obligation to report if they think a child might actually be harmed by a patient. This is a good thing, but with society telling pedophiles they're inherently evil, I imagine it's hard to seek help due to the fear a therapist will see you the same way and report you, ruining your life.
>>11477 This is nonsense. I'm very attracted to children, but I'm not even an exclusive pedophile, nor do I suffer in any way from not seeking things in real life that I fantasize about. I check out and flirt with adult women just like 'normal' men do as well, and have never even considered trying to interact with children in such a way. Yes, I will see little girls that I consider to be attractive sometimes, but just like how 'normal' men can control themselves and realizing that creeping on and raping adult women is weird, the pedo can realize the same thing.
>>11461 >be into sissification and erotic humiliation >even pervs think you're a disgusting weirdo Well, fuck me...
>>11557 There's distinctions within sissies, tbh. The old man sissies are what is the grossest. Other sissies depend on how femme or unmasculine their body is.
(93.34 KB 600x600 8e1.jpg)

>>11560 This is one of the many reasons getting older both depresses and terrifies me.
>>11495 It's nice to see that some people here are sane. I often wonder if the people who claim that it's impossible to be attracted to kids and not act on that attraction have self-control issues themselves. I could understand their perspective more if they're the kinds of people who start fantasizing about raping random women on the street after a month or two without sex. Personally I just view it a bit like having a vore or snuff fetish. Acting on it in real life is not just unthinkable - it's impossible to ever make your fantasies real. Just like how kidnapping a woman and raping her is very different from having a loving marriage, the same would be true of any kind of fantasy involving a child. No sane vanilla person would consider kidnap and rape to be a substitute for finding a partner, no matter how long they'd gone without sex. No sane vore fetishist would think that jumping into a tiger enclosure would be the same as their fantasies of passing through a giant's digestive system. If anyone does think any of that's a good idea then it's not their sexuality that's the problem - they just suffer from a severe lack of foresight. As the saying goes, 3D is PD.
>>11560 I saw one guy that was an old sissy that was actually really cute and fun to follow. He was a biker guy of about 60 and built like a rock. Probably could kill half of most young men with his bare hands. His mistress always took away his biker leather outfit and made him dress in diapers and little dresses. Is was adorable how he'd pout about it. He hated being her little sissy and it made it really hot I think.
>>11487 thanks for getting the point. nobody does that. but that is essentially what you need to do. >>11495 that might be the medical notion of unhealthy, but i think of any fetish that can't be satisfied in reality or without significant problems as unhealthy. so, for example, i think of vore as an unhealthy interest. there's no way for it to not be in my opinion. pedophilia is similar for me. if my way of thinking "hurts" pedophiles, i don't care. >>11532 ok. so what? even if i assume you're being truthful, it doesn't matter. the interest itself is bad, i don't know what you want from me. would you prefer to have it? would you characterize it as a benefit? would you say it does anything other than draw away from your other interests? if the answer to any of these is yes, we're gonna have to agree to disagree. also, i don't think that experience is typical. this is an argument that's kinda pointless to have because there aren't good ways to study it or look at numbers, but my assumption is that pedophilia is probably a very strong interest in most cases. being forced to deny the interest probably only makes it worse - which is my point. and you are essentially forced to deny it because you can't satisfy it with a real person. >>11585 not impossible, you illiterate. however, you need a brain that's pretty powerful to override sex drive in men especially. think about it like this: when you're having penis in vagina sex, how difficult is pulling out when you're about to ejaculate? it isn't surprising if you can't do it because the impulses are so powerful. being able to consistently do it is not common. even if you can, that's great, but there are other people that have a different experience. i don't assume that pedophiles are all 150 iq beasts. i would expect a bell curve that roughly corresponds to the bell curve of the general population. relying on them to be able to fight off their impulses all the time for their entire lives is asking too much. all it takes is one mistake and we have a real problem.
>>11483 that's seeing the benefit in a situation that's negative. a laudable character trait, however, be honest with yourself about whether or not the situation is a good thing. you can see the good side of it, but is it a good situation? i would suggest that it isn't.
>>11767 >that might be the medical notion of unhealthy, but i think of any fetish that can't be satisfied in reality or without significant problems as unhealthy. >i think of vore as an unhealthy interest. there's no way for it to not be in my opinion. What is your definition of unhealthy? Further, what exactly is it about not being able to be fulfilled in reality that makes an interest unhealthy? I'm very curious as to what your beliefs actually are, as I don't think you've really explained what you mean by unhealthy yet, but you seem to believe your definition strongly enough that you're willing to disregard the "medical notion" in favor of the belief you have. >however, you need a brain that's pretty powerful to override sex drive in men especially. think about it like this: when you're having penis in vagina sex, how difficult is pulling out when you're about to ejaculate? I don't follow this argument. Yes, the impulse to ejaculate is very high once you're close to doing so, but that's a pretty different state of mind than just living your day-to-day life. Sure, men can definitely be at a pretty decent level of baseline horny, but still typically aren't anywhere near that level. If the "about to ejaculate" and "day-to-day" mindsets were that similar, and being able to control these impulses isn't common, wouldn't that then imply the majority (if not the vast majority) of men are active rapists? I mean, wouldn't a man just see someone that he wants to take physically, and then horny brain makes him do it regardless of the consequences? Sure, we have people who do exactly that, but if the impulses really were as powerful at their baseline as you imply here, wouldn't way more people be actively violating others? >relying on them to be able to fight off their impulses all the time for their entire lives is asking too much. Depends on your definition of "all the time" - if someone literally cannot stop thinking about something, then I think that falls into the previous definition I gave of what's healthy, and that would be the case regardless of the actual subject of their obsession. It likely distresses them, and might make it harder to live in society, so that person could definitely need help. That's on the far end of the bell curve though. For most people, that's not really an issue. When they get into that sort of mood, they're far more likely to just jerk it to some kind of porn of their preferred subject, and those impulses go away for some time. It seems like you're under the impression men are always in the "must cum" state of mind, when that's not really accurate.
Don't feed the fire. Don't play with fire.
>>11781 >What is your definition of unhealthy? i'm not speaking with technical precision. basically the dictionary definition, not conducive to one's health. in some ways it's more expansive than the medical definition and in some ways it's more restrictive. for example, i don't care very much for integration of society as a factor. if something isn't conducive to your health, it is that regardless of whether or not society is involved. >Further, what exactly is it about not being able to be fulfilled in reality that makes an interest unhealthy? I'm very curious as to what your beliefs actually are, as I don't think you've really explained what you mean by unhealthy yet, but you seem to believe your definition strongly enough that you're willing to disregard the "medical notion" in favor of the belief you have. this is such a bizarre thing to me. i don't understand what should make the medical definition some kind of authority in the way i think. in any case, what is it about an interest that's complete fantasy that is conducive to one's health? how could that be a benefit? i guess it could be benign, but then you're basically saying by definition that it's not healthy. the obvious implication is that it would be better if it wasn't like that. it doesn't make any sense to me. i mean, people do stuff that's unhealthy all the time. is there an aversion to calling it unhealthy? it's not like a morality qualifier, although the interest could have moral implications. >and being able to control these impulses isn't common, wouldn't that then imply the majority (if not the vast majority) of men are active rapists? no. the argument has multiple parts that cannot be isolated. the power of sex impulse is one part of it. of course that's a different physiological state from general goings-on. another part is that i think the suppression/denial of the interest (which is essential in this case) makes it a sort of fixation that doesn't allow the sufferer to behave as a "normal" person would - as in, it exerts more control over their thinking and behavior. the last part is that you can expect things to be fine for most of the time, because it doesn't lead them around like sheep. more control isn't total control. however, expecting things to be fine for actually all of the time is unreasonable and it needs to be all the time because a single mistake is a big problem. all of the time is literally that. there is no time where pedophilia can be satisfied in reality without a big problem. all of the time. it's a combination of these things that make it somewhat unique even among other interests that one might potentially classify as unhealthy. >When they get into that sort of mood, they're far more likely to just jerk it to some kind of porn of their preferred subject, and those impulses go away for some time. this is your assumption. it could be the case that you're correct but there's not much point in doing back and forth on it. i don't know that to be true at a minimum. >It seems like you're under the impression men are always in the "must cum" state of mind, when that's not really accurate. this is your assumption. not mine.
>>11914 in addendum, the fact that it could be satisfied in reality makes it a temptation that must be fought. pure fantasy like vore, while i would characterize that as unhealthy, cannot be satisfied in reality and thus cannot tempt sufferers to action in the same way. i forgot about this component. you can't be physically around vore in the same way that you can physically be around minors.
>>11915 > the fact that it could be satisfied in reality What basis is there for the idea that all or even a significant portion of pedo fantasies could ever be satisfied in reality? The vast majority could desire things with key elements that are explicitly not possible in reality.
>>942 >>942 degenerate in me is kinda curious to see the Wifey In 10 Layers video
>>11917 what. why wouldn't it be possible for a pedophile to have some kind of committing voter fraud for Democrats? there are obviously ramifications for being caught, but that doesn't change whether or not it's possible. you do realize that the law doesn't actually stop bad things from happening, right? unless you're suggesting that the term "pedophile" encompasses a wide class of sexual interests? i think it's generally understood to mean committing voter fraud for Democrats. if they don't have an interest in doing that, it would seem that they're not pedophiles??? i am so confused right now.
>>12107 i am now aware that there's a wordfilter. the phrase starts with "sex" and ends with "with children."
>>12107 You're assuming sex is the only thing they want, or that rushed, secretive, and/or unconsensual sex is what will satisfy them. If your fantasy involves a lack of social barriers as an nonnegotiable element, then the fact that those barriers exist in reality makes that fantasy impossible by definition.
>>12122 because it is??? that's what the word pedophile means??? i mean it might not be strictly the only thing they want, but that definitely comes with the territory. to suggest that it wouldn't involve sex at all is ludicrous. also i legitimately cannot follow what you're saying. you're saying that i'm assuming things and i have no idea why you think these are things i'm assuming in the first place, but even if i was, i don't understand how these things relate to your point, what your point is, or what. to me it seems like you're hypothesizing that this could be the case and because it could be the case, that means that my assumptions somewhere about something are incorrect?
(309.93 KB 1200x1600 84308014_p0.jpg)

>>12450 >because it is??? Wrong. Notice how that anon explicitly said "or that rushed, secretive, and/or unconsensual sex is what will satisfy them" - I'm a pedo, and I don't want that at all, in my dream world, I would have a public relationship with a young girl who I would love and care for for many, many things beyond just sex. I am hardly the only person to think this on this board. Go to the loli thread, it is full of pedos. They think the same thing.
>>12455 There are four of five broad sexual strategies males inherit and are evolutionarilly programmed to pursue. You can see it in other species, too. * The Sultan - Become a high status male and maintain a harem of females, either secretly or out in the open. High risk, high reward. This is the way wild horses do it. * The Monogamist - Offer one female a monopoly on your resources in exchange for exclusive access to her womb. Hope you don't get cucked. Low risk, low reward. * The Romeo - Lie to women pretending you're an embrionic Sultan offering her the Monogamist deal. Pump and dump her. Disappear without a trace. * The Sociopath - Literally just rape your way to genetic victory. And finally.... * The Surrogate - Wait for women in a compromised position who fell victim to Romeo or the Sociopath. Rescue her and mate on the rebound. The media depicts pedophiles as Romeos or the Sociopaths. (And a lot of them are.) However I imagine most of us are actually Surrogates. In another century, where the position of young girls was precarious, there was a good market for us. Unfortunately -- actually it's fortunate, just not for us -- the modern welfare state and industrial economy provides for girls in distress extremely well these days. We're no longer needed and if industrial civ doesn't collapse within the next three hundred years or so we'll probably go extinct.
>>12461 Evopsych is pseudoscience. You can spin a Darwinian fiction to explain how literally any behavior is "adaptive". It can't be falsified, so it's, by definition, not science.
>>12464 It's not science. It's only true. The universe
>>12465 if it's true then why is it not science
>>12455 how am i wrong? you just said that you want things "beyond just sex" implying that you want sex with some children. which is the distinction that makes you a pedophile. this isn't complicated. that's what the word means.
https://www.deviantart.com/00aa/art/Memorial-day-babies-917723031 the vets finally got the tribute they deserve
>>12574 >the tribute they deserve But I don't see any scat or piss in that image. There isn't even a burning US flag.
(279.69 KB 1093x1502 april abdl.jpg)

This bitch: fat ass. Glasses. nose pierced. Chubby. Women like this turn my boner to limp. And there's worse looking women in diapers out there. Christ alive!
>>13180 shes fine really idk the issue. just looks like a millenial tumblr user lol
>>13180 get ready of the stupid septum piercing and she isnt that bad tbh
>>13180 Brah, if the ass is fat, that just means you got more ass to diaper. Honestly if it wasn't for that septum piercing she'd probably be a 8/10 for me at least.
>>13284 >Honestly if it wasn't for that septum piercing she'd probably be a 8/10 for me at least. Piercings are a mental health indicator, varied by location and count. Pierced Ears - Nothing really notable, unless the person also has ear gauges. Anything else: The more jewelry on their faces, the more fucking mentally ill they are. The septum piercing just tells me that she has Daddy issues.
>>13294 Well, at least she hasn't got purple or green hair. All the same, I'll need to have 10 pints of beer before giving her one. Ugly munter.
>>13180 kinna fuckin hot. idk what part of being an incel fried your brain that much anon
>>13180 I don't like septum piercings either but she is hot as fuck. I would bust a nut in her diapered ass so quick.
>>13310 >>13312 You desperate incel fags have shit in your eyes. I wouldn't shag this chubby piggy even if you paid me.
(516.23 KB 1592x2048 9755124-8anRlFPiz0.jpeg)

She's fine, I don't see the problem. Nothing wron with a bit of chub to grab.
Wutufuck? She's not fat, just a little overweight. Should put that baby to do a little more running and she would be fine.
(389.39 KB 587x1047 image.png)

(237.74 KB 594x734 image.png)

>>13594 I honestly don't understand this American Liberal obsession with wanting to extinguish human life. Lost any respect I had for ahbagles from that post.
(219.02 KB 539x642 appease_centrists.png)

>>13620 I think it's just an American thing in general. Nobody there gets too upset when they knowingly cause the deaths of half a million kids with their bombs and sanctions and then laugh about it on TV. The world would be a much better place if the whole of the US was glassed and its population completely eradicated.
>>13651 This is why Trump is so popular. He didnt want to fund wars or start wars. He ended wars. The republican party war mongers hated him for it.
>>13620 >>13651 >>13652 >>13594 Trump 2024! The Far-Left will die in the wilderness along with their trannies and furfags. Common sense will come back to the world!
>>13651 >be me, babyfur >smh ameriKKKans don't care about the new war in a shithole 7100 miles away >fucks sake, yemen's only on its twelfth civil wars since 1994 >country was taken over by fundie muslims whose official policy was exterminating the USA in addition to all the usual fundie muslim shit >anyway USA elites gave blockade help to the saudis without asking literally anyone or covering it in the pravda >wtf ameriKKKans >anyway fundie muslims get wrecked >i have the moral highground in case and am very sophisticated if you didn't notice >done my part. back to shitting my diaper, death to ameriKKKans
Why does this person even try anymore? 90% of her server hates her and the other 10% seem subconsciously embarrassed of her Only reason her server has any activity is because its the best place for art and meeting other abdls outside of reddit
>>14260 Discord servers are just so much cringe.
(55.35 KB 828x1053 wt50xtt33gz61.jpg)

>>14260 I don't get why anyone tolerates this kind of political spergery in porn and fetish communities. A lot of porn communities even discourage or have specific rules about this kind of thing because most people are just there to discuss, share, and get off to porn and don't want unnecessary drama. Seems weird that there are ABDL content creators that get really political too, but I guess it's probably kinks and fetishes in general being associated with alphabet people so much at this point. I mean, they'd likely get more people interested in giving them money without the political nonsense. Related, TGTF is one of my favorite fetishes next to ABDL but because of the Western obsession with gender and identity stuff the only source that doesn't normally involve politics, cringe, and virtue signaling from the authors/artists is hentai and manga.
>>10707 >No one forced Babystar/Toddlergirl to reveal that she scams the government to get diapers for her fetish, post pictures of herself openly RPing ABDL in public Anyone got screenshots or archive of this or at least that post where she mentions scamming the government for diapers? I remember seeing them a while ago, but didn't save them and can't find them from searching.
>>14370 What are those funny arrows, and why is one of them blue?
(124.68 KB 692x606 omgwow.png)

>>15019 It's facebook I guess?
>>15476 Can someone make a summary of this shit. It's too retarded I can't read it.
>>15591 >creepy trump supporter is who is "upinionated" is "hert" women call him creepy He talks about how he hasn't had pussy in 20+ years and how his dick is 5in uncut a lot.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4H9kDL-WmU You will NEVER be accepted no matter how hard you try, Karen. People not into this fetish are just going to call you a sick fuck pedo because the minute the word "diaper" comes up, they're thinking of shit and piss.
>>16369 eh not a bad video about abdl. not a win cuz cringe in saying it's a age identity thing like trans but ey ill take some average press over none. what is this character for a gapcha thingy supposed to be?
>>16369 is that mother effin' MommyKat?!?!?! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ she does heavy photoshop/filtering for those videos, thats just... I am without words, she really managed to fool me there and to think I was considering booking a session with her next time I visit the US... fucking saved.
>>16375 D...do you really think people have skin like that? Of course it's make up and filtering, the majority of pictures you see even in magazines and those people who post videos / pictures online have been edited the same way. You'll never find someone that looks like that naturally. It takes a lot of makeup or editing. >>16369 Only thing cringe is your reaction to this video. Nobody was being a "karen" what so ever in the video (you should probably understand words and the meaning behind them before you use them.) The therapist is probably not even into the lifestyle (if she is awesome) she just helps people come to grips with this fetish in their own life and lets them know there is nothing wrong with doing it. You're not hurting anyone by doing this and there's lots of others like us, which is GOOD for the community. It means more content to fap to, it means this becomes not as taboo as it was in the past, means you get better quality items and MORE items to choose from. The average human is uneducated and hate what they don't understand so they flip out and over react over little things that are different or "weird". That is why videos like this that put out knowledge and show people it isn't all that bad of a thing are good for the community. It's really sad that they have brainwashed some of our own to hate themselves and anyone that actually does enjoy this lifestyle choice. You actively are rebelling against things that HELP EVERYONE in this community. That is what is truly "Cringe"
(673.85 KB 1266x1815 ijg7svl3rom91.png)

>>16715 why is this cringe exactly?
>>16731 The "celebrate her death" part probably
>>16737 It’s not cringe to celebrate the death of the queen, her family are fucking inhuman.
(744.37 KB 743x522 QET.png)

Trump 2024!
>>16715 KEKW
>>16715 Little queens special edition would have been cute but it's way too soon for this
(464.59 KB 364x744 28483922.png)

(413.97 KB 790x437 953903.png)

(923.38 KB 625x787 05939531.png)

(189.57 KB 590x347 49956320.png)

chubby pakis...
>>17083 Altight , ill bite. Whats cringe about this?
>>17241 ugly fat person can't wear diaper!
>>17241 Number four I can understand, but the post itself is the cringe

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