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Fake Diaper Ads Baby 02/23/2022 (Wed) 09:06:44 No. 9428
Anyone into these sort of fake diaper ads/edits? I made a few and had them in a thread on the old chan, but they're long gone now and because of hard drive fuckery I lost about half of them. I'll post what I still have, though.
>>9428 I find a few of them enjoyable >because of hard drive fuckery I lost about half of them Can relate. Lost most of my stuff when my harddrive died.
>>9428 are you taking requests
(214.29 KB 850x850 Huggies_Ad_7.png)

(320.60 KB 640x792 Huggies_Ad_5.png)

(250.25 KB 640x314 Huggies_Detention_Centers.png)

(356.61 KB 720x694 Huggies_Ad_2.png)

(624.67 KB 789x978 Huggies_Ad_1.png)

I tried my hand at making some minimalist Huggies Ads a while ago. They're not great, but they're something.
weird sense of nostalgia from some of these. wonder what picfab is up to these days.
>>9495 They emerged from the bushes a few years ago to drop a few new ones on tumblr as of 2017-ish. (It could be an imposter but I'm inclined to believe it's picfab because they aren't garbage.) https://picfab.tumblr.com/ Mostly classics there. The few pasties that were obviously based on 14yos have been nuked and memory-holed to my knowledge.
(912.89 KB 881x508 E0MBrP9XMAQJbjU.png)

(311.69 KB 484x323 E_G0uSsXsAM273x.png)

(749.28 KB 620x825 EkyfAy-W0AQ1H61.png)

(113.21 KB 804x1005 Eu0AudeXIAIoLp_.jpg)

(103.72 KB 804x1005 Eu0DE7MXcAEXoAL.jpg)

Now we need to make some of our own (I may try some soon) and should set up a psyop twitter account to trigger diaper fetishes in girls.

(242.95 KB 508x288 EwPxgmnW8AUZY38.png)

(76.23 KB 680x481 E0uJJ3bXEAUvC_a.jpeg)

(610.71 KB 525x680 E5GLiC9WQAggvqP.png)

(83.66 KB 517x680 Eu0Fk3QXEAI4Fpw.jpeg)

>>9497 Picfab was the only decent version of these ever
>>9528 Elaborate
>>9633 I would sell a kidney to bring picfab back.
>>9633 There was another person who did great edits that were prime captionable material. No idea their name but I remember them doing great Enema Watson edits.
>>9634 Any sort of well-made and appealing ads need to be directed towards women and young men so that that they get into diapers and we psyop them into the fetish. Support infantalization of women.
>>9882 If I ever become a billionaire this is the insane Washington think tank I'm sponsoring
>>9882 Could be wrong and i cant google-fu it, but iirc Picfab themselves had a short story about literally that. Prime Minister uses a super-computer to develop a gauranteed way to end a teen pregnancy epidemic and it subliminally indoctrinates the population into thinking of teen girls as diaper dependant so teen boys wouldnt want to have sex with them ( which uhhh...about that) Its pretty short but i'll see if i can find it later.
>>9961 Nice lol, I couldnt find it. Turns out its not actually picfab, darn.
(1.28 MB 1200x1000 40849A~1.PNG)

>>11324 Picfab remains the only person who could do em well
>>11328 well it was claimed that picfab was a professional who made real ads, so checks out i guess
>>9683 ddnixx?
(362.67 KB 1280x1280 PRINCE~1.JPG)

>>11406 I really love this one.
>>11410 Save it friend, it's all yours
I always feel that these ads are eventually going to be real with the way the world is going. Probably see a push of not potty training kids till their teens. Already talk of reusing used diapers as a power source. Mean isn't Japan recycling diapers as fuel?
>>11326 I absolutely love that last Pampers one. Is this from dpr800900? I used to sub to his Patreon but I stopped since the only reason I was subbed was for the photoshopped diaper ads and he wanted to focus on the CYOA games and wasn't updating much.
>>11472 Sure is, friendo.
it can be fun to take an existing ad and just mildly change it
(400.73 KB 615x616 poster1.png)

(7.93 MB 2828x2433 007 f(1).png)

im no pro, but i always enjoyed the subtler picfab caps. i liked how he told a story through a facial expression or a few lines of copy. i might try doing that more... anyway here are two more of taylor swift cus ilh
Does anyone have this specific picfab picture where it’s a blonde girl looking upset. It looks like it was removed from his abkingdom gallery. Does anyone else remember or have more details?
>>11771 Artist for these?
>>11779 Cocco
(1.06 MB 1177x2451 Revision-sleep3.jpg)

ive had this idea in my head for a while :)
>>11808 Holy shit this actually looks astoundingly good Have you done any others liike this?
(2.12 MB 2589x1451 neverhaveiever.jpg)

hi i did this one as well, which is a bit sillier >>11810 thanks for your kind words
(879.22 KB 709x709 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11813 >>11808 I'll second >>11810, these are really good. One of the best things about Picfab ads of yore was that they clearly had a coherent alternate universe in mind, where advertisers were targeting a carnival mirror version of actual youth culture, but diapered. Yours do too, but it's for the moms rather than the girls. Love the scribbled-out text on the second one in particular.
(600.86 KB 828x825 media_FEAMysbaAAAbkJm.png)

This one says >for days when she drinks a lot before bed >morning diaper --> >night-time use for over 12s >Oyasumiman >>11808 >>11813 These are brilliant. I'd love to see more in the same style. The idea of it being no big deal for parents to regress their children and take away their ability to stay dry is one of my favourite alternate-universe fantasies.
>>11823 >The idea of it being no big deal for parents to regress their children and take away their ability to stay dry is one of my favourite alternate-universe fantasies. This is gonna sound weird, but I've had this fantasy about regressing your children (and especially your daughter) being this conservative religious thing. Evangelical Christian parents in the South forcing Ashlynn to wear diapers and suck on a pacifier because she was caught listening to "Satanic music". Muslim parents in the Middle East making Samira wear diapers and be pushed around on a stroller so that she can be more dependent on men. Hindu parents in India diapering little Lakshmi and shaving her head because they think it makes her less attractive to boys. If I could draw (or had the money to make commissions) I would totally make a propaganda about why God wants you to put your daughter in diapers, like an ABDL Chick tract.
>>11827 Based and diaperpilled. I would personally ad an analogue for boys a-la the "temperance" & chastity movement among conservative parents who want to stop their sons from masturbating or looking u porn.
>>11838 Oh absolutely. Remember, the Bible says that you have to become like a child to enter heaven!
>>11839 Amen. Just realized how terrible that one-handed message came out. I imagine the male analogue somewhat thusly: Christian mom and dad find out Timmy has been watching porn online and confine him to diapers, chastity, and mittens to teach him the virtue of innocence. You could imagine a similar scenario with anti-gay Muslim parents or whatnot. The fap possibilities are endless.
>>11841 Vacation Diaper School!
(993.32 KB 1675x1745 toocool.jpg)

>>11823 thanks boss
>>11883 doubleposting but ye working on something more detailed but that will probably take a little longer. this is a pretty simple one can't say im totally poggers about but the girl has a funny smirk on her face which was cute
(895.04 KB 962x1604 missedtheboat.jpg)

(999.87 KB 1675x1745 toocool_final.jpg)

im literally procrastinating doing other one by doing these lol. oh and that one before wasn't even the final version ffs so i'll include again
(1.72 MB 2055x2845 playmates - Copy.jpg)

im back again friends. here is some further psycho shit <3
(532.59 KB 1601x1082 stinky - Copy.jpg)

pushing the app hard in print media
>>12106 >>12110 My dude, keep this up and you will be a legend a la picfab. In 2039 zoomers will be bypassing their social credit authkey to access 1352chan and bitch to fellow anons about how fake VR diaper ads suck these days compared to your stuff.
>>12113 thanks i will keep going until i run out of ideas. picfab is the og... im just trying to balance out the boomershit.... the blurry stretched ho in a bambino with 'oooh im going POOPY in my diapeys" typed in ms paint... i would encourage others on this board to do the same... n to shoot those niggers on sight...
(683.34 KB 1238x826 book - Copy.jpg)

sunday reading
>>12121 ...are you on Twitter by any chance?
>>12127 i have a twatter but dont use it to post, just lurk
>>12128 you have to post these somewhere. you can get a big audience for this kinda stuff if Twitter doesn't work for you can try Imagefap or BDSMLR. or start a Patreon.
>>12129 not him but >bdsmlr shit site, think the devs have abandoned it >patreon wouldn't work, new TOS says you need the permission of everyone in photos, basically killing captions and photo manips
>>11888 >>12106 >>12110 >>12121 These are all great. >>12129 I've seen people post this sort of stuff on DeviantArt. Pixiv might also allow it. Failing that there's always the fediverse. Mastadon instances like pawoo or baraag will definitely work.
>>12129 >>12163 >>12165 thanks frends. very encouraging xox. i may try 2 make new twatter or pixiv as I’m familiar with it. deviantart has no good art left and many ‘god I wish that were me’ autists, very sad. maybe pixiv the same but i cannot read moonrunes so it’s better.
>>11808 This is a great fake advert. You should do more!
>>11888 I just noticed "the Huggies Resort"...
(1.11 MB 1440x1340 planahead_nappies.jpg)

henlo friends. i think this advertisement comes from downunder or thereabouts where girls wear nappies >>12213 u got it
(719.36 KB 900x1500 voteNO.jpg)

idk sounds like liberal bullshit to me (: its just a bunch of sjws who r jealous their moms didnt care enough to try it on them lmao
(851.63 KB 1150x1248 voteyes.jpg)

legally allowing for moms to baby their adult daughters and ruin their roastie years (: when u find out the (((globalists))) r behind it 4 $$$ :(
>>12359 >>12362 >>12310 These are insanely great. The worldbuilding is top notch. My favorite is >>12110 this one. Do you think you could do more about diaper messing?
>>12366 thankssss. positive feedback v encouraging….messy diapers…. could be possible xox
>>12362 I'd like to see some ads from the perspective of trying to convince girls to let mom baby them. Something about it being good for mental health or self care (because it's always about self care).
>>12359 >breast milk in a drugged haze All right, this gives me an idea: ads for regression drugs. >"For easy incontinence training, it's Regresserol. Ask your doctor if Regresserol is right for your daughter. Side effects for Regresserol are uncommon and include chest pain, mental impairment, hallucinations, anal leakage, and excessive crying. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while on Regresserol. Do not take if you intend to become pregnant. Regresserol should not be used by men and women above 30 as it may cause addiction and dependency. See our ad in Parents Monthly"
(1.02 MB 960x2008 envyofplaygroup.jpg)

>>12366 hope u enjoy. lucky i was kind of already doing this 1
>>12380 i like this vibe too. i think i may try something like tht...... something a girl is going 2 stumble upon in a magazine and crinkle her nose in disgust and think "no fkn wayy am i going to fkn convinced..... gross" but haunts her mind when shes trying 2 sleep (:
>>12381 this idea has been in my head too. cant say i really love mental regression imo cus the humiliation factor is lost once theyre fkn brain dead…. too close to body horror….. same reason diaper dimension doesn’t appeal…. too fucking brutal…. the idea that mom or auntie etc gets sick of cutie daughter leaving dishes in the sink n having boyfriends over and decides…. to nuke at least a few years of her “golden youth”… (maybe while some of her lucky friends continue on as normal)… strikes a good balance…. for me. some mild pharmaceutical meddling is funny. funny is probably a good word. seeing smug girls who think theyre cool pee their pants in public … is funny as fuck. thats the vibe. sorry 4 wall of text broz … a little spent rn, might take a lil break this week …. but if any of yall enjoy… let me know. i like knowing what u degenerates r enjoying xoxo
>>12387 I would love to see same pages were a buch of moms have formed an adult daycare center for their girls. Then have them talk to eachother about when they decided to start re-diaper their girls for both night-time & day-time nr1 & nr2, why they did it & the methods used to do it. Then talk about how they girls reacted to the treatment for the very begining to the very end & everywhere in between.
>>12387 salute, great cap
Are there any with guys or are they all chicks
>>12474 No-one will help the faggots with adult baby boy/daddy content. It's all adult baby girls. I just don't want that furry fag shit coming onto this thread!
(524.45 KB 608x606 Ey_JmHEVcAI4rfU.png)

>>12484 bad idea to bring it up then, people will post stuff out of pure spite
>>12390 Maybe something like the Mind Melter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icowqojcv4o
This one could work as well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF_nfazQaek
>>11827 >This is gonna sound weird, but I've had this fantasy about regressing your children (and especially your daughter) being this conservative religious thing. not that different from my mom.. very religious but is super accepting of my regressing
(1.22 MB 1415x892 notformuch longer.jpg)

henlo frens. out of sight, out of mind rite? just try not to think about it.... maybe more coming....been buzy.. >>13116 >>13130 this is it, less 'one flew ova the cuckoo nest' n more just late stage capitalism pfzier shit as 4 the other stuff mentioned in thread, men is disgusting pig so will not inlcude in my pics xoxox
>>13130 get mental help
>>11827 Not exactly like this but diapered Stepford-Wives and the whole idea of a 1950s style patriarchal society enforcing the idea that women are mentally children and should not be potty trained is a huge fantasy of mine. There was even a pretty decent active thread for it on 8kun like two years ago. The religious aspect could dovetail into that. Also, love all the alternate universe diaper ads targeted at women and girls in that context as well. I kind of want to write some stories in a setting like this but I lack the time and motivation. The religious aspect and actual forced mental regression are both really hot though.
>>13154 good stuff. feels weird that all the 19yos in the world barely react to the naked conspiracy against them then again, maybe not so weird Turn on cable news... >>13159 >1950s style patriarchal society enforcing the idea that women are mentally children and should not be potty trained is a huge fantasy of mine Yeah, this is the Ur diaper fantasy, whether you dream of being on the giving or receiving end equality of the sexes sucks, lets have some of that sexy diaper oppression
>>13162 >feels weird that all the 19yos in the world barely react to the naked conspiracy against them my head canon is that its after years of subtle psy-ops normalizing it. Like first they removed the stigma of bedwetting without any infantilization then they started adding that in slowly so people don't even realize and just consider it normal
>>13155 i am. my therapist is great
>>13162 in my pics so far id say the vibe is that a majority of girls dont wear diapers.... its just a risk for girls with mothers with type A personalities or control/codepency issues or the jealousy towards daughter, or the workaholic middle manager momma who burnt out etc.... very middle class...... this isn't trailer park shit or "elite" behavior. its suburban vibes. its been memed into existence just like everything else..... advertisements aim to create desire in the popltn. mark fisher... girl pov: if you're not involved, you probably try to ignore it and pray that it doesn't happen to you. bringing it up diapers for any reason is a not worth simply cus you dont want your mom to even combines thought of "my daughter" + diapers". when most ppl encounter injustice on a societal scale they just thank god it didnt happen to them. cool btw goodnitecap on tumblr is preddi good
(343.40 KB 1050x1680 61495513_p0.jpg)

(314.39 KB 1050x1680 61495513_p1.jpg)

(289.62 KB 1050x1680 61495513_p2.jpg)

(375.75 KB 1050x1680 61495513_p3.jpg)

(355.90 KB 1050x1680 61495513_p4.jpg)

This is still one of my all-time favorite bits of ABDL art. I wish there were more fake ads focusing on putting lolis back in diapers.
>>13206 Of all things I was expecting to see Capitalist Realism used to argue, this was not one of them lol Exiting the play-castle indeed.
>>13216 pedo shit not good. makes me wary of this board. 2 much soy. i will follow frens advice n get twatter. only afraid of get doxxed by trannies, faggots and fat womyn with too much tiem on hands. any tips? seems common in abdl >>13228 adam curtis voiceover: we live in our world of hyperinfantalisation…. this is the story of how the powers that b… created a fake safe world… where cute girls are babbied
>>13243 >any tips? Learn to not type like a retard. That might help. And you probably shouldn't hang out on a big scary pedo board like this if you're worried about being doxxed on twitter. Twitter has far more built in protections against doxxing than any imageboard.
>>12129 >>12163 >>12165 henlo frens as suggseted you can find me on twatter now.......follow me if u wan @alteredstates14 nothing new yet ill probably drip tweets 4 a while cus i heard too many tweets too quickly will shadowban ur acct or something, very sad <3
(104.37 KB 894x894 9865678tgtfgffgfgfgfccvccv.jpeg)

(56.92 KB 630x581 aszzZZZZ∂≈≈.jpeg)

(101.80 KB 550x700 hdssszzxzxzx.jpeg)

(184.86 KB 1024x1536 ggghhggghgh.jpeg)

>>13255 I don't know shit about graphic design so I don't know how easy it is to make something like this look good but I like that it's just a hot ABDL model in a diaper, recontexualized as a diaper advert. It seems simple and easy to do, but could we get more like that?
>>13261 > I don't know how easy it is to make something like this >find real diaper ad >remove actual baby >add adult baby >??? >profit!
>>13206 >Mark Fisher: Azn Diaper Girls >Mark Fisher was inspired by Nick Land >Nick Land became the exact opposite of Fisher in terms of politics (Fisher was a Marxist, Land the father of Dark Enlightenment) >Nick Land lives in China >which is in Asia > i had to physically stop myself from finishing this greentext because i was afraid of what the answer to this would be.
>>13243 As someone who is an overweight tranny faggot, I'd say ignore it Twitter isn't really as much of a left wing echo chamber as people say it is. They do sometimes ban people for being Too Edgy but it's really touch and go and they're inconsistent as to who gets banned. I know people who got banned for "hate speech" for spoiling Marvel movies. A lot of times, it's more like a PvP zone. Or the Thunderdome for bullied nerds.
>>13293 Elon Musk is a beacon of light. Once the takeover is complete, you trannies and furfags will be outnumbered. You left wing fruitcakes will finally be out voiced and your trolling will end. Cunts, the lot of ya!
Holy crap, do we really need another thread devolving into arguing about trans
>>13296 Ha! I knew you'd say that. >>13298 I'm not actually trans, I just wanted to see how long it would take for someone to go full /pol/yp over it.
(161.40 KB 860x874 hjhhjhn0909o.jpeg)

>>13293 thanks fren. also created tomblr, same name. >>13290 nick is fucked in the head now and cant help posting guardian articles n going full boomer. if he made Le photomontage it would be typical boomer imagefap paint.exe shit hehehe
(4.19 MB 2550x3300 guru4.png)

a lil wall of text but sometimes u just want to write. plus this evil womans face needed a backstory xox
(117.14 KB 471x712 images.jpg)

>>13243 >adam curtis voiceover: we live in our world of hyperinfantalisation…. this is the story of how the powers that b… created a fake safe world… where cute girls are babbied i'm no editing wizard like you but here, you inspired this. sorry for using some of your material.
>>13296 The idea that Twitter of all things is left wing is absolutely laughable. Or at least it means the definition of "left wing" has shifted so far to the liberal right that it's effectively meaningless. We're talking about the same site that's deep in bed with the pentagon and labels anyone critical of US imperialism as "state affiliated media" while refusing to apply the same label to literal US government propaganda outlets like Radio Free Asia. But I suppose if "left wing" means painting your murder drones with rainbow flags and naming your warships after gay people then Twitter is "left wing".
>>13321 twitter has murder drones and warships? holy fuck
(60.74 KB 674x800 ghhggh.jpeg)

(225.83 KB 1600x2249 ahgbvhfvfhgjhfkghch.jpeg)

(131.34 KB 900x831 hjhaaaass.jpeg)

(45.37 KB 249x320 hghhggh.jpeg)

(157.75 KB 1024x705 tytytytybvvbvb.jpeg)

I wish to see more drawn ads.
>>13315 time to collab on a three hour doco now.
>>13303 Looks like an ad from a shitty rural newspaper in Canada circa 1995.
(319.54 KB 1865x2500 CowgirlDiaperAd_WetVer.jpg)

>>13323 Love all of these but especially that SpankingToons one. Here is the followup he did.
(1.62 MB 1275x1650 sugar_magazine3.jpg)

did ur lil sis ever read silly girl magazines like this? i liked reading the 'embarrassing stories' section after she was done.
>>13375 They're only for bluechecks, sadly.
>>13387 >bluechecks nibba i have less than 25 followers lmao
>>13391 wrong post, meant to reply to >>13322
>>13375 I like that not all the stories in this one are about diapers, makes it feel more realistic. And less obvious that there's a conspiracy to push girls into diapers. I wonder where the dads are in these situations. Are they all for it or do they have some reservations? Maybe one where it's a guide to convincing your husband to put your daughter back in diapers.
>>13398 ohhh no probs lol But fuck the neoliberal “left” on twitter fs >>13375 the best lies are half tru right?<3 for dads n guys in general, idk but my first thought is theyd be uncomfortable with it…. the energy behind this is feminine…. it’s a vindictive and sadistic and mayb a bit catty n jealous. verified woman moment. whats the saying about if a guy hates u he’ll punch u in the gut, if a womyn hates u she’ll ruin ur life…
>>13406 dads would be quite happy their precious princesses aren't off dating
(988.40 KB 708x1765 anxious4.jpg)

sure ask your mom to start buying u diapers, sorry easyups, yeah i'm sure everything will be all good... hmmm ever considered how weird it is u suddenly started getting anxiety attacks about pissing your panties? nah probably nothing to it tbh
(169.68 KB 679x833 99iiiiookk.jpeg)

(517.31 KB 1189x1116 23456uiuytrewqwertyuiuytrewq.jpeg)

(369.80 KB 1139x1024 gffggf666.jpeg)

(82.94 KB 400x507 nbbnbnbbb.jpeg)

(60.62 KB 552x471 ijjkjkjkj000.jpeg)

>>13474 I don’t know if these are your own work, but here’s some advice. The major issues with these: blurry text, pixelations, overlapping text. The base images you’re using are too low quality and it looks like you’re using high jpeg compression when saving them. The transitions between different images are jagged because you’re not using feathering or another technique to soften them. Phrasing is unnatural and sounds middle eastern. Also spelling etc. I’d recommend watching some basic tutorials on making selections and combining images. And maybe looking carefully at professional ads. Good luck!
>>13489 these ain't mine, they are from a now deactivated Tumblr account called diaperedladies https://princespoop.tumblr.com/post/160131361286
>>13465 that basically happened to me. they diagnosed me with mixed incontinence and an anxiety disorder in my early 20s
>>13495 damn sorry 2 hear that though fr. hope you're doing okay...
>>13500 yeah anxiety is improving at least. even thinking about going back to school
(3.04 MB 2300x1592 hannahpage2.png)

(3.19 MB 2300x1592 hannahpage1.png)

more magazine sillyness
>>13772 This a magazine for ants?
>>13810 Idk why it’s doing that but the size is ok. U might have to click to expand then open in new tab.
>>13810 >3.04 MB 2300x1592
don't know if it counts as a fak diaper ad
>>12310 >>12106 >>12387 When will you post new material? The posts after yours have been cringe and nothing decent to fap too. Get your finger out of your ass, and produce new material, faggot.
>>14063 dude he's literally been posting this whole time
>>14078 His captions have dropped in standards. Fucking shit!
lol they posted one week ago, lay off i thought mag was great too though I hate UK "nappies" and "knickers" talk come back korean teen diaper ad-sama
(3.07 MB 2548x2741 mission_accc.png)

wow i guess it really is a dog-eat-dog fkn world. throw the sister under the bus... sure. theres more in the works with more explictly diaper content but no tiem rn >>14152 aww thanks 4 the constructive criticism champ??? >>14154 thank u anon-san... yeahhhh well us other anglosphere ppl sometimes get a lil tired of diapers, so its "swings and roundabouts" as we say. i may try to seppo it up for you if i hav time since u seem like a gc
>start making pics here >start posting them on tumblr >somebody tags picfab >he follows me >he posts for the first time in eight millennia >allaccordingtokeikaku.jpg
More picfab
(80.16 KB 665x955 kidspampers.jpg)

I think lots of my pasties right over there about a fake advertisement. Which called is Pampers Kids.
(7.58 KB 87x119 Smallhanes.gif)

Unfortunately, this image is a very small.
>>14180 >>14178 if you could fuck off forever and return to whatever 1990s deeker pedodungeon you originated from, that would be great cheers. i sincerely hope you are vanned
>>14181 > if you could fuck off forever and return to whatever 1990s deeker pedodungeon you originated from, that would be great cheers. i sincerely hope you are vanned This was obvious bait and you fell for it.
>>14190 90s pedos still inhabit abdl idk
(458.07 KB 1731x1506 40f.png)

>>13315 God damn there might be some actual pavlov psy op shit going on here after. Consider how the west created a fantasy world of comfort and consumerism to insulate from the realities of the systems used to ensure their quality of life. Some food for thought. Baby boomers are now in control of every meaningful global apparatus. The in current working tongue of the previous statement drops the "baby" from baby boomer. My generation was raised conspicuous consumption of mass media products to drive profits via ad revenue. I'd wager this has had some impact on most of us if not all. To top it off, fucking baby boomers further treat younger generations with as if we were infantile societal dregs ruining this country, meanwhile they remain in the workforce...
>>14170 >>14176 I'm not that impressed. Most of this thread isn't very good.
>>14205 frend if you have any suggestions then ye go for it but just saying it isn’t good isnt that helpful. even just point out what you like vs what you dont lol
(194.02 KB 800x1050 trrtfgfgfg.jpeg)

(564.50 KB 525x766 rtrtrrgfgffg.png)

(826.17 KB 528x769 gfgfgf666.png)

don't know if these count but here they are anyways.
Ok i know this is confirmation bias but... I recently saw an ad for panty liners which was showing women sleeping in different positions and it looked just like a pampers ad, one woman was even sleeping with her knees to her chest and her butt in the air like a baby. The diaper psyops have begun.
this thing came out on an official instagram page of ABDL nappies.
>>14462 I wish more actual abdl brands did this, the only other band I can think of that did slightly comedic joke adds for their products, is tykables and that was mostly for april fools, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BND1wYtj3vw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lPwjUflcfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haZVDObZxjs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUAsz_6gaN4
(25.92 KB 480x479 goodnitesxl.jpg)

(91.58 KB 782x1049 pamperslate1990s.jpg)

I know have some ideas think something looks kinda Pampers and Goodnites but looks good.
>>14461 best pic in this entire thread
(105.56 KB 968x1292 pamperspremiumads.jpg)

I think should be fake screenshots.
>>14170 >>14176 Bro, if you're really the reason picfab came back from the dead then thank you so much.
>>14462 >>14478 here is this ABdlr ad that acts more like a traditional made for TV Ad https://twitter.com/abdlrdenver/status/1553746473258549248
>>15088 ...for a second there i thought it was for tv
>>15218 like it should. it does annoy me that most legit abdl brands commercials are at most just showing some stock model who is only doing it for a paycheck wearing a onesie or the new print diaper, so seeing this was a great delight, I'm mostly just happy they got real ABDl content creators for it being https://twitter.com/Lollylalaz and https://twitter.com/misspandapants
>>15222 Why would I care if they hired non-ABDL models? If they're getting hot girls to wear diapers and shoot ads or commercials it would be amazing regardless. I just wish there were more people attempting to do real professional quality stuff like this with attractive women.
>>15224 I don't really mind if they got non-ABDLs to do this commercial honestly it could have been Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot and would have been basically pretty much the same ad, I'm just saying it's nice to people I recognize and not seeing the same thing again, Honestly I would like to see others ideas for real diaper brands ads they could do, Also I think I would say my favorite thing about the add is that's it kinda a homage to "packing for Disney world" commercials.
>>15688 >tonights episode written by; the authors barely concealed fetish
>>15725 ...concealed?
(7.33 MB 2300x3184 hannahpage1&2.png)

I want many more magazine pages like these one is.
>>16126 >loo >nappy >wee nothing kills the dick like Br*tish English
>>16132 Wrong. All these Bri'ish'isms are clearly more infantalizing and therefore humiliating than burgershit ones.
>>16165 This. 'Nappy' just sounds so much more juvenile than 'diaper' (which I think sounds more technical/medical). Plus, the accent. (That said, I'm reading it as non-heightened RP/southern English. If it were Cockney, I think I'd be with >>16132)
>>16165 They do live in a nanny state, after all.
Yum yum. More britbong content
>>16194 good god this man loves koreans
>>16184 Kek >>16194 Kudos for attention to detail, even the nigh-unreadable disclaimer
>>16614 Yessssssssss Nothing like being compared to her former "peers" and found lacking to help a girl realize she's just a bedwetting little child who deserves this
more silliness
drug infused diapers? have they even read ivan illich? bad vibes indeed
(3.18 MB 1658x3073 cutthebullshit.jpg)

feminazis always got to ruin everything... this... this is clearly an attaq on family values. im going to call their mothers. y r they in college learning about communism?
>>16922 Under a political system run by me, because they’re admitting to be Communist, they can be sentenced to life in prison without a trial.
>>17293 Life in preschool without trial*
>>17293 >>17294 I will endorse any political system that regulates women to the status of diaper-wearing children. Fascism, communism, Monarchism. As long as women get put in diapers and stripped of rights I'm here for it. >>17357 I'm not normally a Pull-Ups fan but this just works super well.

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