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(42.80 KB 337x600 natalie mars.jpg)

(134.66 KB 900x900 natalie diap.jfif)

(208.27 KB 1200x1200 natlie 3.jpg)

(189.45 KB 1500x500 1500x500.jfif)

(287.92 KB 2048x1536 FGYIp5iXEAMo0Dv.jfif)

Baby 02/26/2022 (Sat) 01:46:45 No. 9502
Transgirls in diapers
(395.82 KB 1536x2048 FGYIp6EXIAAo42c.jfif)

(727.10 KB 2208x2944 FALTJOxVEAYJxQs.jfif)

(1.15 MB 2944x2208 FAUGlUzWYAQrk-l.jfif)

(1.42 MB 2252x4000 FAEdIfXXMAIHK9V.jfif)

(936.93 KB 2208x2944 E-LbW8ZXIAIkiV3.jfif)

OH HELL YEAH A THREAD I can get behind! And you >>9503 Nice work blending hot pink duct tape and black poof.
>>9504 >Nice work blending hot pink duct tape and black poof. if you want more of her https://twitter.com/PaddedLuna
>>9503 whats the sauce on that first pic?
>>9516 Trannies are better than real w*men
(374.96 KB 1536x2048 9eGh7ny.jpg)

(155.16 KB 900x1200 FLxy59NVQAIgXjq.jpg)

(175.91 KB 900x1200 FL0s8cIVkAAflCY.jpg)

(97.82 KB 675x1200 Vj634-FOGcqa7r2_.jpg)

(426.63 KB 1536x2048 KH0z3XM.jpg)

(87.22 KB 1280x720 DMsyE1rVQAMiV47.jpg)

(115.98 KB 675x1200 DMsxen1V4AAIjT7.jpg)

(277.22 KB 2048x1152 DMsyE1zVQAA74Ls.jpg)

(65.20 KB 462x894 MKsEKx9.jpg)

(576.94 KB 1000x667 TeUHExR.jpg)

(122.23 KB 688x1199 FLkhfVJVkAAzxaC.jpg)

(123.68 KB 1200x900 FHj45uNVEAIgkWu.jpg)

(88.76 KB 768x1024 FLgBAAcVgAAIUrC.jpg)

(60.18 KB 600x1200 y76PXNR7FKADVEpy.jpg)

(96.47 KB 900x1200 FMERgr2VkAEAnLF.jpg)

why so manny trannies like to wear diapers? I've been puzzled by this for years since I first found out this fetish is so common among trannies it's even a running joke inside their communities, like being into computer sciences or playing fighting games.
>>9540 Adverse childhood experiences are the root cause
>>9540 Part of it is just sissy and feminization kink seen in parts of the ABDL community that isn't entirely trannies, part of it's some trannies literally wanting to be the little girl. There's also fetish stuff being more common in general among trannies compared with normies. It's not just trannies either on that last one. A lot of LGBT has a reputation for being interested in stuff outside vanilla. Warning, the below speculation is kind of gross and may be considered medical horror. Another factor that may seem less obvious is side effects of sexual reassignment surgery such as urinary incontinence and discharge of various fluids such as blood and pus one would expect of after surgery, particularly when the injury isn't taken care of. Plus remember that after MTF SRS trannies basically have to prevent the surgically created opening from closing fully with dildos, in other words deliberately interfere with normal wound healing. Another issue is that unlike the real thing it really doesn't do anything to clean itself or maintain a PH and environment to discourage growth to various microbes that can be harmful so the flora present is very different compared with a real pussy and infections of some sort result if good hygiene isn't maintained which contributes even more to leakage. There's actually a version of MTF SRS that involves a section of the colon being used. This is usually done when there isn't enough material to work with from elsewhere and self lubrication is desired. Unfortunately intestinal tissue produces mucus constantly rather than just during arousal and the mucus tends to smell like shit even if the colon tissue producing it isn't connected to the digestive tract anymore. There's also the hygiene problem mentioned earlier contributing to that. In rare cases fistula involving the rectum can occur as a complication as well. That last one does also rarely happen with real women, but it's normally associated with trauma, most commonly childbirth related. While MTF trannies are much more common, even FTM surgery can cause problems. Hysterectomy is known to have risks of prolapse and urinary incontinence for example. Some may just be into it just because ones with the above problems are into it, so basically just osmosis in that case. TLDR, some are into ABDL for the same reasons any of the rest of us are and online trannies just happen to be more involved with fetish stuff than most, some trannies likely develop an interest in diapers because of SRS side effects and complications causing leaks and discharge of some sort, and some develop the fetish as osmosis from the previous two groups.
>>9504 You Shall Not Pass.
(89.83 KB 657x1200 FLkhfi2VkAY5xPw.jpg)

(86.51 KB 675x1200 qB_zFi3fVYC-77vD.jpg)

(179.35 KB 900x1200 FJ0v9GhXwAM1iAQ.jpg)

(156.83 KB 1200x900 FKB1OSHUYAESqaF.jpg)

(109.91 KB 900x1200 FLg9yGaVQAUC15E.jpg)

Some of these trannies are la creature
(1011.68 KB 3456x5184 01.jpg)

(5.25 MB 1920x2560 02.png)

I have some stuff to share. I like transgirls as long it's not political. Unfortunately, everything trans related has been political since around 2012.
>>9540 >why so manny trannies like to wear diapers? I'm not a doc, so the following is just my opinion. Most likely, childhood trauma. It's similar to how many molested boys end up homosexual and molested girls end up hyper-sexual. In short, diddling kids is really bad. It'll fuck up the rest of their life and many parents are negligent as fuck. Ending up liking diapers is pretty tame compared to the alternative.
>>9597 >Unfortunately, everything trans related has been political since around 2012. This is why there needs to be more spankings delivered.
>>9597 Source on the second picture? Looks a little bit like Khatalyst but didnt know she did chastity
(103.82 KB 828x828 bdsmlr-395156-hiXNWNLkTk.jpg)

(146.77 KB 1280x720 Diaper-Initiation-Ritual-3.jpg)

(43.87 KB 620x827 image110.jpg)

(1.83 MB 1610x2260 Halloween2017_Olivia_Color.png)

(359.11 KB 1536x2048 E1Hm69zVgAIe04p.jpg)

(468.69 KB 1280x1707 image123.jpg)

(397.49 KB 1539x2048 image161.jpg)

(51.68 KB 640x640 xq1v1irk90981.jpg)

(51.64 KB 800x618 IMG_0394.jpg)

(69.72 KB 540x577 img.jpg)

>>9611 This is the only other pic I have of her. Watermark says RileyKilo but I don't know who that is. >>9611 >Third pic I think I saw this girl before. Does she review diapers on YT?
>>9615 Lol Riley has got to be like ...among the most famous trans abdls on the internet. She went on my strange addiction like 12 years ago. Did some non abdl porn ages ago under the name Sadie Hawkins You didnt tag which of the three posts i did you mean for the third pic, assuming thats what you mean. Third pic on my first was another of Riley lol, yes she does non-sexual abdl youtuber stuff third on the second is the since deleted PhilippaBoy (Or PippaBoy,PippaCross, PhilippaAlexis) - no abdl content but a load of really cute ageplay vibed outfits, which theres nowhere near enough of imho Third on my last dump was tsrachaellebelle, goes by mysithlady on reddit. To my knowledge this pic and the video on her onlyfans is her only diaper content the majority of the rest is chastity and sissy focused, she said she didnt really enjoy it.
>>9615 And assuming you meant to respond to me and we haven't just gotten confused, im pretty sure thats not riley (in this picture,reposting for clarity) - hair looks different.
>>9616 >among the most famous trans abdls on the internet. I don't know transgirls by their name. My main fetish is diapers. When you speak this way, like that's something everyone should know and it's common knowledge. You sound like a total dick, fuck you! >>9617 Yes, I was replying to you. I looked over my disorganized folder for similar pic and I thought it was the same person. I wanted to help but I should have not done that. I regret bumping this thread for assholes like you. One more reason to not dive too deep into trans stuff, you people deserve the hate you get.
(130.39 KB 736x1104 504152096.jpeg)

(146.77 KB 1280x720 Diaper-Initiation-Ritual-3.jpg)

(376.71 KB 1356x2048 E0zlKgTXsAMkFiQ.jpg)

>>9620 >One more reason to not dive too deep into trans stuff, you people deserve the hate you get. And people say we're the oversensitive ones lul
>>9622 Is there a full video for pic 2?

(117.96 KB 1100x825 tai_interview_0005.jpg)

(219.01 KB 960x1280 tai_interview_0000.jpg)

>>9627 Yes https://xfantazy.com/video/60e888ff36c0727105a1b673 It's a Spanked And Diapered video so mostly the emphasis is on the spanking. The other video she did for S&D called "Can't Hold It!" is better imho but I dont know of a full version of it online.
(1.50 MB 900x1165 ClipboardImage.png)

Yep, this thread looks to be at least 80% samefag >why so manny trannies like to wear diapers? I've been puzzled by this for years since I first found out this fetish is so common among trannies it's even a running joke inside their communities, like being into computer sciences or playing fighting games. Forced feminization (sissifcation) and forced regression (ageplay) are kinda the same fetish. Same psychological appeal, just articulated differently. A person with one kink probably will respond to the other Diaper fetish communities are an estuary of lots of different groups...people get to a diaper fetish through a watersports/scat obsession, through material or texture fetishes, through BDSM, through infantilism.... and then there's people who come through the MuyX pathway.
(268.92 KB 892x1201 bdsmlr-1013353-9xGLDUL7HN.jpg)

(125.12 KB 755x753 bdsmlr-997667-X4v9BrhWny.jpg)

(88.01 KB 445x860 bdsmlr-1013353-3ynrl2R1uC.jpg)

(307.92 KB 867x1154 bdsmlr-1013353-J8EstWTKYD.jpg)

My real question about trannies here is how the hell do they manage to get rid of so much body hair?
(517.41 KB 1080x1608 transsexual_typology.jpg)

>>9540 I'll throw my hat been into shemale porn since early 00's and there were no overlap with diapers this is a new phenomenon, in fact the first time i saw diapers plus shemale in a professional setting was with Natalie Mars everything else diaper+trans was in amateur category and doesn't count as trend I think this is related with the raise of the AGP troon (see pic), transsex as a fad with autists you know what other fetish has a high rate of diapers and autism? furry i agree with other anons in this is some fuck-up in childhood not saying I'm sane or pure, just pointing out what me thinks
(6.96 MB 3600x2800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9693 Yeah this is one of my big contentions about the gay/trans social contagion. There has always been a small cohort of the population who -- for whatever genetic, epigenetic, or endocrinal reasons -- have improperly sexually dimorphated. Mabye Alex Jones is right and it's happening more because of chemicals in the water. Who knows. But at least half of people coming out as trans now are not that at all. Literally just fetishists who are latching onto a social trend that lets them out their kink. It would be like if Incontinent Acceptance became a new fashionable leftist trend and we all started dressing like toddlers in public. If I were one of the people on the right I'd be pissed at them.
>>9693 Using The Sissy Hypno guy as a serious source. Lol. Stop cloggings this thread up with pseudoscience and start posting porn .
>>9685 I can't speak for everyone, but i'm a trap and I was never hairy to begin with. It's annoying but not especially hard to just shave leg, armpit, and pube hair every few days. I'm 22 and I still don't even have hair on my core body or arms (and i'm not even asian, lmao). It's probably just more common for people who already look at least a bit feminine to try looking even more fem. Then again, there are a lot of manly trannies, so who knows.
>>9632 >Forced feminization (sissifcation) and forced regression (ageplay) are kinda the same fetish Yeah I can agree with this, when I discovered the two independently I immediately began to think of them together, it went so naturally.
>>9693 whats funny is that im trans myself. i've never had sexual attraction to women ever, like during puberty my peers would talk about being into women, and weirdly enough when i was developing the only thing that turned me on were men and diapers. So hearing about it being a common thing was kinda shocking. so i don't know if thats agp or not because i don't think women are attractive at all, and rarely trannies are either. i dont know maybe im just a faggot.
>>9711 Sissy hypno actually works, trust me
(134.17 KB 1114x2090 fiona.jpeg)

(1.50 MB 1600x1200 molly.jpeg)

>>9696 >>10202 While I think that dichotomy has some truth to it, I don't think everyone who is trans fits into it. The proliferation of trans acceptance has just allowed AGP to slip in with trans people, and they are empowered to be indignant about whether you accept them as trans. AGP is such a significant amount of the increasing demographic of trans, that it's helpful for the movement to play along/feed the delusion to push political acceptance. The ideology doesn't allow for any nuance, if you are LGBT anything you were "born that way" and asking questions of nature vs nurture is wrongs because it gives breathing room for the right to say it's a choice, even though it's obviously not. So when you question the validity of the entire trans identity of many trans people you are instantly a bigot. My thing is, who cares if they are "women in men's bodies" or just sexually gratified by being a woman? If it makes them happy who cares? >But at least half of people coming out as trans now are not that at all. Literally just fetishists who are latching onto a social trend that lets them out their kink. It would be like if Incontinent Acceptance became a new fashionable leftist trend and we all started dressing like toddlers in public Idk doesn’t that sound based as fuck though??
>>9597 >Unfortunately, everything trans related has been political since around 2012. Tell me about it, I remember when I used to find t4m in my area and I didn have to get vetted as an ally before meeting
>>10297 I'll admit I'd probably be an AGP tranny of some sort if I genuinely thought I would get good results and wasn't aware of all medical problems that can result from transition or they didn't exist. There's also that the whole thing is expensive and I've always been lower middle class or below over the years. Furthest I went with it was some private crossdressing in my teens and keeping it to online roleplaying, fiction, and porn as I got older. With the amount of grooming in online communities with trannies I'm actually rather thankful I wasn't born a bit later to get involved with the massive amount of encouragement of mental health problems in general and delusion in the 2010s during my more formative and impressionable years. It seems like late 90s-00s internet had far less people trying to influence and groom others into their interests and issues. Even early to mid 10s didn't seem as bad. At this point I'm just accepting that medicine and science is never going to be able to change someone's apparent or actual sex (or for that matter replicate other transformation based fetishes I'm into, such as age regression for example) to a decent extent, at least not in my lifetime, and fantasy and fiction is as good as it gets. I'll add I'm rather disturbed actually about the delusion so many online trannies have in how much they pass and it doesn't help that so many are willing to encourage them or not give constructive criticism or be truthful about various actual problems. Reddit tranny communities are probably the most notable example of this. Plenty of threads in the relevant subs that are just man faced crossdressers (or soft looking manlets in the case FTM, but there are far more MTF trannies) getting told they look "perfect" or "beautiful". There's even detransitioners that the LGBT movement doesn't like to talk about or is dismissive of because it doesn't fit the narrative. >My thing is, who cares if they are "women in men's bodies" or just sexually gratified by being a woman? If it makes them happy who cares? There are a surprising amount of non-left people who are like this. Plenty just don't care if you want to be the opposite sex as long as you aren't trying to force them to agree with you on the subject, being overly and blatantly sexual, or acting offended for using the "wrong" language or joking about it in any way. >>9597 >>10319 One of the weirder things about this I've noticed is that the only noticeably conservative or right trannies are almost entirely old school pre-internet trannies, like 90s-80s or earlier. I understand that there's far more LGB people than T, but there's still plenty of conservative, right, apolitical, and centrist values people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual while every tranny I'm aware of is some degree of left apparently with at best them being moderate left. For that matter I can't recall ever encountering people who are seriously into gender stuff and pronouns (not just trolling or joking about it) as being anything other than left. >Tell me about it, I remember when I used to find t4m in my area and I didn have to get vetted as an ally before meeting Purity tests when it comes to politics and the amount of "No True Scotsman" if you don't agree entirely with the narrative or movement is one of the biggest things I hate about politics. I'm bisexual myself and varying degrees of apolitical or centrist on most stuff, but the times I've mentioned that sort of thing online tends to result in getting dismissed or shouted down. I've just learned to mostly just avoid talking about my political views over time. It seems like most people these days just aren't interested in having a civil discussion to better understand each other's views or compromising on stuff. Related, one of the weirder things I've encountered is that it's apparently not enough to indicate not agreeing or accepting of certain issues or viewpoints, but being willing to tolerant and polite about it and willing to talk about it politely. I'm not even sure when "tolerance isn't enough, you have to also accept and agree" became a thing in so many places.
Enough tranny talk Post more cute "girls"
>>10330 >I understand that there's far more LGB people than T, but there's still plenty of conservative, right, apolitical, and centrist values people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual while every tranny I'm aware of is some degree of left apparently with at best them being moderate left. Caitlin Jenner would beg to differ. Flipping through the channels I literally just saw she was made a paid Fox News staffer. I would say most trans conservatives stay quiet. Which is unfortunate for both sides. >One of the weirder things about this I've noticed is that the only noticeably conservative or right trannies are almost entirely old school pre-internet trannies, like 90s-80s or earlier. That's mostly the old saying "if you're under 30 and conservative you have no heart, and if you're over 50 and a liberal you have no brain" - more people naturally become conservative as they age. This is due to numerous socio-economic factors, from encountering failures in the system, to accumulating wealth and wanting to promote wealth preservation with age. Though conservatives have been unable to elect LGBT people, even when they try, hence there is a baked-in incentive to just be quiet about your political views on the right.
>>10989 >Ywn have your own diaper trans conservative "girl" to snuggle
She gonna poop a stinky one.
>>10989 More importantly, values that older generations considered avant garde or even plain old liberal become conservative over time as things 'progress'. A person may nkt change all that much but will have flipped from liberal to conservative with the changing times.
>>9516 I know it's not a practical or realistic thing I would ever pursue myself considering the state of medicine and science at the moment, but a man can dream though. Nice just to have the fantasy and see that at least a few can pass well enough even if most don't. Honestly I prefer the drawn and written stuff because of that since it usually lives up to the fantasy much better >>12443 The modern LGBT movement in first world countries like the US and various countries in Europe come off like it's run into the same problem as fourth wave feminism where they come off as very first world upper class movements now that can seem out of touch with the poor and lower classes or people outside the country where things are very different while looking to invent problems and enemies when it can't find suitable ones and refusing any compromise that doesn't completely agree. Older movements seem like they had more of a point and genuine grievances. I mean there's a lot of stuff well beyond any of our control, but I kind of think it's insulting to get worked up about pronouns and gender identity or focusing on online virtue signaling that doesn't affect the real world when there's real world problems like various countries that still have sodomy laws with the death penalty or lengthy prison sentences as the punishment or lack anything like the anti-discrimination laws so many first world countries have. I wonder how many dead activists roll over in their graves over today's whackjob internet "activists" defending people like delusional autist and literal motherfucker Chris-chan's pronouns and gender identity or stuff like that abused Desmond kid stripper dancing in a gay bar.
>>12446 The modern liberal framework equates foreign justice with imperialism, but I don't think that's the real problem. Almost nobody in developed nations recognizes children as an oppressed class. Under capitalism, a person's worth is measured by their property and their history, two things children don't have. As long as this oppression continues to exist, birthrates will continue to decline, until it leads to a crisis. People will be forced to pin the blame on something, and because they have been so thoroughly trained to ignore the true source, they will end up blindly firing into the darkness. LGBT rights, and human rights in general, are an illusion as long as children continue to exist as second class citizens.
(144.74 KB 787x679 Untitled.png)

>>12448 You couldn't possibly be more wrong. Observe the chart. Giving children more rights, protection, and education sends birthrates into freefall. The best way we can boost birthrates is to make parents invest less interest in raising good children. That means promoting a culture where children are treated as a way of making money and nothing more. We need to restore the practice of sending children away to work apprenticeships or in a factory at 10 to 12. And we NEED to get rid of public education, which has sent birthrates into a freefall.
(1.31 MB 1500x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12451 There's a small confounding variable known as "the Industrial Revolution" which is the common cause of the two dependent variables graphed. You could easily make the same graph to make it look like black peppered moths are causing infertility. Seriously, that graph annoys the shit out of me. >One of the weirder things about this I've noticed is that the only noticeably conservative or right trannies are almost entirely old school pre-internet trannies, like 90s-80s or earlier. Internet age trannies are mostly social contagion. In a different decade they might be cutters or anorexic. Go back to Meiji Japan and they'd be neurasthenic. Trannies from the 90s were trannies because that's their core nature, regardless of what was going on in society. Today if you're a young socially disturbed leftist, you become trans; and if you're trans, you caucus with the left. Before the 10s this reinforcing trend did not yet exist and so political orientation and gender identity were mostly uncorrelated.
>>12451 >what is child mortality
Can you homos stop arguing and post more diapered trans girls. If you don't like trans girls or disagree with their existing, just hide the thread and move on.
>>12460 The Industrial Revolution is on the chart anon. It's right there. The highpoint of child birth. You did not observe the chart. Very disappointing. >>12462 Precisely. If we can increase child mortality, we can also increase the birthrate. Parents will have more children to replace the dead ones. Of course, this is a little bit pointless because then our population still doesn't grow. One alternative might be to steal children from parents and use them as slave labor in orphanage-complexes, but it's possible that the trauma of child theft might discourage childbirth. All in all, this approach is not as effective in my mind as just decreasing quality of life for children.
>>12466 If life could be than simple. These faggots haven't got the intelligence to hold a debate with themselves, let alone with the tranny lovers.
here are some Tumblr pages https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/starstruckkink https://babykittenvuittqn.tumblr.com/ https://babykittenvuittqn.tumblr.com/ the first 1 I know is trans and the other 2 I just suspect.
>>12706 Hey! Looks like a double paste :3 What was the other one?
>>12836 I don't know if I want to date her or be her...
>>12970 It this gonna be like when people started writing that Adriana was a man all the time ?
The problem is, it's rare for ABDL Trannies to be sexy...and if they are, they have major mental, emotional and trust issues. They are just as crazy as normal ABDL Girls.
>>12766 fina is 100% female. babykitten although masculine face is high likely a female too. Why is it if a woman is into this and they have even 1 masculine feature they are a tranny?
>>13073 Because a certain sector of the internet is absolutely obsessed with culture war bullshit and can't enjoy anything without worrying that it might be a secret plot by the evil reptilians. You saw the same thing with feminists. They actively look for reasons to not enjoy things.
>>13282 ABDL never used to be about culture war, terminology, the war of words and opinions, left-wing, right-wing; everyone respected everyone and the community was joyful. Now, if you dare to date a real girl, tranny or furfag, depending on your taste, the first discussions is about politics and not about hobbies and life in general. There's more nutters now that I can remember. More people are being cancelled as well or they are retiring from the kink. Sad times. I blame the left. I hate them all.
I’m a libertarian tranny whose into ABDL, it’s not that rare. It just doesn’t seem like that because the loudest ones are the most leftist and also happen to be the most annoying about their kinks.
(695.19 KB 1503x1506 clipboardimage.png)

(65.77 KB 1200x720 clipboardimage.jpg)

(259.41 KB 1030x2048 1590917725237.jpg)

(330.41 KB 3088x2316 image0_4.jpg)

What's next, diapered natsoc trannies.
>>13278 Shame it waits so long for the diaper to get involved
>>13307 The far-left tranny, furfag, nigga loving nazis are already in the abdl community.
>>13307 Motherfucking trannies doing shit like that online is expected. Everytime they go outside people remind them what the real world is like.
>>9540 In addition to what others have said, one of the more popular HRT drugs also acts as a diuretic. This combined with certain other drugs often taken along with HRT can actually result in a weak bladder or even incontinence. It may not be common, but is a factor.
(261.15 KB 629x2048 hgg7yygyyuy.jpeg)

>>12766 >>13073 yeah I fucked up.
(561.28 KB 701x936 164589112.jpg)

(1.57 MB 1944x2592 PXL_20210321_192530889-01.jpeg)

(457.48 KB 1536x2048 diapergirl.jpg)

>>9611 It’s Khatalyst. She used to occasionally do chastity but around a year ago she got an orchiectomy.
(82.38 KB 500x756 6nflt6.jpg)

>>14537 Oh no. This one got me...
>>14537 That's one I think I would do
>>14540 I love chastity cages too much to orchi. just continue to be qt trans in chastity and diapers
>>14559 One of my friends is into chastity and had an orchi. Now she wears an old school metal chastity belt over her diaper. The belt is nice because she can’t change her own diaper or use the potty in addition to not being able to touch herself. She gave me her CB6000s after she got the orchi. We were having trouble putting it on because my boner wouldn’t go away. Friend offered to blow me but mommy said absolutely not. Instead she put my diaper back on and poured in a pitcher of ice water to make me shrivel up instead.
>>14537 Okay I’ll bite, who’s this?
>>14868 Lianna Lawson
>>14540 >>14559 I've honestly never understood trans people obviously showing themselves being into fetish and sex stuff... then voluntarily getting castrated as part of transition even though I'm into gender bender porn. The same applies to any sort of castration fetish or fetish stuff that would destroy one's gonads like ball busting. What is the point here? Just... even with HRT, removing the gonads is going to seriously negatively affect a person's sex drive. I get chastity and denial as eventually the person gets off and anticipation is part of the appeal. Part of that is anticipation and want, it's not getting rid of the want permanently though. I kind of just think it's the same sort of reasoning that drives people to do things for lust and pleasure even with destructive results... but booze hounds or some other drug addict, or someone risking STDs, or unwanted pregnancy out of lust isn't very obviously and immediately destroying ability to feel further pleasure of the same kind. I mean, your gonads are directly related to sexual desire is what I'm getting at here. Getting rid of them hampers or removes that entirely and this obviously demonstrable, be it livestock that are castrated for farming and breeding control or humans that this has happened to for medical, cultural, or historical reasons such as eunuchs or cancer.
>>14856 This is such a LARP
>>14913 Nah, it’d be a larp if it was about a cis woman wearing a chastity belt over her diaper. But trans women into abdl are a dime a dozen.
(23.31 KB 600x313 ejyc33mk8k3y.jpg)

>>10202 Sameish. I was attracted to women's clothing and diapers. I didn't like boys or girls at first. Like I only got aroused when wearing my sisters clothing or wetting a diaper and pretending to be a little girl. Not till later did I discover dick, but the fetish for diapers is still with me.
>>15252 Hello! I am new to this board and was wondering what that code was for. I see it all over /abdl/
>>17024 It's nintendo encoded
>>17024 Dont listen to this guy >>17031 Its actually Sony encoded
>>9537 Who is that in the first and 3rd picture?
>>17013 dont care if its fapfic but can you talk more about your experience with that?
>>14365 got anymore of these?
>>17158 https://mobile.twitter.com/Zowy_littlepink/media She also has a IG and OF dont be weird
>>17159 https://mobile.twitter.com/Zowy_littlepink/status/1550235426421710848/photo/1 Why is it so hard finding bio women dropping loads like this
>>17169 Sure they do anon. Just pay $10 dollars to find out how on JFF!
>>17169 >the virgin mexican abdl transgirl simp https://twitter.com/valen_abdl >the chad argie abdl transgirl enjoyer
>>17178 Why are spics so gay
(1.47 MB 3464x3464 gigafaggot.png)

>>17178 <the chad argie abdl transgirl enjoyer
(2.18 MB 1280x720 EZLz7UgvajPPI-BS.mp4)

Does anyone have any of Little Maya Fox/@Mayafox300's videos? She deletes them a few days after uploading. GOD tier messing.
(4.18 MB 2072x3185 zfem.jfif)

Are femboys allowed here? I feel like this is close enough to a tranny
>>13305 I'm a libertarian who is into ab/dl. I'm not a tranny though, I do femboy stuff sometimes.

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