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ABDL Videos Video Thread 03/01/2022 (Tue) 13:57:45 No. 9640
Let's practice sharing here and make our mamas and papas proud. Here one to get things started. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOWhUblJ1U0ZvMlVpTTNieTFwZUVKV2NtMXFiSGxPY1VWbGVHWjFhR3Az
>>9640 How to use these again?
>>9644 base 64
>>9661 retard
(405.17 KB 1558x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9644 >>9661 You have to double decode the text from base 64. I have no idea why OP is making us use Little Orphan Annie's spy decoder ring to fap. You would think we were getting hot semilegal shit but nope Boomer link: https://mega.nz/folder/aNtnHZ6R#7o-ixBVrmjlyNqEexfuhjw
>>9669 it's just hyper paranoid autsists from 8kun who thought they were in le sekrit club by using the most basic bitch encryption shit out there for the most dogshit videos nobody wanted to watch anyways
Not even sure why people don't just webm the good parts of vids anymore. Mean most of it is 15 minutes of absolutely nothing for maybe 5-10 seconds worth of something fappable. If I hadn't lost my abdl collection would have uploaded stuff already and I really just don't have the stomach to watch hours of crap to show something remotely decent.
>>9669 Speaking of boomers I'm posting in the latest diaper loli thread and it's not bumping, is 8chan being a retard or am I? I didn't sage
>>9669 >>9700 nm bumplocked after 500 replies. I was literally 501. Time to make a new thread
Here’s an incredible Brazilian ASMR video (diapers appear around 10:30): https://youtu.be/DZ-Vsk-Xk8M
>>9722 I'm all for requests but maybe you should lead with.....Here's a link I'd like to share, it'd be great if anybody had these to share.
any miss pandapants videos
Does anyone have the video where there are two japanese girls are testing out a diaper in a mall bathroom and one of the girls drew on the diaper with hearts and stuf?
Any diaper WAM stuff out there, especially the Eva Marie ones where she's pouring milk or food down her diaper? Very niche subfetish, I know. Besides that, I only know of AB Dreams birthday cake one.
does anyone of you have stuff from sugary little?
>>9689 >most of it is 15 minutes of absolutely nothing for maybe 5-10 seconds worth of something fappable. This guy gets it. >I really just don't have the stomach to watch hours of crap to show something remotely decent I have folders with gigabytes of videos that I just havent watched for this reason, but I dont want to delete them because maybe there IS something good in there.
Does anybody know of a tool that will download specific or even just all videos/content off of a particular jusforfans page? im subbed to lollylazas and I literally cant see a lot of her older stuff because theres so goddamn much of it that the website starts to break because of rapidly loading so much stuff. Like I think the earliest I have gotten was somewhere in 2021 before I either finished fapping or the page simply refused to load any more videos in a reasonable amount of time.
>>9760 wow, nice!
Anyone got any of Ami Mercury's ABDL videos?
Does anyone have Asian Diaper Cutie Just for Fans rips?
can someone upload LNGU (the french abdl girls) videos pls ? thx that's so hot when they speak french
(12.20 KB 537x240 jUwZ8b0s_Zg.jpg)

might be a long shot but does anyone have this video? it's an older video from diaperedonline, where a girl poops her diaper to distract her boyfriend when playing videogames together
>>10561 Here you go YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdk0zVlpSRlpNY1VFak56ZzNablkwY0ZoT1RWSnpZMDlKYjJKNU5IbGlRalU0Tm1KM1NUazNiWEZQYld0clFtZHlkemRFY3c9PQ==
>>10615 based anon
Anybody know what this cartoon is from? 2 different people uploaded it and it uses little kings, do it can't be that old https://thisvid.com/videos/anime-girl-wets-herself-in-diaper-line-is-diapered/
>>10615 Sorry mate, how to use this code? I'm a little bit ignorant about this
>>10623 Look up base64 decode. Do it enough times until you see what you want.
>>10615 I've been seeking this exact video for a bit. Thanks.
Anyone have sugarylittle messing stuff?
(31.48 KB 480x852 0001.jpg)

Hello Everybody, I have been searching for the Creator of this video for a while but I can't find out, who made it. Can somebody tell me? https://vk.com/video-160471599_456239168
>>11259 Looks like @yx5w4
Anyone have Anastasia StClaire diaper/scat?
Does anybody have Diaperperv abdl messing audios?
>>11995 >https://vk.com/video/@nreedy86?z=video586141315_456239068%2Fpl_586141315_-2 Thank you! Can you please upload this to mega or another place, because this video restricted to "friends only" or something. I also have something to share in advance https://mega.nz/folder/DvBwkKIQ#kE3C4jstA6QaM_odbUpyjA
does anybody have mindlessly diapered messing videos?
does anyone have any onemoretime99 videos?
Lost my collection, building it back, if anyone has any Athletic Lisa videos I would be extremely grateful for an upload. https://mega.nz/folder/hbU1CRCZ#2_8JCnLh1vvTCP1FHqw_nA Uploading 8 gigs of MPP as well, will post in a bit.
anyone have any zayda/messydiaperpunishment links?
YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlUzTmpiRlZEYjBzaldrazBhV050Tkc5U1FuYzBMV0Z4WVdkdGEycFFlbWRVUm5CUWVUbEpTRkp1WjJ4cGFqaDBWVFJKY3c9PQ== does anyone have this video? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/191991/25589039/trapped-in-messy-diapers
https://mega.nz/folder/VcsVjbQL#46BTysZplbNAqKYlHOMThw Here's 3 Natalie Mars videos for anyone who likes her stuff
Did someone have something from https://punishedindiapers.com or Diapermess, specially Little Nikki?
(311.92 KB 1050x750 1188-3x.jpg)

Anyone have stuff with Ashley Lane & Dixie Comet? https://spankbang.com/57i8f/video/nanny+knows+best?
Anyone able to DL this (or provide source)? https://bbykimmy.cdn.vooplayer.com/publish/MjAzNzM3
Bumping? I thought this thread had been deleted since I had to go to page 5 to find it. Can we get this thread pinned or something?
Does anyone have any recommendations for videos that include a girl doing babytalk and it's actually pretty good? Or not even full babytalk but I hate how silent most ABDL porn videos are. Like I feel like it should just be the standard of the industry to have a girl talk about how she needs to go potty, desperately wet herself, and then tearfully ask for Daddy. If anyone recommends anything I already have in my collection I'll upload that and if I can easily find someone's recommendation on clips4sale or manyvids I might buy it.
>>13169 I mean if you have lots of sophie those straddle the line for me btween kino and cringe Its weird how few uploads of her stuff there is here
Does anyone have any Gummipompom/Gummilewds stuff, preferably from the last year?
anyone have any of sweetestreese's stuff?
Does anyone have the full video: "You Are Admitted To The Regression Clinic" https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/52703/14021157/you-are-admitted-to-the-regression-clinic-fullscreen-version
>>13169 >Baby I mean, could you just upload what you have from sophie?
>>13173 >>13281 https://mega.nz/folder/pWxEQbJR#0VM76wVy29XGvmv4UxQ8mQ This is what I have of Sophie. I don't know how comprehensive it is. Anyone have any other recommendations or want to post something?
>>9726 who is this?
>>13625 Miss Stuffie I believe check Tumblr
someone update sophialittle on kemono
>>13169 >>13285 Hey, some of the videos on the little sophie mega arent working, any way you could fix that?
>>13824 They all work. The ones you're having trouble with are mpeg. What video player you tried using?
>>13275 I think its like 3 or 4 parts, that is number one. 2) Then you have Lolette teasing babified BF and getting caught. 3) She gets regressed 4) Both regressed BF and regressed Lolette get teased and played with as abies They are not that hard to find, I will look in my collection
Hi there once was video link on 8chan where the girlfriend in Leggings went for a walk with her diapered BF during the walk he shit himself she teased him about them and they went home.At home she teased him and changed him during the chnageing i think they had sex. The video was POV. I think the girls name was Vicky or Something. Does anyone know the name of the video, or maybe an link? I cant find it anymore. If I knew the exact name I could maybe find and buy it.
>>13919 i don't think its the video you're looking for. there are no leggins and the girl is not called Vicky but the scenario seems about the same ... https://thisvid.com/videos/messy-dpr-sex-pov/ you can download it here if you want https://anonfiles.com/Xcz8gfx2y2/Messy_Dpr_Sex_POV_-_ThisVid.com_mp4
>>10628 holy shit you're a legend, this whole time I thought this shit had to do with some illegal torrenting shit
bros I've been trying to find this one video forever basically >mandie rae and some other girl are standing in a bedroom in very visibly messy diapers >they're talking about how their daddy took them to the zoo in diapers earlier in the day and how they had to walk around the zoo in messy diapers >it was on pornhub before pornhub deleted half their videos I can't find this thing anywhere, I can't even find a mention of it existing. Even if someone could just find the website where I can buy it at that'd be appreciated
>>14266 I remember this video. It is her and Arianna. It is probably diapered online on clips4sale or somewhere else. I don't think I have it but I'll look.
>>9640 https://mega.nz/file/CfIyTSrQ#9rDhMRLzcQnObrAe4BZnjsZhdWN8zLyYcWW9Uyxyb3o I'll leave it up for a little while. Could anyone share MindlesslyDiapered videos?
>>9760 Thank you very much. This is amazing.
Does anyone have any of the monthly video of asiandiapercutie?
>>14440 There is just something about ADC that makes me think it's forced
>>14467 I don't watch her content, but I've seen a few people express concern for her.
Anyone have the full video of this? I can only find the trailer. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/74735/23493279/diapered-sisters >>14467 >>14479 I've heard this mentioned before, but I don't quite get the concern? Am I missing something? She mostly just seems bored in her videos like she's not really into it. She's not even the first porn thot I've seen who acts like it's just "lie back and think of England" for them or even seem like they have some sort of vague disgust for their audience that they don't express because they don't want to piss off their customers.
>>14494 The vibe I get is that she's a mail order bride
Anybody got anything from FRDiaperGirls? The Diaper Hazing videos in particular.
Honestly i usually like the ideas of the video but they are usually just bad. I dont think she is a mailorder bride, she has a very pronounced dutch english accent. What seems more likely to me is that she is really dumb (very simple english, not just the baby words) and not into it.
>>14535 Seconding this. Their content is HOT
Is anyone has videos or pics with diapered girls during period? I want to see that diaper, for example inside it, full of red etc or diaper change
>>14266 was that you begging on b for it? lmao YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlVqRmFVVVJVUWt3alpYZERRemhpWW10UVYycElTMnRwVW1kc2F6VjZOamh0Y21FMWFEUlZXRFY0TFd0MlJYZFplVWxPY3c9PQ==
just really anything from https://www.diapermess.com/ though I'm most suggesting videos with Nikki, summer, sunshine, Dakota, Bella, or star in them.
Im looking for links of sugarylittle leaning towards watersports more than scat heres a link dont wanna just pine for links without contributing https://mega.nz/folder/q9UhiaIb#9cgsXcUriJsRgVB6cnV19A
>>14757 really makes you wonder how much quality content is hidden on youtube behind an obscure video title
>>14770 Like webcam stuff with the default names
>>14535 Really want some of their videos too I barely managed to find dead or paid links to their content
>>14535 Got a site rip some months ago. This is a small part of it: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpODRiMnQ0YVZsSllTTXlaUzFoZGt4MmFqWnVlRlUwWkZWTmJWQTNTVnBu The full thing is 52 gb, still need to find a way to upload everything.
>>14772 >>14779 we really need to start cataloging this stuff since YT videos come and go so fast
>>14779 11k views on a channel that averages like 50 views a video, pretty sure what you see is correct lol
>>14779 Yes she's wearing diapers, at least pullups. The diaper bulge is easily visible in many parts of the video. Not going to post any screenshots, even if it's from a safe YT video. Also, I don't feel comfortable watching videos like that.
>>14779 I get that some people on this site are like this and it's my own fault for being here but jesus fucking christ. Come on people. Why watch videos like this?
>>14790 I feel you. I didn't read the text just figured hey might as well see what is up on a youtube video. like what could be wrong with a youtube video. I mean I guess people are into lolis and shit but man. Yeah I guess this is a site where people are pretty down low. man now I feel like shit from knowing about stuff like that. I get it it's my fault for not reading the caption just sad now I guess
>>14779 >Posts non-ABDL content in the ABDL Videos thread in the ABDL sub. Bruh, there are websites for people like you, and I bet you'll be welcomed with open arms if you go there with this vid. Otherwise, fuck off with you.
does anyone have any mega links of sugary little or know where i could find a place to rip her stuff cause im not paying for her shit (pun intended)
>>14787 How does YT algorithm even do that?
>>14798 >User goes through kid videos. >Finds one involving diapers. >Adds video to a playlist. >Other users find the playlist. >Significant increase in views.
*Bernie Sanders voice* I am once again asking for Ami Mercury videos.
>>14748 >was that you begging on b for it? lmao nah, I begged for it on 8kun before though. Thank you legendary anon!
(5.93 KB 300x168 coomer.jfif)

>>14853 oh god i forgot they were wearing tights in this too
Does anyone have any abdl audios preferably Los but I’d be interested in any, thanks
>>14770 >>14772 >>14786 Yep. It's gone now. I think the channel is too? I did save it for posterity.
In the other 8kun board, there is a message asking for "baby come back". A really old film. I cannot publish there because their tor system is not working, but the file is here: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlVtRkJSVEJMZVVzak55MTFibEY0V0RsVE16ZFpObGt3T1V4UVZEVkZXVGxhVG1aTFQyOUNTR3BHYTFBM1pGaEVhMmxuWndvPQ==
Anyone have the video Fit girl regressed into Diapers?
does anyone have any of diaperpervs audios? theyre really good
>>14975 I feel bad about asking but I'm curious with the discussion and what it's about. Was it an ABDL vid of young-looking adult or an older kid still in diapers?
>>14975 Uhm so, gonna post a mega link?
>>14782 Definitely create a torrent, or upload to IPFS.
>>14975 I missed it and now I have FOMO, can you upload it somewhere so we could know what we've missed
>>15011 >>14757 This one was adult woman, likely abdl, crawling on floor diapered. Tbh nothing special
>>15089 I truly hope the new french studio makes abdreams loose a little bit of the porn monopoly so they start adding a little bit more sexual material, I love the pastel innocent roleplay sometimes but you need a bit of both.
>>15083 So what was the discussion about? An adult video?
>>15145 There were two Youtube videos being discussed. One was a video someone had posted of a young girl in her family bathroom and everyone was talking about how it looked like she was wearing a diaper under her pajamas (Personally I'd rather not see that type of content here.) The other video was an adult woman who was wearing a Pull-Up and crawling around on the floor of what looks like a public bathroom, with stalls. It's gotten pulled off of Youtube now.
>>15146 Yeah, me neither. Thanks for clearing it up anon!
>>15146 FFS, do people not know what the A in ABDL stands for?? Shit like that gives everyone a bad name.
(112.36 KB 750x886 1500656063082.jpg)

>>13169 >>13285 >>13286 So I made this post before and posted some Sophie stuff but didn't really get any recommendations. What vids would anyone recommend that include baby-talk or just some amount of talking in general? Like baby-talk can be cringe or cute but I really just hate how silent most diaper porn is. Like every single video is just a girl standing in her bedroom while you listen to her breathing while she wets herself and then she turns off the camera. I just want women to talk about how the diaper feels. Or be surprised at how much they've wet. I want to hear them ask for diaper changes. How is a whining begging for a diaper change not the standard sign off for every ABDL video? I'm not coming empty handed either. Here's everything I have from FLBaby Girls. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOVdZbTlSUmxSRFZDTldOMDAyWDNaRExUWXpXVXRVV2pBMGFGZFVOMDkz
>>15187 we accept your tribute
Did anybody save those videos that were on Pornhub a few weeks ago but seem to have disappeared, the user name had the word Prince in it I think. Really top quality diaper sex, changes, etc very cute couple. Not sure why they got taken down?
Does anyone have Littlelolikat's deleted videos backed up?
>>15311 This is the channel: https://www.pornhub.com/model/playfulprince/videos I remember it too, but it looks like they deleted all the videos with the girl in them. Not sure why? Maybe the girl was paid and they decided they didn't want them up anymore? Or maybe wants to charge on another platform? Weird. Hopefully they come back.
>>15345 That’s not porn faggot. Why are you jerking off to a vlog about a fat Scottish cunt?
>>15354 >that much hate lol I can understand grannytits, greasyhair and liptumor hate, but that chick only does reviews of shit anon, who hurt you?
Anyone got any boy centric / gay abdl videos or pic collections? Trying to make a collection for a hypno setup.
>>15354 ABDL Videos doesn't exclusively mean porn.
So I have a few JFF subs, what do you all use to rip vids safely?
(10.71 KB 203x248 idon'tlikeit.jpg)

>>15749 What an unfunny meme.
>>15747 Internet Download Manager is nice and solid for most sites
any ayachannoheya
>>15355 How the fuck is that fap material? You just said it yourself. Granny tits are more fap-able than a fucking vlog with nothing arousing to it.
>>15370 It does if it’s on this thread retard Apparently we’re just pulling our dicks out for everything.
>>15791 Not everyone is turned on by the same things, some people like hypno some people like watching people live the lifestyle without doing anything sexual, some people use reviews to see what diapers are like. This isn't fucking PORN ONLY thread this is literally the video thread. Be a good boy and stop trying to control others. >>15791 >>15790 >this >>15749
>imagine completely ignoring the AB part of ABDL
>>15792 This is a ABDL porn only thread retard. You’re so stupid. Imagine saving videos that isn’t Jack off material. Like are you fucking gay? go rail a rainbow dildo
>>15797 You like an Instagram anal fister
>>15801 >using gay as an insult it isn't 2005 anymore, it's 2022 get some new material and stop hating on people for their sexual preference you backwoods low educated bigot. People save all sorts of video material for various reasons and they can post it for others to enjoy in the VIDEO thread. Stop being so cranky, go have a wank, a nap, come back better than you were today.
>>15801 Gotta agree with the fag here anon, the name of the thread is ABDL videos, so you're actually the one who is wrong, nothing here says its exclusively for porn. Some people watch this shit for comfy feels not just fapping. If you dont like it simply ignore it, or share the kind of material you like, anyways, KYS angry bitch
>>15747 this is the best available options for JFF, completely automated after it's configured, no clutter, and comprehensive instruction https://github.com/edwardsdean/justfor.fans.ripper
>>14295 I would also love to see some MindlesslyDiaperd content. I know a lot of people think she is not particularly attractive and her content isnt that great, but I really enjoy some of her messy content.
>>15803 Oh look a silly faggot
>>15810 you agree with him because you wanna jerk him off you skittle
>>15828 >>15829 >>15801 Oh look people who are incapable of understanding that other people like different things and not everyone thinks like them. Your kind is the reason the world is in the shitter.
>>15819 I am interested in seeing her "regression" video where she is supposed to guide you through getting into little space with a plug and wetting yourself. But other than that I think she focuses too much in messy content to be down my alley, but whatever floats your boat babyanon
>>15834 My kind? Is it because I’m a nigger right? Fucking racist cunt
>>15859 This is why reading comprehension is so important. Don't worry little guy, you'll get the hang of if one day! Just try harder when you go back to school after summer is over.
>>12624 Here you go https://mega.nz/file/gPNgAC6R#HRtdwfEEawuRI4rvdpO0Ac1NmdddPsVjbo4N2SrltRI I used some Chrome extension for downloading HLS files
>>15865 It’s because I’m a nigger and niggers can’t read right? Wow racist you’re a asshole.
>>15889 Yes.
>>12441 >YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlVtRkJSVEJMZVVzak55MTFibEY0V0RsVE16ZFpObGt3T1V4UVZEVkZXVGxhVG1aTFQyOUNTR3BHYTFBM1pGaEVhMmxuWndvPQ== how do I access this link?
does anyone have this video available? always wanted to watch it https://thisvid.com/videos/misspandapants-messing-and-wetting-her-pullup/
>>15905 YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdmFUYzBNME5DV1VrallqRnNUSGRuUnpSbFFVZHRhRlJuTWpGR1lVNVBWa1Z3VEhsVU1tOUdjSFE1WVhKd1QwTTJjM3B4U1E9PQ== Can you share something now? Thanks!
>>15891 I would also like to know. I think it is something like a hexadecimal conversion or something? It definitely isnt hexadecimal but something along those lines
>>15973 Maybe Im just stupid, but I tried 2 different websites to decode this >>15906 but in both cases it returned this aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvaTc0M0NCWUkjYjFsTHdnRzRlQUdtaFRnMjFGYU5PVkVwTHlUMm9GcHQ5YXJwT0M2c3pxSQ== Am I doing something wrong? Is it supposed to come out as a URL?
>>15976 Thanks!
>>15977 What did he say? It got deleted :(
>>15975 have to do it twice. >>15978 Was the way to decode it, not sure why it got deleted but whatever.
>>15812 i keep getting error for "index out of ranges" in that code
It got deleted because its better if thats not common knowledge
>>16010 we hashed out that argument like a year ago and determined it was better for people to know how to use the code than not. Because we went through a dry spell where nobody was sharing content since they didn't know how to use the system they couldn't receive anything in return. They didn't feel like sharing to people who felt superior or like they were in a special secret club.
>>16015 nah it was decided it's better people don't know so links are not taken down within 10 minutes of them being posted. The whole reason behind it, despite how simple and basic it is, was that content owners were watching threads and getting shit taken down instantly.
>>16016 But they weren't, the videos were being taken down without the code because bots could find them. Using the code did stop it, because bots aren't able to see the video links. Keeping the key to the code hidden is retarded, there's no boogyman in your closet or monster under your bed lurking to take down your coded videos. You're actively hurting the community by refusing to share the code. We had decided to give the key when people asked for it. We even tested it by actively giving the key to videos of supposed lurking content creators and those videos are probably still up to this day. Fear mongering is not the way anon. Be Based64 and share it.
>>16016 *cough* Ella raine and her Instagram friend scout the board but they’re too retarded to know how the code works.
>>15986 holy shit i didnt know this was a video. The pic ive seen from it is hot af
>>15986 >only video ever made of a woman in a visibly messy diaper >it's $30 every day I become more and more convinced that not a single woman on earth actually has this fetish
(172.56 KB 1024x669 184 - Get dressed (Diaper).jpeg)

>>16117 So are you gonna post the video or not?
post the video but only the clip4sale
Is everything posted on this thread trash? Of all things that can be put here you guys all put some trashy vids and expect others to put good ones. Let's restart this. Post somthing that's actually fucking hot and I'll follow up on posting string that is also definitely worth it. Than we can keep the ball rolling. Stop post BS I can literally find anywhere. What about your bought content?
Don't even try and tell me some of you just watch it and don't jerk off to it. That'd be aloud shit. You guys want good content, or you'd atleast appreciate it. I can share one file right now that you more than likely would like. I have a bunch so If you want anymore like this you'll share to. That's it.. https://mega.nz/file/1XRygKqQ
>>16213 Yeah that's good shit. I don't think I fully understand the context since I don't speak Japanese but I love Mommy videos where they're paying attention to my penis and the vibe is more loving and caring than demeaning. That's what I'm interpreting from this.
>>16213 What even is that video?
>>9640 Requesting Her Wet Diaper Fate https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/89110/25388107/her-wet-diaper-fate-4k#cidce50a11163b179d269f368170d I would r ally appreciate it the video looks great
https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/10973-dgf-her-wet-diapered-fate-4k/ You can download the file after creating a free account and share it to everyone. Have a nice day sir.
No one is getting anything until they can post somthing half way decent and keep it going. I have alot to share. You want somthing give somthing. Very simple.
My mistake you sent me a website to download a file.. but hey please do the honors of downloading it yourself and putting it here next time. I'll give another. I want some from private collection though.
>tradefags arrive
>>16364 This board really has gone to shit. I remember the 8kun days where we'd need a new video thread every few weeks because of how much sharing there would be. Entire pastebins full of links. Somebody even made a zip full of about 30 torrents all with top quality content. Now it's just fags asking for people to buy C4S videos from unattractive camwhores.
Madelyn: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOUpZVzk0YkZRMVlpTTBRMUl0WTE5QlRuWlRhbHBsUWtGeWVVNWFMVXAzQ2c9PQ== Looking for: https://www.wetset.net/index.php?target=products&product_id=4054 and https://www.wetset.net/index.php?target=products&product_id=4295
>>16378 That's pretty funny, my Mommy and I met her and her daddy while out buying diapers awhile back. Didn't know they made videos.
>>16378 >tfw gone already :(
(72.09 KB 850x478 298h.jpg)

(88.26 KB 800x448 298g.jpg)

does anyone have this video? just now finding them and their manyvids page seems to be gone. https://twitter.com/babybear_momma/status/1346173723825594375?s=20&t=MDXFqYxdohJTN55XMoAxsw
>>16468 man that looks like could be interesting, too bad its lost forever
>>16464 I knew she had a sex video but never saw masturbation like that
Does anyone have anything related to Ageplay 24/7?
>>16604 That’s pigletbutt, she makes pretty good messing vids.
That’s pigletbutt she has some great messing videos
>>16608 She's princessbabygirl69 on Tumblr
>>16461 >>16462 >>16463 >>16464 anyone has all of her videos?
>>15812 >this is the best available options for JFF, completely automated after it's configured, no clutter, and comprehensive instruction https://github.com/edwardsdean/justfor.fans.ripper I'm not very tech savvy but if someone can walk me through how to get this to work, or give me another option for quickly and easily ripping an entire JFF then I'll rip the JFF of your choice and put it on Mega along with another JFF I just want to rip for myself. Probably BabyBea.
>>16615 Mega only, no k2c faggotry
>>16638 The readme is here with instructions https://github.com/edwardsdean/justfor.fans.ripper/blob/main/README.md basically what you need to do is click the "clone" button, this should give you an option to download the repository from github install python here: https://www.python.org/downloads/ this should also install pip, a package installer open command prompt in the folder where you have the "requirements.text" file from the github >pip install -r requirements.txt should install all the necessary shit for the script to work. Follow the instructions at the end it wants you to type >python app.py [UserID] [UserHash] in command prompt where python is installed should run the script and give it all the information it needs to work
>>16640 I've tried HOURS trying to do this method. The only problem I have is learning to install pop and open command prompt in the folder. I've downloaded Python. Can one of you fags record a tutorial video? I Googled the fuck out of trying to "Rip" J4F - NOTHING!
>>16640 I went on YouTube...I tried my best. I'm not tech savy to do it. Why can't you niggas just rip every ABDL model on JFF and upload their videos on MEGA? Stop being cunts!
>>16677 >learning to install pop i assume you mean pip, like that guy said it's installed with python automatically, you don't need to do anything extra and it should automatically be usable in command prompt if you use the installer he linked. >open command prompt in the folder 1. search for cmd in start menu and run the one that says command prompt 2. navigate to the folder using command prompt not gonna give a crash course in how command prompt works but i'm sure you can find plenty of videos about that on youtube. the relevant commands for navigating folders are cd (change directory) and dir (list the stuff in the directory you're in). directory is just another word for folder fyi. you're basically just doing the same thing you'd do with file explorer but in text form. the rest of it is just following the directions of what the guy you replied to said, once you're in the right folder if you type the commands he said, the rest of it should be automated i think
>>16678 If we upload on mega then these JFF cunts will send a copyright takedown. Are you retarded? We’ve done this plenty of times before and they gotten taken down by these diaper thoughts. Hell they’re probably scouting this board as we speak, but I think they stopped after the board got raided by pedophiles.
>>16680 what exactly does 'set configuration' refer to? am i meant to do something or is just telling me thats what it is. i kind of feel like the instructions aren't as 'comprehensive' as people have said
>>16696 set configuration means you can go and edit the config.py file to change the program's configuration, but the default settings are fine so you don't need to do anything about it then you follow the 3rd step to find the UserID and UserHash values, that's explained very clearly, and when you get them you open the command prompt, navigate to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the program, and write "python .\app.py [UserID] [UserHash]", substituting [UserID] and [UserHash] with the two values you found earlier >these instructions aren't comprehensive you'll have to use your head and learn basic windows command prompt operations, there's no other way around it
Anyone else enjoy fapping to Spanish gameshows? https://youtu.be/Hexj67WRqgU
>>16728 Guessing you don't have a girlfriend Abdullah?
>>16728 The hell dude. I don't feel good after clicking that link.
>>16690 We were? When did that happen?
>>16738 The old 8chan.top board and the ABDLchan board before it got raid by feds I believe.
>>16677 >open command prompt in the folder there's 2 simple ways to do this Way 1: 1. open file explorer, go to the right folder 2. type "cmd" into the navigation bar 3. hit enter, this should open command prompt in the folder Way 2: 1. open file explorer, go to the right folder 2. copy the file path to the folder 3. enter command prompt 4. type "cd [filepath]" in command prompt to enter the folder
>>16728 I guess since they're in Guatemala they don't have to worry about getting hit with a copyright strike for using the Rugrats theme music.
>>16747 >before it got raid by feds lolno, the retard schizo that ran the thing got a virus and became paranoid the feds were stalking him
(473.79 KB 1280x1836 1653662757121.jpg)

>>16640 So, I'm the guy who initially made this post: >>16638 and I'm not this guy >>16677 >>16678 >>16696 And I'm trying to do the same thing this afternoon but I'm not really figuring it out. After googling it though I put in the command prompt: >py install -r requirements.txt Since I realized that I need to have 'py' upfront in order to get it to use python for that, but it still didn't seem to do anything but I also didn't get an error message? Do I need to use 'py' in front of all of these commands? When you say 'Follow the Instruction' does that mean I just go down the commands in the readme one by one? Also, just in general has anyone tried this yet? Does it rip the whole JFF or do you have to specify posts? If you have to specify the individual posts it doesn't seem worth it. Also, is this meant to be bypassing the paywall or is this just to conveniently download all the pics and vids after subscribing? Because that's what I'm really looking for. I wouldn't mind paying for a one month subscription. Ripping everything they have off of there in one convenient command. Then canceling the subscription. That's all I was really looking to do. Thanks for the help. I understand how command line stuff is supposed to work but I'm really not good at this sort of stuff. I've tried to learn some basic coding in the past and I always had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it.
>>16778 Did you install Python 3.8? And this only works for unlocked content. It will not bypass any paywall.
>>16778 it's >pip install not >py install >When you say 'Follow the Instruction' does that mean I just go down the commands in the readme one by one? so in the readme Step 1 is installing the requirements, you must to this first Step 2 is just explaining how you can edit the code in "config.py" if you want to change where the files save or whatnot, you can just skip this and leave the default settings Step 3 parts i-v explain how you can get the metadata you need for the script to work (you need to be logged in to jff for the file to show up, if you can't figure this out you can just link a performer here and me or someone else here can get these values for you pretty easily) Step 3 part vi actually runs the script using the values from parts i-v, this should rip the files to your PC
>>16789 >>16820 I have the most recent release of Python. Which according to the website is 3.10.7 which came after 3.9. I think I'm still just stuck at the install here. I can pull up the command prompt in the appropriate file location but then if I type pip install -r requirements.txt it says 'pip' is not recognized as a command. If I type py pip install -r requirements.txt I don't get an error message but nothing else seems to happen either. I'm including a screenshot this time, along with another French Diaper Girls pic to illustrate I'm not that other anon.
>>16821 Did you make sure python is in system PATH?
>>16821 oh yeah sorry I forgot, this guy is right >>16826 you're going to want to follow the steps under "fix 2" on this page https://www.alphr.com/pip-is-not-recognized-as-an-internal-or-external-command/ honestly maybe you're just better off downloading all the videos manually if you can't get this working soon
>>16778 >>16821 fuck, FR diaper girls are so fucking hot, I hope they dethrone ABDreams as the biggest studio soon.
(1.45 MB 6000x4000 1651691623753.jpg)

>>16826 >>16828 So I followed the instructions from Fix 2 on that link to add it to my system path and I'm pretty sure it was successful. Got a confirmation that it had been added successfully and I double checked that the location was right for where Python was in my system. However, when I went back to the same install instructions for the JFF ripper above I got the exact same results as the Command Prompt screenshot I put here. >>16821 >>16828 >honestly maybe you're just better off downloading all the videos manually if you can't get this working soon Maybe but if I wanted to rip someone like Succubunnie she has over 200 videos and over 15,000 photos. My idea with this is if there's someone who's already got a huge amount of content as a backlog on their JFF then I could just sub for one month, rip everything, and then come back in a few months if it seems like the new content they've accumulated since then is worth it. I could do that manually but that would be a huge hassle. Also, there's a few JFF's that have been abandoned but there's still a decent amount of stored content on there. Would be nice to pay for the one month sub. Rip everything. Then cancel. I'm a bit of a data hoarder when it comes to legacy ABDL content. I'm just not very tech savvy at all. I work in insurance irl and just look at Microsoft Excel all day. Lol. >>16834 >fuck, FR diaper girls are so fucking hot, I hope they dethrone ABDreams as the biggest studio soon. I 100% agree. All the girls are hot, they seem to legitimately be having fun most of the time, and a lot of the videos and photos are more creative than most of the stuff you see from other diaper sites/models. The issue is just that they're French, lol. They release videos with subtitles now but their older content doesn't have that, and even though I think they all sound cute it's difficult for me to justify paying for it when I legit can't understand them. I wish I gave all the language education in high school and college more of a chance. Being monolingual sucks.
>>16834 Anybody got a decent collection they could share on Mega that gives people an idea of how great FR diaper girls is?
>>16859 Here is the tutorial I used to install packages for with pip a year or two ago, it's very spoonfed. It's for installing a specific package (numpy) that you don't need but these instructions will work for anything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzkqIHqFnvM Alternatively, there is a package manager you can use instead of pip called "Anaconda." I never used it before but I know it has an install wizard and a graphical interface. I don't recommend this though since you'd have to manually search for and install every package you need
>>16873 Tempted to subscribe. Did they do messing or only pee?
>>16859 On the one hand, not being able to understand their French sucks. On the other hand, French is a really sexy language. If it helps, so long as you can get a basic grasp on Latin, which English partially stems from, you can get a basic grasp on French, as well as Spanish or Italian. Or, if it sounds completely indecipherable, you can just imagine they're saying whatever you want.
(4.21 MB 3927x3927 i574dc8lb4h91.jpg)

>>16859 >>16875 Ok, so I think I got it installed and more or less working but it's not quite working out right. Checking the github page it sounds like someone else might be having this issue but I'm not sure what's being said or how to fix it. So right now there's only one JFF I'm subscribed to. I'm pretty sure I found the UserID and Userhash for that. Put in along with the command and I got a bunch of messages that stuff was downloading. But then it stopped after only like one photoset of her, and then it also downloaded a lot of random images and items from other things on the site. Like the blurry preview pictures and stuff. https://github.com/edwardsdean/justfor.fans.ripper No idea what to do with it next. This is already more than I expected to be able to figure out on my own tech wise. Lol. I also tried something else. A program called JDownloader. It seems to be a good program for something like this, ripping an entire site. However, when I put in the URL it didn't pull up any of the photos or videos on the page. I think there's something going on here where there's actually another link I need to show JDownloader where the photos and videos are actually being hosted? Not sure how to go about that. Honestly though, how is there not a better solution out there for this yet? JFF is a few years old now and it's pretty popular. Also, I'm surprised there's not an easier generic solution. >>16873 >Anybody got a decent collection they could share on Mega that gives people an idea of how great FR diaper girls is? This is what I've cobbled together based on what other Anons have uploaded on here and 8kun. I think it's mostly their older stuff. I'm definitely considering subscribing if I could get a way to rip all of their content in one go. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpODVSelJXUTFFMlRDTkRWVkV3VG1OdGVsTktXV2N4VjFKNlpqWTFWSEpS Now maybe help me out with this whole JFF ripper thing or post something of your own. >>16963 >Tempted to subscribe. Did they do messing or only pee? I know from the little I've seen of their tumblr/twitter posts they've had some implied messing before. IDK if they have anything explicit though. >>16972 I took so many years of Spanish in high school and college and now I remember none of it. I agree French is a really sexy language. Doubt I'm going to be acquiring that skill anytime soon though.
>>16983 Thanks for the link anon. I finally subscribed for one month but the videos seem very carefull protected and I didn't find any good way to rip it. I'd try some Python + selenium later. >>16972 I'm French so I can tell you they speak a little odd...Like if they're trying to emulate an english way of talking but in french. It's still very hot though, it's so unusual to have good quality content in my native language.
anyone have catabdl videos?
>>16983 >absolute legend thundercock chad appears tnx man
Any one got Daisydiapered reviewing her soaking wet Fabine diaper
Anyone got Daisydiapered Fabine review video?
(1.31 MB 3896x5532 3nIiBXB.jpg)

>>17101 Sure here you go: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlZrdFNSVzVVYWtvalQyNWtkR1ZaWDBGSU5tcDNVMFF5WlVKMlFtRTJkRmhEYkhobk9VeE1RVVZuY21wclpISk5XWGM1V1E9PQ== Now let's get back to other people posting content or figuring out how to rip a JFF.
>>17161 You can just put it on mega. Not like anyones going to DMCA daisy’s content she’s been gone for years.
>>17161 Plus I have no idea how the new system works, someone gave a tutorial on ABDLchan but it got FBI raided.
>>17161 Imma try so I ain’t giving off boomer energy. How do you do my fellow 8channers I’m hip
>>17161 I fkin did it lad!
Anyone have any videos where >a woman messes a diaper >you can actually tell she messed it >there's some kind of dialogue or story >no exposed scat This is all I care about, but there's like no fucking videos like this
>>17191 Hot. Anything you have from their JFF from June onwards of this year would be much appreciated.
>>17164 >>17165 As I think I've proven here, I'm not tech savvy at all but you can def figure out what to do with the code after a bit of googling. Here you go though: https://mega.nz/file/VKREnTjJ#OndteY_AH6jwSD2eBvBa6tXClxg9LLAEgrjkdrMYw9Y >>17167 >I fkin did it lad! Did what? Rip a JFF. If so, could you please explain to me how you got it to work? I know I've got that thing from GitHub installed now but it didn't really work when I tried it before. I'm only subbing to one JFF right now to test it on too.
>>17218 No I found out how base64 works. I don’t care about the JFF. If Daisydiapered had a JFF or a cute woman with Daisy’s body type, I’d probably try this JFF trick.
>>17224 I've got a handful of her videos. IDK why but ever since she first showed up on the scene years ago there's always at least a few guys who are really obsessed with her. Not sure why there's such a strong specific appeal for her as opposed to other girls but no judgement.
>>17226 Do you have the video where she’s wearing two diapers and messes her diaper, then proceeds to hump her teddy bear (I think she was sucking on a pacifier) It’s not the one with the plastic pants. I saw it on Pornhub before they went scorched earth on ABDL. I should have saved it, it was the best and probably the rarest Daisy diaper video.
>>17226 She even does a fake crying too, she’s topless as well, and she’s wearing Double diapers, one was cushies, no plastic pants over it while she was messing her diaper. Best video I never saved.
>>17226 Anyone have the Daisy_Dress_Change_Over_Wet_Diaper.mp4 video?
Hi! Could anyone upload this videos to mega? Her content is usually great.
Posted a while back on the old board but held back some of my personal favs, figure if people have other stuff its only fair to share mine too. This is my INAM stuff, would love to see any of Lizzy, Indica or Mia's stuff. More to come if this works out. WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scDJZa2RTYkdOcE9IaFVNWEJ1WlZWU05GZFRUbGRQU0doM1lUQktUMkl3TVhWVE1qVkNWRzVHZUZkc1dqWmhWRVpD
>>17191 >WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scHdZa2RWZG1Fd2NFcE5ibXhvWlZWRmFsb3pVbkpaYmtwYVkxVlNWbE16V2tKYVJXeHVaRWN4ZGsxRlJteFpWbVJLVGxWS05XVlZTalZqU0hCM1ZYcFdNMDVzWTNsWmFsSlpVVkU5UFE9PQ== Do you have all of their stuff?
This is what I have uploaded, mostly DVD rips from BabyDoll which defunct now: WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scDJZa2RTYkdOcE9EUlZWMlJVVWpCUk1GbHBUa2hOUldSeFdETk9NRTV1Y0Vka2VrWnJWVzEwVjA1dFVsUmxiVkl6
>>17306 I miss babydoll. What happened to them? They made good shit
>>10177 I was wondering if there's a full version of this video -
Looking for the full vid of this. Been looking everywhere
>>17315 Not sure, I have a lot of their physical DVDs and some of their magazines.
>>16859 Could you upload some older content? Like charmingdiapers, diapersexvideos (the first 100 mostly since newer rips do not have the first 100), and clubdiapers?
Anyone have anything from ABDL-spanking? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/187185/abdl-spanking#cid8a0cb28b9e63d3f680bbd4d7dd Looks like theyre filling the space left by spanked&diapered
>>17327 I actually have a decent chunk of CharmingDiapers. Like basically everything that was on their JFF before they said they were taking a break from their relationship. Looking at my collection I think I do have clubdiapers pics as well. However, I'm not uploading anything else until either more people are contributing to this thread or someone can give me a better way to rip a whole JFF.
>>17370 have you tried the patreon downloader chrome extension? i haven't tried it on jff, but on patreon, if you sort by month and scroll down it works good.
>>17315 To my knowledge, members were angry that there only were few updates in the last years. About one year after these complaints, the site basically disappeared. The guy running BabyDoll mostly got hookers from Germany and Poland as models as far as I can understand.
>>9640 Did somebody have this video? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/134697/23784813/charlotte-was-discovered-in-diaper-public I saw this on ThisVid, but right now i can't find it.

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