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Info and Rules

Welcome to /ai/. This board is for anime (or Korean or Western) or printed works which demographic is for little girls and the fandom surrounding it (official goods, coloring book, staffs or fanworks). This include but not limited to: Takara Tomy Pri series, Bandai's Aikatsu and Cocotama series, Sanrio's Jewelpet and Shugo Chara. Precure is also invited. if those board list on top of the page bothers you, block them using your adblock If you know how to use Rule, add ###navTopBoardsSpan otherwise just wiggle your pointer at header 1. Everyone is friend. 2. No flaming/trolling. Keep it in other site 3. no ASL If anyone interested in Doremi, check our friend's board >>>/mahodou/ if you want to focus on shipping consider trying >>>/u/

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Torrent thread

Post Seed request or ask where to download stuff here

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iM@S thread

post 'em

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mod edit: this is a random advertisement. I don't delete this thread just in case. don't click on the file Need a place to hang out? A place where you can share with others and experience the fulfilling creations of others? Look no further than TOCCOT(The Original Content Creators of Tomorrow)!! Join today!

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meta explanation thread

for newcomer who want to learn about terminology or local meme It get weird (and lewd) later but it will be fun

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/ai/ aidle activities

re;BUILDing this board, unearthing some jewels for everyone, then getting some upgrade

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hi. A friend tell me about this place from discord

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Pretty Cure


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to the place inside glimmering hope let us depart Move (on) now, so you can close it Move on later and enjoy the moment now

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this is east² in Garugaku. Toa is so cute!!!!! cre:

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Take a deep breath and sing that opening line. Live on it

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I wanted to make a thread for my loves and their mutual love.

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Aikatsu Friends

The anime that make ainons question “what is friends”, like how threads asking same question each cycles and met with different answers After pic2 you either appreciate amazing persons you meet in community or wanting to be friend with them. And this was 2018, we try virtual /ai/tuber thing before it was cool

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Take your move, pick up a kouhai! Find your quick, maybe form a unit? Rest your strength then reborn again the next day

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vampire butt

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Royal Garden

cafe, longue discussion about the board

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Ichigo/Yume thread

blonde aikatsus love (other blonde idols welcome too)

R: 75 / I: 96 / P: 2

Pretty Cure

Precure is a nearly 20 year old highly influential mega multimedia franchise about cute girls enjoying life, school, and club activities with their friends while simultaneously moonlighting as colorful Magical Girls that physically beat the absolute shit out of monsters and enemy Generals who threaten the peace. Airing almost every single week without pause since 2004, each season typically lasts one year, and is entirely self-contained. The currently airing season is Tropical Rouge Precure, which playfully focuses on makeup, cosmetics, and the motivation to do the very best you can every single day, but feel free to talk and discuss anything Precure you please.

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Despite getting separated, the stars shined their light bright to let each other know they were well Laugh, dress and dancing together with /ai/ Idle Activities

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This place sucks you really think you deserve to have based Laura posted here?

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pickle rin

I turned myself into a pickle, Madoka!

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Rola contaniment thread

post rolls

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Lantern Floating festival

Bon Festival is an event to sending off /mourn the souls of the dead. In the end of it occur the lanterns floating festival (or Tourou Nagashi) in the 19th of July where people shed float lantern from Obon to the river as ceremonial bonfire This thread is to post inactive artist (at least 2 years without making corresponding series art) and to remember the fond time with them

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How does Sanrio actually keep doing it? Every single thing they put out is KINO and this is no exception. I'm so HAPPY this already has a confirmed sequel I was going to cry so hard if it didn't!

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Pictures thread

Thread for (re)posting pictures from Pixiv / Twitter / other places.

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Hikari on Stage

All 5 volumes: I don't think this has been uploaded elsewhere. Enjoy. I hope you like it.

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They recently put all 20 volumes of the manga on kindle, so I'm uploading them and the light novel. Manga: LN: The link for the manga's only valid for 3 days since I prepared everything in a bit of hurry and didn't have time to split it into 200MB zips to fit the normal catbox size limit.

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Banner Suggestion

dynamic banners would be good

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Series Guidance

This thread serve to explain currently airing shows, past shows and series connection. I will make separate thread for terminology, posting guide and memes. Ongoing shows Most of shows aired in Tv Tokyo and in JST unless stated otherwise Starting with the first one on Sunday. .

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also ask what content is allowed here

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A miniseries by @mashumaro about 2 girls trying to be twitter idol

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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

I bet a lot of you remember this one.