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(19 May no announcement so far)

Max Heart ending I felt that it really cheapened Hikari's sacrifice to have her turn out to be alive and well, and the little boy Hikaru is also doing too well for someone who we last saw collapsed after dark stuff from his heart/breath left his body and got absorbed by the Dark King. An ending where Nagisa and Honoka got to stay with Mepple and Mipple (the latter two essentially choosing to emigrate to Earth and leave the Garden of Light behind) would have felt like it was earned and still somewhat of a happy ending, but things would be appropriately and believably bittersweet with Hikari, Lulun, and Porun being gone. Or perhaps Porun could still be alive and left somewhere on Earth after the ending of the series, and further adventures could involve Mepple and Mipple searching for him, reuniting with him, and adopting him. Porun dearly misses Lulun, but one day Mipple announces that Porun will have a little sister... okay, now I'm just writing fanfiction. Hikari's really cute, when she's transformed and making scared faces she just looks like a helpless barbie doll. >>74 >Splash Star is really super kino That's good news I worried that it would feel like a knock off.
(496.28 KB 768x768 77801035_p0.jpg)

>>73 I just find out Tropical Rogue is a title. I thought people mean she is a tropical version of Cure Rogue
(331.13 KB 689x689 58283306_p7.png)

Himehime bday
(181.44 KB 800x800 55835243_p0.jpg)

>I thought Yes was going to get a remake >still no green cure >inb4 Kotoha
Tropical Rouge is out! Laura is actually super ultra mega CUTE. I want her to remain a mermaid forever but it'd probably be pretty hard to work her into the plot every single episode if she doesn't get human legs and start going to school to so that's probably what will happen.
>>97 Congratulation! Also now someone can save them >>50
>>97 If you see this post, go make a new thread. We are in new season after all
Rin-chan's so precious. She works hard at sports and running the family shop and taking care of her younger siblings and she has no time to relax, lie back, and indulge in cute feminine things. But she just wants someone to love her and make her feel like a lady. She's supposed to represent flames and passion but I don't see that coming through in the character. We're more frequently told these things rather than shown them. In practice, she's the levelheaded counterpart to Nozomi's excitable pink baka nature and she's less passionate about being the best at sports than Urara is about being an idol. At least in this episode she acted like what she's meant to represent, going from being the most scared of ghosts to being the most invested in the ghost's romance story and really fired up about it. She got to use the powered up finisher in this episode.
(372.92 KB 1600x1546 71120396_p1.jpg)

Everyone is go- >>117 I didn't notice you. Thank you for still posting here anon
>ordering fast food >employee ask which character she want for her toy >Cure Soleil Based DWU-chan
Let’s know about each other before this place get crowded. First Precure: The original one It was dubbed in my country in 2005 but it aired when I start going to church so I only watch 1-2 episodes of it. Their finisher looks cooler than Blue Eyes White Dragon (also aired in Sunday but noon timeslot). Finished series: Twinkle, Maho, Hugtto, Kira. I watch 2 episodes of Tropical to know the hype about it being the next Mana and make some footage for promo
Edited last time by ainon on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 16:36:50.
(692.55 KB 1024x868 88190868_p0.jpg)

>>128 Around 2011, I saw someone talking about Heartcatch and posting the ED as it had just ended. I respected him and he said it was surprisingly good, and the dancing/songs he posted were good too, so I took notice of the franchise. I didn't start watching anything till late 2016 though because I was in a bit of an anime hiatus back then and long franchise is long. Turns out that guy was very very wrong. Precure isn't 'surprisingly good,' it's actually amazing. I've since seen literally everything and now watch the latest episodes twice because there's just nothing else left.
(411.48 KB 1920x1080 laura pits.jpg)

>>128 My precure history is very recent. I watched Futari Wa last year, Max Heart shortly after that (and the movies too), and I'm getting through Yes Pretty Cure 5 now. I was treating Yes 5 a bit unfairly in my head in the beginning because I kept comparing the characters to Nagisa and Honoka who I'd already seen 100 episodes of, and that was a disservice to the Yes 5 characters. They are actually fantastic. Soon I'll watch the Yes 5 move and my next Precure series will be Splash Star, then Yes 5 Go Go, and the rest in order after that unless I change my mind. But I'm also watching Tropical-Rouge weekly now just for a break from everything else being an archive binge. Tropical-Rouge is lovely because the vibe of the show is much more easy-going and lower-stakes than anything else I've experienced from Precure and it's a very infectious feeling. The reason I got into Precure in the first place was because I got into Ojamajo Doremi before that and I was looking for more mahou shoujo after watching it. And I got into Ojamajo Doremi because people on 8/a/ were posting about it in 2019 and it looked very CUTE! That's why I'm looking forward to Heartcatch, because the character designer is the same as Ojamajo Doremi. I will always be grateful to 8/a/ for directing me to a private torrent tracker called AnimeBytes in the short window of time that AnimeBytes was accepting new signups, it made it much easier to find good quality anime and music. If I didn't get into AnimeBytes I'd have probably used 4chan /t/ and /jp/ and maybe /a/ as my source of torrents of that sort of thing. What's really odd in retrospect is that I had been going on 4chan intermittently since the mid 2000s and listening to Touhou music for over a decade now but only properly got into anime in around 2017. Just through happenstance it took me ages to dive into something that I would have loved from the very beginning.
(93.47 KB 600x450 1517717175966.jpg)

>>131 Since you're already there, consider finishing GoGo before heading back for Splash Star. Not only is GoGo immediately better than its predecessor, but if you don't want to unfairly compare leads to Nagisa/Honkers, then the more time you take between OG Futari and SS the better. Saki and Mai aren't carbon copies of them, but they're pretty close. >Tropical-Rouge is lovely because the vibe of the show is much more easy-going and lower-stakes than anything else I've experienced from Precure and it's a very infectious feeling That's every Precure now. Has been since around the Smile days, with the occasional series that's more serious business like gen1.
>>133 >Since you're already there, consider finishing GoGo before heading back for Splash Star >That's every Precure now Thanks for your advice and information.
(312.90 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0006.jpg)

Mascot introduction episode! I REALLY don't like the mascots that act like pokemon and can only repeat a stock phrase so at least there was lots of Laura and Elda-chan to salvage it
>>135 Anon please make a new thread This remind me of Madoseal, a seal mascot based from Madoka Kaname from the tv series.
(282.84 KB 407x593 Despia Stigmatika Theatre.jpg)

I swear someone mentioned gopri in this thread
>>131 I remember a Doremi poster giving us invite around 2017-8 to discord (I didn't have it at that time). Since the thread dies fast in /a/, he make it in other board for offtopic things. You have been there longer than the longest person from our series that I know (a translator for Aikatsu doujinshi and yuri musics, he was from 2007-9)
Haven't watch Tropical after ep2. Is Sango sly?
God, what an absolute little vixen
>>142 There is a dojinka who keep incorporating story of her on every Precure. I think I have vol 3 or 4 when she drag Dark Precure/Bibury into become idol
(718.84 KB 720x408 1593843074169.gif)

>>142 I CRIED many times during that movie but none as hard as for Dark Dream ;_; too pure for this world
(128.71 KB 886x695 Mai.jpg)

>>142 Oh wow I was browsing Mai's picture and now I found an artist who draw her
https://youtu.be/ewjjs0JH-Xo Do Cure's combat experience carry over to their original form?
I'm really enjoying Yes 5 Go Go with its sillier villains, carrying Bunbee-san over to the next season when he was the most ridiculous personality from Nightmare. The rose motif is also just plain cool.
(1.28 MB 1399x911 88127816_p0.jpg)

Latest Tropri marks roughly 1/5th of the runtime. I've always thought that some focus on school/clubs was a hallmark of the franchise so I'm glad it's been nothing but that, though I wish they would incorporate some side character classmates into it. Previous Precure were able to do this swimmingly, but at some point Toei just kind of stopped in lieu of only the main cast getting any attention, with the occasional singular named classmate showing up infrequently to pay lip service to the convention. I think the Precure get far better character development when they have to balance and juggle themselves amongst non-Precure in low-stakes confrontations like school events, while simultaneously still fighting off MotW and General. Bring back an actual classroom full of at least a few interesting and more fleshed out characters. If there's one thing they should keep taking from their Doremi roots, it's that.
Edited last time by ainon on 05/13/2021 (Thu) 04:03:28.
(50.79 KB 1749x166 wants.png)

I just want to post with like-minded anons.
I was going to watch the latest Tropical-Rouge episode but I forgot to do it. Maybe tomorrow.
Edited last time by ainon on 05/13/2021 (Thu) 04:04:20.
Give me a pic of girls sitting around in table/room. I will make meta thread instead of littering here
(205.53 KB 692x1024 89577639_p0.jpg)

>>166 >Do I have both of your consent to delete/edit your posts regarding this discussion so far As long as it's to the extent of simple readability and gathering thoughts. I'm out the second rulecuckery starts. >I want to keep this thread focused on Precure stuff. >return to Tropical discussion Last I knew, you were having issues with unbumplocking the thread. Is that still the case? I was actually going to make a new thread like you wanted me to a billion years ago once I got off my ass and also had something important enough to say.
>>174 >As long as it's to the extent of simple readability and gathering thoughts Yes this only happen because we have been staying too long talking about meta discussion in a series thread. Yes go make a new thread
>>176 There it is. I still don't necessarily have anything important to say and I've always hated spamming pictures in lieu of that, so feel free to kickstart it if you've got some thoughts brewing. If not, I'll do so sometimes soon™ Laura is a cute and best. I am happy and validated that Japan agrees.

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