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(1.64 MB 1200x671 Tropical Rouge.png)

(431.84 KB 1920x1080 Futari Ha Precure.jpg)

(2.58 MB 2267x1417 Pinks.png)

Pretty Cure Anonymous 05/13/2021 (Thu) 00:01:23 No. 176
Precure is a nearly 20 year old highly influential mega multimedia franchise about cute girls enjoying life, school, and club activities with their friends while simultaneously moonlighting as colorful Magical Girls that physically beat the absolute shit out of monsters and enemy Generals who threaten the peace. Airing almost every single week without pause since 2004, each season typically lasts one year, and is entirely self-contained. The currently airing season is Tropical Rouge Precure, which playfully focuses on makeup, cosmetics, and the motivation to do the very best you can every single day, but feel free to talk and discuss anything Precure you please.
(1.14 MB 480x270 4fc.gif)

I'm torn on whether I like the new direction the fighting portions of the show is seeming like it wants to take. It's been a long, long time since the Precure have simply physically beaten down opponents before finishing them off with a special attack coup de grace, let alone fought Generals directly, and I've come to terms with that, but lately they're taking it even further. After the beatdowns were gone, opponents would at least demand a single solid strike to stumble them, before a finisher would have any effect. Now, though, they sometimes just dispense with it all entirely and pull out finishers out of nowhere to one-hit KO an otherwise healthy monster. As replacement for stumbling them, they've taken to occasionally having the Cures use some sort of episode-specific trickery, directly related to the contents of the episode itself, to hinder them before pulling out the finishers. For example, instead of just beating up the bulwark (what are those things actually even called?) monster last episode, Manatsu and the gang piled sand upon it, dumped water all over it to drastically increase the weight and slow its movement, then special attacked. As the episode revolved around the beach and doing sand art, it was pretty cool and intuitive. I actually kind of like those sort of shenanigans, but at the same time I really, really like it when they just go apeshit on a monster too. Maybe I'm just imagining this. Maybe it happens often and I'm just noticing it like a dumby, or it could be specific to Tropri even. I'll have to keep this all in mind over the upcoming years and see if it starts becoming the new trend. Also Laura seems like she's getting fed up with being sidelined in the daily activities. Legs soon?
>>180 >bulwark (what are those things actually even called?) monster The monster of the week! What I'd like to see from Tropical Rouge is an episode where the little shrimp brat has a spat with the other bad guys and joins the Cures for an episode. She can get adopted as the littlest sister of the group and the other cures can try to teach her to be good. But at the end of the episode she goes back to the bad guys.
Oh, you mean bulwark as in the wave breaker.
(314.15 KB 919x1200 1518191154339.jpg)

>>182 Yeah, that! I've always seen them in anime of all kinds, but I had no idea what they were called. I don't live close enough to the ocean for it to come up at all in my daily life. Do you happen to know what it is in Japanese?
Have I ever mentioned how gross Urara's hair is in Cure form? Firstly, those two elongated buns are an old woman's hairstyle, totally out of place on thirteen/fourteen year old Urara. They're not cute round odango at all. And secondly what's with those thin, off-putting tassels coming out of the ends of the buns? The whole package reminds me of a bee's abdomen after it stings something and rips its stinger and guts away from its body. The hairstyle looks like two doomed bees' asses with guts trailing away. The worst part is that her hair is really cute in normal form, not like the irredeemable Komachi whose hair is always bad and so has nothing to ruin.
(170.33 KB 300x500 cute when mad.png)

That post was supposed to include this picture too >>183 I don't know what they're called in Japanese.
>>196 I'm getting Doremi vibe from pic2 Increased limit to 5
(500.92 KB 649x888 76113538_p0.png)

>from this year (2017), the spring crossover movie is no longer the total appearance of Pretty Cure All Stars, and the number of participating works has been narrowed down to the last three generations But I want to see WItch meet Alien
(306.99 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0024.jpg)

(372.47 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0026.jpg)

(254.11 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0025.jpg)

(310.82 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0029.jpg)

An entire episode of Yes 5 Go Go about the Nozomi/Rin dynamic! I love it! I love Precure so much! And Urara and Nozomi being on the same wavelength too, which is always cute to see. It was really awesome how they beat the bad guys without the whole group there. The babayaga kept taunting them about how they're weak when they're not all together, and I was expecting the climax of the battle to be the other cures bursting into the storybook dimension and joining forces with them. That would have looked cool, but it would have also really undermined their statements to the enemy that they don't need to be all together to be strong.
Any precure episode where a character's parents got ill? Mine got ill, so I could use one for comfort right now
>>226 I think Hikaru's mom in Star Twinkle got sick from overwork or something, in one episode. I can't remember for certain.
>>226 Not what you asked for, but episode 34 of Yes Precure 5 is about Minazuki Karen taking care of the mascot Milk who got a fever.
>>227 I will look for it >>228 This is fine as well
In return (and just in case I forgot next year) good day, good night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_4xlAPYVA4 This is one of my favorite song from our defunct phone game
That is a really nice song. Thanks for sharing. I found this video of a little Japanese girl eating 4.7 kilograms of noodles which I'm posting here because it reminds me of Kasugano Urara. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CztlTqrbepw
First FUN sub! How I missed these bubbly and colorful sub Other than Milk as team's mom, also Jiiya who take care of Karen
-forgot to attach reply >>227 1 Profound message 2 Little things you said can alter your parents decision My parents sent me to highschool which under same institute as an university with engineer major in a city. Before choosing my college major my dad asked me “Didn’t you want to be an engineer? “ “No, why would you think so? ”. 4 years later, 1 year before I finished college I found a small thing from early Sunday school year, a piece of paper with face. There written “Name: anon Dream: engineer” Then it hit me I did it to myself. If you plan to have children (or have coworkers who do) tell them talk about this every year to them. 3 what tengu refer to. Somewhen along the line I realize it is not about liking ‘different thing’, but something that outsiders doesn’t give a second glance at. Those are where we stand.
Edited last time by ainon on 05/31/2021 (Mon) 07:20:46.
Sometimes Yes Precure 5 and its sequel just have episodes where the cures all look really off model and have fucked up faces. Good episode though.
Sango is a miracle of the universe.
(729.76 KB 1700x1700 88519280_p0.jpg)

>>247 Sango is too 'normal' for a Purple
(457.90 KB 720x1248 90098415_p0.jpg)

>>248 She kind of fits in with the Moonlight/Selene style of purple. They're all, to some extent or another, reserved, serious, gentle yamato nadeshiko with no outrageous "quirks" like the rest of them. Initially, the only Cure I liked this season was Manatsu, but both Sango and Minorin are growing on me, especially Minorin. That ugly haired autist gets increasingly cuter the more I see her embarrassed by underperforming at various tasks. The very small reactions she gives are just exquisite considering she is usually so unflappably deadpan. I particularly like that she remains steadfast in her character, not joining the other girls for things that she's disinclined to do, while still contributing in her own way. I'm praying there isn't an episode that "fixes" this.
>>253 And compared to Blue she have genki-ness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxYxPUfHpUw 0:6
(554.93 KB 1834x996 vrchat.jpg)

(470.81 KB 1920x1056 vrchat2.jpg)

I had a bit of fun the other day going around in VR Chat with a Milky Rose avatar I found, looking like an unimpressed haughty bitch everywhere I went.
>>264 Living the dream.
Get this savage out from kitchen
I like when what happen in other episodes brought up again
I swear if Laura become idle
>>301 Too late she is a lazy bum now
We put Maho in our Pretty show 10th anniversary and magical girl homage in Aikatsu Parade last year. When will you put a full idol Pretty cures series? that idol Laura is just teasing
>>308 >full idol Pretty cures The world isn't ready for such kino. What would they fight against though? Negative badfeels from crazy otaku? Evil exploitative managers? The concept of burnout?
This is 1 of Arme’s final evolution. Her base is a magician. In middle she brance into witch, who later harvest timespace power to become magical girl. Her design and kawai attitude is so idol. She is /ai/ and /pc/ lovechild if there is one. >>310 >What would they fight against though? Never think about that since Maho just fight whatever item in location. Just last year I read about Maho’s “series themes”. After paying closer attention to detail I can see how many level of design went into just 1 season of precure. Having said that now I’m struggling to remember those themes. Let me try with Maho. Interspecies relation has been general theme so that’s not it. But I’m glad they took Twinkle in different angle. Mirai show how people from different world can be friend (mermaids, pegasus, dragon) and it paid off when magical beast later join them (mermaid in school. I know magic world is different but I’m kinda disappointed Laura doesn’t show any reference to them somehow)
-Topaz design is sweets -For powerup they use 12 gemstones. I’m not sure but I guess those are 12 birthstones? Idk -Really noticeable recurring theme starting from Liko is how she underestimate human’s inconvenience/ hardworking. After learning it she try teaching that to Kotoha, who display similar attitude as Liko (parent know from experience). Liko and other witches notice Kotoha having even more talent than normal but Kotoha didn’t notice anything unusual until 2nd half’s generals brought it up. Talent vs hardwork is brought up few times when the general said they were naturally strong from beginning even to Dark Magic -2nd half general design look like 4 delinquent stereotype? Lazy one, gyaru, edgelord, book guy -main cast wise they have different focus point. For comparisons Kira 2nd half talk about everyone will get separated with their future career, Twinkle payoff is their career have to do with space, Hugtto have character dealing with their expectation. Liko took like 2-4 separate episodes to finally decide her career while magic trio easily finding a job in human world they want to do (now I remember. Maho interspecies theme is about coexistence while Twinkle about starting it and dealing with difference). Kotoha deal with her talent, and poor Mirai keep getting hurt from thought of separation Many thought go into these. Looks like I can't just ask for it, Cure up rapapa it like Ha-chan. sigh I used to save a picture of Kotoha pouting while holding a want, trying to turn herself into adult but stopped by Liko. Now I want to post it but can't find it in my folders or by searching Kotoha in pixiv.
>>313 >Never think about that since Maho just fight whatever item in location. I didn't mean in the sense of the random MotW. That's always inconsequential, and always random objects or rarely people. Rather, the overarching major themes of the show, such as GoPri's hope versus despair, TroPri's Motivation versus lethargy, or HealPri's wellness versus unhealthy. The Precure often embody some sort of higher concept and fight against villains that are the antithesis of this, and I'm struggling to think of something idol-themed Cures would fight against.
(43.62 KB 1722x128 Tropical 21.jpg)

I'm Precure love my series favorite is Star Twinkle Precure and Kira Kira precure ala mode so it's nice to meet you 😊😊
Hey it is Sunday belt lineup
>>315 So that's what you meant (Late reply since I don't have anything new to add back then). But still with motm concept, now I'm watching Mirror Ryuga attacking fans of his journal. Since if they keep reading it, the journal won't be shut down. Make me think it could be a concept for movie monster/plot.
>Melmermaid teeth
Going to rewatch Kappar episode. it is great but I don't remember how good. Also we enter August, prepare for some BASEBALL and delayed episode
>>346 >delayed episode Not again. I can't handle it another week of no Precure
Providing shade on hot summer days and providing a breath of fresh air to soothe your heart when you are feeling down
(207.16 KB 640x360 guileless pink retard.webm)

Betraying a Precure's wholehearted trust and sending her into emotional turmoil!
>>346 First half is about Hikaru's dillema about herself, second half is about the general who can only walk on 1 path. Twinkle Imagination deepened fight experience but my complain is it only show more aura. Nagareru namida ga shizuka ni Nanika no owari wo shiraseru
(621.09 KB 660x420 autistic rocking nozomi.gif)

Cant tell if Yes is dark or not from the song https://youtu.be/B5Fsdz_TbvQ past anime dont make it too obvious even if the show is happy
>>372 Yes is not very dark at all.
(133.13 KB 1280x720 beautiful stars.jpg)

(82.81 KB 1280x720 lun.jpg)

Hikaru, get away from the 4th wall Playing with filename is fun
(335.13 KB 430x640 1631313348023.png)

Tropri 29 was pure kino. I wish every episode was half as good, and not even just the sakuga which was obviously excellent. The direction of the episode was simply miles above anything else in the season. The framing and composition of the shots was genius. The action buttery-smooth and very readable, and the pacing and delivery was 100% on point, never getting too serious nor comedic but a perfect blend of both, at once. They even sneaked in more plot than there has been for quite a while. I pray to G*d they let whatever team was in charge that episode just do whatever they want all the time.
(136.59 KB 1280x720 20210927133158.jpg)

>>378 About to watch 28. I swear if they turn her into Koharu
(88.02 KB 1280x720 vtuber.jpg)

My laptop's battery cant handle 1 precure episode without charging . It shut itself down before Minori talk about her back story. Now I'm unmotivated to finish it
(332.08 KB 1280x1440 Hyouka.jpg)

(109.81 KB 1280x720 friends. where are you.jpg)

(122.30 KB 1280x720 their board.jpg)

(90.72 KB 1280x720 our board.jpg)

On personal note I was in library club in highschool. In college I went to a comic convention organized by my friend’s university. I carries few paperbags from home to carry goods. When I’m alone from our group I got randomly interviewed by the show’s hosts. They bring mic ffs and I look so awkward. When we regroup later they don’t even ask me about it, maybe they don’t even know
When the overall mood set it I suspect this will be similar to Hugtto’s rain episode (I need rain irl please rain soon) where 3-4 plots happen at once and Homura get the service of dynamic action scene. >>378 Looks like they ran out of gas during 2nd half. Probably lack of animator resources due to covid. Every good thing from 1st half still continue except details in those action moments.
(399.62 KB 1920x1852 kururun.jpg)

Interesting at halfway it hasn't came to Hikaru that she is the leader. Other case like this was Suite (since their team is small and disjointed in first half) or Maho (since there are only 2) >>388 Hey look who I found in space
Halloween episode today, but I will wait for sub.
This conflict is short-lived but could make unintended (sexual) tension Same like this clip. Who draw those bedroom eyes for this scene?
They do run like opening
(185.47 KB 1066x656 no new subber.jpg)

Imagine having 5 subs If any /pc/ see this, go make new thread for delicious party
(73.09 KB 1280x720 homse someone notice.jpg)

Yukarin's birthday
Tropicarouge but every time Manatsu is on screen I press forward until she is gone.
I will try invite /pc/ again today
(113.86 KB 1280x720 Rusia Ukraine.jpg)

>ask friend who livestream Delicious Party a screenshot to make new OP because Precure is not my specialty >he give me stream link instead The problem with working with ‘smart’ people is they act based on their own idea. You don’t need to overthink this, just give me screenshot
>>559 My daughters Mirai and Riko-chan are so cute.
(449.99 KB 1471x2048 1647206100178.jpg)

I dont catch up with Delicious. 2 of them look like mc from Healin
>>574 that was the 1st week of delay after Toei get hacked. This week it return broadcasting again

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