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Mewkledreamy Anonymous 12/29/2020 (Tue) 06:33:41 No. 35
How does Sanrio actually keep doing it? Every single thing they put out is KINO and this is no exception. I'm so HAPPY this already has a confirmed sequel I was going to cry so hard if it didn't!
(120.78 KB 480x270 goodjob.webm)

>>35 Welcome back, idolfag
(336.85 KB 1075x1518 79231054_p0.jpg)

(53.36 KB 932x999 1614477716238.jpg)

Plot start moving again
(78.17 KB 1033x160 Mewkle.png)

So in Mewkle there are Maira, singer is Maria and the song is Mirai @@
(474.24 KB 1920x1080 god why.jpg)

(2.39 MB 1555x1100 89051024_p0.png)

(241.47 KB 558x700 new villain?.jpg)

I told myself I'd finish up the last 2 episodes raw since Moyaisubs started stalling out, but then I got lazy and didn't. Doesn't help that I really didn't want this ride to end, but then they eventually caught up and finished it so I had no more excuses. As always, the finale was more of the same fluffycute atmosphere and tone the show has consistently exuded from the get go, despite 'upping' the stakes of the plot. I'm more than fine with that as it's quite fitting and I can't get enough of it. I'm a little trepidatious over the new season though, considering the 3rd years fully graduated. Sexy onee-san Kotoko was delightful to watch and added a nice dynamic to the first years, and she already had considerably less screentime as is. Now that she's graduated, alongside some of the cooler/cuter side characters, I can only see them getting sidelined even harder. Furthermore, the final episode seemed to suggest they'd simply be recycling the dreamy stone "plot" and that'd be kind of lame. I suppose I'll just have to dust off my shitty nip and catch up to get the bottom of this, unless I want to wait months for Moyai. There's a new loli villainess though maybe so fat chance of that I'm gonna be watching at the speed of light subs or no. Mewkledreamy is completely amazing, with a rock solid art direction, funny and witty humor that continuously evolves, and a delightful cast of colorful characters that never takes itself or the plot too seriously. Seriously, is it even possible for Sanrio to make something bad?
(94.25 KB 396x1158 48418125.jpg)

I search for a chinese gacha game "kledr" mewKLE DReamy appear in result
eugh it smells like 4/ai/ in here.
(120.10 KB 1280x720 4chan.jpg)

>>537 back to your containment website, 4chin

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