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(178.26 KB 764x1200 00001.jpeg)

Hikari on Stage Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 04:14:36 No. 54
All 5 volumes: https://files.catbox.moe/ykehbi.zip I don't think this has been uploaded elsewhere. Enjoy. I hope you like it.
>>54 Hmm never heard of it. Was this serialized in Nakayoshi? I will try finding time this week. Hopefully tomorrow, Monday at worst.
>>55 It's serialized in Ciao Comics. I've been wanting to upload this for a while. If I find other interesting titles, I'll try to upload it as well. I searched nyaa, and it seems like almost noone upload this kind of stuff.
(127.59 KB 430x581 fav panel.jpeg)

>>56 Just finished chapter 1. Should've done this since Wednesday I'm worried about the development. Also I hope Hana got more role in future
(137.79 KB 436x665 01 00063-01.jpeg)

(178.79 KB 735x507 01 00064-01.jpeg)

(95.31 KB 714x298 01 00066-01.jpeg)

These panels feel like magic
(530.48 KB 568x948 やだ.png)

Shoujo manga definitely has its own charm. It's a nice break from other kinds of anime/manga I'm reading.
(28.39 KB 184x282 00082.jpeg)

(178.66 KB 985x480 00080.jpeg)

She is adorable The CM audition got Aikatsu audition vibes on it, remind me when playing cardass
(1.78 MB 2250x2515 is this fate.jpeg)

>>54 I tried watching Dune but late so I went to bookstore after 1 year of not due to quarantine What the
(78.90 KB 421x478 01 00114.jpeg)

(20.48 KB 220x335 01 00117-01.jpeg)

Stop, he is already dead "Mydream? Mai dori? This remind me of something
tfw in 1 day your not so shiny friend shines more than yourself in 1 year

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