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Stars Anonymous 03/27/2022 (Sun) 23:58:42 No. 588
Take a deep breath and sing that opening line. Live on it
It start with Yume and Koharu who want to be among the brightest stars after being fans of S4 (surprisingly they don't use this formula anymore). I wonder how people used to join /ai/. I doubt because we keep appear on frontpage every single day Rola carries her ideal form of rock Mahiru. . I tried to find screenshot /way to describe her that doesn’t involve Yozora but I can’t. even her debut episode is choke full, dense packed with varieties of how she think of her sister Ako, a fan of M4 who want to be on same level as them
And people they are aiming for: the brightest stars in the sky, the beacons of light that remind trainees and idols alike where they should be heading
I had an epiphany while writing this So our POV is a group of people with similar aim, going to a place where they learn more about idoling, getting friendly and bantering each other and in Yotsuboshi system after you become S4 (or at least on their level) you either become a muse or create your own brand. Which happen after getting forged in this place. -the cream of crop from /ai/ either foster their own community -the one that doesn’t make it stays as aidles who keep the thread going or become an infamous anonymous poster with a formed identity (ironically). sadly some people are content with being shitposter -between them are contributor ainons (coloring book, scans) Stars is the most /ai/ aikatsu
>>597 Just 5 (instead of 8) give more well rounded characters and reason for audience to cheer for them. But looking back, Ako is the one people relate the least I guess? Yume got her name in song and shouted every week. She is the pov of learning how to be an idol Koharu is the meek adorable dork (just like ainons) who have her twists Rola is the meme girl but also the normal girl who fight her challenge despite how difficult it is. If not facing her problem head on, ainons relate to having reality slammed at their face Mahiru is so relatable because /ai/ is siscon *cough* /pc/ *cough* so people cheer for her Ako, back in season 1 she is our genki and spicy girl who we cheer on everytime she went hissing. I guess people didn’t relate to straight girl. And of course she return to haunt /ai/ once more
(140.64 KB 600x848 75817308_p0.jpg)

5 years since sheep's debut
And so this is the routine of Season 1 Rola get rolled , Koharu fangirling at everyone, Yume goes "Hime-senpai" and Mahiru being siscon.
(166.23 KB 850x1511 1645405570743.jpg)

(67.56 KB 482x680 DW9ecUfU0AAGdtl.jpg)

Season 2 import PAREO straight outta New Zealand. General consensus is she is the best thing that came in season 2.
>>715 Mahiru is so cute... Is it even ok to have imoutos like this?
>>718 and childhood friends flirting
(2.08 MB 869x1228 65045923_p0.png)

Venus Ark look like big threat back then

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