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(571.46 KB 930x1000 big baka.jpg)
Welcome to /c/! Professional Retard Board owner 04/22/2021 (Thu) 01:04:24 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
This is a board of relaxed nature where anyone can discuss a wide variety of topics. Talk about what you did today, share pictures and music, complain about the world, tell a sad story, or just post cats. The point is to have a good time with others. /c/ is a safe for work board. Save gore, porn dumps, heated politic debates and other not nice things for boards better suited for them. Have fun! [This thread will serve as a meta thread for feedback, suggestions and banners]
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>>1323 advertisement/promotion alone is not good though. It simply behaves like 'Hey guys check out this site!' and seems selfish. Ironically crossposting seems good as no one on /kind/ would go "go back to blacked.gov".

(443.67 KB 700x368 ClipboardImage.png)
Clean your room, bucko Bakanon 06/09/2021 (Wed) 10:05:05 No. 1398 [Reply]
Are you taking care of yourself? Are you cleaning your living quarters and keeping everything tidy? I cleaned my room today and I suddenly feel much better.
I do need to. For a period it helped a ton to have one day out of the week where I just cleaned something, and I managed to clear out one of my dressers of a ton of old clothes. One more dresser and my (small) closet and that's pretty much all the disused stuff I have in my room.
I have a lot of difficulty vacuuming my room in the Summer, because I can never remember which wall socket I can plug into without tripping the circuit breaker, thanks to the air conditioners.
Daily reminder to clean your room

(24.69 KB 240x420 girls.png)
/girltalk/ Bakanon 06/10/2021 (Thu) 00:01:59 No. 1405 [Reply]
8kun is garbage and I have long forsaken it. Let's make our own mini-/girltalk/ thread for femanon posting! Unless otherwise stated, let's just assume anons in this thread are female and have some earnest conversation. TERFs especially welcome.
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>>1432 I prefer the quiet little /girltalk/. Too many crossposters and newfriends will ruin the quality of the discussion.
>>1431 >>1432 It's alright. I like how /c/ serves as a home for topics that don't have their own board, like /biz/ with the investment thread and now /girltalk/. It gives this board an additional purpose and more variety.
>>1432 You will never convince me there are women posting on 8moe.

(58.99 KB 600x800 uprfd1m.jpg)
Bakanon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 18:14:04 No. 1269 [Reply]
What are things you've been really emotionally invested in? Like, really good movies, games, TV, so on. Or anything else.
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>>1364 >Kill mom's heart a few times The absolute worst part of isaac is starting a new save file, with hugely reduced content and being locked out of endgame/alternate paths until you do like 20 runs to the womb->isaac/satan. I recommend speedrunning through those first several runs with azazel just to get it out of the way, then kill hush 3 times to unlock the new altpath. >grinding Greed mode greed mode just sucks in general, holding R helps a bit but I've just been grinding with tainted cain, who automatically breaks greed mode with infinite steam sales. Only works for donating to the machine though. >15 characters now >With an alternate for each (most of) The new tainted alts for each character are actually breathing new life into my enjoyment of the game with each having their own incredibly unique gimmick like tainted eden getting D4'd every time you get hit, or tainted cain needing to craft items from pickups. Just don't touch tainted lost if you already dislike regular lost :P
(10.83 MB 2500x2500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1269 King Crimson. I got into them after watching JJBA Golden Wind and now I can't get enough of them. They just have this unique sound.
(91.65 KB 474x722 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>1269 Capeshit comic universes, particularly DC. It's all connected, and there is more than can ever realistically be read in a lifetime. So you find one good story that hooks you and it leads you to want to know more about a character or a plot detail, so that leads you to another story, and it just keeps going like that. And the more you read, the more you find that the immense amount of material actually leads to an absurd amount of depth for many of the characters and their histories and relationships, which naturally leads to a lot of emotional investment for the audience. Then SJWs take over the companies and wonder why fans get mad when Wally West (the third Flash) is rebooted and turned into a black kid after fifty years of seeing him slowly grow from being a kid sidekick for 25 years to being one of the most important and well respected characters in-universe for the next 25 years. So they bring him back and say he was actually around the whole time and never rebooted, and retcon the black kid as just being his black cousin who coincidentally has the same name and coincidentally also got the same powers. Then they try to retcon it so original Wally was evil the whole time so you should never have liked him in the first place, but fans freak out again so they immediately retcon it back. Modern comics suck. But I still have 80 years of good stuff, most of which I haven't read, and will never have time to read. And that makes me feel like that guy from the Twilight Zone who breaks his glasses. Pic related. The issue of The Flash that I just finished reading, from 1984. In it, The (second) Flash's (Barry Allen's) enemies all team up to break a giant retard out of the mental hospital and give him super armor they got from a mysterious gangster called "The Monitor," then they tell him The Flash accidentally stepped on a mouse, so the retard goes on a rampage to avenge the mouse and kill The Flash. Sounds stupid, but after 26 years of Flash stories before this, it all makes sense in context. See, previous issues have set up that The Flash is about to be put on trial for manslaughter after he killed his nemesis, The Reverse Flash, who had killed Flash's wife, Iris West, years earlier, and was about to kill his new wife, Fiona Webb, on their wedding day. After this, another villain called The Pied Piper figured he'd start trying to use behind the scenes tricks to make Flash's life even more stressful, like mind-controlling the mayor into talking shit about Flash in public, in the hopes it would make him depressed and he would just kill himself or whatever. But actually, this was all inspired because Pied Piper was himself going through a major depressive episode and wanted to make Flash feel the same way. Because of course a guy who dresses up as The Pied Piper and uses weaponized woodwind instruments to commit crimes obviously isn't the most mentally stable, and getting your ass handed to you by some faggot in red pajamas every time you try to do anything cool might make you a bit depressed. Anyway, when Flash found out Piper was behind everything, they get into a more traditional fight, but Piper reveals that he made a special pipe that he can play at just the right frequency to open a portal to "the speed dimension" (It is well established in Flash and wider DC lore that universes are separated by vibrating at different frequencies, and vibrating at the right frequency can open portals between universes) and summon demons out of that dimension that are also super fast. In retrospect, fans will recognize this as perhaps the first appearance of The Speed Force, the speed dimension which would become very important to Flash stories a few years later. Some stories treat that as an element that didn't exist until all the universes merged together and history got (partially) rewritten in 1986, two years after this story, but clearly, it is in this story. Anyway, Piper loses and his loss makes him have a breakdown, since he was already depressed. But everyone thinks The Flash roughed him up more than necessary, since he already killed Reverse Flash a while ago, and they figure Flash is the one going nuts now. So that's why the rest of his enemies resort to buying weapons from The Monitor, and also they find the retard when they visit the mental hospital to see their friend, Piper. Flash's enemies are well known for being good friends with each other, except for a few really fucked up ones, like Reverse Flash, Gorilla Grodd, and Abra Kadabra, as they're just too evil. But Pied Piper pretty much just wants to rob banks and shit, so he and the other bank robbing guys are good buddies and not so bad when they aren't robbing banks. So see with all this context behind it, this issue of The Flash fighting a literal retard who wants to kill him because he thinks he stepped on a mouse is actually quite emotionally stirring. Even the villains are motivated by their care for their friend, and their worry that their sort-of-respected nemesis is going off the deep end and needs to be put down. They'd be wrong either way, but it adds a layer of emotion that you wouldn't expect out of characters called Captain Boomerang or Mirror Master. And to put the cap on everything, I haven't read past this yet, but when The Flash inevitably beats this retard, will his beating up a literal retard make him look even worse in the eyes of the public, and reflect badly upon him in his upcoming manslaughter trial? Though I know a lot about later issues, this is not a detail that ever gets brought up. Still, now that I'm in the middle of the Trial of the Flash storyline (which lasted for like three years), I'm quite intrigued to see how these details play out. Also, in retrospect, this issue is actually pivotal to The Flash's death less than two years later, as that "gangster" The Monitor turns out to actually be a multiversal god who is only supplying bad guys with weapons to test which beings are powerful enough to help him save all of existence, and The Flash ends up being the most important part of that plan, as he gets called back into action for one last mission immediately after his retirement at the end of this Trial storyline, and ends up having to sacrifice himself to save the multiverse in the process. So this big retard villain is actually quite important, as it's Flash's first connection with The Monitor. Reading it now, when I know about The Monitor, and Flash's eventual fate, creates a significant sense of dramatic irony. But I never knew about this big retard until tonight, when I read this. This fictional history is more damn complex than real life history. And at a certain point, you realize that even if you already know the future, reading the past is still interesting, or perhaps even more interesting. Yeah, I already know how Flash's trial will end, and what will happen after that, and after that, and basically all the broad strokes that will happen for the next 35 years. But that info only makes it more interesting to see the details here, and how they inform the bits that I already knew, and add deeper knowledge and emotional resonance.

Investment and Finance Thread Bakanon 05/19/2021 (Wed) 15:42:25 No. 652 [Reply] [Last]
Today a lot of good people lost a lot of money due to the shenanigans of Elon Musk. Say something positive to them and wish them good luck. Mod edit: added a proper title for the current subject of the thread (financial discussion)
Edited last time by shotakot on 05/19/2021 (Wed) 18:05:27.
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BTC at $36k Meanwhile another coin Solana SOL is steadily gaining ground, having $38. I have no idea what this is.
(74.15 KB 1093x612 ClipboardImage.png)
I love my dad but holy fuck is he an idiot sometimes. I'm managing like $3000 worth of stocks for him >Start trading last year, help set a portfolio up for him >Wants to put $500 into HTZ because they're in bankruptcy, but I caution against it because diversity is better >Set up a nice package of JETS, PPA, UNG, USO, a number of ETFs that has the same goal as what he wants - something that will rise as the economy recovers, with the rest of the money going back into it >Using a TFSA account, so when it got processed, it dropped to HTZGQ on the OTC boards and therefore ineligible to be in that sort of trading account so I had it liquidate it, ended up eating a $10 loss >If he had gone all in it would have been like $150 losses, meanwhile all the ETFs were up like 20-40% across the board, great Fast forward a few months >Starts getting really into it, reads shitty articles and wants to keep buying stuff after it pops 8, 10, 12% and an article mentions it and every single time it retraces and he loses money >Ended up being over $600 in the red with KODK across 60 shares (bought in 30x at $13, told him to buy another 30 when it hit $10 to push his average down) >Hits $6.20 and I get "Ohhh anon I don't like how well it's doing I want to sell half of them and buy BLDP instead" >Have a 30 minute conversation about why it's a bad idea but okay whatever it's your money >Literally a week later KODK pops off and recovers to $9, if he had listened to me and kept cash to buy more and not fucking sold it, he would have exited it with a mild profit instead of being deep red >BLPD bought at $25 and he'd have to have it hit $35 (fucking yeah right) to break even on his bad KODK trade AND THEN TODAY >"Oh anon I thought about what you said about having too many different things in my portfolio I want to sell half of them"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1442 Aren't you suppose to only mess with company stocks every six months at maximum, meanwhile actively trade in crypto only if the transaction fee is worth it?

(268.19 KB 522x924 satokorika.jpg)
Bakanon 04/30/2021 (Fri) 23:31:48 No. 349 [Reply] [Last]
Who's cuter, Satoko or Rika?
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(2.03 MB 2000x2000 90450104_p0.jpg)
Extra cute Satoko and Rika.
(879.83 KB 3472x2464 satoko rika wild west.jpg)
Satoko and Rika are the fastest guns in the west.
(671.41 KB 968x1414 rika satoko maids.jpg)
Rika and Satoko meidos.

(50.45 KB 1028x970 DXJ-n8RX0AAlhE8.jpg)
Daily Happyposts Bakanon 05/25/2021 (Tue) 00:54:21 No. 898 [Reply] [Last]
Post one thing you liked about your day every day for better mental health. The wind was in my hair while I was biking and it felt like my hair was weightless, it's a really nice feeling.
58 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>1439 Supposedly most bananas a long time ago were the really tasty creamy kind the artificial flavor is based off of (the Gros Michel banana), and it wasn't until the 50s that disease ravaged them and led to the crummy grass-flavor bananas becoming popular (the Cavendish banana). I did a little bit of research online and you can apparently buy crates of all kinds of bananas and get them shipped to you!
>>1440 I don't think we could eat a crate of bananas before they go bad, but thank you!
My cats were extra cuddly today, it made me smile.

(3.59 MB 640x360 That's Terrible Jack.mp4)
Ask (You) Anything Bakanon 05/21/2021 (Fri) 18:36:07 No. 784 [Reply] [Last]
Post in this thread and you will be questioned. I'm interrogating all anons that tread here and you are obligated to tell the truth and over-share in response to every question
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>>1022 Oh that makes sense. >>1019 I wish you the best, anon! You seem like a rather active sort of person, what have you done with your time during the worst of the injury, when you couldn't be very active?
>>924 That is painful anon, maybe having a bedpan. >>920 If you are suffering for a long time, a visit to a doctor (actual doctor) can help. Pills can genuinely help (with careful moderation). I know its cliche, but talking to friends and family, even people you barely know but are mature and helpful, just talking to them soothes the mind a lot. Don't be afraid of people, maybe they share some pains as you.
>>1430 >Bedpan For what? No way I can take a piss laying down, and my washroom happens to be 5 feet away from my bed, so it's not an issue.

Dumb cute garbage Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 02:04:55 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
Just DUMB stuff that is CUTE anyway
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>>1423 ah ha! similar content! thank you, anon.
(1.12 MB 600x384 Eisenbahn.gif)
(868.24 KB 500x281 1621098832167.gif)
(2.76 MB 400x400 friendGrooming.gif)
(1.60 MB 640x480 1616010751285.gif)
more fun with friends
(10.74 KB 165x146 shitty beast.png)

(29.24 KB 468x468 87532278_p0.jpg)
smug smuganon 05/28/2021 (Fri) 05:19:51 No. 1015 [Reply] [Last]
I look at you smugly, anon.
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(10.86 KB 228x333 sdf435.jpeg)
>>1407 >she then shows you hers
(49.99 KB 700x700 89808362_p0.jpg)
>>1416 >You start sucking her benis
(898.40 KB 1500x1430 smug things are smug.png)

(161.02 KB 1920x1080 5064308.jpg)
/c/ute community Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 02:35:18 No. 37 [Reply] [Last]
When we're not just dumping garbage somewhere, we can be more sociable about it and do it while having a conversation. How's your day going? How's life?
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(279.76 KB 1680x1050 outrun2.jpg)
(369.33 KB 1600x1200 outrun2006.jpg)
>>1320 Outrun 2006, a very comfy game. The first time I got banned on tf2 server after repeatedly accusing someone to be hacking with sniper. The sniper kept taunting me with each kill and every time I cried on chat. I threatened I'll get them banned from Steam. Now I became a god-like sniper and camping, with people accusing me of hacking.
>really hot night, too warm to sleep >watch horror >chills and shivering There is always a solution

Music at the end of the world. Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 01:45:05 No. 12 [Reply]
A thread for the songs that make you feel a strange feel.
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>>565 I listened to a ton of Massive Attack when I was depressed. It's funny how we can attach very strong memories and emotions to songs
(1.09 MB 948x1302 matthew7:13.jpg)
>>198 Thank you; I've probably listened to this song a couple thousand times and I've never realized what he was saying at that line. Do keep in mind that that album was dedicated to the lead singer's mother. Maynard has always dealt with religious topics in his lyrics, and we could probably thank her for that ("Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended"). Religion explores the human condition, the nature of existence, and when you explore those topics it's hard not to use religious language. Christian or otherwise. That's okay! Here's one from their latest album. A fitting track for the apocalypse and a good example of what I mean. Listen to the lyrics, and pay attention to the rise and fall of the tone in the music, as well as the key changes to give the song a touch of the transcendent. The song's theme not only covers the individual, but all levels life. From the lowliest cell to the various societies and zeitgeists of today and of history
FGFC820's Doctrine is pretty good. Not to mention instructive.

(86.69 KB 554x554 images (3).jpeg)
3D Printing 06/03/2021 (Thu) 16:59:05 No. 1234 [Reply]
Are 3D printers comfy? Are you doing anything cool you want to share? I'm looking at getting one and tossing between a chinesium Prusa MK3S clone or a Creality CR-6 SE. Not sure yet.
(421.61 KB 554x554 ClipboardImage.png)
(115.68 KB 925x1200 bootleg.jpg)

Cute gondolas Bakanon 05/06/2021 (Thu) 05:24:48 No. 475 [Reply] [Last]
Share your cute and comfy gondolas here.
84 posts and 116 images omitted.
(3.41 KB 640x640 stage.png)
>>589 Hay anon do you mind if we use your squilliam gondola in the compilation? >>>/v/320097 We could use all that we can get.
>>1336 you are anonymous, do what you like
(4.98 KB 640x640 -c- gondola.png)
(11.56 KB 640x640 -c- gondola clear.png)
How's this?

(2.86 MB 1500x1250 ClipboardImage.png)
(263.34 KB 581x1634 74830309_p7.png)
(792.56 KB 1500x1500 41522701_p0.png)
Romance Bakanon 04/26/2021 (Mon) 21:15:51 No. 231 [Reply] [Last]
Kisses, handholding, romantic gestures, and so on
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(240.72 KB 734x1000 89631330_p30.png)
>>1289 >>1266 I extend my affections to you both as well!
(670.83 KB 1075x1518 1574529866715.jpg)
cats need their hugs and headpats and chin strokes
(6.09 MB 1280x720 clingy cat.mp4)
Physical stimulation and caressing are important part of emotional development. Cats and dogs it to their children, chimps and apes do it for social bonding and cohesion. We humans need it too, more than we like to admit, even more so when we grow up. My Hugs for you, anon

(3.89 KB 241x202 face.png)
Minimalist and Chibi Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 01:54:06 No. 16 [Reply] [Last]
BO is putting some token effort in, so I'll do some too. Let's start basic. Really basic. The simplest cutesy designs. owo, uwu, dumb chibis, and so on!
126 posts and 521 images omitted.
(41.92 KB 512x362 dont1.jpg)
this could be us but you playin
(412.07 KB 1400x1142 89631330_p27.png)
(194.24 KB 800x640 89631330_p32.png)
(345.71 KB 1195x1102 89631330_p39.png)
(329.19 KB 1618x1352 89649733_p15.png)
(461.00 KB 1501x1061 89630480_p10.png)
I have liked this artist for some time! https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/15973327
(11.65 MB 854x480 BRICKS.WAD.mp4)
(3.34 MB 640x358 Columbine Force.webm)


no cookies?