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Creepy, Dark, & Ugly Cute Things. Bakanon 06/14/2021 (Mon) 09:13:03 No. 1523
Things that are a little weirds, dark, or slightly off that has some degree of cute. Yanderes, Creepy dolls, monsters drawn in an adorable way, and so on. Dump what you have and let's talk about them.
(511.67 KB 1172x1048 72135348_p0.png)

(303.92 KB 2048x1536 ouka000000000-DntnslMU0AAipR9.jpg)

(392.74 KB 3840x2160 84715509_p0.png)

(931.02 KB 949x1319 68074171_p0.png)

(2.27 MB 2518x1294 68267403_p5.jpg)

>insectposting Please no. I can't withstand seeing insects under any context. The mere thought of seeing one of them dome close to me, or touching one by accident gives me horrible chills, specially if it's one of the weirder ones (cockroaches, wasps, grasshoppers, praying mantis, centipedes, etc). They simply are too gross. >>1536 She appeared in Japanese TV along with other vtubers (they were doing interviews while videos of Tsugu doing random stuff were being showcased) a couple of months ago, but I haven't been unable to find a video of them.
>>1580 She's the only v-tuber I really care about to be honest. Her content was interesting and atmosphoric.
(224.43 KB 517x554 Sin_título.png)

>>1530 The one in the fifth image looks like Chidaruma.
(931.02 KB 949x1319 68074171_p0.png)

(499.68 KB 1684x749 68365427_p15.jpg)

(2.17 MB 1000x977 68499500_p0.png)

(1.24 MB 1942x1463 68889015_p0.jpg)

(224.71 KB 500x667 70312159_p3.png)

>>1597 I view Tsugu more as an experimental art project similar to Yume Nikki or these alternative reality games that don't explain anything rather than as an "entertainer" like most youtubers and vtubers. Her content is designed to make you say "wut" and not "heh". >>1606 That's because it's Chidaruma.
>>1609 >That's because it's Chidaruma. No way.
(57.67 KB 850x1200 1592767806378.jpg)

(367.16 KB 2048x1224 EZVK0b_UMAYk0VK.jpg)

(175.89 KB 1448x2048 EnelbajVoAAJ5lU.jpg)

(1.02 MB 4032x3024 ElbL_gFU4AA4C3W.jpg)

(194.38 KB 632x480 IoMheZSO5bZPDP9h.mp4)

>>1620 Yes way, and in a related note I finally found the video I was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9GCPGWg0-M https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=d9GCPGWg0-M tl; dr: It's a TV segment where another vtuber named Merry Milk tried to interview Tsugu and got cryptic videos as responses. Is funny how despite how Milk tries to keep her cutesy act her voice shows a genuine tone of confusion every time she watches a video.
(1.08 MB 1080x1204 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.94 MB 1673x1773 ClipboardImage.png)

(136.14 KB 578x793 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.21 MB 1006x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.35 MB 1006x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Thread's a little slow, gonna bump it up with more creepy cute stuff.
(74.62 KB 642x482 EversionGamePlay1.jpg)

(86.05 KB 640x481 EversionGamePlay2.jpg)

(39.65 KB 640x480 213729-eversion.jpg)

(17.76 KB 480x360 0.jpg)

(304.09 KB 620x468 EversionHorror.png)

Has anyone played Eversion? Is a little short platform game whose main mechanic is that by pressing a button on specific areas you can transform the map into a darker version of itself, which causes certain elements to behave differently (trees and blocks can be broken, enemies become more or less agressive), allowing you to continue with the game. Eventually you reach a level of "eversion" that makes the map look nothing like it was at the beginning, and with a much higher difficulty. As I said, it's a very short game that you can 100% in a couple of hours, but I like it for being a great example of corruption of cuteness.
(613.00 KB 900x544 ClipboardImage.png)

(630.28 KB 1000x617 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1690 Looks interesting, know anymore games with that sort of design? Best I could come up with is mary skelter. It's a dungeon crawler game with colorful horror aesthetics.
>>1690 >A couple hours Unless they updated it some time in the last 15 years (I recall VGCats promoting it during my fucking high school years), it takes maybe an hour. Did they extend it? I would call it a puzzle platformer, since you can think of each slice of corruption as a map layer, so you have to effectively go back and forth to collect all the gems. Obviously doing so gets you the best ending. And also I remember there being an out of bounds easter egg if you get above the final level

(1.34 MB 2149x3352 tq5i9ch1mdn31.png)

(529.70 KB 1000x1000 c5aa7119aac9066c64acce10fefdfc4f.png)

(195.88 KB 1771x1062 38339126_p0.jpg)

(22.80 KB 300x300 th (2).jpg)

1 2 3 Time to FALL in the DARK!
(669.64 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(950.05 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(276.84 KB 473x788 ClipboardImage.png)

(256.39 KB 449x633 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1974 Magical Girl Apocalypse is pretty aesthetic.
(2.60 MB 1200x1200 87516266_p0.png)

(566.43 KB 1100x1400 65691683_p0.png)

(94.28 KB 700x1000 76347463_p0.png)

(526.08 KB 2048x1645 68756212_p0.jpg)

I think Zombino and Zombina are cute I like spooky lolis and shotas, like vampires, zombies, ghosts, mummies, even demons, all of that And for a simple reason: They get to stay cute forever Oh and i also like Squigly and Rottytops
>First picture Damn, this episode of superjail seriously made me cry >Second picture My favorite IHF fanart >Third picture The set this picture comes from is ryonna but this one is cute. Mossa is a really good artist
(602.25 KB 600x865 ClipboardImage.png)

(354.60 KB 324x512 ClipboardImage.png)

(316.56 KB 334x512 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1997 Not sure as to whether it can be called 'cute' but some of the parts of Reiko Zombie Shop are pretty nice.
Do you like mundane creepy or nightmarishly creepy? The former is seemingly normal at first glance until it's clear that things aren't right or something creepy being seen as normal. The latter pulls out all the stops to show you how scary it really is and often times with a bit of edge.
(131.27 KB 637x900 1536550012251.jpg)

(305.10 KB 1200x780 58687333_p0.png)

(173.03 KB 1184x1174 1536549838079.jpg)

(496.93 KB 1000x700 58678328_p0.png)

(2.10 MB 3264x1836 1554796434044.jpg)

>>2095 Is there a particular term for "there is something horrible nearby/in this place/with this person/object, but I don't know what it is" creepy? Because that's my favorite. The idea of hearing weird sounds at the other side of the door, seeing a vague shape in the dark that just doesn't move to give you a hint of what it is, getting close to a very dark or abandoned place, and even the mere feeling of being watched are more unsettling than any creature that could appear in front of you.
>>2098 That's just fear of the unknown or Panphobia as it's called.
>>2100 Panphobia is the fear of everything. "Fear of the unknown" seems fitting, but I was wondering if there was a specific term for it.
>>2104 Closest to that would be xenophobia. I've tried to find otherwise but that's my best guess.
(533.68 KB 1000x967 1611993528319.jpg)

(359.14 KB 959x1350 1442043740589.jpg)

(136.45 KB 750x1064 140182000019.jpg)

(92.00 KB 600x849 1410873953475.jpg)

(217.07 KB 836x1200 1603086032387-2.jpg)

>>2109 Agnostophobia. Literally, not-know-fear.
>>2145 >and they shall not know fear Like an Astartes?
(580.32 KB 500x374 1538522302378.gif)

>>2145 >Agnostophobia (from Greek word agnostos, "unknown") is the fear of the unknown. Things that are unknown can be scary because there could be wide range of possible explanations, such as something that are very unpleasant to them. They can be afraid of going to unknown places or even meeting someone who never met or heard of before. Some are worry about the time moving forward as there's many unknown and unexpected events to occur. Yeah, that probably is the term, and it even covers some anxieties I have related to not knowing enough details of something. Thank you.
>>2146 Death to the false emperor
>>2188 Anon that's heresy, now stop before I start shouting inquisitor.
Ghost girls make me feel funny.
(103.38 KB 997x1404 Ponder.jpg)

>>2207 Creepy sexy on top of being creepy cute. Which do you prefer more the former or the latter? I like the combination of fear induction, cuteness, and sex appeal in the fifth image.
>>2212 Probably the latter. I like sexy stuff but being cute sort of deflates the horror, like a ghost that tries to be scary but fails adds a lot of humanity to their character. I've always thought ghosts would be really lonely and like the attention.
(95.91 KB 1280x720 creeping.jpg)

>>2214 Is there any specific line you think where the cute/sexy aspects mesh well together? What about aspects or examples where the attempts at being creepy cute succed and fail?
(750.41 KB 1200x1200 70163260_p0_master1200.jpg)

I find this guy strangely cute. Look at that cheeky grin!
(292.59 KB 1200x1200 1541144007861.jpg)

(589.51 KB 4096x2430 1541145227680.jpg)

>>2311 Reminds me of Kirby and its dark fan art featuring bosses from early games.
(23.45 KB 561x672 Gloomy.jpg)

Since goths have long since hit normalfag status do you think they lack any creepy cute appeal? I believe they've lost the creepy aspects of it despite having an appreciation of the macabre at least for actual goths.
>>2439 goth now would be appreciating darker and unnatural things in life, like tending to real life's decline. Many "goths" are just a fashion, I mean it always was but had some elements of darkness. Maybe less sanitized version of this
(57.94 KB 556x985 charlenesetting.jpg)

>>2553 Something like a mortician & or a medical student would be more likely to be a goth in the cultural sense rather than in it for the fashion for example?

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