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(571.46 KB 930x1000 big baka.jpg)
Welcome to /c/! Professional Retard Board owner 04/22/2021 (Thu) 01:04:24 No. 3
This is a board of relaxed nature where anyone can discuss a wide variety of topics. Talk about what you did today, share pictures and music, complain about the world, tell a sad story, or just post cats. The point is to have a good time with others. /c/ is a safe for work board. Save gore, porn dumps, heated politic debates and other not nice things for boards better suited for them. Have fun! [This thread will serve as a meta thread for feedback, suggestions and banners]
(176.44 KB 626x582 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been using this CSS to browse your board, might as well share it. https://files.catbox.moe/gaqxz1.css
>>585 Thank you kind anon, though its a bit too bright for my now ruined eyes
>>607 Same, it's a tragedy. I love bright colors, especially pink, but my eyes just can't stare as a screen filled with that. I always use Tomorrow
>>585 Looks exactly like the current theme but with a custom background image.
(117.70 KB 748x489 apu smug.png)
Come funpost at https://freech.org/fam/ We're dead.
How about no.
(17.65 KB 1020x100 message.png)
I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the board message to promote other boards in a similar way as >>>/b/ promotes this board and the loli and shota boards promote each other. The boards currently displayed were selected based on my personal interest in the topics each one deals with. However, I am completely open to suggestions on which boards should be displayed in the board message. Is worth mentioning that only 256 characters are allowed in the board message, and to make it more complicated the markdown of each link consumes a large amount of characters (for example, a link in character c' requires to be written as [c](https://8chan.moe/c), so I can only display a very limited number of boards. Still, feel welcome to suggest a change in the message.
Edited last time by shotakot on 05/26/2021 (Wed) 05:55:36.
(18.48 KB 253x255 dubs.jpg)
>>1000 checked for 100th post
(12.87 KB 319x189 dammit.jpg)
>>1001 1000th
(8.91 KB 1042x686 microchanDead.png)
Is this board related with Microchan? Microchan was an imageboard, with just a board: Comy random.
>>1004 Nope, but I was partially inspired by it to create this board. It was a nice little board that disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. That said, don't mind if I merge this thread into the meta thread.
>>1006 >Nope, but I was partially inspired by it to create this board Great. >It was a nice little board that disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Yeah. I miss russian anon.
(295.75 KB 849x1200 IMG-20210601-WA0001.jpg)
kind.moe is back up again, with more kindposting. Wish them well! As smaller independent imgbrds come up it would be difficult to gain population in them, we can't advertise them and without lack of activity, they will wither away. What can we do?
>>1248 Every board is already pretty withered regardless. This site desperately needs some injection of activity. Even outside of qanon shit 8kun still sees a lot of activity for whatever reason. Seems like people just have no clue this site exists. At this rate I'd almost propose people start making and managing social media accounts on designated non-pozzed platforms for the purpose of "advertising" events and such. Like making a LBRY channel and post videos about game nights or dropping links to boards or event threads on mastodon instances.
>>1249 We, as /c/, are the comfy place to acclimate new people to 8moe. I don't wanna use social media though
>>1250 Thankfully retards like acid and mark seem to love it, so maybe with a guiding hand they can be used for something more productive.
>>1251 Personally, I found this place through the webring. The boards I used to use on 8ch migrated over to a few webring chans We nixed that cross-pollination vector, I hear. Would be a little awkward talking about 8chan irl. I'm not likely to spread the place around often
>>1252 I didn't say anything about "IRL". I'm just brainstorming an idea. For example, acid could make an official 8chan.moe mastodon account, do a weekly/monthly hunger games, then whichever board wins the hunger games can get a "toot" yes I think that's unironically what they call posts on mastodon instances advertising their board. This brings activity from newfags but on a platform that is significantly less cancerous than typical social media. In fact it could even bring very high quality activity over since the kind of people engaging with weird federated social media sites are autistic to begin with. When the site updates it could be announced on mastodon. Webm's from game nights or other OC anons create could be uploaded to an official LBRY account, shit like that. Utilizing platforms that are used by small numbers of people that are generally concentrated with specific kinds of users to begin with and funnel them into the site. It's the only way I could think of reviving this dead site organically. As things are now 8moe has no way to self-sustain a healthy flow of users without relying on some external method of injecting fresh blood. And there are awful ways you can approach that issue and then there are decent ways you can approach it.
>>1249 8kun has only qresearch and vichan, vichan is a polish board, qreserch alone generates pph as this whole site, but you won't call it success now.
>>1252 One of the better things is that most webring user have no qualms with other webring sites. Hell even smug has most folks have no ill will towards 8chan, just the standard cowtards and people trying to fit in that are loudest. Small communications between these small boards are the key, which will happen overtime.
>>1258 It won't happen overtime, rather over progress, as we try to get them together, having them know they aren't alone here. Step by step, we can attract people there who desire small comfy communities, not just posting advertisements. I do think we should take the first step towards that.
>>1253 I dig this idea, specially the part about promoting boards based on the results of hunger games. Mark is the one who manages 8moe's Twitter account, so you may want to tell this idea to him and convince him to make a Mastodon account (preferably on shitposter.club).
>>1253 >I didn't say anything about "IRL". I know, I'm the one that did. I'm saying I don't use social media, so my means of spreading it are limited, and the obvious one where I spread a lot of my itnerests, IRL, doesn't really suit this one. >mastodon I've used that, though only via baraag. I hear various communities have their mastadon based sites. i think Pawoo is one? I think this is unrelated to fediverse, another network of social media with similar "you can make your own and link it up to the rest" like mastadon. Maybe they're related, I don't know. At any rate, it sounds like a good idea >>1258 The comfy boards across the ring are friendly about each other, but I notice a lot of the others are really hostile. PLW seems to hate everybody, tvch is a cesspit, any random/b type board seems to hate others, and every /v/ hates every /v/.
>>1278 >i think Pawoo is one? Pawoo is a Mastodon instance owned by Pixiv. Consider it a nip baraag. >I think this is unrelated to fediverse, another network of social media with similar "you can make your own and link it up to the rest" like mastadon. You may be thinking of Pleroma. Just like Mastodon, it is software that lets you create your own "Twitter clone" with whatever rules you want, and to peer with users from other instances without having to make additional accounts on each one of them.
>>1275 What are the differences between pleroma instances like shitposter.club VS anime.website? I went to anime.website and saw people posting images of children posed inappropriately while arguing it's "legal", so that made me instantly want to avoid it. I assumed most instances served the same content as they would all be federated with each other, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So I wonder if certain instances are more federated and therefore reach a much wider audience than others. I've never actually used any of these sites myself so I'm not certain on the gritty details of fediverse shit. I'll probably make a thread on /site/ about this soon.
>>1279 >owned by Pixiv That makes sense! >Pleroma Maybe! Doesn't sound familiar, but I don't know much.
>>1280 >What are the differences between pleroma instances like shitposter.club VS anime.website? Each instance has its own set of rules and moderators, similarly to how different boards on 8chan or imageboards on the webring have their own rules and staff. These instances can "federate" with any other instance that hasn't actively blocked them, that is, users with an account on site A can see posts from site B in their feeds and interact with them without needing an account on site B, similarly to how you can send an email from gmail.com to outlook.com. >I assumed most instances served the same content as they would all be federated with each other, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So I wonder if certain instances are more federated and therefore reach a much wider audience than others. That's the norm for most instances. Sites with common topics federate with each other in order to increase their overall activity, and in case of general purpose instances like shitposter.club and anime.website they federate with almost anyone who doesn't hate them (they only blacklists instances with too much spam or malicious behavior). >>1281 Mastodon and Pleroma are the technologies that let people host their own site (called here instance). A site using any of these technologies can "federate" with another site that uses them, creating a network of websites that interact with each other in many different ways. Baraag and Pawoo use the Mastodon framework, while shitposter.club and anime.website use the Pleroma framework, and since both frameworks use the same protocols sites using them can peer to each other without problem. Aside from Mastodon and Pleroma, there are other frameworks for federated networks of different kinds. There's PeerTube for video sharing and streaming (like Youtube or Vimeo), Lemmy for news aggregators (like Reddit), Pixelfed for image sharing (like Instagram), etc.
>>1282 I see! Very informative and cool! I like the term federate, it feels epic.
>>1280 >I'll probably make a thread on /site/ about this soon. >>>/site/2992 >>>/site/2992 >>>/site/2992
(174.52 KB 814x640 Jacob&Esau.png)
(10.50 KB 640x640 squilliamM.png)
(369.42 KB 640x640 Cant get better than this.png)
(168.93 KB 640x640 Treasure Master.png)
There is E3 going on for whole June, and all the /v/ boards are making squilliams. This is something that is common for all, and have to work together for them. Have people share squilliams in different boards, show them so that they don't remake the same character. Don't post as "this is 8/v/ squilliam or z/v/ squilliam", just have them aware that they are not alone. This will in turn atleast expose them to other boards work.
>>1278 Drawfags in different drawthreads and boards already communicate well with each other, Why not for comfyfags for comfy boards?
>>1248 I can promote kind.moe and similar boards/sites using the board message just like I'm currently doing for various boards. However, since the message is limited to 256 characters some of the present boards would have to be removed. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this and see what can be done with the board message.
>>1323 I feel disinclined to advertise functionally redundant boards. No hate of them, but we're already kindposting here.
>>1323 advertisement/promotion alone is not good though. It simply behaves like 'Hey guys check out this site!' and seems selfish. Ironically crossposting seems good as no one on /kind/ would go "go back to blacked.gov".

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