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(268.19 KB 522x924 satokorika.jpg)
Bakanon 04/30/2021 (Fri) 23:31:48 No. 349
Who's cuter, Satoko or Rika?
(116.43 KB 624x800 Rika_furude_01.jpg)
>>650 yeah Satako does have some kind of backstory, but Rika wins with her ancestral S&M basement at least I think it was hers it's been a while since I watched this
>>651 The torture basement is Mion's. You're thinking of Rika's torture shed.
(1.22 MB 1200x1373 satoko eua.jpg)
>>651 >yeah Satako does have some kind of backstory It's not her backstory that makes her interesting, it's her future.
(1.35 MB 2200x1700 satoko being cute.jpg)
Satoko is cute.
>>830 Blonde is overrated This isn't Rika but close enough. Longer hair Bluer hair Superior to Saturko
>>830 It was cute how she wept after her Uncle tapped that.
(58.45 KB 1000x500 Geiger counter 2x31.png)
>>833 I don't remember that, but it does sound cute
(20.85 MB 2894x4093 baby rika.png)
Cute Rika.
>>958 no u
(2.21 MB 640x360 nippa.mp4)
(160.34 KB 1000x562 it ain't me starts playing.jpg)
Cute 34.
(28.15 KB 640x431 sad drrunk rika.jpg)
>>961 Drunk Rika.
>>975 Actually is cute. Sauce?
>>1113 no u Also it's from Higurashi
>>1117 >no u Aw... No, u >Higurashi Thanks. I see that is a visual novel and had an anime adaptation, interesting.
>>1119 More than one anime adaptation, as I understand it. Don't know which has that scene.
>>1120 Yeah, I read it. Is great!
>>1119 Read the VN, it's very good.
>>1131 Do you know where can I get it?
>>1134 Ill try posting a magnet link later when I get home.
>>1138 Thank you! But don't worry, probably I'll search it, and maybe I'll post here.
>>1139 This has 07thmod already applied and includes the console arcs as well. All the bells and whistles basically. https://nyaa.si/view/1315370
>>349 yes
(430.74 KB 1500x844 satoko rika angel.jpg)
>>1153 I'm taking that as "Satoko and Rika are both the cutest".
(4.61 MB 2894x4093 90171316_p0.jpg)
Cute Rika.
>>1215 no u
(2.17 MB 1956x2883 satoko angel morte.jpg)
Cute Angel Morte Satoko.
(32.96 KB 500x568 rika varg.jpg)
Cute Varg.
>>1307 This is great content. Thanks
Cute Teppei, protecting Satoko's smile.
(622.96 KB 2018x2480 rika and satoko swimsuit.jpg)
Cute witches.
(299.21 KB 1024x768 85093023_p0.png)
(1.40 MB 1268x1690 87271399_p0.png)
rika chibi >>1375 that reminded me of a clay dolls doujin
(2.03 MB 2000x2000 90450104_p0.jpg)
Extra cute Satoko and Rika.
(879.83 KB 3472x2464 satoko rika wild west.jpg)
Satoko and Rika are the fastest guns in the west.
(671.41 KB 968x1414 rika satoko maids.jpg)
Rika and Satoko meidos.

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