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Cute gondolas Bakanon 05/06/2021 (Thu) 05:24:48 No. 475
Share your cute and comfy gondolas here.
(4.98 KB 640x640 -c- gondola.png)

(11.56 KB 640x640 -c- gondola clear.png)

How's this?
(35.83 KB 160x160 d3 (2).png)

(1.60 KB 160x160 C4 done.png)

(1.62 KB 160x160 C4 done fix.png)

(30.88 KB 160x160 D4 (2).png)

The Squilliam mosaic has several gondolas in it and I thought they should be shared here too.
>>475 I just realised gondolas truly fit as a creature from the Hildaverse. I can't believe it took me so fucking much to realise it.
Did a little digging to find a couple more I have. I've got a ton more saved somewhere in my multiple years-old completely unorganized download folders.
>>1547 I remember the last one, it was from old 8/v thread when meme magic and pepe was on full discussion. I think he's called medjej or something he was an egyptian spirit of warding off evil. It too was potrayed as eyes with no arms, only legs, so obviously compared with gondolas. It is a beautiful image. >>1460 An anon in /v/ drawthread requested that gondola with gilda image.
(557.22 KB 543x359 Medjed.png)

(43.02 KB 526x568 medjed.jpg)

(37.12 KB 474x670 medjed (2).jpg)

(267.58 KB 704x900 1442261813432.jpg)

(11.05 KB 254x342 medjed 1.jpg)

>>1553 Medjed. Ancient Egyptian gondola is pretty comfy.
>>1554 Looks like a character from OFF
(961.45 KB 3840x2160 Death_Egyptians_by_Nina_Paley.jpg)

>>1554 You know, there's something inherently eerie about a character front facing in egypt art were all the characters are side facing. It reminds me the Death from the Nina Paley cartoons and not in a good way. So no, I won't use the word "comfy" to describe it.
(620.83 KB 543x359 Gondjed.png)

(61.64 KB 210x302 Gondjed 2.png)

(756.84 KB 3000x2000 gondolacanvas 316.png)

>>1591 Ancient Egyptian art placed special emphasis on showing as many features of the models as possible despite the simplicity of the drawings. That is why humans were usually drawn with the body, clothes and eyes in front view (because more of these are seen in this view), and the limbs and face in side view (it is easier to draw the shape of the nose, hands and feet this way). Medjed's most recognizable feature is his eyes, so showing them in frontal view makes the most sense. Also new Gondola for the canvas.
(1.33 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1554 I was watching Rockie and Bullwinkle and Natasha dressed up as Medjed.
The canvas continues...
(720.63 KB 3000x2000 GondolaCanvasPlusPike.png)

(25.11 KB 272x533 GondolaPike.png)

Pike-Gondola passes by the canvas on his way to his next adventure.
(27.48 KB 800x600 leaf.png)

(13.69 KB 772x425 giggling gondola.png)

(10.02 KB 761x247 Untitled (5).png)

(276.89 KB 640x640 21.png)

Here's some gondolas that /v/ made the other day while funposting.
(27.81 KB 1366x768 gondola ross.png)

(15.33 KB 512x523 gond smirk.png)

(21.85 KB 643x618 Personal Armour Gondola.png)

(3.61 KB 800x600 Untitled (3).png)

(15.54 KB 643x618 disgusted gondola.png)

(13.82 KB 800x600 Untitled (2).png)

(15.74 KB 557x487 gondola-chan is your idol.png)

(12.45 KB 643x552 gondola time.png)

(1.62 MB 1280x720 SuperGondolaLand.mp4)

(2.10 MB 874x542 Gondola OS.mp4)

(4.85 MB 1280x720 HappyLittleGondola.mp4)

(32.36 KB 500x500 Confused_gondola_colored.png)

(1.01 MB 3000x2000 g.png)

>>874 I colored that Gondola.
(7.70 KB 128x128 customspoiler.png)

(5.86 KB 603x312 gondthumb.png)

>>2177 And now it's /c/'s custom spoiler.
>>929 Mata "ohayō" tte itte, mata yume o misete Kyō mo genki de sugosetara ii yo ne Konna ni tanjun de atarimae na koto ga Hontō wa ichiban miushinai-gachi da kara ne
>>2178 haha, nice
shamelessly reposting these from /v/
(293.89 KB 540x764 1518629484.png)

>>2199 That's no fug, that's a hug!
>>2199 High resolution gondolas ebinDDD >>2195 What is this from? What is mario paint?
>>2244 They're from the Mario Paint thread on /v/ >>>/v/382042 Mario Paint was a game for the SNES that was basically a paint program plus a basic music maker. Nothing incredibly special but for the time it was pretty revolutionary and a lot of people's first exposure to digital art.
(16.16 KB 958x660 1620970380738.png)

/c/ energy
(882.40 KB 3000x2000 1.png)

happy summer /c/
>>2306 I love you, anon.
>>2306 Thank you for keeping the dream alive anon.
(260.33 KB 900x900 pnt.png)

(74.97 KB 750x840 lime_gondola_L.png)

(68.29 KB 750x840 slime_gondola_L.png)

(82.35 KB 750x840 time_gondola_L.png)

Found these on /loomis/ and I just had to share. >>>/loomis/3964 >>>/loomis/3863 >>>/loomis/3841
(23.68 KB 680x237 gondola logo.png)

(13.53 KB 686x278 gondola logo 2.png)

(9.96 KB 660x279 gondola logo 3.png)

(15.69 KB 800x600 gondola logo 4.png)

(18.97 KB 800x600 gondola logo 5.png)

>>>/vg/572 Anons are trying to brainstorm a gondola game in Ren'Py. Check the thread out if it intrests you. Also here's some gondolafied logos (or logofied gondolas) that one anon made.
>>2361 I made a song for you, gondolanon
(20.57 KB 640x360 Haruhi Smiling.jpg)

>>2632 You made it? I really like that tune.
>>2632 Very nice gondola. I like to imagine he just coated himself in paint to look red, since gondolas are usually brown.

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