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Investment and Finance Thread Bakanon 05/19/2021 (Wed) 15:42:25 No. 652
Today a lot of good people lost a lot of money due to the shenanigans of Elon Musk. Say something positive to them and wish them good luck. Mod edit: added a proper title for the current subject of the thread (financial discussion)
Edited last time by shotakot on 05/19/2021 (Wed) 18:05:27.
>>1185 How much does it typically cost in fees to use an exchange to buy or sell crypto?
>>1262 You buy contracts instead. Higher risk (you might end up owing infinite money) but higher reward
>>1262 Read the thread, I posted a very long explanation about how options work Tldr; they would have bought them when the strike price was OTM then exercised a cash settlement when things got silly. Note that 75% of options expire worthless and you're also trying to time the market and time the market by a specific amount. Theres other risks involved, please do your own research
>>1265 >owing infinite money That only happens when you short stocks and your account will absolutely get liquidated if you cant maintain margin, realistically the worst that could happen is 10 or 100x your investment
(416.90 KB 846x790 yes.png)
>>1267 > "This is financial advice, I am a registered broker, and this is for investment purposes only. Past performance always guarantees future returns, and all equity investments have zero risk."
>>1270 So you're saying I just need to put my money literally anywhere and 2x, 3x, even 10x gains are not only possible, but guaranteed? Sign me up, anon!
Idiots buying a coin that was a meme. I've been mining coins. Learning about blockchain . And other altcoins for years Still am no expert. The only way to make money on dogecoin is selling it to the next moron. And repeating. Holding it HA good luck with that! Yes there's a future where a dog faced computer token makes you rich you stupid fuckface God damn right you lost your house you worthless piece of trash. But thank you for pumping up the market for those of us that got in early LOL
>>1288 How do you think the stock market works? If a stock doesnt pay a dividend how can it possibly have any value at all?
(288.09 KB 499x353 Nihilism_Pills.png)
>>1288 >>1285 Memecoins aside, there are better alternatives to have good crypto portfolio and meatspace investment. I'm primarily focusing on minimizing my expenses first to build a good habit. No more ordering soda and pizza, more cooking chicken and rice. Though it is fun to schadenfreude.
(20.17 KB 527x206 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you fucking kidding me? I saw this coin in the wild at like 0.000005 prices but never made a move on it a month ago because Binance didn't support it. I'm not upset because I couldn't have traded it and wouldn't have left my (relatively) safe trading platform, but still, I saw an opportunity and didn't act. I could have been a CUMROCKET millionaire
>>1308 To be fair, with not investing in a coin named CUMROCKET, you already saved your sanity and dignity. Looks like the jews are purposely coming up with such ridiculous names so they can laugh while they see goyim fighting over CUMROCKET
>>1315 I'll still have to explain to my dad what CUMROCKET on the CUMMIES network is because he follows the news on stuff. This is a conversation no anon should have to have
>>1308 >I could have been a CUMROCKET millionaire This is what modern finance looks like
(250.76 KB 707x706 wheezing.png)
>>1308 Imagine the clueless old people at mainstream news trying to talk about Elon Musk's cummies with a straight face, and then imagine >>1316 happening all over the world.
(420.24 KB 1279x466 Meme Queen.png)
>>1316 >>1324 >inb4 they all stumble onto Daddy's Cummies
(105.15 KB 1200x900 5305e98d6bb3f7805516d23e.jpg)
>>1327 >Daddy Elon's cummies
>>1329 >>1327 >>1324 >>1318 >>1316 Imagine reading about "Cumrocket investments" in the history books.
(1.03 MB 1079x1076 ClipboardImage.png)
(103.42 KB 1024x655 sbm.jpg)
>>1331 >dad asks how I'm making money online
>>761 So apparently, as of 2 hours ago, the dumb company CIDM that I have 3800 shares of, is being added to the Russel 3000 index. A stock being added to an index supposedly causes a big uptick in prices, as index fund managers now need to acquire shares to rebalance their indices. And on a fundamental level, it's still solid. Hoping for $4-$6
>>1337 (nice numbers) I dont understand, what is Russel 3000? Having 3800 shares of anything going $4-5 is good profit
>>1339 Its an index that tracks multiple stocks to give a view of the economy. When people say "the markets were up today" they're talking about indexes. Dow Jones (both DJIA and DJTA) and the S&P500 and NASDAQ and Russell 3000 are all indexes. They all use different metrics but generally are weighted to the bigger companies. They're important because they can affect market sentiment (oh no the markets are down this entire week, its a bear market the bubble popped time to liquidate) which can drive prices elsewhere. Also some ETFs are balanced to emulate specific indexes, eg SPY follows the S&P500 and is highly recommended
>>1343 Oh, I just used to assume that dow jownes and all are some jewish company that operates a cabal of high rollers (whales) that then would affect the market. So the indexes are what monitor the individual stock prices and give us the "summary of the market"
>>1343 If you don't mind, how much of a profit you're gonna be making?
>>1345 Im in at 1.35, currently trading at 1.65. It has recently started breaking its resistance levels and has good fundamentals. I've waited about 6 months and expect it to take another 2-6 months to get that high, but prospects are good. All told, I'd be making 10,000-17,000$ proft if my expectations are met
(42.28 KB 500x431 1482548155759.jpg)
AMC up 21% from last week's closing price (as of 1:40PM EST).
>>1353 I'm still very hesitant to jump into AMC or GME, just because they've been front and center and are highly volatile. I like to use these tools to monitor stocks that are either low float (have fewer to trade and are highly volatile) or high short interest (eg highly shorted and could go up or down, but if shorts have to cover, they can explosively go up) Please note the "last updated" spot on the bottom of the page https://www.lowfloat.com/ https://www.highshortinterest.com/ If you're going for the short interest, anything above 30 or 40% shorted may be viable, but still DYOR and such before jumping into a company, in the event that it doesn't pop or the price goes down - you still want to have something with decent fundamentals so you can hold and recover if things don't work out as you had planned. Note for example this page was last updated May 27th - it usually updates twice a month and if you can catch it within a day or two, you might be okay The other way is looking at low float. This is a stock that doesn't have as many shares to go around (eg less than 10 million). The logic is that because of fewer shares available, price swings are volatile and dramatic - but you also want to make sure you get something with a decent amount of volume, because if there's no price action you might get fucked. I popped the 500 or so stocks into a spreadsheet and pruned away stuff that didn't meet my criteria. I had somewhere between a 60-80% success rate on picking out winners this way, but note that I'm still holding a bad pick from february (AEY) and waiting for it to hit $3.50 so I can exit my position. My criteria was: >Price between $1.00 and $25.00 >Volume between 200,000 and 8,000,000 >Look at the price for the last 30d. If there was a movement of 15% or more (either up or down), it was rejected This would favor smaller equities that were easier to have big movements (eg it's easier to move 200% on $5 than on $50), avoid stocks that were dead on the market, or being highly traded (could indicate news and it might have already popped), and a big prior price movement meant that it either had good or bad news recently so it would have already done its thing. I took my profits from previous trades and moved them into CIDM (and still holding AEY), so I don't have any free money to continue doing this, last trade I did was in March. I'd say if you could maintain about a 70% success rate on picks, and make intelligent decisions about when to double down or cut losses, you'd come out ahead overall. Remember, a 10% YOY being considered "very good", making that in a month or two is even better
(135.56 KB 770x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1359 Oh fuck, and the entire reason I made that post was to say I'd prefer buying BB, but also I have my eyes on Palantir (PLTR). Yahoo Finance has a sidebar with recommended stocks, and on AMC or BB, PLTR shows up. Over the last 30 days, it has a slow, steady upward growth of about 25%. What interests me is it's relation to the "paypal mafia": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PayPal_Mafia >The "PayPal Mafia" is a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies[1] such as Tesla, Inc., LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, Affirm, Slide, Kiva, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer.[2] Most of the members attended Stanford University or University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign at some point in their studies. Look at some of the names on this list, Elon Musk, people who founded YouTube, etc. Some 90% of them ended up having a part in multibillion dollar companies. Therefore, with one of these fellows involved with Palantir, and it's potential as a "meme stock", I think that's also an option
Buy gme
BTC touched 32900$ today. Sub 30k is the next major support for it to break through and once people see $29000, theyll panic. Now is a good time to get your cash and other liquid assets ready so you can accumulate a gradual position off the panic
>>1361 I might have if you posted more than that. Seriously you posted that 3 or 4 times between here and/v/ and it comes across as spam or shilling. >>1367 Its actually below $31900 now
>>1360 >Paypal Mafia Good chance all are well connected and help each other
BTC at $36k Meanwhile another coin Solana SOL is steadily gaining ground, having $38. I have no idea what this is.
(74.15 KB 1093x612 ClipboardImage.png)
I love my dad but holy fuck is he an idiot sometimes. I'm managing like $3000 worth of stocks for him >Start trading last year, help set a portfolio up for him >Wants to put $500 into HTZ because they're in bankruptcy, but I caution against it because diversity is better >Set up a nice package of JETS, PPA, UNG, USO, a number of ETFs that has the same goal as what he wants - something that will rise as the economy recovers, with the rest of the money going back into it >Using a TFSA account, so when it got processed, it dropped to HTZGQ on the OTC boards and therefore ineligible to be in that sort of trading account so I had it liquidate it, ended up eating a $10 loss >If he had gone all in it would have been like $150 losses, meanwhile all the ETFs were up like 20-40% across the board, great Fast forward a few months >Starts getting really into it, reads shitty articles and wants to keep buying stuff after it pops 8, 10, 12% and an article mentions it and every single time it retraces and he loses money >Ended up being over $600 in the red with KODK across 60 shares (bought in 30x at $13, told him to buy another 30 when it hit $10 to push his average down) >Hits $6.20 and I get "Ohhh anon I don't like how well it's doing I want to sell half of them and buy BLDP instead" >Have a 30 minute conversation about why it's a bad idea but okay whatever it's your money >Literally a week later KODK pops off and recovers to $9, if he had listened to me and kept cash to buy more and not fucking sold it, he would have exited it with a mild profit instead of being deep red >BLPD bought at $25 and he'd have to have it hit $35 (fucking yeah right) to break even on his bad KODK trade AND THEN TODAY >"Oh anon I thought about what you said about having too many different things in my portfolio I want to sell half of them" <why.jpg >Plans to dump GE, H.TO, XLC and 20 KODK to buy more shares of X, which he shouldn't have done in the first place (1 share was $26, so again he'd need it to go to $36 to cover fees and expenses) >Explain to him that because of the $10 transaction fees, he's going to eat $60 in losses, on top of the $50 or so that he lost in KODK and he basically won't make his money back on the next thing he puts it into >"Ohh the stock gods are with me on this one, I can feel it!" >Proceeds to also tell me that "even though they made money, they didn't make enough money" <Fucking why He's got about $2000 in crypto, down about 30-40%, and because he keeps moving his stocks around and picking individual ones, his $3000 there is probably at a 10% gain or worse (strictly on ETFs, he was up 22-25%, and down about 8-10% on individual equities). It's his money and I'm just facilitating trades for him, but he keeps making genuinely bad decisions and I feel bad because my mom says he shouldn't be buying any more, but he does.
>>1442 Aren't you suppose to only mess with company stocks every six months at maximum, meanwhile actively trade in crypto only if the transaction fee is worth it?

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