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(3.59 MB 640x360 That's Terrible Jack.mp4)
Ask (You) Anything Bakanon 05/21/2021 (Fri) 18:36:07 No. 784
Post in this thread and you will be questioned. I'm interrogating all anons that tread here and you are obligated to tell the truth and over-share in response to every question
(72.28 KB 850x850 szY4Fkt.jpg)
>>804 >mentioning it would reveal my country of origin Well now it would, but it'd hardly matter if you hadn't said that. Most recipes my boyfriend makes are asian dishes, and most I make are either American or European. I personally know someone that makes mostly Mexican dishes, and someone that makes italian and greek. A lot of people have preferences for broad categories they cook from, or find inspiration in. Before the beans, the last recipe I picked out was greek, particularly an old spartan dish, which currently is more like something you'd find in Germany. It's a blood-based soup. >cheese and milk That might reveal a bit about your origins, narrowing it down so it isn't a good chunk of asia. I remember when I was in the philippines I couldn't get milk fricken anywhere, except dried/instant milk. Pork blood, on the other hand, is very easy to get there. Also milk and cheese are hard on my stomach, I tend to avoid recipes with them. A little milk in my tea is where I get most the milk I consume. On the topic of drinks, what do you usually have? What do you like most? Is there any particular reason for your picks?
(80.41 KB 1456x1036 30310202.jpg)
>>805 >That might reveal a bit about your origins, narrowing it down so it isn't a good chunk of asia. I remember when I was in the philippines I couldn't get milk fricken anywhere, except dried/instant milk. Pork blood, on the other hand, is very easy to get there. That's because Asians can't digest milk, so selling dairy products there is kind of pointless. Check this map and you'll see how China, Japan and near countries have are almost 100% lactose intolerant, while most Europeans can drink it without problem. >Also milk and cheese are hard on my stomach, I tend to avoid recipes with them I'm the opposite. I could chug a gallon of milk and an entire wheel of cheese, and my biggest problem would be a bit of gas for some hours. >On the topic of drinks, what do you usually have? Water, sometimes milk or soda. >What do you like most? Water. >Is there any particular reason for your picks? I just like the feeling of water down my throat after eating something. I think it helps me to digest food better.
(5.18 MB 326x180 Lifeguard porn.mp4)
>>808 I prefer black tea or coffee, and generally not mixed together, or water. I hear these three things are good for you. >milk or soda Have you tried milk soda? >I just like the feeling of water down my throat Do you know how to swim? Do you do much of it? What's your opinion of water sports?
>>809 >Have you tried milk soda? No, but I imagine it looks and tastes weird. >Do you know how to swim? Do you do much of it? What's your opinion of water sports? No, I don't live near beaches, lakes or even pools. >What's your opinion of water sports? I have never been interested in sports in general. I always felt dumb to watch something instead of doing it.
>>810 > I imagine it looks and tastes weird. I think it's a thing in Japan. They also look and taste weird. >don't live near beaches/lakes/pools I'm not surprised you wouldn't get the chance to swim, but not knowing how? I wasn't near water for a long time as a kid, but learning to swim was a basic childhood rite, like learning to ride a bike Not even a pool? Maybe you live in a very frigid part of the world. Community and private pools are super common where weather demands cooling off in the water now and then. What's a skill you have that you don't need?
>>808 Without turning this thread into /pol/ its interesting that northern and colder regions tend to have more ability to process milk. I suppose during winters they would have cheeses and such stored up. Australia was a British colony so it fits the northern stuff. Africa is curious and breaks the pattern
(1.34 MB 3264x1836 20210515_202832.jpg)
(2.06 MB 3264x2448 20210514_192613.jpg)
(1.99 MB 3264x2448 20210506_195126.jpg)
(2.00 MB 3264x2448 20210429_170936.jpg)
(2.12 MB 3264x2448 20210504_202702.jpg)
>>803 >Food I'm lazy but I'll try to cook a really good meal once or twice a month. I'll eat whatever I have on hand and try to get decent protein every day, otherwise I'll fill up on junk and carbs and starches. I've slowly started adding more veggies into my meals
>>823 How's your health? Is your tendency toward lazy junk leaving you fat and out of shape, is your laziness having you eat the bare minimum and being a wasting soft corpse, or are you somehow decently put-together?
>>824 I have crohn's disease, so I have trouble absorbing nutrients during a flare up in addition to a reduced appetite. I tend to eat plain things, such as buttered bread and eggs, rice, that sort of thing. Normally I'm 135 lbs, but I dropped to 105 about a year ago, but regained more weight to be about 120-125 and I've been stable there for a few months. Aside from that, I'd say I'm in a decent shape. I used to drink a lot of regular Pepsi, but I wasn't brushing my teeth enough and had a soft, rotten tooth that needed to be pulled. I switched to diet and my teeth have actually been in good shape (no sugars and a high acid environment makes it hard for plaque to form, apparently). Just need to worry about erosion instead of erosion and cavities and rotting. I wonder if the sugars from the regular pop accounted for more of my weight
(189.03 KB 1044x861 meaculpa.PNG)
>>808 >>810 I do like cooking though, I have been learning now I'm stuck alone. I have tried ramen (if you call it cooking) and have just made French Toast. Also am now addicted to tea since coffee was getting too addictive I too don't know how to swim, and as such am afraid of water. Even though I live in a beach city. All my family and friends know swimming, I wish I would've taken classes before the chink flu. >>825 Is that a really bad disease? I think then soda didn't help at all. I have cut down soda long while ago and really improved my "lethargy" stuck inside. I don't know if it was directly causing it, but Im glad I did.
>>841 Also question - What guilty pleasure thing you do that you wouldn't share otherwise (to 8chan or even anybody else)?
>>784 im game
(88.08 KB 700x700 84273236_p1.png)
>>841 Swimming seems so natural to me, it's hard to imagine what it's like to land in water and just flounder until drowning or being rescued. It's like imagining having working legs but not knowing how to walk. Tons of people out there haven't learned to swim, it's not a necessary skill for most, so it's not bad at all, I just think it's interesting to reflect on how hard it is to put myself in those shoes and understand the perspective. >>842 That's a tough one, I like to share. I really can't think of such a thing. >>870 What's the earliest childhood adventure you can recall? By this I mean scampering off without your family knowing where or what you're doing, like heading off into the woods with friends to just explore, or walking down the beach all the way to the city stormdrain and crawling inside
>>784 Uhh sure go ahead.
>>882 What kind of movies do you watch? Do you get excited while watching them?
>>883 I kind of like Sci-Fi movies but I watch movies in general very rarely, I don't know how to describe its just for me hard to sit still, focusing on the movie and doing nothing else and for your other question no I don't get excited when I watch it I feel quite numb and indifferent. The last movies I have watched recently is The Green Elephant (russian), Interstellar, X-Files the movie, and one of those studio Ghilibi movie (I forget its name) and The Fool (russian). For Interstellar I couldn't finish watching it to the end because at the place I was watching at my relatives I was only there temporarily and my relatives told me either I can stay there for much longer or go now where they drive me back home so I chose the latter option as I didn't intended to stay even longer to watch other movie. The Ghilibi movie I have watched was about a witch girl doing delivery services using her broom as a "aircraft", there weren't many animu movies to select from over (((Netflix))) so I picked those which I thought might be okay at least, well it was fairly okay that movie was nothing out of ordinary I can't recall any particular moment, I guess except for the part where the boy acted foolish and tried to hold the rope which the Zeppelin got attached to and later almost got himself killed only later to get rescued by the witch girl that he got rejected several times over. The closet movie that I liked the most was Interstellar because of the planet exploration scene it had, while some of the planets it showcased were a bit short but its nonetheless interesting to see how other planet could look like and what terrain and environment it inhabits that makes this planet different then the others. I find the scene a bit too cliche too though that some farmer found out there is a secret government project going not far away from his house and that he received coded message from some kind of a entity.
>>887 Prefer interactive media? I can relate to that, if that's your reason for the stance on movies. Do you lean toward scifi games as well? Open, sand-boxy stuff that lets you discover worlds like what you like in Interstellar, or something else? Whatever case for game preferences, is there any one game you find yourself able to go back to a lot, no matter how many times you've played?
>>894 >Do you lean toward scifi games as well? Open, sand-boxy stuff that lets you discover worlds like what you like in Interstellar, or something else? I haven't played that many sci-fi games, I played Total Annihilation which is a RTS and not a sandbox game. The other sandbox game I have played is GMod but it has annoying physics engine which makes it for me difficult trying to build a car or a gun turret, as its easy to fuck up the wheel attachment which causes the car to go completely bonkers. I even downloaded a addon for GMod which allows for easier wheel constraint setup and it only helped me to make one car that is somewhat driveable but its terrain handling was absolutely terrible as for example when the car was on a flat surface it still keeps rolling. I figured partially out that the reason why the wheels go bonkers is that the base plate has not the weight setup so I did that and it fixed this one issues but it did not fixed my other attempts where I tried to attach the wheel which all of suddenly the front wheel got its axis flipped over. So it did frustrated me that it took me days to get any sort of contraption working in GMod. As for sandbox Sci-Fi games I don't know of any, well I know there is Space Engineers but I don't have it on my computer at all. >Whatever case for game preferences, is there any one game you find yourself able to go back to a lot, no matter how many times you've played? That would be doom, it's easy to setup and I have tons of mods and maps downloaded for it so when I have no idea what games I want to play I usually just play modded doom instead
(264.27 KB 480x270 Vehicular manslaughter.mp4)
>>912 Do you have much experience working on cars IRL? You seem to like vehicles a lot.
(720.55 KB 686x436 Smallboy.png)
>>914 No not at all, I like vehicles because there are much less things to concern about it such as correct topology which can screw up the animation if its not done right and for animation well depending if its wheeled or tracked its fairly straight forwarded to apply animation to it, then I can just add a chassis to it a few details here and there and decide if it should have a turret or not and then a new vehicle is made. Though the downside with that is that if I want to drive vehicles I usually have to play games which have some kind of physic or native support for it so that it can be added via mods. And well the worst aspect of that is vehicle oriented games with single player mode are pretty much a rarity for some reason, I don't count World of Tanks and War Thunder as they are just another damn grindy nickel and dime practices which sucks off all the fun a game is supposed to be and doesn't even allow for custom maps.
(125.81 KB 1200x1050 13017.jpg)
>>916 What's the worst injury or illness you've had?
(27.88 KB 430x430 1531638594441.jpg)
>>917 The first worst injury I had when I was small kid, it was around during winter in a school where when class was finished at that time my sister told me I should wait for her but I misunderstood her that I should go to home now which resulted in me getting injured from a car which caused a scarring at my front head I don't know anymore how long I was in hospital back then but as far as I know nothing too bad came to it. As for my current illness I suffer right now a form of depression which makes me difficult to find enjoyment in anything or finding motivation to start a small hobby project, everyday I wake up feeling already tired. So I barely can concentrate on anything and I get easily distracted which causes me to waste time by just lurking endlessly on various imageboards, at this current state I don't have any hope at all for things to get better and I don't know what the hell I can do at this point to make me more motivated and feel less like shit all the time.
>>917 I dislocated both knees at the same time when i was in high school. the doctor said that it happened because the bones that support the "ball" of my knees were too short, and because of that i can't do physical activities that rely heavily on the strength of my knees, and because of that i can't do physical activities that rely too much on the strength of my knees.
>>920 I'm fortunate enough to not have been majorly injured from cars, just bruises. Sounds like a bothersome experience. I'd hate to be stuck in a hospital for any length of time. >depression I can't cure it, but i hope you post in the daily happypost thread. Even if it helps only a tiny bit, I'd say it's worth it. >>921 Can you sit on your knees?
>>825 >>841 >>917 It's a kind of inflammatory bowel disease and overlaps a bit with ulcerative colitis. My large intestine occasionally becomes inflamed and it has the same sort of feeling as heartburn, but in my guts. Sometimes I have weight loss, lack of energy, just feeling like sleeping. More recently I had a [not comfy]: fistula (tunnel) from my colon to my bladder and urinated waste. This has been intermittent and been about 2 months, but the doctor said I'll be fine as long it doesn't develop into an UTI. I haven't had a full night's sleep in ages, I have to set aside about 10 hours and get about 6, I wake up about 3-5 times a night to take a piss or whatever, the meds I take weekly make me feel nauseous too. There's more to it but I've bitched enough
>>923 >Can you sit on your knees? Yes. That hasn't been a problem so far.
>>923 >I can't cure it, but i hope you post in the daily happypost thread. I guess I can try if something "new" is going on.
>>926 No need for it to be new, just think of anything you liked in the day, no matter how mundane or minor, and share! >>925 Did it change much about what you do with your time, or were you not terribly hard on your knees normally?
>>917 torn hamstrings, easily the worst injury I had, I could not lift my right foot off the ground, it felt like I was parlayed until they stitched my leg muscles together below my butt.
>>999 >parlayed That didn't sound right there, so I looked up the word to be sure and yeah that doesn't make much sense to me Leg injuries remind me of the several times I've had shin splints from running, can hardly imagine a torn hamstring. How did you get that injury?
>>1014 I was playing basketball and must have slid when I jumped and lost my balance, the biceps femoris completely off the tendon had to get it stitched back together. The stitch is gone on my skin but I could still feel the stitches on the muscle when I move it. My Physical therapist said I could have an imbalance with leg muscles as my quads are strong but my hamstrings are undeveloped. Thinking of doing hamstring curls or something to strenghen it once I get better. The doctors said I should be better in a few weeks.
>>1014 I'm guessing they meant paralyzed
>>1022 Oh that makes sense. >>1019 I wish you the best, anon! You seem like a rather active sort of person, what have you done with your time during the worst of the injury, when you couldn't be very active?
>>924 That is painful anon, maybe having a bedpan. >>920 If you are suffering for a long time, a visit to a doctor (actual doctor) can help. Pills can genuinely help (with careful moderation). I know its cliche, but talking to friends and family, even people you barely know but are mature and helpful, just talking to them soothes the mind a lot. Don't be afraid of people, maybe they share some pains as you.
>>1430 >Bedpan For what? No way I can take a piss laying down, and my washroom happens to be 5 feet away from my bed, so it's not an issue.

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