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(50.45 KB 1028x970 DXJ-n8RX0AAlhE8.jpg)

Daily Happyposts Bakanon 05/25/2021 (Tue) 00:54:21 No. 898
Post one thing you liked about your day every day for better mental health. The wind was in my hair while I was biking and it felt like my hair was weightless, it's a really nice feeling.
Today I avoided buying anything expensive for lunch. (It's difficult because I work around food all day long) >>1826 Mediation is a good habit. I need to take more time to reflect on my thoughts and do the same.
>>1882 Work canteens can be pricy. I would suggest bringing a salad or some rice cakes to work if you are hungry. Also drink plenty of water as you may think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty. >Mediation is a good habit. Meditation can be good. One form I find useful is when it is used in conjunction with the participation of simple repetitive tasks.
I found a frog in my backyard today. Also got to say hi to the neighbor's dog. >>1905 Funny you mention drinking water, for the past couple years my work had public drinking fountains and I'd always remember to take a sip to stay hydrated whenever I could, but once covid hit they shut off the water and I ended up just buying drinks way more often.
>>1908 I bought a canteen and just lug it around.
After many hours of fiddling with it I successfully converted my zombie spawner farm into a drowned farm. I didn't need the old farm anymore because I finally got everything I needed from it (carrots, potatoes and two chickens) and the drowned now drop copper. The rates are not great but I'm not certain how to make it better right now.
I woke up feeling well-rested!
(13.15 KB 209x176 EarlyBird.png)

>>1938 Cool, you'll get +10% experience boost for 12 hours!
A place I applied to recently expressed interest in a phone call, I found out today. I'm hoping that I wasn't too slow on the draw in getting back to them. The position in question seems like a decent fit for my experience level, and may finally be my ticket out of the entry-level position gutter.
>>1942 That's great. Can I ask what job did you apply for?
>>1943 Won't get into specifics, but it's programming-related. That said, it did put me in a good mood at work today, so that's my happypost for the day.
I had a really good talk with my therapist yesterday, managed to keep a steady conversation going through the whole session without too much worry. Today I had a really decent day at work. Got pretty much everything done that I needed and didn't get interrupted or super annoyed at anything.
(277.91 KB 274x363 ClipboardImage.png)

Had nice conversation with colleagues re TV series we have seen. Colleague is significantly older than me so it was interesting to get an insight into the social history of it. Some of the older stuff like Buck Rogers was more earnest and had its own charm.
I laughed at something funny this morning =w=
>>898 Found a pdf I was trying to look for years ago.
>>1948 >Won't get into specifics, but it's programming-related. Trap programmer? >>1993 I managed to recover old family photos from an old HDD that was failing pretty bad. Did you also feel the sudden need to save copies of it everywhere after finding the pdf?
(56.77 KB 721x348 tyhg.jpg)

Ate corn today. Was good
I came home today and made a nice lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese. It turned out nice and I didn't even burn anything this time.
I've pushed forwards with Binding of Isaac and I have been reading a book called "Hitler's Beneficiaries", or rather listening to it while I play. It's a really good read.
I'm just happy this site exists.
Yesterday I saved a ladybird from drowning.
Mowed the lawn after some heavy rains. I'm happy because that means I won't need to mow it again for about a week. >>2079 :) >>2080 Bugs really peeve me out, but there are a select few I'm perfectly okay with. Ladybirds are one of those few.
I think I'm feeling the effects of social isolation and non-natural imageboard/social media interactions on my mental health. It doesn't feel like talking to any real person, just bubbles popping of random bullshit. And in real life talking, it feels like the person is an alien trying to communicate, saying one thing when he means another. The only people who I can understand well are years old friends and even they sometimes act so obtuse that it feels like work hard to talk with them. Maybe I need to real people.
>>2126 >It doesn't feel like talking to any real person, just bubbles popping of random bullshit. That's what makes it feel so great.
Did a little more than an hour of exercise today. Also got out of the house instead of just sitting at home on my day off. I need to start actually going somewhere besides the store though.
(122.02 KB 1280x720 med.jpg)

Played TF2 on valve servers today, didn't had bots. Played Medic both with stock uber and kritz. Won game. Had fun. TF2 still has got it, even though everyone try to kill it
>>2172 Nice. Can't say I've had the same luck with TF2 over the past couple years, but every once in a while when the stars align and the dominoes of fate set themselves just right I have an incredible time playing it. Nothing beats climbing your way to the top of the scoreboard, pipebombing scouts in midair, juking around heavies and crossbowing snipers from across the map while shit talking your teammates and devastating the competition in a one masterful, half-drunken swoop.
>>2174 The magic is still there, the core gameplay is still solid, even after decades of misuse. But now you have to wait for things to come together to have that experience. I still miss caber when I hadn't unlocked it.
Went out to dinner with my family these last couple days. I don't really like doing anything but it was nice to see my brother off since he's moving soon.
(256.30 KB 1707x1280 sturm.jpg)

The season for Sturm/Federweißer has started, so I got myself a couple early, early bottle and gonna get shitfaced. And the rest is going to get some sugar added and nursed to just the right taste. I'm not going to be sober until October.
(325.51 KB 1026x607 1594708036294.jpg)

The government finally authorized the return to in-person classes in my country and state, which is great because teaching virtual classes is horrible, especially outside of cities where the internet is less reliable.
Work was good, I enjoyed it and made some money doing it. I also ate good food today. Don't do a job you don't enjoy anons, it's better to be a happy poorfag than an empty husk of a richfag. Notch is the best modern example of this truth.
>>2351 You're a teacher? What subject, if you don't mind my asking?
I introduced myself to someone new at work today. I was required to because she was a new hire to my department, and I didn't enjoy it, but i got it out of the way and it'll make talking to her easier in the future. Introducing yourself is always the hardest part of meeting people.
Today I did a little bit of cooking. Turns out shredded potatoes are really easy to make cook and also very tasty!
(102.60 KB 1324x726 screenshot-61.jpg)

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