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(86.69 KB 554x554 images (3).jpeg)

3D Printing 06/03/2021 (Thu) 16:59:05 No. 1234
Are 3D printers comfy? Are you doing anything cool you want to share? I'm looking at getting one and tossing between a chinesium Prusa MK3S clone or a Creality CR-6 SE. Not sure yet.
(421.61 KB 554x554 ClipboardImage.png)

(115.68 KB 925x1200 bootleg.jpg)

Hmm... What's the comfiest thing you could 3D print?
>>2143 Small chibi figures of characters I like, and maybe of characters others like. I could even sell them as keychains.
>>2159 I was thinking more along the lines of the most physically comfy thing you could print. A pillow? Probably not unless it's some weird collapsible thing or made out of a very soft material. A bed? A headrest? A 3D-printed hand to hold?
>>2143 There was an anon on /monster/ that 3d printed a mold for a monstergirl onahole. I don't think you can get any comfier.
>>2162 I don't think you can print soft materials yet, at least not with common 3D printers. >>2163 Really? How did he manage to make it soft, squashy and dick-proof?
>>2164 >print mold >assemble >pour silicone >???? Profit! https://archive.is/4CHVW
(3.25 KB 186x186 1286765777924.png)

>>2165 I don't know whether to be shocked, disgusted, or amazed.
I have been wanting a 3D Printer but I have no idea of its shortcominings and limits. I may do some cute stuff, but I'm hoping to mainly print parts for certain products that are no longer manufactored such as joysticks for video game controllers.
>>2191 I've always liked the idea of having a 3d printer mainly for figures and miniatures. Never really considered anything it could practically be used for but replacement parts is definitely a good idea.
>>2191 There's a lot of shortcomings. If you get into it, it's a hobby. You'll learn a bunch of skills, from modeling to troubleshooting mechanical failures. It can be rewarding. The machines get better ever year, but they're not totally retard-proof. You can't expect it to be an off-the-shelf fabricator, no oversight needed. Everyone I know that has one spends an autistic amount of time improving the enclosure, making modifications, and fixing it. It's a project for the sake of having a project that can do cool stuff when it works. That's very fulfilling in its own right, I just don't want you to waste $300+ on something only to find it takes actual maintenance. If you're interested, take a look at the Prusa line. They're made by one fag in Europe who designs them himself, most of the parts can be 3D printed (if you already have access to one; check your local library or makerspace) and the designs are open source. The kits are reasonably priced and they punch above their weight per dollar. It's not the fanciest on the market, but it's a good bang for your buck. We really should have a 3D printing thread on >>>/t/.
>>2198 I got myself a Orusa but it hasnt arrived yet. Amazong little machine from what I've seen on the vids. But I disagree its just a hobby, I'll use it to print engines and get rich.
(5.28 MB 1920x1080 output.webm)

3D printers by themselves are one of the most ridiculous fads I've even heard of. Never once have I seen a 3D printed thing and said "this is amazing!" Never once have I looked around and said "if only I had some squishy plastic to fill the void in this particular machine I'm fidgeting with" Now, a 3-axis, or even x-y table CNC router to turn billet steel into a viable part, yeah okay I'm onboard. Still over my budget and I have no place to put the thing but I'm intrigued. Well ... >pic attached There's a viable use for 3D printers I suppose. This guy has made a sort of 'sled' that you can zip-tie your Vive controller to your toy. That would be cool.

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