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(24.69 KB 240x420 girls.png)
/girltalk/ Bakanon 06/10/2021 (Thu) 00:01:59 No. 1405
8kun is garbage and I have long forsaken it. Let's make our own mini-/girltalk/ thread for femanon posting! Unless otherwise stated, let's just assume anons in this thread are female and have some earnest conversation. TERFs especially welcome.
Guess I'll put my programming socks away and close the thread, then.
>>1405 Hah! I would hate to be a lost soul unlucky enough to be born with a Y chromosome!!!
I remember /girltalk/, it was just a bunch a /pol/acks role-playing, at least in the early days.
(327.80 KB 3000x1900 90188014_p3.png)
>>1413 It was a great idea. Female-centric forums are sometimes good, but there's basically no good anonymous one. Anonymous boards foster a very different kind of subculture. The lack of identity tying people down can really free up a lot of communication without stirring as much drama. But /girltalk/ was a mess. It got better eventually, but then 8ch died and Jim stuffed the corpse and paraded it around as 8kun despite all the rotting. I also think /girltalk/ as an entire board is a concept that needs more proactive posting from owner and vols, anonymously, making threads to stimulate discussion. With a more narrow focus, it's easy for any random person to think of what to post about, but /girltalk/ is too broad. It could have been better. 8moe is too small to cut out a community of just females, so making a new board would be a big waste of effort, plus the overly broad subject. I think a single thread to concentrate that to and just very very casually draw in femanons from time to time is nicer.
This is off-topic so I'll sage. >>1414 Why are all female centric boards so garbage? I mean, girls talk about how they aren't stereotypes and what not, but whenever you go on a female centric board, it's just /r9gay/ but for girls, with topics centering around crap like makeup and skincare, or eceleb/cow drama, and other things like that. Wizchan is cancerous, but atleast the boards there have varying interesting threads on them. Plus, I doubt female-centric boards are even 50% female nowadays. How many posters are troons or men in disguise?
>>1419 forgot to sage. oops
>>1420 >saging It's been broken for months anon
(2.16 MB 480x360 Seal Pups.webm)
>>1420 I don't think sage works on this site >>1419 This doesn't seem off-topic, just meta-topic. Like I said, I think it's the overly broad concept. When you have "anything, but it's girls posting" then any genuine poster has to think "well, why does [this subject] need to be here instead of on a more topical board?" Conversation is steered toward what is either stereotypically feminine like makeup or to general female experiences like a fem r9k. Why would I post my favorite doll sculpters in /girltalk/ instead of /doll/ or /toy/? I'd get better engagement there. That kind of thinking can divert quality posts away. Then, like you say, there's the trannies. They are garbage posters and bring the quality of the board down a lot. They're attracted to the place because everyone will assume they're female, rather than another board where people will assume they're male. They want validation, and it's the detriment of actual women. A healthy amount of TERF can curb at least a little of that.
>>1422 I guess not even girls themselves know what girl talk is supposed to be. Well better a thread here than anywhere else.
>>1422 I get what you're saying, and you do have a point, but I still wish female boards weren't so sterotypically female. Wizchan has things like /lounge/, /hob/, etc. etc. where there is at least some semblance of diversity in topics. Plus, on the two female centric boards that I visited, they seem to be filled to the brim with failed normalfag refugees from 4chad. That's not the group that I would prefer to be around. But anyways, ultimately as you said, this is /girltalk/, not a female-centric board. That's a whole other thing. If mods allow it, then I guess this thread can be the new /girltalk/.
(483.08 KB 1158x1636 87786007_p5.png)
>>1431 >If the mods allow it, this thread is the new /girltalk/ I declare /girltalk/ comfy femposting and therefor board relevant! I don't know if the BO would disagree, but I don't see why he would. Maybe if, one day, /c/ is strong and thriving, we'll have enough girls in the /girltalk/ thread that it warrants a new board. Till then, quiet little mini-girltalk.
>>1432 I prefer the quiet little /girltalk/. Too many crossposters and newfriends will ruin the quality of the discussion.
>>1431 >>1432 It's alright. I like how /c/ serves as a home for topics that don't have their own board, like /biz/ with the investment thread and now /girltalk/. It gives this board an additional purpose and more variety.
>>1432 You will never convince me there are women posting on 8moe.
>>1447 We're all girls here. Couldn't you tell.
>>1447 It says so in the OP image, anon, we're all girls here. Even you. Also 3 girls I know IRL use this site. None of them often use /c/ as far as I know, just /v/ and sometimes /hebe/ Still. It happens.
>>1454 There's at most a 100 active users of the site. I very much doubt people know women IRL that are using the most depraved controversial board on the site, let alone /v/.
>>1468 I could barely be called a user of this site, but I'm a woman who's posted in both /v/ and /hebe/ once or twice.
(167.70 KB 434x575 19545000_p3.jpg)
>>1469 it's gonna be awkward if we can recognize each other.
>>1468 >>1469 >>1471 Not to mention all the lurkers here, remember the 1:9:90 ratio
Doesn girltalk still exist? The board stylesheet was nice I remember I used as a template to customise (or at least try to) my board.
>>1477 Yes, it's a bit tattered and sitting on 8kun, but it's there.
>>1468 I doubt theres more than 5 maximum, with most of those being lurkers. If jewboy keeps on advertising the site on twitter, there unfortunately may come more.
>>1497 100 isn't that many at all. Especially when you consider many people exclusively post on one board only. People on /interracial/ do not post anywhere else. Much of /loli/, /delicious/, and /tot/ won't post outside their loli focused boards. Pornposters in general aren't venturing out of porn boards much. /h/ probably gets more cross-posting than most because non-porn boards often direct to it. /hisrol/ I would bet is 99% /hisrol/-exclusive posters. 5 maximum might be one board's population, definitely not site-wide.
>>1498 I was referring to the possible number of girls posting on this site.
>>1499 That makes more sense. Lurking, I think there's more than that, but active would be a really hard number to guess.
(404.10 KB 1000x667 derfss.jpg)
(441.02 KB 1750x2500 yheels.jpg)
(438.00 KB 960x1002 flips.jpg)
I'm no longer obsessed with heels and shoes. I still like them, but no longer hold them in regards with how I used to be. Earlier it used to be endless browsing and window shopping over different styles, blogs and haul videos. Along with other social medias. Now Im just content (is it the right word?) with normal shoes, I no longer fawn over or compare them. Normal flipflops are severely underrated for their everyday practicality.
>>1414 >but there's basically no good anonymous one There is a good female centric imageboard, that I lurk on, since they ban anyone that they suspect is a man or "moid" as they call us, especially trannies. Their most popular boards are /b/ and /feels/, so you can guess the type of subjects they discuss. Now you might say it's just female /r9k/ however 3 years ago, I'd say half of them were in a relationship, as there were a lot of "relationship feels" or "here is what my bf does to me" however most of those relationships were toxic and harmful. At some point, because some terf subreddits got banned, those women came into the imageboard, and now their population became anti-trans femcels, with anti-moid threads and a racoon-thread(threads about women, imagining men becoming weak, samll and dumb, like a racoon, that a woman could carry in her purse like a cute pet). I enjoy their terf threads and honestly, by reading all those posts, it convinced me on why watching porn while in a relationship is overall harmful. I am sure, someone will ask for a source, but I will not provide it, as I respect their "secret club" and "no men allowed" mentality, honestly I even reported both men posting there, as well as women responding and giving attention, hope they both got banned, since they ruin the experience.
>>1559 it's crystal.cafe t. moid
>>1552 >Normal flipflops are severely underrated for their everyday practicality. Sometimes a little true, but for the most part it seems well accepted they're really practical. Ugly though, to me. I think the best are low heels, sneakers, and running shoes. High heels are a sin against fashion that should never have taken off. >>1559 I may have been to that one. I remember one of them I went to and posted about a video game I'd been playing and then got banned for reason "????" It was definitely the appropriate board for it, I'm not sure what that was all about.
>>1559 Crystal is filled with troons larping as girls lol. Admin/Mods there are also annoying. And I don't really like it to much, but I guess it's alright. (I guess) >>1552 Yeah I rarely ever wear heels, only when I need to dress up. Most of the time I dress very casually, with just a pants and some shorts and shoes. Either that or a dress with some flats. I never really cared to really dress up before this pandemic and now I really don't care.
>>1569 > Crystal is filled with troons larping as girls lol I have no doubt that there are trannies and other men, posting there, and on more neutral boards like /media/ or /img/ it's harder to tell who is who, but when a discussion, regarding politics, religion, trannies, pro-choice/pro-life comes in, you can tell when a male starts posting, since he becomes much more aggressive and insulting. To some degree it's like when you detect a newfag posting on, let's say, /v/. Then there are all the posts, made by a "stacy" saying how >she will only date an alpha chad, with a six-pack, 7 figure salary and is in his early 20s, that was clearly made by someone from /r9k/ to screencap his post to redpill his friends on the dangers of women. If there is something I don't like, is the heightened state of paranoia, that everybody is a moid until proved otherwise, especially if you post something that is against the common narative of that board.

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