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Pet Peeves / Minor Shit That Pisses You Off Bakanon 09/20/2021 (Mon) 02:49:20 No. 2750
I get really fucking annoyed at people talking over me but especially when I start to answer their question then they start asking it again. Motherfucker shut up, I'm telling you right now. What petty shit really grinds your gears? What tiny things tick you off? Is there a reason, or is it just one of those things that's always bugged you no matter what?
I was in an accident as a kid and lost the majority of my baby teeth, as a result no one could understand a goddamn thing I said until my adult teeth came in. To this day I am filled with blinding rage if someone asks me to repeat myself.
>>2751 You fell down a couple of flights of stairs? How did you lost majority of your teeth?
>>2754 A car accident.
when someone says "I could care less', it is "I couldn't care less". Pisses me off
>>2750 >be in group of male friends having fun >female starts hanging out with us >half the guys are clamoring over each other for the girl's attention >oftentimes the girl has a boyfriend and/or isn't even hot
>>2750 Chewing noises, mouth noises in general, upstairs neighbors.
>>2835 For a long time absolutely anything mouth or food related drove me absolutely livid. Sniffing, coughing, chewing, crunching, burping, slurping, talking with a mouthful, just the sound of silverware on plates/in bowls. My grandparents were anal about table manners (despite having none) which rubbed off on my parents who were the same. I've gotten better now but god I really hate eating around people. Anyone who chews gum with their mouth open should still be thrown off a fucking bridge though.
when a woman has a fkin huge necklace and it just sits between her tits like wtf is that man
>the garbage men throwing the pails and breaking them >having to clean up someone else's mess, even though they're fully capable of cleaning up after themselves >setting aside an entire day to do something, only to get cucked out of it by someone else's bullshit that they didn't think would be a big deal >my dad not fixing anything, while also being too much of a screaming retard control freak to let anyone else fix it

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