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(268.19 KB 522x924 satokorika.jpg)
Bakanon 04/30/2021 (Fri) 23:31:48 No. 349
Who's cuter, Satoko or Rika?
Long hair is inherently superior and her psycho scenes are also better I hardly even remember Satoko.
I would recieve Rika's blessing if you know what I mean
>>350 >Long hair is inherently superior and her psycho scenes are also better If her hair were longer and her psycho scenes better, would you change your mind?
>>355 Yeah. It'd be more of a toss up, since darker hair colors are better than lighter, but longer hair would be a big factor, and making the psycho stuff better would be the tipping point I know literally nothing else about these characters beyond these points.
>>357 Satoko needs to get more psycho and have longer hair is a sentiment I can get behind.
>>349 Rika is voiced by Yukarin so that makes her CUTER by default! Satoko actually wins on looks alone though
>>362 >Satoko actually wins on looks alone though Satoko has a few likeable... attributes.
(296.93 KB 1920x1080 Hojou demon child.jpg)
>>363 Satoko's cutest attribute is her fang and her violent nature. A true descendant of demons.
(191.14 KB 346x569 Satoko_Normal_Steam.png)
>>387 Yeah she cute, I'd be her NiNi.
(19.70 MB 3000x4500 Satoko sunflowers.png)
>>397 May Satoko's Nii-Niis always protect her smile.
>>349 They are cutest when they are together nya~ >>362 Satoko is blonde so she has Rika beat on looks. Butt Rika has a better personality nya~ Feel free to anime/b/ at >>>/vox xe/
>>363 Interesting question here: what do hair colours represent in anime that have unnatural hair colours butt the characters are human and have not dyed their hair? I think the hair colours represent certain personality traits nya~
>>428 >I think the hair colours represent certain personality traits nya~ makes sense to me, more serious characters tend to be given darker hair, although I'd say it's done on a subconcious level, I don't think you could come up with a unified theory of anime hair colours
>>397 I'd rather be her uncle, assuming no interference. Imagine having Satoko as your slave.
(1.87 MB 2280x2836 satoko studying.jpg)
>>428 Satoko's hair color represents the fact that she's a dumb blonde that has trouble studying and distinguishing broccoli from cauliflower. >>431 >Imagine having Satoko as your slave. I would force my Satoko slave to wear a maid outfit and survive on a diet of nothing but pumpkin.
>>435 that doesn't sound cute at all anon
>>436 Pumpkins are healthy.
>>437 yes you can eat them in dozens of ways too. For thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I brought a dish that was chunks of pumpkin we roasted with spices and pumpkin seeds, and you could have it with cheese I don't like it with cheese personally There's also spicy savory soups you can make, also good to have chunky And then the obvious sweet foods like jams, butters, cookies, pies, etc. etc. You can replace one egg in an omelet with pumpkin puree
>>440 This is why Satoko needs to learn to enjoy eating pumpkin and expand her culinary horizons.
>>443 I support you, I hope you manage to enslave her, it's for her own good.
I don't know anything about this series, but I choose the blue haired one.
>>445 The obvious pick
>>446 I think it might be due to the hair. It's magnificent. Short hair is cute too though.
(119.26 KB 1280x720 satoko and her nee-nee.jpg)
>>444 Pumpkin slavery is the only way forward for Satoko. She must love pumpkins and know all the various ways to cook pumpkin dishes.
(28.28 KB 1000x1000 EdLLTEVWoAA_Wxe - SUPERSPOE.png)
>>450 I don't even like punkins so I can't get into this rp tbh. I'd much rather get shitfaced on wine with Rika
>>455 I like Rika, she has that "wine aunt trapped in a loli's body" vibe.
>>460 I feel like we could have some real deep drunk conversations about the meaning of life honestly
>>488 I can relate to Rika. She's tired of life and one of the few things that can distract her from how shit her situation is is alcohol.

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