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(230.56 KB 500x348 k.gif)

Hang out thread Anonymous 07/29/2021 (Thu) 05:17:07 No. 436
The place to chill. Be frenly. The one place for friendless losers to not feel alone for five seconds maybe.
>>1505 Naw you go to magical place were people love pedos. It's fun not scary, try it.
(20.56 KB 276x204 you.jpg)

>>1506 I don't think you understand virtue signalling your impotent rage, you have to go do it somewhere people will be able to upvote you and give you epic Reddit gold. It's a dead end here, champ.
>>1507 Ah you misunderstand still. Anon I am not speaking or signalling to anyone else. This message is for you alone. You should really kill yourself, it's easy and will solve all your problems. They say suicide is painless.
(1015.27 KB 1683x1873 (You).png)

>>1508 But my life is great, why would I do that because you're butthurt at me?
>>1509 Well it's hard to conduct a study on dead people, but I would hazard because no one accepts pedophilia, and probably never will. This combined with how vociferous and vocal opponent's of pedophilia are, often leads to depression and a desire to end the suffering. That is a guess however. They may also simply be bullied.
>>1510 I do, I accept them, they are based. Especially if they are cutebois, I want them to sit on my face in a big way. No manlet retard crying about it can stop me.
>>1511 But no one else does or will, and furthermore you too are considered repugnant. Which is why you should kys
(754.10 KB 1814x2419 anti lardass.jpg)

>>1511 I'm gonna no scoop 3600 degrees you for that one mate I'm a psycho killer there's no1 iller
>>1513 You can curse your fate all you want. Still you should kill yourself.
>>1514 My fate is great, I could have been some pissant mutt like you, crying greasy bitch tears over text he doesn't like on the internet.
>>1515 I think you'll find that happens a lot in life. Most people kind of find you gross and so you should probably kill yourself. Just an idea.
>>1516 It happens a lot to you.
>>1517 No, perhaps the text was unclear, I apologize but the individuals to which I refer are in fact pedophiles.
>>1518 I mean it was a very rough and unwieldy sort of reply from you, but I don't expect much from fat-strangled mutt brains.
>>1519 I could dumb it down for ya bud no prob. You should slit your wrists and bleed out. Theres no pain, and theres all kinds of kids on the other side. They are waiting anon.
>>1520 I should pat you on your little square head for being so dedicated to posting cringe.
>>1521 Oh if your concern is just wether or not it looks cool you could always light a car on fire and then play chicken against on coming traffic on the freeway. But if your concern is about people making fun of you on the internet, well that's gonna happen no matter what you do. Sorry.
>>1522 Keep trying, you'll get there.
>>1523 No anon. You'll get there I promise. Just need to buy some rope, or do you have a nice sturdy belt maybe?
>>1524 You'd be a lot happier on Reddit I must reiterate, they love this passive aggressive bitchboi shit there.
>>1525 Anon I'm not being passive aggressive. I have been nothing but forthright with you. You should kys.
>>1526 It's all passive aggressive unless it's you doing something about it, go try some shit against some pedo that blasts your ass and get laid out you manlet retard.
If only I had a qt cuteboy bf who was also a massive lolicon and we could curbstomp manlet retards that looked at us the wrong way together UwU
>>1534 By which you mean shotacon?
>>1535 shotacon too but lolicon would be better ideally bi cuteboy lolicon with big stompy boots for bitch manlets like this queef >>1526
>>1536 Shota/lolicons are not actual pedophiles.
This thread needs more cocks. Today I bring you... /co/cks
>>1613 Oh yes, cocks. Very nice cocks.
Except for the hulk one, wtf.
>>1618 I think that's beast boy from the teen titans actually.
>>1619 Yeah, him.
>>1620 I didn't read the dialogue before uploading. Now that I am that's funny. That dialogue is awful.
If you still have time left, use it. It's your more valuable resource, chances are if you are reading this, you have still a lot of it left. Don't worry over relationships, rent and pathetic shit like that, use your time and turn it into money. Be wise, don't dwell for too long on procrastination and hedonistic shit. Learning > buying, materialistic shit won't bring you happiness.
>>1640 But you have to buy to learn.
>>1640 Thank you for the reminder lad. <3

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