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(438.14 KB 1920x1080 wallhaven-nkk7wq.jpg)

Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 07:14:45 No. 88
/cb/ - cutebois, a board for adult gay men, 3D/2D homo porn, and hanging out. Rules 1. No trannies allowed. This means no talks about hormone treatment, no images of trannies, and no discussion about transitioning. Cross-dressing and "traps" are allowed. 2. No using this board as your own personal advertising grounds for discord servers. Matrix Server https://matrix.to/#/!MWLvzAbbInGocDhVTp:matrix.org?via=matrix.org
Edited last time by kazu on 08/23/2021 (Mon) 03:17:47.
>>624 meaningful*
>>623 Yeah, but giving up, chopping off your cock, and calling it good enough. Is not the act of a man. That sort of temper tantrum is indicative of a woman or child. You haven't conquered anything and your delusion on that is your stumbling block.
(600.48 KB 1280x1806 001.jpg)

(25.69 KB 300x100 present.jpg)

I was in the middle of a fap session when I saw pic related and decided to make a banner from it. Here's the source btw: https://e-hentai.org/g/1807507/d75b199176/
>>654 Nice banner anon!
(124.41 KB 300x100 wildboner.gif)

(257.42 KB 300x100 handy-ez.gif)

(235.24 KB 300x100 handy-alt-ez.gif)

(3.70 MB 600x420 73851448.gif)

(6.34 MB 600x420 73953925.gif)

>>655 Here's another two (+alt) with their respective sources since I'm in the mood for making banners. Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/26654959>>655
>>661 Ooooo Kaz add these please. Very classy.
>>662 >>654 I'll add this stuff. Thanks, they are nice. Sorry for not noticing earlier.
This board is really gay.
>>683 No shit genius
>683 Is it? I thought this was the cooking board
I had a great idea for trolling Kazu. I was gonna post that new MLP trailer and pretend to be excited about it. Act super annoying til he gets sick of it and kills the thread (it's off topic anyways) then ban evade and post the trailer in every thread. But then I realized I would have to download the trailer. And watch it again to make sure there were no errors. And then I became far too depressed to play this prank. It's astoundingly bad. Have you seen the new art?
(338.58 KB 300x100 rim-ez.gif)

New banner. Duplicated some frames and edited the tempo a bit because it was a bit too fast in the original gif.
>>731 That's how you get intestinal parasites.
>>731 Added >>722 It's such fucking hot garbage, I hated everything about it.
>>737 It reminds me of of the 90s when established franchises from comics and books were adapted for a movie. Everyone is so worried the common guy won't watch it they add all this stupid gimmicky bullshit. Which is weird because clearly the series can stand on its own. It doesn't need a heavy handed adaption complete with new art "style". I find the lack of faith in the series kind of depressing.
>kaz deletes all his pics off his old theme repository. Weak
>>779 How did you find out about that reeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>801 I mean there's a month old thread where someone complains about how hot it is in the desert. In july. Honestly thought I had tipped my hand a while ago. The better question is how did the /vv/ guy find it. A day or two ago. Answer. In the /gg/ thread someone asked about several old boards. Including you know know which one. After your name was mentioned in relation to it, someone then put 2 and 2 together. So that's the answer. Also you are very good looking and shouldn't be embarrassed.
>>813 Ah I see, it's probably the same handful of niggers (like the totfag) who are often saying shit. I personally don't care much, I find it somewhat funny and amusing. That board is just mostly something I use to blogpost from time to time. Hopefully no one saved those pics.
>>821 It is kinda funny yeah. And I'm sure if anyone did save pics, they did so for personal use only.
>>822 Fair enough.
>>683 this board is reaaaally gay~~~ <3
>>1219 Sir, this is a Wendy's
>>1220 Oh. Well then just give me a baconater then.
>>1253 Right on
>make a post with files >delete it because I forgot a pic >try to repost it >r9k filters don't let me post because the files still are in the servers Stupid broken gayass filters, and stupid broken gayass brazilian developer who created them.
>>1433 modify the hash
>>1593 Okay I killed the tranny thread and like 7 pedo shitposters. Good? Lemme know.
>>1595 Good. Keep it up. Sooner in the future.
>>1596 Kaz is busy I'm filling in. Sorry.
>>1597 What a shame.
(34.71 KB 500x375 READNIGGERREADjpg.jpg)

Ah Shiro Amada. What a cute boi. And what's this? He reads? Well hell anons. How are you gonna attract him if your illiterate? Better brush up on some books. And on that note I draw your attention to /lit/ which just started a book club and has invited us all to come and read some words. This month they are reading fight club by chuck palahniuk. Bretty gud. If your bored why not come check it out? >>>/lit/334

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