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Assbro/big butt thread Anonymous 09/06/2021 (Mon) 23:07:28 No. 1529
for cutebois with big butts~ can be stuff other than assbro too. just so long as its cutebois with big butts~
>>1530 >2nd webm Oh my god that's more cake than Mark
>>1530 cute feet
I fuckng love men
>>1537 that's pretty gay bro stop being a fag or you're gonna get your ass ate and your dick sucked
>>1537 Same king. >>1538 Oh gosh! :0
>>1537 >I love fucking men ftfy
>>1537 Genetic freaks, just one in a million or just trannies, dont waste time and hope.
didnt know there was a thread for this - nice! here's something all of you may find value in: a massive collection of assbro's videos, old and new. https://mega.nz/folder/lp1XRAKD#ydI2JgarzmO3AUdKstVS9w will probably post stuff inside here onto this thread as is anyway.
>>2151 Sauce on the dude with the face?
>>2151>>2219 @Ecscc2 twitter
Kik: SamRVA94 28m submissive. Ask me anything!
"Straight" cuteboy here, getting a BBL in 1 week's time. Do you think I will be treated any differently by society for having a kim kardashian ass? Really wanna get this done, always wanted a massive ass Obviously I won't be telling people I know I got a BBL, I'm just interested if the difference is noticeable
>>2336 Just by the way, I say "straight" because for all intents and purposes I am straight, I am also an exhibitionist and I am equal-opportunity, if I turn men on that's great. Hence the reason I'm going for a BBL. Plan is definitely to marry a woman one day, have kids, and have a nice conventional relationship. Do women hate men with bubble butts?
>>2336 >>2337 Women are gay, post your giant ass, faggot.
>>2342 It's nothing very special atm but... just wait for a few weeks :) Considering going for laser hair removal back there too. Or is waxing still best?
>>2344 Idk on that front I'm all about the back
>>1529 god i need that first ass on my face and farting
>>2235 Who's the cutie in the second vid?
>>1548 I refuse to believe that's a guy's ass
im looking for ass pics looking for ass pics of kazu please post

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