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Discussion Anonymous 09/08/2021 (Wed) 13:09:16 No. 1555
Why are a majority of homosexuals left-leaning? Like I know the right isn't the friendliest towards gay people but you can say the same thing for minorities, yet there are actually a lot of minorities that are right-leaning. It seems like society tells you if you're homosexual you HAVE to be left-wing. I don't give too much shit about politics, boypussy is boypussy either way. Problem is in today's day and age you have to discern your politics with normalniggers so they'll accept you. Even if you're quiet about your beliefs people will be suspicious. I'm not scared of being open with what I believe in but the problem is if I ever want a cute boy bf it probably won't work out if they're some lefty that would only be with someone who aligned with their politics. As a side note, I nominate pic-related to be king of /cb/. He's been posted a lot (by me of course) because he's the prettiest cutest handsomest boy I've ever seen.
(206.56 KB 512x512 Homofash DI6 Totenkopf.png)

I'm fugging well not left-leaning. >:(
(738.15 KB 680x522 Schro.png)

>>1558 What matters is if the cute boys are left-leaning. Are you a cute boy?
>>1559 I have been called a "twink" & a "cuteboy" several times. :<
>>1555 Nice trips OP. :>
More like why are they left wing and also irrationally butthurt at pedophiles?
Just hide his posts & don't feed him after this post.
>>1563 >don't engage with wrongthink It is a legitimate question you fag.
Because rigid political identities are retarded and most people are retarded. When you're defining "right wing" as hates niggers and jews and "left wing" as wants to get cuckolded by a gang of muslims everything becomes meaningless. Politics is just the new sportsball where people pick the team they think has cool aesthetics then they adopt those aesthetic positions to be apart of a cool social in group. There's a minute amount of people in the world that actually take the time to flesh out a moral framework and analyze how each individual political policy feats into said moral framework. Most people aren't capable or don't have the time to invest that much into constructing these mental systems. It's the entire reason religion exists, inheriting moral and political frameworks is infinitely more efficient for both society and the individual.
>>1555 Because those on the left are the most open & accepting of any & all sexual acts. No matter how promiscuous. So the sluttiest whores among the gays will gravitate towards that. With that said however, right wing femboys do exist.
>>1565 I hate how if you fall into one category then that basically defines who you are and what political side you belong to. Like if I tell someone I'm bisexual they'll most likely automatically assume I'm a left-leaning person. Try to say you have right-wing politics and beliefs and you get met with the "how can you be gay and right-wing?". I think that line of thought has really fucked up the younger generation. Everyone just makes assumptions about everyone and once someone assumes something about you then that's it they've already made up their mind, no arguing against it.
>>1572 Wrong. They love pushing pedophilia onto kids through drag queens.
On a semi-related note, the world needs more nazi (or any other notorious political party/alignment) twink and femboy porn.
>>1574 We can make some together, anon.
>>1574 >the world needs more random politically charged shit that has no reason to be politically charged
>>1576 I firmly believe that a lot of problems could be solved faster if the involved parties just had sex with each other.
>>1577 Shotacons are not pedophiles.
>>1579 You're responding to a herd nigger trying to derail about pedo shit.
>>1580 Where's the moderation when we need em?
>>1563 Maybe the baiting will increase PPH?
>>1569 State your positions proudly since it's a mindfuck for them.
>pedo derail Ignore the nigger. He goes in every thread with this shit. Don't respond to him and if anyone does then it's just him talking to himself.
No mameys wey
>>1591 I'm pretty sure he is.

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