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(98.36 KB 1632x1224 DSCN09992.JPG)

(146.83 KB 960x1280 1235880360926.jpg)

(103.60 KB 1312x1796 DSCN6F0098.JPG)

(125.72 KB 1504x1129 DSCN00995.JPG)

(357.28 KB 3264x2448 DSCN8A0098.JPG)

(23.61 KB 480x640 b.jpg)

(46.74 KB 971x797 SUPB.JPG)

(91.30 KB 1280x960 DSCN1D0098.jpg)

(121.98 KB 1200x1600 98.jpg)

(214.69 KB 1600x1200 DSC09102.JPG)

(830.46 KB 2448x2684 DSCN90098.jpg)

(91.85 KB 1224x1632 1233105643156.jpg)

(101.98 KB 1600x1000 1235879756926.jpg)

(237.96 KB 3264x2448 DSCNA0098.jpg)

(246.83 KB 1504x914 DSCN02692.JPG)

(95.83 KB 1224x1632 DSCNE0098.jpg)

(306.72 KB 2448x2337 1232663966046.jpg)

(14.23 KB 300x400 DSC08391.JPG)

(124.33 KB 1632x1224 DSCN30098.jpg)

(64.63 KB 1600x1200 DSCN0384.jpg)

Thanks for the pics anon, & the nut. ;^) You're really cute, good job lad. >>1979 was my favourite.
Woah, you are a horse? Me too.
Pretty nice. My favorite pics are those where your dick is soft (because it looks so cute) or where you are with another dude. Pic related is my absolute favorite.
Nice job bud, you also had someone coom for you it seems
>>1992 Glad you like, those been unpublished for a while, posted a few of em on /b/ and /hm/ >>2007 Stolen the mask from a drunk party, don't want my employer or family to find me. >>2010 It was cold, really. And kind of give that trap look to my cock, I gotta add that was infuriating to have a 1st album removed, then later Xtube deleted all of ly pics and videos without warning, despite they know Im 18. That's still a lot of work, experimenting, dealing with the camera settings, shooting with unusual places, experimenting with object insertion, poses, and now I really think I should lose some weight.
>>2032 cute cock and nice keyboard bro :3 w-wanna be my bf .//.
Thanks OP I saved mostoof these too add too my cute males folder
(30.60 KB 424x794 DSCN00707.JPG)

(9.12 MB 4000x2667 DSCN08356.JPG)

(9.36 MB 4000x6000 DSCN08372.JPG)

(9.07 MB 3840x2880 DSC03543.JPG)

>>2150 Glad you like em! I should try something different, poses, places...
>>2177 >poses, places... sitoon my face pls
>>2177 lmao the firstoone unironically looks like something outoof modern art museum
>>2201 For sure he's definitively a professional for the lighting work and studio grade photoo (Nikon) Not a lotoof guys are experimenting with urethral insertion or tooo scared. >>2177 How deep are you inserting your catheter? Is the cum you're pumping? Beautful pics by the way!

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