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(110.19 KB 611x674 creepywatchingpepe.jpg)

New BO Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 02:46:07 No. 270
Let's have a thread to celebrate our new glorious leader Kazu! The twinkest with the mostest. The cutest of all bois.
(593.65 KB 613x570 ClipboardImage.png)

The twinkiest I looked up "twinkie femboy" to post and shockingly got pictures of ponies Also the first result in webpages was "the racist femboy" And there's this
I'm still waiting for the punchline on this prank
>>272 The punchline can be deleting the board after shitposting on it and dubbing /b/ the true beacon of gay
>>272 The punchline is everyone is gay for kazu. >per post captcha Dammit kazu do your job better.
>>274 I'll turn it off, sorry. That was already there.
>>275 Hey thanks man! I wasn't actually angry. Just funning around.
>>275 have you selected any uber fags to be vols of the fagboard? When are you posting bussy? Shave your pubes before posting your pp You are a beloved BO.
>>277 Don't be weird, everyone hates me. Mark and Vampyr were already vols when I checked earlier today and I was made BO without prior notice.
>>278 What... No... For real? Hold on checking.
(230.33 KB 360x360 Screenshot_%2891%29.png)

>>278 >tfw it's true Huh. I guess I am a vol here. Shit what are my orders then bossman?
>>280 I dunno, post gay shit?
>>281 Can do
>>282 And some more.
Too young for me. >>
>>1273 Right. Have an adult robot then.
>>1275 Too old now.
(34.64 KB 235x211 bitey lip.png)

>>1275 I like the right one tbh.
>>1283 Wait which right one? They are from the David Cage robot game. Detroit. That's a robo dude and a human fucking.
(455.77 KB 720x528 bedlam-bound.png)

>>1376 The image that occurs to be of rightmost positioning lmfao.
>>1390 Meatbag detective getting that robodick Classic.
>>1394 Do you have more?
>>1275 >Detroit: Fuck Humans
>>1614 Totally bro. Running out of that specific pairing though. Got a lot more of them just holding hands, sleeping together, and making out.

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