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(1.18 MB 1944x2592 20181115_194924.jpg)

(283.80 KB 735x1326 20181115_194852.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1944x2592 20181115_194943.jpg)

(1.35 MB 2592x1944 20181115_195027.jpg)

Anonymous 08/17/2021 (Tue) 20:15:29 No. 760
Starting a thread of picture sets of me. I'm in my 20s looking for a site that isn't 4chan. Let me know if I'm breaking any rules here, thanks enjoy
(297.30 KB 1316x936 DSC_5333.jpg)

(279.49 KB 1177x936 DSC_5343_20180220170753173.jpg)

(722.38 KB 1551x1373 DSC_5802.jpg)

(650.48 KB 1596x1384 DSC_53280.jpg)

(1.82 MB 2945x1832 DSC_5334.jpg)

I have over 280 images and about 46GB of videos. I work full time so I can't be consistent with my replies but I'll keep posting content I think is worthy of 8chan
I'll find a video of me without the bad pink led lihhting, trim it to file size and post it
>>761 That' such a hecking cute little guy~
>>760 >I'm in my 20s looking for a site that isn't 4chan Did you just discover 8moe? Welcome, cuckchan truly is awful.
>>763 That teddy got a good pounding
>>769 I did just discover it. I used to lurk on 8chan before the mall shooting. And after the celeb leak in 2016 I stopped lurkimg 4chan every day. Still use it from time to time
Goddamn OP you're fucking cute
>>777 Checked, OP confirmed to be a major cute.
>>778 This place is a lot better than cuckchan. I'll post some more videos and a time stamp with my blanket and green bear
>>780 Sweet! Thanks OP
I have a lot of BJ videos with my GF. I have to crop out her face though
>>783 Yeah that makes sense. I'll wait anon.
I won't be flooding the thread every day. Here's the last one for tonight
>>785 Ooooo very nice. Super sexy anon
I'll post some pics tomorrow. Again let me know if I'm breaking any rules. Im here to contribute to the site and don't want to come off like I'm here for attention. I'm posting because i have a lot of lewd content of myself and my GF and 4chan, 8kun and 22chan aren't too pleased with personal pics
>>787 Naw your fine. If those other sites don't like you they can go fuck themselves. I like you anon, and your dead sexy to boot. Also nice teddy bear.
>>787 >GF fag
>>789 Seems legit. I had my first gay experience with a friend from school. We were both 9 sleeping in the same bed. Talking and playing around he nudged my chest, I nudged his belly, he nudged my dick so I nudged his dick. We did it again but slower and than we started rubbing each other's dicks for about 2 hours. I thought it felt good so the next day at school I got 2 more friends and we all rubbed our dicks together in the toilet at school. Many more occurances happened until I was 12 and started to spend time with a girl. We did a lot of 3rd base stuff until we were 13. We fucked in my cubby house and kept fucking until I was 16. She started fucking my friends and I took up making amature porn with my older brothers ID. So yeah I'm kinda gay but I wouldn't date a guy. My GF is bi and we have 3somes with guys and girls. But my favourite is always with another guy. After you taste one cock and you can never stop
>>794 It'd be a shit relationship if my GF could suck dick and I couldn't
>>794 >So yeah I'm kinda gay but I wouldn't date a guy. Dating a guy is the best part of gay shit, dating women is the worst part of straight shit.
>>796 I really like dick and feminine guys but I've never felt intimate enough to kiss a guy. The thought just isn't something that makes me hard. So yeah I'm kinda gay but I'd say I'm bi
I'm being judged for posting in cutebois and having a GF aren't I? It's not too late for me to sell her and buy one of those Cambodian guys that can build a small village with a stick and a rock
>>798 Have you seen how expensive even shitshack housing is getting? That would be a genuinely good investment, a stick and a rock and then flip it for 500% to Blackrock. Imagine all of the Cambodian guys you could buy with that kind of money.
>>798 >I'm being judged for posting in cutebois and having a GF aren't I? Yes
>>799 You my good sir are a business man!
I use my GF stuffed toys to jack off so I'd judge me too
>>803 Dolls are not for lewd!!
>>806 >was Your videos got caught up in the purge?
Sure did. I cancelled my model membership because I hated the layout of the site, than the purge hit and my account got hit hard. Had 1.1M views on my account for the videos. Cause people cute videos
Wait do you wash them afterwards? Cause that stuffed unicorn looks pretty uncummed on.
>>811 Well, your stuff won't get deleted here for what it's worth.
>>816 Yeah he has good content. This thread will be here for a good while.
>>815 I do wash them after I let the cum dry and put them back on the bed for my GF to cuddle up to at night. Except for that one time one of my videos popped up on her pornhub feed. She got one of my teddy's, rubbed her wetness all over it and put it back on my side of the bed. And that's why I date her
>>818 I feel like I'm breaking some rules though. My content is very age questionable because I focus on my twink fugue and small dick. If the admins let me, I'll keep posting 3-4 pics a day
>>824 Heh. Good cleanliness is important. >>825 As far as I am aware you are over the age of 18 yes?
>>825 It's fine. t. BO
(1.63 MB 4160x3120 DSC_0005.jpg)

If other anons want to contribute post your first gay experience
>>826 I'm over 18 but my body doesn't look like it's finished maturing yet. Or maybe it has and I'll forever be a twink
>>828 Well, I had a couple. Probably my childhood friend who was very effeminate, he was mostly raised by his grandmothers so it makes sense. We would often have sleepovers at his house and sleep naked on the same bed, pee together and do everything together. My first exposure to hentai was with him too on his computer. I was about 9
>>831 >>830 Didn't meant to doublepost
>>829 Good enough for me. Also you look fine. Very fine
>>833 Wait, when did you change your username
>>834 Im pretending to be someone else. Bellatuna is an alt.
>>835 Ah-ah, okay. Carry on.
>>832 It's been happening a lot since the latest update. Don't worry about it I figured.
>>830 Besides my first gay experience I posted, I also used to look at porn with my best friend. I had a friend who was 3 years younger than me and I showed him the porn online too. He said his dad had picture's like that in his magazines he keeps in his shed. So my friend got about 4 magazines and I'd read him the story's in there. He asked my what I feels like to have your penis is someone's mouth. I told him I didn't know but we could try. We used to suck each other's dicks every chance we got in my cubby house and I got him to lick my ass a few times. This was also while I was doing sexual stuff with a girl
>>797 Ever get fucked in the ass? Would love to see a vid of that.
>>839 I have but only by my GF with a strap on. And she seemed to enjoy it more a little too much. Recons I don't moan that much during sex
>>842 Yeah that's fucking hot.
I want more videos they are fire pwease
I've sadly never gotten to experience anything I want to but I want to be in love with someone when I do
>>864 I had that problem once. Solved it by just jumping in the car and driving. The country is smaller then it looks. Go see it anon.
>>864 I'm dating my best friend. We lived together for a year before we started dating, so we talked openly about what a relationship should be. She knew I liked guys and I knew she liked girls. After a year of dating we decided to try bondage and spanking. That moved onto cute outfits and role play. Than we started making porn for each other. Than posting it online. Aaaand than 3somes started happening after 3 years of dating. We're both the Happiest we've ever been and I feel like it's the friendship and working out all the kinks before we stared dating that helped us. You'll find someone to love who shares your interests anon. Just don't rush to the first girl who you think might be the one like I did and get stuck in a shitty relationship for 5 years
>>864 >I want to be in love with someone That's not so hard, the difficult thing is to get said other one to fall in love with you as well.
>>867 And now I remember what pain is Thanks man. I forgot this feel.
>>867 Growing up I've had people in my life who clearly showed affection towards me either love or just sexually attracted and I was too stupid to pick up on it at the time. Biggest regret of my life every because nearly all of those people in my life were actually attractive.
>>868 You feel it too, don't you? >>869 I had experiences like this too, and I even picked up on it but I didn't act on it nor did I ever say a thing because I was too shy and stupid to realize just how meaningful and rare that actually was. Now i'm like a stray dog.
These are some reel feelings happening! Don't look at life as if it's too late to get a partner anons. You didn't miss out by not understanding hints from girls when you were younger. Real dating starts when you're 25-35. Don't think about getting a partner, try make more female friends first. And cheer up, shit could always be worse
>>871 Yeah that's true. Not exactly easy with all the covid lockdowns though. Anon I haven't even spoken to a female in like 6 months.
>>871 All this is true but >female
>>872 Trust me dude everyone's feeling the big sad thanks to covid. I sepnt the the last 4 months having conversations with no one but my dog. He doesn't talk but, just looks at me like i should stop making noise
Im not good with advice anons. Honestly I don't know how I made it as far as I have in life except dumb luck. And alcohol and MDMA. they helped me overcome my crippling depression. I'd like to post more pics of myself a while later
>>873 At this point it's pretty clear that only half the posters here are actually gay. >>874 I've been screaming at snakes. They don't seem to care. I ranted about Todd Howard to the hills and scrub grass. For an hour. Anon I think I'm starting to lose my grip on reality. Or normalcy anyway.
>>876 I consider myself bisexual but if I had to choose between my ideal male and my ideal female, I'd choose the male 100%.
>>877 I sucked a guy off once. Didn't enjoy it. I do like fucking pussy though. Whatever it doesn't matter. We are here and that is all that matters.
>>876 this is a gay board please keep it gay thx~ t. BO
>>879 Shut up kuzo fucking women is even gayer than fucking guys
>>878 You see I think I'm a little weird when it comes to what I'd do with a male and what I'd do with a female. I don't think I'd suck a dick but I would lick a pussy. However I'd want to fuck a cuteboi's ass more than wanting to fuck a pussy.
>>879 Sorry boss. I could talk about depeche mode some more if that will help.
>>880 So being straight is actually the gayest thing? >>882 I'm more of a New Order guy
>>883 Straight people are pretty gay it is true. And New Order is pretty fucking good. Still miss Ian Curtis. Fuck now I gotta put on some Joy Division.
>>884 Yeah, Joy Division is fucking great. Kind of depressing but great. If you like JD, then check out The Sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0phSJqundg
>>875 Also sorry about hijacking your thread, OP.
>>884 >>885 Check out Type O Negative
>>885 >>887 Hey alright will do guys thanks. >>886 Oh and yeah sorry OP.
>>886 Your all G anon. I'm happy the mood has lifted and everyone's feeling a little better
(1.96 MB 1812x1869 20200906_094207.jpg)

(2.15 MB 1944x2022 20200906_094300.jpg)

(1.69 MB 1828x1951 20200906_094319.jpg)

(3.73 MB 2944x2208 20200906_094454.jpg)

Last year pics
>>892 Wish I was uncut
>>893 Still a nice cock
>>893 You don't last as long during sex, having a lot more sensation in your dick. And you have to wash you dick more thoroughly
(3.28 MB 3543x3120 DSC_0104.jpg)

(4.22 MB 4160x3120 DSC_0098.jpg)

(2.89 MB 4160x3120 DSC_9735.jpg)

(758.86 KB 3041x3036 DSC_965122.jpg)

Some pics of my butt. I remember putting things in my butt from the age of 14. Small things like pens, than thicker sharpies. Than I found thicker things to insert. I finally bought a dildo and found the G spot in my butt. I've never been fucked by another guy but it's on the to-do list
>>893 I'm the other way around here, phimosis is a bitch.
>>867 I know that's the hard part I found someone buy they don't like me back sadly they make me so happy tho
>>900 I spent 2 years living with my school crush I thought about everyday. Basically loved with her for consent reminder for what I'd never have. She started dating this 'bad boy' who treated her like shit. That was all the motivation I needed to move out and back in with the fellas. Love hurts a lot. But I have hope I'll find the right girl for me
Same op
Strange mix of cute boys and heavy feelings in her. I do enjoy a good fap and a cry
Life's all about chance anons. I have friends who are kissless virgin's in there 30s, and I have friends who get laid with new girls every week (and like to brag about it). The virgin's are introverts and the man whore is definitely an extrovert who I think has ADHD. I'm an introvert myself. I can't talk to girls I don't know. But having a desire for guys means also can't talk to guys... I'm a quiet guy obviously. I mentioned I used alcohol and a bit of MDMA to get where I am. It's by chance I found the right mix of the two, went to a friend's party to lend him some lasers and my smoke machine. The drugs gave me confidence to talk to people without the care of seeming autistic. Turns out drunk people don't pick up on autism. With a bit of luck I got a girls snapchat username. I sent her snaps when I'm at work and kept the conversation short, like you would a friend. And that's my only piece of advice I can give, treat everyone like a friend and be comfortable around them. Again I'm bad with advice
>>893 Same. Also that all variants of judaism were purged from the Earth, so this type of thing would never come up.
>>904 I am actually on the spectrum. Very low end of it, but it's enough to ruin most social situations and my childhood
>>905 I don't mind cut or uncut. I've sucked a lot of dicks from age 9 to now and I prefer cut in my mouth, but uncut to look at. I'm uncut
>>906 Oh shit, my condolences
>>908 Thanks anon I think I'm cured now. I better go do normal white guy stuff now
>>908 Wanna come over and help me clean my leather clad didlo dungeon?
>>910 >>909 Sounds normal enough, sing me up.
>>911 Excellent I'll get the lube and the ducks
>>912 W-who said anything about ducks?
>>907 I prefer unmutilated penises because there is zero reason to ever prefer the alternative, or for there to even be an alternative. Stretching exercises for phimosis is the way to go. If I could murder my parents and get my foreskin back I'd do it.
>>914 It comes down to a personal preference. I know guys who only like cut dicks and they argue so much when they find out someone doesn't like cut dicks. I prefer uncut but I'm not picky. As long as the dicks clean and there pubes are trimmed I'll put it in my mouth
>>916 It's pretty demented to fetishize infant genital mutilation, but some people are jewish so I guess it shouldn't surprise me. But it does disgust me.
>>917 jews disgust me too If only we had a final solution for these twisted kikes
(2.64 MB 2944x2208 20201013_165757.jpg)

If anyone else has pics of there twink dick or butt, please post them. I can't the only one here posting
>>919 We need more posters here. You're probably the only cuteboi who's willing to post his pics. The best I can do is find cutebois on twitter and post them in the twitter thread.
>>919 We do need more posters.
>>920 I care more for finding people to chat with than slutting it up.
>>922 If I'm being honest I'm only here because /kin/ is dead.
>>922 Yeah but I care about more cutebois posting here so I can eventually meet with one and fuck him
>>924 I would not want to engage in romantic relations with a guy who posted nudes of himself to the internet. Not that I'm trying to sound rude to the people that are posting lewds of themselves.
>>925 I mean I don't want to be like "in love" with someone I meet on the internet, unless the said person was really charming and cute. I would just be a fuck buddy to someone who lived close to me. I did see posts on the /cuteboys/ on 8kun of anons talking about how they've been in a years relationships with other anons they've met up with.
>>926 I wouldn't want to engage in casual sex either. Sounds like masturbation with more steps.
>>927 Correct. Although that is true of all sex.
>>928 I don't think so. Sex for the purpose of romance involves pair bonding. It serves a purpose beyond just hedonism.
>>929 You refer to procreation? Not to start a fight or anything, but that's not really what happens here.
>>930 >he hasn't gotten his twink's bussy buttpregnant yet
>>930 I refer to pair bonding, as I said.
>>927 Can confirm its masterbation but with people skills involved. Something I'm not good at. Every guy and girl I've been with, I've known them and been friends with the before and still after anything sexual happened. I've never slept with a random or met someone online for the purpose of sex. I've been with 6 guys and 4 girls
>>933 What were the type of guys you were with? Like as in looks. Do you pick other cutebois or were they masculine looking?
>>934 I always pick feminine guys and boy-ish looking girls
>>935 Cute ones. I like guys that kind of look like me
I've never been with anyone. Where do I start looking for a decent top for an ltr?
>>937 >an long term relationship I think you meant "a" there. And I have no idea sadly, but hopefully some other anon does and will show up soon.
>>936 I gotta ask its been bugging me for several days. Why post creator? Why not Original Poster?
>>937 I have no idea. I make friends at social gatherings with friends of friends. If someone finds out let me know
>>939 It's what was on my mind at the time. I was thinking 'almighty homo' 'cute cock master' or something weird, but steeled for post creator
>>943 I think you meant settled there but yeah I get you.
>>937 >>942 You boys want a good time? I will dick you down til you've had enough, and then I REALLY GET STARTED I would smash your boypussy into the dirt, you'd be a crumpled mass on the floor and I'd still be going to town on your gloriously destroyed brown donut.
>>934 This is the last guy I was seeing before my GF. I think he looks cute and he smells really really nice. I found out he was gay so I asked if I could go to his for pizza and watch a movie just as friends. After a while that changed to casual sex. And pizza, there was also pizza
>>944 Sorry I use my phone for posting and my auto spell is a bit special
>>945 Actually in hindsight this was a terrible idea for a larp. There's no way I can talk about having a rock hard cock ready to fuck everyone here. I mean sooner or later someone's gonna be like "Oh yeah? Well post it then" And then I'd have to post my cock or admit I'm just fucking around.
>>948 Want me to post my hard cock first?
>>949 I mean if you want, but I'm not posting my cock. Not even horny actually. I don't know if I could get it hard right now.
>>950 Are you hear for conversation? you could describe what it looks like hard. Or tell me about what you today
(1.52 MB 2448x2448 14157.jpg)

>>951 Psyche anon I'd fuck you raw
(756.41 KB 1411x1641 DSC_5836_20180428135609039.jpg)

Fairs fair
>>953 Not bad.
>>946 Were you attracted to him from the start or did he grow on you after being friends? Also you don't have to post your face but do you have a feminine face? That's what I'm imagining.
>>955 I thought he looked cute from the start, his baby faced face and his smell. Wasn't until I spent time with him that I started to feel some attraction. I do have a feminine face. I'm short blonde hair with blue green eyes
>>952 >>953 nice cocks
>>956 >Feminine face >Blonde hair with blue green eyes Fucking perfect. I bet you look like an angel.
>>958 No sir I dress in black and look like I should be a member of the temple of satan. Until my clothes come off, than I look like a cute boy
>>959 When you said short did you mean your height is short or your hair? If you mean your hair you should let it grow out. Like pic-related. I go crazy for blonde cuties with blue eyes.
>>959 Yeah black is a good color. For clothes anyway. We a gothy crowd apparently.
>>957 Join the party anon, we rocking out with our cocks out.
>>960 I meant my hair is short. But yeah I'm also short compared to most guys
Don't be shy anons, post your cocks
>945 Stay away from me lol. >>959 You sound based. >>964 I'll post tummy in DMs if you're lucky.
>>962 I'm not a cuteboy tbh.
>>760 Why do you hate 4chan? Anyway, as I posted on the other board to your GF: Cute! Please post more. Also, do you do feet stuff with her? S/M or just bondage? Ever done shibari?
>>992 *in regard to your GF
>>992 Hey anon. We don't do feet stuff. I have a few pics of her soft little feet I'll post for you. I don't 'hate' 4chan I hate the new cringey lurkers who are there to spam and start fights and call everything bullshit. I used to lurk there every day from 2012 when it was anime and jailbait. It's like having a child and watching them grow up to be a woman beating heroine adict who robs from the elderly. That's the equivalent of /b 4chan
>>997 >I hate new cringey anons >I started using cuckchan in 2012 bruh
holy fuck trips get
>>998 What? 2012 doesn't make me a new fag according to moot
>>999 nonononono
>>1000 We did it fellas *claps and unzips pants* 'heck yeah lads' *starts jizing all over grandma's corpse* '1000 posts on cute bois' *crys and goes to sleep* 'good times'
>>1003 Have some pics of my GF feet lads
>>1005 looks like a twitter tranny
>>1003 I'd like to apologise for jizing on grandma's corpse. I've just finished work for the day and got a little excited with my replies. I'll also keep all images of my GF on >>7954
>>1006 No she's definitely a girl. She's 5'1 nicely shaped with a boy butt. My ideal female figure. Again I apologise I'll keep this thread about myself and cute boys
>>1011 At least she's Canadian so the odds of her being beheaded by some imported mudskin are extremely high.
>>1005 1st pic is from a photo set I took for her OnlyFans 2nd is my favourite with her little converse and long sleeve shirt on. I pulled those pants down, took a pic than ate her butt like it was a cute boy butt. 3rd image shows she still wears kids underwear because she's as small as most children. 4th image is her when she was 16. We've been living together for a while but not dating. 4th image is when we started dating and she said she thinks I'd make a really good life partner. And of cause all I could think of was the butt..... one day I was going to put a whole pencil case of sharpies and glue sticks in that thing
>>1005 >women heretical
>>1013 Yes sir we in Canada do the hunting for mudskin fellas. And those darn bears always trying to wrestle with my oversize Newfies. Not really, I only hunt deer
I think I've spammed my own thread *face palm* I made a new thread with some cute legal guys I've saved over the years >>965 Feel free to contribute. Please keep it legal so the thread doesn't get deleted. I really like the images I posted and that most anons should get a chance to view and hopefully save a few if you, like myself like to have a collection of porn
>>1020 You go hunting? What rifle you using? What ammo?
>>1020 My imam says she should be beheaded for the glory of Allah tbh.
>>1023 Allah seems like a nice kinda lad. Got any nudes of him?
>>1022 Kind of off topic. A Bergara my grandfather bought me. It's nothing special, I don't hunt often or for sport. Only 2 or 3 deer a year to feed my dogs and myself. My GF is vegetarian unfortunately
>>1046 >insane tranny leaf eats other leaves and is a cannibal
>>1006 >>1023 >>1047 This ones for you anon. You seen like the of lad who'd be into this
>>1049 pretty nice
>>1049 weird ass zoomer faggot
>>1051 I have scratch marks on my tummy. Croppeed video before post
>>1051 Oh, sorry I misunderstood, you're calling me a zoomer. Yes I am. And I'm really tired so I'm having a nap. Mind the thread, post your hate and cocks and I'll be back
>>1052 You are not posting your face, why the shame?
>>1052 >>1053 Imagine never having lived a single second before the year 2000, that's fucking disgusting. You missed the world in its entirety.
>>1046 Christ fucking nice anon. I'd like to see that, black out the serial numbers. That's a nice ass rifle manufacturer. Made by basqueos. What's it chambered in?
>>1061 >loves guns >doesn't shoot himself ???
>>1063 This isn't a tranny board. You may have to go somewhere else for that anon.
>>1063 Wow. The leaf is a more responsible gun owner than you. I hope you aren't American. If you are I wanna trade you to Trudeau for this cannuck.
>>1055 Imagine being so insecure with yourself you use the internet to bully people younger than you fucking based overweight virgin
>>1064 OP made me question this when I saw his tranny granny >>1066 Seethe zoomer. Sorry you missed out.
>>1067 She better not have a cock. Trannies are verboten here.
>>1067 >Seethe zoomer You need to go back
>>1067 Calm down, retard.
>>1069 I can't, the real 8chan has been dead for years. There's nowhere for me to go back to.
>>1071 >18yo is granny >real 8chan is dead Oh christ it's the pedophile Just fuck off to /hebe/ asshole
>>1072 I'm sorry the truth upsets you so.
>>1073 The "truth" in this case being what? That a "real" 8chan would have child pornography? Not even close to the right board for your bullshit bro, just fuck off.
Again, I put my phone down for a bit, come back and more posts of hate. I'm new here, I'm 24, I just want a place to post pics of myself and my GF. I don't mind when anons call me zoomer, leaf, tranny, cuck, faggot, etc. It is a clear sign of insecurity and many people have them. It's OK to have an option but please don't spam either of my 4 threads with it. In Cananda being racist, homophobic or starting a fight online shows lower IQ. This is usually from a poor upbringing. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good upbringing so please stop spamming and feeding on each other's hate. Feeding trolls is like bullying a mental handicapped person, it's not moraly right to do
>>1075 This site has multiple goons that go out of their way to shit about whatever threads have a lot of activity in them. Their entire lives are dedicated to waking up and spending 16 hours doing nothing but shitting up threads on this specific website. You aren't going to appeal to any sort of logic by responding or engaging with them. Just report their posts and ignore them.
>>1075 It's just one retard pedophile from from /b/ who shits up every thread. Hopefully the BO here deals with him.
>>1074 The real 8chan had a lot of things, you would know if you had ever been there. Pretending it's just the more relaxed rules on child models is hilarious newfag copeshit. >>1075 tl;dr kill self leaf retard
Fuck off to /hebe/
>>1076 Thanks anon I'll take note of that let them be. Does anyone have requests or what pics they'd like from me?
>>1079 You mentioned your GF has fucked you with a strap-on. Got any vids of it? It'd be hot to hear you moan too.
>>1079 Post more plushies!
(548.00 KB 1378x1417 20181116_201648.jpg)

(3.03 MB 3156x2682 DSC_0648.jpg)

(5.52 MB 3120x4160 DSC_0636.jpg)

(5.84 MB 4160x3120 DSC_0650.jpg)

(6.05 MB 3024x4032 20200712_084113.jpg)

>>1082 I have a few od those saved. Tomorrow I'll take some new ones with time stamps
>>1083 Nice, looking forward to it. I have a cute shit fetish, so this is great.
>>1083 Love the plushies.
(758.65 KB 1145x1290 DSC_9719.jpg)

>>1085 So does my GF. There's more stuffies in her office
>>1081 Here's a video but there's no sound and It's not ideal quality
I'll have to make a new video where I do moan. Here's another stuffy video for now
>>1093 I like stuffys
>in your 20s >with that body and build and skin no one believes you. underaged b&
(1.60 MB 2892x2559 DSC_0060.jpg)

>>1095 You're right anon. I think I'll call the police and invite them over, show them my hard drive than strip off for them to compare. I'll be honest guys In uniform don't do it for me. Guys in sports uniform do though
>>1095 Anon I have seen guys just shy of 30 look like they're 16 years old. It's possible if you've kept yourself healthy and kept to your looks or you just have genetics that make you look younger than you actually are.
>>1097 Could also be the country i live in and food i eat. Stress ,alcohol, sunshine and fast food age people the worst. I work indoors and eat a home cooked meal every day. Just like the little faggot I am
>>1098 And seamen. Covering yourself in seamen helps to slow down aging and keep you cute
>>1099 Its actually spelled semen.
>>1098 I'll be honest the inconsistent capitalisation of the singular pronoun also deserves mention, but at this point I am probably just beating a dead horse. Also my own grammar isn't exactly perfect.
>>1100 Thank you anon, spelling isn't my strong point. Or people skills
Shit I just remembered I can edit posts. In a way all the bad spelling in this thread is my fault in that sense. Of course if I did actually go through this whole thing fixing mistakes then every post would have an "edited by" tag on it. And a timestamp. At a certain point people will start assuming I'm some kind of meth addled grammar Nazi. So maybe let's not do that then. Also I'm not that bored yet... So nevermind.
>>1102 These things happen it's whatever. Honestly I am probably being a dick about it. Sorry.
>>1104 Not at all anon. I'm sorry if I seem blunt when I post, without my voice it's hard to tell if I'm the one being a dick or not. I'm not, but I really don't have people skills
>>1103 How do you edit posts? Tell me your wisdom
>>997 Thanks for replying.
>>1132 All g anon, I'm here to contribute conversation aswell as pics
Do other anons use sex toys? I have a lot of dildos but only 2 I can fuck
(1.73 MB 1860x1442 20210825_155108.jpg)

Time stamp and boards. Woke up super early and can't get to sleep
>>1191 Hi anon, hope ya doing fine!
>find out thread from crosslink >about to call OP a huge fag >suddenly plushies >my fetish fug
>>1200 >thinking that calling anyone here a fag is effective
>>1192 Hey anon I'm doing really well thanks. How's your day been ?
>>1202 It will keep me up at night, forever questioning my sexuallity while I molest my GF stuffed toys
>>1206 >while I molest my GF stuffed toys This was a thinly veiled attempt to get me to bully you wasn't it.
>>1208 you'll pick on me anyway n00b
So... do you have any brothers that are around 20 and single?
(2.74 MB 3627x1716 20201029_063352.jpg)

>>1208 I think the best bit of using stuffies to cum, is I get to upload the pics or videos and my GF has me on her account. She doesn't find out till she gets home and here her say "oh WTF my uniform stuffy too?"
>>1211 I wish I had a partner that had cute plushies I could molest. Have you ever cummed on them?
>>1214 I used to cum on them all the time for pics and videos I'd post on my pornhub. Than the purge happened and my entire model account was deleted. Something about breaking pornhubs jew rules, idk.
>>1216 Oh wow, I'd love to see some of that if you have backups. Did your GF not have issues with that? I need to find me someone like that! Pornhub went through a purge because they were threatened by their payment processors so everything that was not 300% verified was taken down. If you were posting there I might have some of your stuff already, though I don't recognize it at all so far.
Why would you cum?
>>1221 Thanks anon, I do have all my content saved. I won't be posting any more than what i have already though
>>1231 Any special reason?
>>1231 I guess it was my own fault for expecting nice things.
>>1231 And that was the last we ever heard from him.
>>1714 im back. .. like I knew I would be
welcome back sexy
(1.98 MB 1738x2896 DSC_0310.jpg)

My personal threads still up. Disgusting
(1.30 MB 1670x2208 20211114_005600.jpg)

Web traffic really is slow here. I blame the French
(719.39 KB 1653x2606 20211114_004647.jpg)

>>2180 Those slippery cheese eaters sold me acid the was 'mild', shit lasted 2 days. Went for a long walk intoo the forest, got bored and spent the last 8 hours watching porn and trying too put my dick intoo nature
>>2181 >trying tooo put my dick intooo nature Like trees?
>>2190 Yes. Also dug some holes too fuck and carved a hole intoo a piece of wood too fuck it. I have no regrets...
>>2181 Hey! Got a throwaway discord? I'd like to chit-chat with you in person.
I'm back
>>2350 No discord sorry anon
>>2600 welcum back cuteboy
>>2600 welcome back cute boi :3
>>2617 >>2620 Thanks lads
Got a tox or a Wickr op? Ya cute bastard
(3.69 MB 2208x2944 20220206_075849.jpg)

>>2765 Pull out your cock mate
(703.08 KB 1427x1462 20220214_064630.jpg)

(1.44 MB 2048x1536 20220214_064640.jpg)

Winter's over and I'm way out of shape. Will post again in a month with a six pack and a tan
>>2786 Best of luck cuteanon!
>>2787 Thank you sempai anon
(1.96 MB 2208x2251 20220226_101329.jpg)

(2.96 MB 2944x2208 20220226_100243.jpg)

Took some new pocs today
(1.60 MB 2208x2045 20220226_101807.jpg)

(1.54 MB 2208x1806 20220226_101835.jpg)

(1.43 MB 2078x1895 20220226_100120.jpg)

(2.91 MB 2944x2208 20220226_100249.jpg)

2 bad quality pics from a cam show
>>2857 Hot damn where do you live
>>2859 Canada. Come over and we can play Halo and do butt stuff, it'll be fun
>>2860 What state? I can stop by the gas station and get chips and lube
>>2861 Newfoundland. We're a bit inbred so you won't need the lube
(1.44 MB 2944x2208 20220313_081727.jpg)

(1.46 MB 2944x2208 20220313_081739.jpg)

(1.41 MB 2944x2208 20220313_081751.jpg)

Update on workout. Not going good
>>2910 I believe in you anon!
(2.29 MB 1908x2842 20220320_092215.jpg)

>>2912 Thanks sempai anon
(862.65 KB 1874x1423 20220320_153802.jpg)

>>2917 Thanks
>>3072 cute big wet booty

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