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your daily /ck/ Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 06:53:42 No. 128
Share what you just cooked up and talk about food. Debate snacks. Share recipes, if you'd like. But most importantly, for daily /ck/, talk about what you just made to eat. Here is an oven french fries recipe.
>>1119 Bulkin' up on carbs eh? Remember: you can grill those sausages until their crispy as fug (or maybe it's just me who has a hangup about non crisp sosig)
>>1120 Usually I put a little oil down and crisp an edge up a bit, then put some water down and steam/boil them. Maybe I'll do a dry fry next time
>>1119 Couscous is the easiest carbs I've ever come across: Just put 1 part couscous and 1 part boiling water into a pan, stir once, lid on, wait for 10 minutes, fluff with fork. Done. Polenta (and grits, which is just more nutritional polenta) is a bit harder because you actually need to keep it boiling, but you only need to stir it seldomly. Plus, more variety because you can stick some butter and cheese in the hot polenta and bake it too.
(35.66 KB 1200x675 2_en.png)
(30.45 KB 1200x674 7_en.png)
>>1122 Seconding couscous. I used to make it all the time when I was a student because it was so easy. I used to put tuna or (anything canned, really) at the bottom of a bowl, cover with couscous and boiling water, and let sit until a nice layer of dense couscous formed to hide the surprise tuna below.
>>1123 >tfw no hellish demon waifu to be your caretaker and condemn you into being your best
Didn't want to make a thread, so I'll ask here: Anyone got a picture of the post that has Hitler's favorite cake recipe? I know it's out there but I've completely forgot any details about it
(33.37 KB 743x973 trick.png)
>>1124 sadface.png
(128.50 KB 1058x596 5551065.jpg)
(240.13 KB 724x830 hitlercake.jpg)
>>1128 I don't have the specific image, but from what I remembered it's a German apple cake with nuts and raisins, absolutely delicious.
>>1128 I can give you a recipe for his favorite meal, Eiernockerln mit Salat. Get a large pot of salted water boiling >3 eggs >60g butter >300g flour, bread flour if available >175ml milk >salt, pepper, nutmeg Beat eggs together, melt butter, mix with the rest to make a dough. If you can use it and have one, press the dough through a Spaetzle-sieve right into the water. Alternatively, take a teaspoon and with it take bits of dough and drop them into the water. Dip spoon into the water occasionally so the dough doesn't stick. Once the thingies are cooked, put them under cold water briefly so they don't stick. >1 handful parsley >2tbsp butterfat >4 eggs >salt, pepper Chop parsley, heat butterfat in a pan and put in the things (technically noodles) you made above and stir occasionally until they're heated through. Meanwhile, beat together the eggs with salt and pepper. Add the eggs to the pan and quickly stir, the eggs should be cooked through but not get dry, the trick being to remove the pan from the heat while the eggs are still slightly under-cooked. Put parsley on top and serve with a lettuce salad. It's the traditional meal to celebrate Adolf's birthday, you'll find it offered as the meal of the day in many restaurants all over Austria and Germany.
>>1132 That sounds really nice, like lighter and fluffier Spaetzles
How do you deal with the heat? It's starting to get hot outside but I still want to bake cakes and cookies. Do you just stop baking altogether in Summer?
>>1130 >>1132 Thanks >>1134 No AC? Or even a floor fan?
>>1134 An electric fan is good, a ceiling fan is better, AC is best. If the fan doesn't cut it, put a bucket of water or, better, ice somewhere the fan disturbs the air, so in front of an electric fan or towards the walls with a ceiling fan.
Some risotto recipes seem to call for white wine. What purpose does that serve? I feel like I might be able to substitute it with vinegar, since in this case it's used to cut through the fat?
>>1141 Acid + deglacing. Replacing with vinegar mixed with water seems better to maintain liquid balance and not overflavor it. A tablespoon of vinegar on a cup of water seems sensible, as you're be able to drink that just like wine
(71.81 KB 640x480 2021-04-27-113824.jpg)
(64.99 KB 640x480 2021-04-27-113849.jpg)
(63.96 KB 640x480 2021-04-27-113854.jpg)
An Egg and Barbecue chicken sandwich I made just recently. It tasted pretty well though the yolk was a bit under cooked. I'm not much of cook but it was alright for the most part.
(12.11 MB 3264x2448 ClipboardImage.png)
Today I made potato and leek soup. This was my first time using leeks. I think it turned out pretty well. Just a basic recipe, as usual >fry the leeks in butter >add leeks to potatoes and broth >simmer for 30 minutes >season
(794.18 KB 498x280 animegrillthumbsup.gif)
>>1146 Nice plating yo
(2.02 MB 3264x2448 20210503_165925.jpg)
I almost never buy milk or cream, so after I made my leek soup, I tried to use up more of it. I don't think I took a picture, but I made a basic cheese sauce with it and added some leftover pork roast bits and just kinda poured it over some nachos. Really good, but really heavy, I was basically done for the night after I ate that shit. Still had a bit of cream left over, some garlic and scallions, and some cheese, so I decided to make some friend potatoes. Little bit soggy and not quite done because I'm an impatient person. But! I did make this all from scratch without a recipe and I sorta know what I'm doing now. >3 cloves garlic, minced >2 scallions, chopped >Dash of olive oil in a hot pan, add a tablespoon of butter, cook off the scallions >Add garlic, salt and butter, cook the garlic, set aside >Maybe like a cup or two cups of half and half cream >Good handful of peppercorns >4 bay leaves >About a tablespoon of dill and half a teaspoon of parsley >Bring to almost boil, then simmer for about 20 or 30 minutes I guess, stirring occasionally >Add half a cup of grated cheese near the end >Slice 2 white potatoes into thin cuts >Fry potatoes in butter and olive oil >Really crisp those fuckers up better than I did >Add back to the onion and garlic mix, combine >Plate it up, add sauce and garnish (olive oil and chive rings)
(2.12 MB 3264x2448 20210504_202702.jpg)
More slop on a plate. I feel like I need to experiment more since my ingredients and dishes seem to be repeating a bit. At least this time, I fried scallions and garlic in butter with the sausages, then put the juices onto the perogies (store bought). I was surprised how soft and sweet the scallions ended up; that was probably my first time successfully caramelizing an aromatic
(1.97 MB 3264x2448 20210506_195126.jpg)
(1005.58 KB 593x736 ClipboardImage.png)
What was this Italian dish called again? Anyways, I made it. Wanted to drizzle balsamic vinegar, but my Walmart didn't have any, so I opted with a light amount of olive oil and vinegar, with a garnish of pepper. Roma tomatoes
>>1152 Caprese salad I think. Toast some bread and it's bretty gud, I add salt to tomatoes.
(2.27 MB 3264x2448 20210506_215942.jpg)
>>1152 And then on the other hand, this is why I don't fry my meat (including burgers). >Basic flour-egg-panko breading station >Cook on low-medium heat >Crisps up nicely, perfect golden brown >Hard pink in the middle >Cook on medium heat >Fucking burns the outside, at least the meat gets cooked
>>1154 Paper towels on your chicken until it's bone dry. Only liquid should be your egg
>>1155 It's pork
>>1156 Still applies. You could also try ye olde pound method to flatten it out. You can also get paranoid about moving it: you touch it more than twice you lose.
>>1154 With other meats a little bit of pink is probably better than overcooked it'll cook a bit more after coming off the heat too but with pork >>1157 is right that you flatten it to cook it more quickly.
Because reasons, I'm in the unwitting possession of an air popper. To those who own similar appliances, how does one season popcorn without oil?
>>1160 Spices, salt
>>1160 You make the circumstances sound dubious. Is it story time?
>>1162 >>1163 A well meaning birthday gift to me despite being able to pop in a pot just fine. Gave the air popper a try and the only good thing I can say about it is its ease of melting butter. Popcorn (kernels included) flew a few places and the texture of the popcorn itself, not appealing. Feels like packing material. I'll let him know there's no hard feelings and that the thought counts. In other news, how far ahead can I prepare baked chicken nuggets?
(31.54 MB 720x1280 spaghetti_hack.mp4)
Anyone got tips for spaghetti? Making the sauce from crushed tomatoes, but I want to know if anyone has a way to take it up another notch. It's good, but not amazing.
>>1165 I hate that video.
>>1165 Get a proper wedge of Parmeggiano to shave on top of it. Pumps any 5/10 spaghetti to 9/10. Also, This takes "hating doing the dishes" to a whole new level.
>>1165 Add carrots in your tomatoes.

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