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(1.26 MB 2962x2244 fugu.jpg)
(102.86 KB 1260x630 New England Fish Chowder.jpg)
(3.79 MB 360x202 maggot cheese.gif)
Hazardous Food Thread Anonymous 08/25/2020 (Tue) 23:18:24 No. 285
Anyone have any experience with eating/preparing hazardous food or dishes?
(215.48 KB 1138x1004 upThere.jpg)
I get the fugu but not the fish chowder. And what the fuck is maggot cheese. Sounds like some 3rd world dish
>>289 It's french/italian sheep cheese with live maggots in it.
>>292 >french/italian Isn't it Sardinian?
>>289 Not just any fish chowder, but a New England fish chowder. There is an assumed risk that you might find and choke on a fish bone that is still present in the chowder. http://masscases.com/cases/sjc/347/347mass421.html
This can definitely go south quickly if you don't know what you're doing.
>>293 Corsica has a variation of it, those damn two islands should have never been allowed to make cheese.
>>301 Is this the one that looks like a very similar plant that will poison your ass slowly? If so, there's a story on "The Medical Detectives" about a farming family almost dying because they grafted delicious tomatoes to the poisonous plant instead of the edible one
>>310 It's pokesalad. You've got to know when, what part, and how to cook it or you can poison yourself. How poisoned you get depends on how badly you fucked up. >because they grafted delicious tomatoes to the poisonous plant instead of the edible one You must be talking about datura. I had a relative that grafted a tomato onto a jimsonweed once on a lark. Of course he was smart enough to not eat anything that came produced from it.
>>289 It's casu marzu, an infamous Sardinian delicacy.
>>285 The maggots in the cheese arent hazardous, they are just legally considered a contaminant and therefore you are not allowed to sell maggot cheese. They maggots are actually perfectly edible even if disgusting.
>>294 That's a risk with basically any fish though.
Raw chicken. I know you're supposed to wash down any surfaces that touch raw meat with hot soapy water, but I don't really bother. If I'm using ground beef or whatever, I'll wipe the counter top down with a wet cloth that had access to soapy water, whatever. Chicken I know is much riskier, so I have to actively go out of my way, get scalding hot water and soap, and decontaminate everything. I hate it.
>>400 Since I've made this post, I've discovered the joy of Shake and Bake. >Was using bigass chicken breasts, had to cut and fillet them or whatever >Switched to 12 pieces of thighs >Can just pop them in the seasoning bag >One wet hand, one dry hand >Pop them directly on a foiled baking sheet >Wash hands, give counter a quick wipe down >Much faster, less mess, less cleanup, and tastes way better than I'd do on my own And it's even good for little portioned sandwiches.

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