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(87.72 KB 514x407 Until all is clear.jpg)

(5.50 MB 8771x5040 Abandoning ship.png)

Offical /co/ Homecoming Thread Frank Board owner 04/26/2020 (Sun) 01:57:49 No. 18 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome Aboard If you're reading this now you've just survived the latest exodus in 8chan's ridiculous history. I'll be your Board Owner, if you haven't been following along I recently took over /co/ since the great Cripplegeddon. When 8ch came back as 8kun the previous guys were nowhere to be found so I took it upon myself to answer the call and moderate. Before moving here, I spent the time cleaning up /co/ and taking suggestions over how the board was run. If you're somehow someone that didn't know 8chan returned temporarily as a boomer zombie and only just came back; Believe me these people exist and I don't blame them then you haven't missed much other than the BO change. For more in depth details I recommend reading the archived meta threads below or any of the archived threads in the provided pastebin. But I'd be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have. >So what's the gameplan? Currently I plan on moving over some storytimes from 8kun to here, to help fill up the board and to avoid losing any of them if the pig farmer decides to pull the plug. Beyond that I'm still thinking of ways of how to grow /co/. If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to say them. >Why here and not one of the webring boards? Name recognition and user overlap. Lets be honest the comics industry is dead and western animation isn't any better, so a lot of interest has been lost. Boards like /v/, /delicious/, /tg/ and /m/ are the only Anons with any remote interest in anything /co/ related and most of the bunkers they're staying at are either dead, have little user overlap, are unwilling to host /co/ or just filled to the brim with autism. Fatchan looked nice but the software was too new/buggy, too few people and I rather gamble my chance on 8chan's name bringing people back than some bunker that has no real pull. >What of 8kun? I'll still "maintain" it just to make sure people find their way here. But once the administration finds out I'm sure to lose the board.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Frank on 02/26/2021 (Fri) 05:01:13.
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Well looks like Acid broke the mod tools again, bans still work but anything else is toast.

/co/ Share Thread the Third Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 02:17:28 No. 20 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc. READ ME BEFORE ASKING FOR ANYTHING Due to the smaller userbase of comics compared to films and video games, torrents are usually less seeded, if they even exist. MEGA links will be primarily used as they are faster and reliable for the immediate future. https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/readme.txt https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/Cartoons https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/Comics https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/GraphicNovels https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/Movies https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/CheckBeforePosting https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/HowtoContribute https://gitgud.io/Anon/COST/raw/master/OP-CopyPasta Lots of comics and cartoons are available on sites like Kisscartoons.io and Readcomicsonline.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Frank on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 04:15:10.
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(483.79 KB 1581x977 RIP vola.png)

Volafile will be shutting down soon. Get your cartoons while you can, unless someone else takes over.

(81.60 KB 590x782 ClipboardImage.png)

(400.32 KB 472x733 ClipboardImage.png)

(23.19 KB 483x185 ClipboardImage.png)

(155.74 KB 558x432 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 16:22:47 No. 11977 [Reply] [Last]
I didn't know that Ukinojoe was such a colossal faggot, I always enjoyed his animations. https://archive.vn/uN6nv
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>>16319 >robots are the reason why pedophiles dykekikes in holywood are BTFO us every day >robots are the reason why Simptendo and Daddy Sakurai enable raeping kids in Smash >robots are the reason why Negrogrounds is on life support now >>16305 Based. The last cancer of the old internet is gonna fucking die.
>>16305 ITT we speculate Tom's downfall >he rapes his mom like Chrischan >he grooms kiddies on his shitscord >he goes insane because his sites gonna die forever soon and shoots up a school like Elliot Roger
>>15951 Holy shit he looks so fucking retarded lmfao. I'd hate myself and my dying shitsite too if I looked like a retarded mutt who jizzes over drawn CP with my friend who develops the life support game for my site.

(1.08 MB 1080x1093 ClipboardImage.png)

Arthur's going off the air soon. Anonymous 07/28/2021 (Wed) 03:34:41 No. 15869 [Reply]
Arthur's ending sometime in 2022. After 25 season in the winter of 2022, the show will debute it's final season and after that, it'll just be reruns. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XIdwV4MMYmA https://archive.fo/StRS7 https://archive.fo/dWyfH
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(233.87 KB 684x253 arthurbane1.jpg)

(223.58 KB 685x251 arthurbane2.jpg)

(247.17 KB 681x250 arthurshawshank.jpg)

I miss fooling around in the comic-maker app.
>>16159 If you feel like digging (sorry, don't have the link on me) you should be able to use it via the wayback machine. I was able to anyway.

(4.08 MB 400x266 popcorn.gif)

(588.92 KB 656x369 This is fine.png)

Comic Industry Collapse Watch Thread Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 19:32:45 No. 179 [Reply] [Last]
>Corona-chan is fucking over the world economy >Now years of shit stories, forced agendas and awful sales have lead to the collapse of the industry >Diamond going bust >Shops going bust >The mouse planning to kill Marvel What a wonderful time to be alive.
458 posts and 169 images omitted.
Jim Lee Squashes Rumors DC's Publishing Is in Danger: 'It's the Exact Opposite' https://archive.md/ccvQE >DC CCO Jim Lee says there's no truth to the rumors that WarnerMedia is shuttering the comic book publishing arm of the company. Delete this thread, everything is fine in the comic industry.
>>16341 >everything is fine in the comic industry Then, why do they not publish hard numbers of how many of their comics are selling?
>>16341 The chinks lies as easily & naturally as he breathes.

>live-action Avatar show Anonymous 06/11/2020 (Thu) 02:29:14 No. 1807 [Reply] [Last]
https://comicbook.com/anime/news/avatar-the-last-airbender-cabbage-man-live-action/ >Of course, fans would love to see Sie return as the character. The unassuming merchant became one of the best running gags of Avatar, and he is still talked about today. The Cabbage Merchant appears through the show with his stand of produce which always gets smushed by the Avatar and Company. The character, which was meant to be part of a one-off joke, became its own role after fans of Avatar championed the ill-fated merchant. How bad do you think the show will be? Legend of Korra bad? Even worse?
281 posts and 44 images omitted.
>>16255 https://e-hentai.org/g/1236074/b48c6d2afd/ Someone posted a really high quality upload of the artbook to Ex but you can also get it through here. The reason this artbook is important is it was made in 2010, which would be a year from the live action movie in 2009 and 2 more years before Korra. If you read a few of the passages here though, particularly with Katara and Bryke wanting a "Strong female character" and Toph with "Wanting the female audience", you can clearly see how he drank more and more cool aid as the years went on, eventually resulting in Whorra. To me, this is a missing piece of the puzzle in what happened between ATLA and Korra. I also want to highlight two other people, Elsa Garagarza was a storyboarder for Book One of ATLA but became lead in Book 2. She's responsible for alot of the background shots and architecture in certain buildings, namely Earth Kingdom being Chinese dynasty and Fire Nation being Japanese Edo, that's all her I think. Bryan Evans is responsible for alot of the concept art and coloring of scenes that he would work from Elsa's storyboards. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xv0X1 Hye Jung Kim worked on fluid animation and also relayed storyboards back to the animation studio in Korea. All talented people.
>>16337 Didn't they also lose their martial arts consultant/fight choreographer between Atla and Korra If I remember he quit because someone showed him fan fiction of him, Bryan and Mike having a gay orgy, which is why bending went from being martial arts inspired to essentially becoming boxing in Whorra?
>>16339 Boxing is a martial art, just not one native to Asia. The closest, I think, is Taekwando and Muay Thai, but both of those are still their own schools of fighting. Also, why not have someone people at the studio actually learn some martial arts for animation references, rather than change everything about the fighting style?

(672.43 KB 780x711 ClipboardImage.png)

(76.43 KB 585x809 ClipboardImage.png)

/co/ related PAIN Anonymous 06/11/2021 (Fri) 21:29:40 No. 13936 [Reply] [Last]
For any & all related pain posting. News, announcements, & just talking about any problems or bullshit in /co/ media of all sorts. https://archive.md/Arq23
299 posts and 225 images omitted.
>>16326 >Those are physical assaults. When people talk about how rape is painful for women, they always bring up other acts that are just physical assaults. It's literally the same argument both ways.
(83.71 KB 466x575 muppets uncle deadly.jpg)

>>16326 He was an autist, pure and simple. One of us! One of us! >They Might Be Giants Speaking of autism... I'm a fan
Speaking of rape: >>>/b/46584

(247.30 KB 1355x760 EvAcrzkWYA0kIdE.jpg)

He-Man Anonymous 02/24/2021 (Wed) 23:42:37 No. 9813 [Reply] [Last]
A new He-Man cartoon is in the works. Not the Kevin Smith one but one made for children rather than by a man child. Thankfully this more than likely won't be another mess like She-ra. This is obviously a much more toyetic design philosophy going on. So they're actually trying to market it to boys.
372 posts and 278 images omitted.
(929.05 KB 500x284 frog clip full of pepes.gif)

>>16323 Yes, yes, of course. In Minecraft. We should tar and feather his flabby ass in Minecraft and then shoot him in the face IRL.
>>16331 >clip
(26.76 MB 854x480 Why Everyone's Buff.mp4)

(615.30 KB 1008x1481 Iron Man 55 (1998)_040.jpg)

(1.30 MB 1995x1486 Iron Man 55 (1998)_041.jpg)

(620.79 KB 1976x1484 Iron Man 55 (1998)_042.jpg)

(2.95 MB 1988x3056 Superman_Prime_Earth_0042.jpg)

Secret Identity Anonymous 07/31/2021 (Sat) 19:40:21 No. 16094 [Reply]
Is the cliche of characters having to juggle different lives really old hat? Or do certain people today have difficulty understanding the purpose of secret identities and the ramifications of doing away with them?
31 posts and 20 images omitted.
>>16247 The thing that pissed me off the most about that series is that the universe-building was actually pretty decent for current year. Ending it like that was anti-climactic.
>>16320 It was an edgyfest done by someone hating superheroes. And it's an universe with civilians being worse than marvel ones.
(710.25 KB 609x585 Flash meets Flash.png)

There are plenty of characters that don't have secret identities, with the Fantastic Four being the most notable examples in the comics, since not only are they the foundation of the modern Marvel universe, but also they never had secret identities. Then of course there are cases like Iron Man that casuals know about (even if they don't know that he did have a secret identity for like 40 years). But it depends on the characters and their personalities and what stories you want to tell with them. Remember right before Rebirth when Superman revealed his secret identity? It sucked. It did away with elements that were central to the character, particularly his regular life that keeps him as a down to earth guy. The Fantastic Four are celebrities in their regular lives, and Iron Man was a celebrity before he was a superhero. Making Superman a full time celebrity would destroy a significant aspect of the character. Having everyone know Superman is Clark Kent but not hassle him all the time wouldn't be believable. And there are characters like that, but frankly, they're usually secondary characters, and I think if they were focused on harder, people wouldn't buy it. There are also problems with characters that go through crazy shit that should affect their regular lives, but then they go back to having a secret identity. Like in the Death of Superman story, they mention near the end that Superman was actually only dead for like two weeks, in-universe. So when Clark Kent shows back up, it's kind of believable. Hal Jordan was either Parallax or dead for ten years IRL, which must be a significant amount of time in-universe. How the fuck does he go back to having a secret identity? Or does he not have a secret identity anymore? Shouldn't all the regular people be scared of him for what he did as Parallax? I've read pretty much every Green Lantern story (including Green Lantern Corps and that Ion miniseries) from Rebirth to Blackest Night, and I don't think I've seen this addressed, when it really should have been the first thing to address as soon as Hal came back to life. This goes double for Barry Allen. He was dead for years in-universe. How did he just get his life back, including his secret identity? Iris West was dead for even longer. Enough time for Barry to get over her and get married again and then die and for his sidekick to grow up and have kids of his own. And when she came back, she did use a secret identity because the world thought Iris West was dead. But then eventually she became Iris West again. And then when Flashpoint happened Iris forgot that she knew Barry's identity, and presumably forgot that she was married to him and that they were both "dead" for decades. Okay, fine, I can accept that. But there was a period before Flashpoint when this made no sense. And then they remembered most of this stuff after Rebirth, so presumably everyone else remembered too, and then it didn't make sense again. It would be easier to just say the entire world knows Barry Allen is The Flash and Iris West is a time traveler from the 30th century. But that would destroy a significant aspect of the character. Also there was the time Wally West revealed he was The Flash, and that didn't work out long term. And he was a pretty different character from Barry anyway, since he was a superhero since he was a kid, and didn't have much of a life before he became one. And with all the de-aging and disappearing for decades that has happened to the Justice Society, none of them could have secret identities anymore, right? But then why aren't people coming to their door and hassling them all the time? I guess they have all sorts of things set up to protect them from supervillains and stuff, but using things like that to keep regular people away from them doesn't seem very heroic. Why isn't the paparazzi harassing Alan Scott about how it feels to be a 100 year old man who looks at his children and feels compelled to tell them that he loves putting penises in his butt? Surely that would be quite a story. He should never be able to have a moment's peace. Even if he wasn't the world's first superhero. >>16148 >Only reason writers didn't do it is few early heroes had family to reveal it to (Superman's parents live far away from where he lives) Superman's parents were dead on Earth-Two and Earth-One. Man of Steel is the one that kept them alive until the present day, in 1986. Also, originally they said the people who found him just gave him to an orphanage. I don't get how nobody at the orphanage didn't know who Superman was. Maybe they did and just kept their mouths shut. When they introduced the concept of Superboy in 1945, they said that the people who left him at the orphanage regretted it and returned to pick him up shortly after. The Kents then knew his secret identity in all the Superboy stories, but they died before he was an adult. >>16173 >The audience knows that status quo changes regarding it don't end up sticking and that they do not tend to lead to shake ups in anything else. There are cases where it does happen, like Iron Man, Captain America, Flash, etc. Sometimes things get changed back after an extended period of time, but still.

(1.29 MB 2800x1941 0001 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(143.66 KB 1400x1994 0003 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(129.03 KB 1400x1998 0004 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(155.08 KB 1400x1996 0005 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(245.56 KB 1400x1995 0006 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

Time to get in shape, you lazy fucks! Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 03:30:52 No. 16262 [Reply]
Stan Lee Presents: Stop Being A Fatass, You Twinkie-Engulfing Sperglords!
23 posts and 115 images omitted.
(384.83 KB 1400x2021 0124 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(531.43 KB 1400x2020 0125 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(805.52 KB 1400x2013 0126 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(188.56 KB 1400x2020 0127 - scan edit by aquila.jpg)

(48.03 KB 300x100 co stan the man.png)

>>16287 That's it. Now get out there and shine, True Believers!
>>16288 I followed the advice, did the workout, and woke up so swole this morning that I can't actually wipe my own ass, anymore

(142.96 KB 948x1300 korgoth of barbaria.jpg)

(144.77 KB 480x272 3 dog band.png)

Shows that Never Were Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 02:11:26 No. 16167 [Reply]
Most shows start off with a pilot episode, but a lot of shows never get past the pilot stage. And hell, sometimes they never even get past the concept stage in someone's portfolio. Which is a shame because a lot of failed pilots are miles above the quality of stuff we see broadcasted today. Do you have any favorites? Know any obscure ones people never talk about? Anything you're just really disappointed never made the cut? Some well known ones: >The Modifyers >Danger Planet >Constant Payne (that one about a girl and her spy dad that got turned down because of a scene resembling the 9/11 attacks) >Welcome to Eltingville >The Amazing Screw-on Head >A Kitty Bobo Show My personal favorite is Korgoth of Barbaria, a Conan the Barbarian-inspired fantasy farce featuring incredible animation and a massive cast of talented voices. Created by Aaron Springer and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, it was originally picked up by Adult Swim but got dropped because of how much it cost to produce. Another favorite of mine is 3 Dog Band, which just had very fun visuals and great music.
7 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>16219 Which was tolerable until it got cancelled and returned the first time, most likely with less Seth involvement since American Dad has lasted a lot longer in terms of entertainment value.
>>16224 >GKND Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. It was a really neat take on the show's concept but I can understand why it wouldn't have the same appeal. Presenting aging as some sort of universe-wide disease that a group's intent on completely wiping out is a pretty dark idea for a kid (and even teen) show.
(135.07 KB 1300x501 Flint-Family-Stones.jpg)

>>16224 It's for the best, anon. >>16252 Adult Swim is the only reason why Fox revived it, and ever since its revival, Seth has always been trying to get away from it. Which brings us to that Flintstones reboot idea he had.

Comics continue to embarass themselves. Starfire has a Gay Goth Daughter Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 00:02:12 No. 7688 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.vn/Y7llr If that's not bad enough, it's a self-insert of Mariko Tamaki. Also, when has goth been in relevant recently? Goth is more like a 90s to early 2000s thing. Here is also the summary which is cringe. "From New York Times bestselling author Mariko Tamaki (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass) and artist Yoshi Yoshitani (Zatanna and the House of Secrets) comes a story about Mandy, the daughter of super-famous superhero Starfire, and her desperate attempts to get out from under her shadow. Seventeen-year-old Mandy Koriand'r is not her mother. Daughter of Starfire and high school outcast, Mandy is constantly trying to get out from under the shadow of her bright, bubbly, scantily clad, and famous mother. Dyeing her bright orange hair black and sticking close to her best friend, Lincoln, Mandy spends her days at school avoiding Teen Titans superfans and trying to hide her feelings for the gorgeous, popular, and perfect Claire. And while Mandy usually avoids spending too much time with her alien mother, she's been particularly quiet as she's keeping one major secret from her: Mandy walked out of her S.A.T. While Mandy continues to tell Lincoln her plans of moving to France to escape the family spotlight and not go to college, she secretly hides a fear of not knowing her identity outside of just being the daughter of a superhero and who she will become. But when she is partnered with Claire to work on a school project, their friendship develops into something more and a self-confidence unknown to Mandy begins to bloom. Claire seems to like Mandy for being Mandy, not the daughter of Starfire. But when someone from Starfire's past comes to disrupt Mandy's future, Mandy must finally make a choice: give up before the battle has even begun, or step into the unknown and risk everything. I Am Not Starfire is a story about mother-daughter relationships, embracing where you come from while finding your own identity, and learning to be unafraid of failing, if it was even failing in the first place."
140 posts and 217 images omitted.
(355.99 KB 780x375 gsnk_disgust.png)

>>15933 >>16088 Written and drawn by Japanese women for young women...is this shit supposed to compete with Shoujo and Josei? Even the trashiest shoujo I've read is million times better for the basic reasons of not having ugly self-insert dyke and ugly art style. The closest things to be Shoujo and Josei in USA which I know of, are Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey which are basically non-drawn trashy shoujo and josei. I came to believe that the whole internet fad of mocking those shitty franchises was feminist psyops because god forbid there will be something made for women by women instead of preachy dyke shit. >>15907 >Nightwing's ass Looks like a woman's, in fact he looks like a tranny dwarf. >>15957 I hope to see more outsourcing to Japan.
>>16238 >Looks like a woman's, in fact he looks like a tranny dwarf. Another self-insert, I guess?
(111.81 KB 515x285 lets-learn-japanese.jpg)

>>16238 >Written and drawn by Japanese women for young women But why is it only in English?

Thea White, Voice of Muriel Bagge on ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog,’ Dies at 81 Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 02:16:24 No. 16168 [Reply]
>Thea White, an actor best known for voicing the sweet-natured Scotswoman Muriel Bagge on Cartoon Network’s “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” died on July 30. She was 81. >Born on June 16, 1940 in Newark, N.J., White began acting professionally on stage in her 20s, according to Zitzner’s post. She also held jobs as a librarian and the personal assistant to Marlene Dietrich. White was married to Andy White, who drummed on several the Beatles songs including “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You,” from 1983 until his death in 2015. >In his post, Zitzner wrote that White was “looking forward to seeing” her latest project voicing Muriel, the film “Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog,” which is set to come out this year. https://archive.is/YBAr5
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
(602.45 KB 500x325 1432793851077.gif)

>>16188 There were shorts on the Mexican CN that had the Grim Reaper crossing over other IP's, one of them where Fred Flinstone spits out a chicken bone leaving him with a hole in his forehead.
(9.03 KB 250x192 muppets grover F.jpg)

(376.20 KB 1080x1350 E1BncXPVcAIVHTY.jpg)

Venom Anonymous 05/10/2021 (Mon) 14:23:30 No. 12776 [Reply]
Poster & trailer have dropped for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Discuss all things Venom. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-ezfi6FQ8Ds
32 posts and 17 images omitted.
(33.69 KB 324x340 marvel venom reeeeeee.jpg)

>>16189 >Shriek is a nig. Naturally. Holy fuck, are we ever going to get a break from this fucking bullshit? >Venom symbiote is going through some hormonal shit due to being "pregnant" Ungh. At least Carnage looks goo-- >"THAT is a RED ONE!" It's your fucking child, retard. Spank it. This is why the MCU did better overall than Sony's attempts. Not even the smallest amount of respect for the story that made the characters popular in the first place.
Didn't like the first movie, it was too retarded. I was hoping for the symbiotes to invade and eat everybody in Earth, since that would be more interesting. >>16212 >are we ever going to get a break from this fucking bullshit? Nope.
(45.10 KB 1200x313 depression falling star.gif)

>>16220 I live with chronic depression. All through my live, the things that kept me going were dreams of a bigger world with heroes who fought villains and won. They'd have their setbacks but they'd keep fighting. Now, I have nearly nothing left. Every time I get a depressive episode, I try to find solace in the things I loved, but some psychopaths have managed to do the impossible: retroactively destroy them as badly as if they'd used a time machine to shoot the original creators. I'm in the middle of a depressive episode right this minute, and I can't find anything to ease the pain. So now I'm just this brain floating in sadness chemicals, forever voyaging and waiting for death. We've all been attacked by these people over and over and over again, and very few of them get punished. WHEN do we get to punish them?

Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 16:02:11 No. 797 [Reply] [Last]
I never see anyone talk about The Owl House, is it any good?
100 posts and 25 images omitted.
(57.81 KB 1080x607 xenobladefaces.jpg)

>>1328 >The local setting is the corpse of a long dead giant where it created its own unique ecosystem
(5.81 MB 3354x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>16164 One of the earliest and most interesting ideas about the show is that the boiling isles are the rotting corpse of a giant creature and the demons were born out its flesh. It kinda reminded me Bionicle and Jolies Tenebres. Sadly, since the people writing this cartoon are retarded as fuck they think it's more important to put gay romantic drama as priority so the giant rotting corpse of an elder god gets barely any attention. >>1328 To be honest, the watered down designs are the least of their problems. The setting is barely developed and the characters are very inconsistent, for example, the MC premise is that she wants to learn magic but this only happen in a couple of episode, most of the time she just learn it out of screen. A better example is how Amity started as a proud witch kind of Malfoy but then her personality got reduced as "lusting over Luz" and "gay panics" and nothing else in a lapse of two episodes. It's incredible how much they've fucked up a premise so good like this one.
(1.45 MB 1191x670 ClipboardImage.png)

>>16230 It's a Xenoblade screenshot. It's literally a description of the setting of Xenoblade.

(21.55 KB 254x261 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT - Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 04:34:07 No. 14184 [Reply]
The Taito Superman arcade game from 1988 has this woman as an unused graphic. Is she an existing DC character?
9 posts omitted.
>>14295 The thing over her right breast sort of evokes the shape of Harbinger's costume, not to mention the general color scheme, but those weird things on her arms look more like Lady Quark, also from the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Of course the rest of her doesn't look similar at all.
(119.08 KB 480x315 ClipboardImage.png)

Is the design on the Legion Flight Ring ever used in-universe as a logo for the Legion itself? Has their backstory ever been elaborated on, or is it just tech that exists in the 31st century?
(86.72 KB 350x262 chinman.jpg)

>>14184 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Valiant#Reprints >Hastings House produced seven hardback Prince Valiant books in the 1950s, using the illustrations by Foster but with the text simplified by Max Trell and for the last two books by James Flowers. >text simplified Does anyone know what they mean by this? It's really vague, since it can either mean that the text itself was made to be more simple i.e. more legible, or that they fucked with the prose. I'm curious because I seemed to have found a source for the comics, but it seems to be the '50s reprint. Thanks.

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