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(125.10 KB 1024x1024 EpNybyMXIAIWk-E.jpg)

(127.21 KB 1024x1024 EpNyb89XcAImIfn.jpg)

(104.95 KB 1024x1024 EpNycG2XIAEhhOa.jpg)

(112.76 KB 1024x1024 EpNycThXYAE8aie.jpg)

(398.78 KB 640x1006 ClipboardImage.png)

Cartoon Network Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 22:48:05 No. 8049 [Reply] [Last]
>Are you sure this will make kids watch our cartoons? <Cartoons? https://archive.md/IJ5wG
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>>21398 Yeah Victorian England was trash. The stairs were even dangerous. **Not joking, like seriously.
>>21415 Stairs around the rest of the world were also trash. We take for granted how standardized things are in the first world now. Victorian England sucked compared to the late 20th century, but it was better than most other contemporary locations.
>>20256 What's this guy's problem anyway? Lack of self-confidence?

(2.00 MB 1280x720 InBI5DQ-bTIqYzov.mp4)

Anonymous 10/27/2021 (Wed) 04:37:19 No. 18969 [Reply] [Last]
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(180.23 KB 1200x900 D55kSO0XkAAIVZC.jpg)

(162.70 KB 900x1200 DG-B6RiWsAApymm.jpg)


(19.52 KB 400x300 5e6d01bf5c3d7.image.jpg)

(70.65 KB 576x489 Miller-Keystone.jpg)

>>21259 thank, you, id say that that is a she and if anything as mentioning by >>21265 she is trooning "male" here are the pics of the troon in question i mentioned where you can see the feet think i spoke off, last two are a bit iffy because it cuts off, but you can tell the angle
>>21348 the feet thing*
(127.82 KB 460x319 simpsons completely calm.jpg)

>>21348 I'm trying to stop drinking Rageahol™ these days, but one of the most incandescent rageaholic episodes I suffered was watching Rand Paul go after this faggot about forcing parents to let their children transition. This piece of filth refused to answer and just ran out the clock, which is an admission of "yes, we're coming for your children." Of all the crimes that can be laid at Biden's (and his controllers') feet, giving a fellow pedophile unfettered access to an entire nation's children is one of the most egregious.

(368.69 KB 591x561 1469457672202194945.png)

Venture Bros Anonymous 12/12/2021 (Sun) 12:57:42 No. 21043 [Reply]
https://twitter.com/JamesUrbaniak/status/1469457672202194945 After so many years, the curtain is finally falling on the Venture bros. I'm sad to see them go, though I'm glad the creators at least get a movie to somewhat wrap things up on their own terms.
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>>21251 Great. Can't wait to see the full frontal sex scene with Hunter and Shoreleave.
>>21256 I doubt it, it's just Warner Bros streaming service.
(170.59 KB 318x257 1462329843480.png)

>>21256 The series on HBO Max is still fucking censored, they even censor the word God if it is followed by any variation of damn.

(202.36 KB 900x1366 FFmSP7QXwAkH0Ez.jpg)

(85.78 KB 648x822 FFioF2gWYAMomXS.jpg)

Anonymous 12/07/2021 (Tue) 03:20:13 No. 20919 [Reply]
Didn't see a thread, but good ole She-Hulk is back. But for how long?
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>>21161 >John Byrne happens to be the guy who made it canon that Reed Richards met Sue Storm when he was an adult and she was a child I am not in any way suggesting Byrne isn't a complete deviant, but my little brother had that issue and Reed appeared to be 17-18 at the time, (boarding with the Storms while attending college) with Sue being 10-11 (hard to tell because Byrne always draws kids as dwarves). Sue got a crush on him, which is fine, that happens, and Reed appeared super uncomfortable with the whole thing. THAT SAID... It's absolutely disgusting that he'd even consider a relationship with her when she came of age. I knew a young girl who appeared to have a crush on me when I was a teenager. She came of age, and was very beautiful, but all I saw was the kid who cut her Barbies' hair with safety scissors and threw a shit fit when her mom told her should couldn't get a popsicle from the ice cream guy in the summer. I can't imagine a real-life Reed could have met Sue 10 years later and thought "Hubba hubba!" There's also another horrifying wrinkle to this: Reed's fiercest competition for his wife is a man who fought Nazis in WWII. Sue seems to have a type.
>>21162 You call it disgusting, but that age gap was not at all uncommon until very recent decades. Also, Reed and Ben also fought in World War II originally. They just sort of don't specifically refer to what war they fought in anymore.
>>21175 >You call it disgusting, but that age gap was not at all uncommon until very recent decades. It was pretty gross back then, too.

(183.47 KB 995x618 1_MUshUmFinUe4LCZJS6gZAQ.jpg)

What if? What if EEnE was a LongRunner? 12/15/2021 (Wed) 05:19:52 No. 21165 [Reply]
What will the show become if it never ended with "Big Picture Show"?
>>21165 Tired and dead. The fate of all shows that are not canceled when their premise grows tired. Big Picture Show was a good send off. Right now you would probably watch >EEnE Higher EDucation With them in college or some shit.
Ever heard of The Simpsons?

What if Spongebob never existed? Anonymous 09/04/2021 (Sat) 10:26:49 No. 17549 [Reply]
What if Stephen Hillenburg never had created Spongebob? what if he died early in the 80's or 90s before he starting creating the show? what will be it's impact on the Media industry in an alternate universe with Spongebob never happened?
22 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>21019 It might not have been anyone's favorite, but it had broad appeal. It was well made and everyone liked it, even if they didnt love it. Also it probably fared well with execs because it was "cute", and people who actually cared about the industry could respect it as actually being well made, at least in the first three seasons. It was legitimately well written and had good art design and animation. The weirdness worked for the concepts. Also having Jewish stuff shoehorned in sometimes might have helped. Until the ADL turned on them later.
>>17579 >Stop yelling retard. At no point did he yell "Retard."
(2.73 MB 300x225 simpsonsworldpeace.gif)

>>17549 >What if Spongebob never existed?

(4.60 KB 250x240 1637048716624.jpg)

Anonymous 11/25/2021 (Thu) 21:03:28 No. 20555 [Reply]
How do you become a cartoon artist in this day and age? Do you have to go down the animator route? Is being independent an option?
14 posts and 4 images omitted.
(59.91 KB 403x345 0288b28.jpg)

>>20555 >cartoon artist Everyone can do it with practice and passion anon. Now, if you mean, "can I make a living or reach a goodly amount of fame" then that's up to you and how many cocks you can such physically (old producer wrinkle cock) and figuratively (agreeing with your "senpais" in every single thing for years).
>>20555 It's really easy. Step 1: Be ready to draw 8-12 hours daily Step 2: Do this for 12 years Step 3: Profit
(723.97 KB 428x432 disdain.png)

>>20812 >schizo

(19.32 KB 640x183 Cartoon Network.png)

Anonymous 11/18/2021 (Thu) 03:20:57 No. 20228 [Reply] [Last]
>Samurai Jack >Megas XLR >Courage the Cowardly Dog >The Powerpuff Girls >Johnny Bravo >Dexter's Lab >Ed, Edd, n Eddy >Codename: Kids Next Door >The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy >Most iterations of Toonami >Most iterations of Adult Swim Can we all agree that Cartoon Network is generally better than Pedolodean?
35 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>20749 Chalk Zone is a gem for its concept. And yes, its bumbling creators were the cause of its rapid decline. >>20756 >Rugrats: Pre-Skool Daze <A show focusing on Angelica and Suzie alone. Some concepts work. Whereas others, not so much. Even The Patrick Star Show features the main forerunner But Nick's execs have too much of a big head to see sense. Which is why the post movies seasons were mediocre.
>>20864 wasnt chalk zone a rip-off of Penny Crayon?
(1.32 MB 1044x1040 Miss Heed Waifu.png)

You forgot one

(4.08 MB 400x266 popcorn.gif)

(588.92 KB 656x369 This is fine.png)

Comic Industry Collapse Watch Thread Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 19:32:45 No. 179 [Reply] [Last]
>Corona-chan is fucking over the world economy >Now years of shit stories, forced agendas and awful sales have lead to the collapse of the industry >Diamond going bust >Shops going bust >The mouse planning to kill Marvel What a wonderful time to be alive.
504 posts and 178 images omitted.
>>20834 It was the early 2000's and such movies were deemed so for nerds. Even with the Maxim stunt and A-list cast, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was still met with mixed reviews. It was the same for Heavy Metal 2000.
>>20838 Even tho you could make some sense. Anon cmon >craked Is not a source to cite in any discussion, it's on the same level of CH or the onion. Here's literally the end of the article you posted "This is why, when some people point out how racist the Lord of the Rings stories are (i.e., orcs are evil by virtue of being born orcs, dwarfs are greedy because they are dwarfs, Aragorn is heroic due to his "blood"), it's both correct and unfair. It's correct because, yes, that is the way Tolkien's universe is set up -- nobody in the stories hesitates to make sweeping generalizations about a race, and they're always proven right when they do. Frodo's magical sword didn't glow in the presence of enemies, it glowed in the presence of a certain race (orcs). Go write a movie about a hero with a gun that glows in the presence of Arabs. See what happens. But it's also unfair, because Tolkien clearly didn't sit down and think, "I'm going to increase the net weight of racism in the world in order to firmly establish white dominance! And I'll do it with elves!" He was just writing what he knew. Of course a guy born in 1892 assumed that Nordic races were evolved and graceful, that certain other races were born savages and that midgets love axes. Hell, he could have been the least racist person he knew, and he'd still be the equivalent of a Klansman today. Whether or not the agenda was intentional is utterly irrelevant."
>>20828 That wasn't the argument being made in the post you quoted. The argument being made wasn't that you didn't say "most," it wasn't about percentages, it was clearly agreeing with you in the assessment of the current industry. The point being made is that the current industry is an anomaly that does not reflect the broader history of the industry, and the complaints about it should specifically be directed to the modern industry, as to imply things were always like this is simply incorrect. To continue with the Star Wars references, Anakin Skywalker was killed by Darth Vader, from a certain point of view. The current industry is not the same as the one that existed from the 1930s until like five years ago. It didn't just evolve, it got taken over. Even the specific part you quoted obviously isn't even about percentages. If someone is here talking about Star Trek TOS, to jump in and act like Discovery or Picard are really the same thing is missing the point. >>20833 They've had subscription services for a long time but they suck. For example, you'd think they'd have practically every comic the company ever published. Nope. Despite how important continuity is, what you get is a random smattering of issues. You can't just sit down and read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man in order. I also understand there are some cases where particular things have rights problems. Like that issue of Marvel-Team Up where Spider-Man meets the Not Ready for Prime-Time Players and John Belushi fights The Silver Samurai is missing from the Essential Marvel-Team Up collections, but missing that issue is a lot more understandable than just missing random issues of the original Clone Saga or whatever. But then again, to do sit down and read all of Amazing Spider-Man without also reading Spectacular and Team-Up and Web Of and all the other Spider-Man stuff would still leave out most of the story. You need all of that. And actually, what would really be useful would be different ways to sort things, like not just every issue of a series, but every appearance of a character sorted by release date. Hell, every comic they have on their service, sorted by release date, should be an option. Actually, custom lists would be useful too, and users could share them, because sometimes getting a full story, especially in modern stuff, is just a huge clusterfuck. Especially when it's a character that has multiple series that take place in "the present" but all release at the same time and all end every issue on a cliffhanger. What they need is a subscription for a reasonable price, obviously no more than Netflix, that has every comic the company has the rights for, maybe with exceptions so that a comic gets a grace period of being published for like six months to maybe two years before getting added to the subscription service, because I know they want to try to make money off selling new stuff individually, but a subscription even just for old stuff would still be good. Add some quality of life stuff like the sorting options I just mentioned, which should be trivially easy. And of course make sure the basic reading experience is adequate, with decent zoom functions and all that. These things don't sound like they should be very hard, but it's more than any comic company has been able to do. If they did, they'd probably make some money. But they are just too damn stupid. >>20839 >You're predicating your claim on an inherent equality in ideological beliefs I don't see where he implied this. There are plenty of other arguments in favor of absolute freedom of speech. For example, one argument would be that you're precisely the type of person who will be silenced once anyone gets enough power to silence masses. Hell, by the fact that you've been chased all the way to this dank corner of the internet, we can see that they've already been trying to silence you. People shouldn't have that kind of power. >>20899

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 16:02:11 No. 797 [Reply] [Last]
I never see anyone talk about The Owl House, is it any good?
157 posts and 57 images omitted.
>>20005 Both looks like astroboy
>>3968 >as if they need to make 1 if the results are still the same with the shows already out
(472.11 KB 666x555 Random_Reaction_Image.png)

>>797 I liked it. An I wrote a fairly long review about it. But then I realized that I was writing about the western-girl-frog-isekai, and not this western-girl-owl-isekai. Ok. Mixing them up is bad, right? How could anyone mix them up? One is about a normal girl that ends up in a magical world, making friends and fumbling around, learning how the fantasy world works. Then she finds out that she has The Power. The Power to change the fantasy world. And the other show is the same. Really tough: I like how the Owl House handles the oppressive totalitarian themes. The rulers do not want an uprising, they want obidient serfs. It's a bit on the nose, but the bad guys are just Stalin and Lenin. Iconography is priceless in this one.

Anonymous 11/20/2021 (Sat) 02:57:19 No. 20276 [Reply]
Oh look at the time. It's movie time! Choose from the following movies: The Gumby Movie The Nut Job The Sub-Par Dinosaur OR You can choose the Ted Box or the Yaki Box. The Ted Box smells like gritty EXTREMELY LOUD primary colors. The Yaki Box smells like intense bullying on a tiny scale. JOIN US. https://vaughn.live/tedfufu
13 posts and 26 images omitted.
(78.41 KB 712x428 ART.jpeg)

(127.76 KB 1200x500 Dick_Tracy.jpg)

Up next Dick Tracy. When you allow your director to go nuts with costuming and practical effects you get this Golden Age wonder of a movie
(181.91 KB 666x333 Luluco_horrible_place.png)

>>20276 Oh no! What's in the box?

Anonymous 10/05/2021 (Tue) 23:55:47 No. 18294 [Reply]
It's Spooky Month! Got any specials you always come back to every year or remember fondly?
21 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>18322 >>18294 I’m surprised the Halloween tree isn’t talk about more. It’s shockingly dark for Hanna Barbera Christmas special. its a movie that should’ve had Creepypasta written about it.
>>18394 >Hocus Pocus is in its own tier, the only thing Hocus pocus spawn amusing among of porn and erotica fan fiction. A lot of it people with women online.
>>20809 I don’t want to imagine porn of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Peggie Hill, but your post has given me that mental image.

Don't Let The Cartoon Bastards Grind You Down Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 20:50:39 No. 20660 [Reply]
YOU CAN make your own cartoons you (do not) need tv/streaming service funding voice actors are (not) expensive creativity is limitless
Sure, you don't need anybody's permission to git gud at art and make your own stuff. But the barriers and middlemen of Bakshi's day have simply given way to new ones, especially if you don't want to be beholden to executive suits and industry cliques. You can't just be an artist/animator, you have to be your own salesman/networker/fundraiser too. You gotta navigate through the algorithms of YouTube/Twitter/Instagram to actually reach people. And if you dabble in the kind of stuff likely to get you banned or cancelled, you have learn basic OPSEC/threat modeling (to avoid doxing) and be on the lookout for ways to circumvent social censorship. That's not to dissuade people from trying at all. The road is going to be rocky, but we do have the tools and resources to navigate it as safely as possible.
(55.23 KB 548x402 bakshi heavy traffic.jpg)

>>20660 >voice actors are (not) expensive Good ones know their value, though. But who knows, maybe you'd discover the next Billy West? >>20746 >But the barriers and middlemen of Bakshi's day have simply given way to new ones, Same in all creative industries, I'm afraid. Kowtow to the jews and advance their agenda re: trannies and gays and your in. Mention that you once liked a Tim Allen tweet and your ass is grass.

Comics continue to embarass themselves. Starfire has a Gay Goth Daughter Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 00:02:12 No. 7688 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.vn/Y7llr If that's not bad enough, it's a self-insert of Mariko Tamaki. Also, when has goth been in relevant recently? Goth is more like a 90s to early 2000s thing. Here is also the summary which is cringe. "From New York Times bestselling author Mariko Tamaki (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass) and artist Yoshi Yoshitani (Zatanna and the House of Secrets) comes a story about Mandy, the daughter of super-famous superhero Starfire, and her desperate attempts to get out from under her shadow. Seventeen-year-old Mandy Koriand'r is not her mother. Daughter of Starfire and high school outcast, Mandy is constantly trying to get out from under the shadow of her bright, bubbly, scantily clad, and famous mother. Dyeing her bright orange hair black and sticking close to her best friend, Lincoln, Mandy spends her days at school avoiding Teen Titans superfans and trying to hide her feelings for the gorgeous, popular, and perfect Claire. And while Mandy usually avoids spending too much time with her alien mother, she's been particularly quiet as she's keeping one major secret from her: Mandy walked out of her S.A.T. While Mandy continues to tell Lincoln her plans of moving to France to escape the family spotlight and not go to college, she secretly hides a fear of not knowing her identity outside of just being the daughter of a superhero and who she will become. But when she is partnered with Claire to work on a school project, their friendship develops into something more and a self-confidence unknown to Mandy begins to bloom. Claire seems to like Mandy for being Mandy, not the daughter of Starfire. But when someone from Starfire's past comes to disrupt Mandy's future, Mandy must finally make a choice: give up before the battle has even begun, or step into the unknown and risk everything. I Am Not Starfire is a story about mother-daughter relationships, embracing where you come from while finding your own identity, and learning to be unafraid of failing, if it was even failing in the first place."
183 posts and 241 images omitted.
>>17471 >While some might find her whiny, the story gives more than enough justification for her being the way that she is. I'm pretty sure a lot more than "some" would find her whiny. I can't even get through the whole thing because all she fucking does is whine about everything. Also her self entitled pretentious bullshit makes her completely unlikable, like expecting to move to France without a fuck ton of money and while being a fat piece of shit that doesn't work or expecting a car for her birthday.
(241.69 KB 341x313 Screenshot.png)

>>20723 Yeah, that's nothing new, though. I want to know about the canon half ew-jay thing. >>20731 >like expecting to move to France without a fuck ton of money and while being a fat piece of shit that doesn't work or expecting a car for her birthday. Her mom's a famous model and superhero. I've met a couple of rich kids who expect, and receive, just that kind of reward for being a lump. It's pretty horrifying that Mariko Terriaki fantasizes about this scenario. "Why do I have to write comic books?! Why can't I just keep eating until I fill an entire room with my protoplasmic girth?!"
>>7688 >I am NOT Starfire Why would anyone care who or what she is?

(684.55 KB 3300x2550 Xqp0nHc.jpg)

(95.56 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

four-eyes Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 01:57:56 No. 17805 [Reply]
What is this archetype called?
>>17805 God-Priest
(1.05 MB 900x1200 _MG_7147.jpg)

>>17805 >TROUGH THE WHOLL EPISODE I think I just figured out why Doc Hammer takes fucking forever to get the seasons out.
Flatwoods monster?

(370.59 KB 489x474 Lip Bite.PNG)

Villanous Anonymous 11/01/2021 (Mon) 13:09:40 No. 19425 [Reply] [Last]
Full fledged TV series is finally out How is it?
165 posts and 265 images omitted.
>>20669 Huh, didn't know this show was a Bloodborne prequel.
>>20669 I was expecting a centaur, but that also work.
(57.07 KB 250x313 lovecraft methulu.jpg)

>>20669 IA! IA!

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