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Michael Ouweleen Named President Of Adult Swim Anonymous 05/01/2020 (Fri) 03:28:39 No. 449 [Reply]
>Michael Ouweleen, a 20-year Turner networks veteran, has been named President of Adult Swim. >Ouweleen is well liked and respected within the Turner family and a veteran executive who knows the Adult Swim brand inside and out. While serving as creative director for the Adult Swim block, Ouweleen co-created, co-executive produced and co-wrote one of its first shows, Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law, starring Gary Cole and Stephen Colbert. He currently serves as executive producer on the Adult Swim series Birdgirl. >Ouweleen has been a primary driver of Cartoon Network’s global brand and a principle force behind its strategy and creative for more than 20 years. During his tenure, he’s held both senior content and brand positions at Cartoon Network and helped frame and launch Adult Swim and Boomerang We may get some decent animation shit from Adult Swim now and hopefully see the Smiling Friends go into full production. Maybe Genndy can get another series.
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>>449 is it official? I read he was a temporary replacement until someone else takes the helm.
>>887 I hope so, he seems like the ideal choice.
>>453 it won't be the same

Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 22:05:22 No. 661 [Reply]
>every major animation release this year is going vod I have fond memories of theaters but movie tickets are almost 20 bucks for any decent seating and they barely clean them. Hopefully this sparks demand for more straight to streaming animated films breaking Netflix's monopoly in the area. Considering its the only medium that works well with remote systems. And great for pirating http://archive.md/aOxWo
>>661 I hope theaters crash and burn. Movies might as well head to streaming already or at least bring back Drive-Ins.
>>661 Is that the Camp Coral pilot?
>>858 Doesn't look like it, maybe its a sleath proof of concept.

(1.30 MB 500x281 290132180932.gif)

Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 14:10:14 No. 831 [Reply]
The most poetic thing I've come to notice about this show is Rick's efforts to dismiss the existence of God. He has time and time again tried to proclaim his place as God by emulating what he thinks God is, and continually denounces religion in the face of his own Hubris, the kicker being that he prays to God the moment he's powerless. It suggests to me that he is always going on Atheistic tangents and trying to cement his place as a God among mortals in an effort to win his God's acknowledgement, because his own hubris veils his eyes from seeing the truth about himself. The Ricks Must Be Crazy indicates this with his spite for his universe's creator despite the fact that he was the creator of his battery Universe and the tiny verse's within it. A Rickle in Time indicates it's a facade with his prayers when he thought he was going to die, and his subsequent response after he fixed his collar.Something Ricked This Way Comes validates religion in a sense with the existence of the Devil, though it gets overlooked in later seasons most likely due to continuity errors. Whether intentional or not on Harmon's Part, it makes this show more Christian than it does Nihilist or Atheist in retrospect. Another observation is that without Jerry is far more competent than he's made out to be in the show. Without Rick, Jerry becomes more competent and becomes less dependent on Rick and Beth when he is forced to step up to the plate. With Rick Potion #9, the moment Rick was no longer in the picture, Jerry stepped up and saved Beth despite being willing to commit suicide if he found Beth cheating moments earlier. Despite earlier seasons portraying Jerry as stupid based on his irrational responses, his peeing on the floor schtick in Lawnmower Dog could be seen as a smart move considering snowball and the other dogs didn't act aggressively and dismissed him as a legitimate threat as a result, not to mention the implication of castration Jerry shrugged off as a haircut. Jerry is most likely not a genius, but his antics whether deliberate or not allow him to contest with Rick and Beth married him for a reason despite being the daughter of the Genius. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez speaks for itself. The general idea is that Rick is hailed as a God and Jerry is hailed as retarded, though the show demonstrates the opposite depending on how you look at it. Anyone else notice anything interesting about this show, intentional or unintentional?
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>>831 in the latest season they made fun of feminism (probably ironically) & tried to show Christianity in a positive light in the episode Never Ricking Morty because the writers want the audience to know that they are cool/edgy, they do not care about PC culture & progressives and are willing to offend people, as normalfags have realized they went too PC in the previous seasons and might have complained about it.In the latest episode Promortyus which is about not having children Rick says something about biological truth about having children or going extinct and they make fun of fags adopting children but you know that they are being ironic and the writers actually do not believe in that message as they go back to being PC/progressive right after being edgy.They just want to be seen as edgy and cool without offending anyone it is still a nihilist, progressive,PC show it always was
(63.45 KB 348x231 pickle.png)

>>831 Its just a dumb show for drunk pot smoking boomers and redditors. There's nothing deep about it.

(39.58 KB 400x300 EXwjPfBWoAMKXjA.jpg)

(22.44 KB 312x445 51S1SXy4eXL._SY445_.jpg)

(33.05 KB 600x450 EXxaIn0VAAUy7PW.jpg)

(31.30 KB 600x450 EXxaInzUEAApB58.jpg)

(259.79 KB 774x1199 EXxJZYLUEAA1tmh.jpg)

RIP Martin Pasko Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 00:09:30 No. 778 [Reply]
>Writer Martin Pasko has passed away at the age of 65. >Pasko was known for his multiple writing credits in comics, television and contribution on Batman: The Animated Series and Mask of the Phantasm https://archive.is/TYxBp
RIP. Haven't seen Mask of the Phantasm in years but I remember it being good.
(45.28 KB 1200x677 ETCDpM2XsAAaFPX[1].jpg)

>>779 >I remember it being good it really was

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