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(1.17 MB 1272x711 ClipboardImage.png)

Music video animations and standalone shorts Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 13:53:46 No. 13989
Post and discuss them. I primarily made this thread to share with anons the new McBess/McBaise video that came out yesterday. I liked it a lot and don't want to compress it, so here's a JuTube proxy link. Is the guy who made Double King still making new stuff? https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=n11j73OYqOY
Rebel Astronomer by Equinoxius The animation is an old soviet era toon about an astronaut.
(18.17 MB 640x360 Countdown.mp4)

A lot of these come across as pretentious
>>14967 >>14951 yeah, that one time
Hey, do you know the name of that one animated music video that's Russian and the lyrics are something like "Hamamu mambaru" and the characters in it I guess are african-like, and there's a cat in it, and there's a character with sunglasses? Do you know what I'm talking about because I forget what it's called.
>>15518 No. The artstyle of the video I have in mind is more crazy and cartoonish, and the cat is a purple cartoon cat with a big humanoid nose. The sunglasses guy technically doesn't have a head, but his head is just a pair of sunglasses and lips! There's also a bird-looking character that looks like the main protagonist of the video (pointy head). And lastly, the cresent moon is a recurring art piece in the video. I should have been more descriptive in my previous comment.
>>15544 Yeah that's pretty specific. Can't help you there.
>>15514 This isn't it since there are no darkies, but I found it while searching for yours and it's pretty fucking gear.
>>15558 According to a jewtube commenter: >Song name Русь молодая and clip from Prince Vladimir film
>>15545 I forgot to mention that it's from about 1993 and it appeared in a previous animated music videos thread (along with Zehn klein Jagermeister), probably on the original 8chan. What else is there? I think the the song has a tribal or warlike beat to it, you know, BUM BUM, BUM BUM, BUM BUM, BUM BUM. I mentioned the art style being cartoony, but it's also abstract. Aside from the big purple cat, the other characters don't resemble real world creatures, let alone human beings. The video begins with the little bird thing riding up to then entering a tower. The sunglasses character was holding a candle at some point, sneaking around in the tower. Electric guitar, accordion, and tuba are some instruments for the song. Again, the moon is a recurring element in the video, appearing in a window that resembles a portrait, like a portrait of the moon. and the chorus goes like this, I think: WEGOTTAGETTA MAMBARU, WEGOTTAGETTA MAMBARU. WEGOTTAGETTA MAMBARU, (OH OH, OH OH) WEGOTTAGETTA MAMBARUUUUUU! That's all I can think of, at least for now.
(35.10 KB 640x480 kidjonnyORLY.jpg)

>>15564 > the other characters don't resemble real world creatures, let alone human beings. Well, you DID say "African-like"
>>15558 Source of that movie, anon?
(78.31 KB 1018x785 Quest_but_not_Johnny_Quest.jpg)

Okay, I got it now! It's called Haru Mamburu! https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=VNKvtA9AkjI Took me a while to remember the name of it. >>15574 Here, have a Quest for your Johnny.
>>15588 Heiled. >>15576 >f
>>15576 >Source of that movie, anon? Buggered up my last message. Apparently it's called Prince Vladimir according to someone in the original vid's comments.
Anyone have webms of dub versions of songs from cartoons that were originally in English?
Curse of the Crystal Coconut is a Donkey Kong Country fanvideo by Alex Henderson with music Pirate's Scorn by Alestorm.
>>15938 I liked The Riddle music video. Both of those videos make me wonder if they were the inspiration for Vib Ribbon?
>>15938 >Prozzak >Gigi D'Agostino The good old days
(13.75 MB 600x480 Seeed - Ding.mp4)

(9.57 MB 384x288 klea - tic toc_.mp4)

Remember soem anons liked this video because of the girl being very cartoony.
I remember seeing this back when MTV still played music.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=qvR_Ref4S7Q Cannot download this one.
>>29253 yt-dlp werks for me.
(24.22 MB 854x480 Powder - New Tribe.mp4)

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