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(21.55 KB 254x261 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT - Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 04:34:07 No. 14184
The Taito Superman arcade game from 1988 has this woman as an unused graphic. Is she an existing DC character?
>>26350 >Batman is a warden at Arkham and the villianesses adopt their persona due to their trauma that Batman has to heal I can see a VN working with this premise.
>>26345 >That said, it would make at least characters like Harley Quinn better if she was made a Joker henchman turned Batman fangirl. What would make Harley Quinn better was if she was back to being a villain, a Joker henchman with a somewhat tragic backstory. Trying to make her anything more than that has been a disaster.
>>26352 >>26345 Instead of making Harley a Batman fangirl, wouldn't it just be easier to make a version of the Joker that's a woman from the start and just have her be a psycho yandere for Batman like the Joker already is.?
>>26353 Martha Wayne? A live action female Joker can even work? Who would be the actress?
>>26352 A Joker henchman yes but a villain on her own is bad. If she isn't Joker's henchman or Batman's crazy cum dump then there's no point to have her. >>26353 What're you fuckin gay?
>>26356 Man clearly wants clown titties, how is that gay?
>>26357 Because he has to genderbend Joker to get them instead of just using Harley.
>>26350 Believe it or not I don't want it to be completely smut. Just a bit smutty. I was replaying Arkham Knight recently and there's this bit with Catwoman after she's caught by riddler, she goes >You haven't apologized <For what >For this, criminals like Eddie left me alone until I started associating with you. They think I help you. And Kevin Conroy responds, in the most "I'm so tired of this shit" voice <You do.
>>26356 >A Joker henchman yes but a villain on her own is bad. It can work for the rare story where for some reason Joker isn't there. There can be one story where she tries to pull herself away from him, only to find she can't actually bring herself to do it, and come crawling back in the end. There can be a story or two where Joker is missing and Harley thinks she is fulfilling his wishes while he's away. But yes, even a story where Joker isn't actually there, Harley should still intrinsically be his henchman.
Any page for wallpapers?
(3.23 MB 1920x1080 Riddler mate.png)

>>26339 This was not what I meant.
>>25471 First one you hide redskull and normalfags will agree with it and realize its a straw man gone wrong. Second one is going too strong on keywords that triggers their training and they will immediately refuse it
(319.33 KB 600x726 demon vag.jpg)

It's is true that Frank become a icon for police and military (ignoring any character background) or was exaggerated?
>>26809 A lot of Military guys used the Punisher skull, but mostly because it looked cool. Military guys tend to use a lot of stuff because it looks cool without really caring where it comes from. I remember a couple guys not using the Punisher skull, but instead the symbol of the Iron Warriors from 40k.
(30.80 KB 743x1000 Punisher.png)

>>26809 Exaggerated. The skull simply looks cool and edgy in a way that appeals to normalfags who've never touched a Punisher comic in their lives. "The Punisher is an icon for police/military" just seems like an easy spin for Marvel to rage-bait people into reading another Jason Aaron story.
>>26810 >I remember a couple guys not using the Punisher skull, but instead the symbol of the Iron Warriors from 40k. There's a joke in there somewhere.
(295.62 KB 1355x1121 j.jpg)

Recommend me some 90s cartoons with attractive women who are skinny with hour glass bodies like Jessica rabbit with big boobs. I've already have Animaniacs, King of the Hill, who framed Roger Rabbit,
(612.37 KB 2312x3584 Inquisiton.webp)

>>26810 >>26932 I saw a bunch of pics of russians and ukranians using the symbols of the inquisition or other imperial logos in the ongoing war, shits hilarius.
>>26809 The question is: did they manage to sell Ninja Punisher at all?
Seeing all the lewds posted on /delicious/ and /ss/, I want to know, what is the list of shows, made in the past decade, that are actually worth watching and/or are non-pozzed?
>>28637 That's a pretty loaded question. It'd be easier to point out shows to avoid than shows that aren't pozzed.
>>28637 Primal, the only one I can think of.
>>28641 Just list off all the ones worth watching in green text, and pink text it if the show is pozzed despite being worth watching. Sort of like: >Good Cartoon 1 >Good Cartoon 2 <Good Cartoon 3 >Good Cartoon 4
>>28643 I'll just recommend Over The Garden Wall, Primal, & Kid Cosmic. I know at least Hilda has interracial couples. Don't know if it has any gays shoved into it but it is on Netflix.
>>28483 People only care about Marvel censoring the original skull, others complain about taking Frank out of the "street/semi-realistic" environment. It seems that the comic retcon Franks origin and also gave him superpowers
Out of curiousity, if modern capeshit writers are so obsessed with making villains out to be good guys, why do they never do anything like have Poison Ivy "greenifying" absolute deserts like North Africa and West Taiwan? You know, solve real problems.
>>29075 Because they're not good writers, the characters aren't good people, & the companies don't wanna piss off China.
>>29076 That, and their obsession with thinking that making something subversive is automatically clever and interesting. It isn't, especially now that antiheroes are the biggest cliche there is.
>>29075 The problem with the big two is the status quo of real life. The geopolitical nature of the world can't deviate much from the real world except for 'what if's. The mere presence of all these superpeople, let alone their actions, should change the course of history. The world should become it's own setting like DnD, or maybe fallout would be a better example. Instead, the timeline keeps grabbing things back from ours, mere lip service is paid to events that should be world-changing, and the world isn't allowed to have things like greenification of deserts happen. That said, deserts have their own flora and fauna so terraforming them may have a negative effect on said lifeforms. That's just off the top of my head though.
>>29102 >That said, deserts have their own flora and fauna so terraforming them may have a negative effect on said lifeforms. I mean things like the Sahara, where nothing grows. I don't mean "deserts" like the Middle East and Midwest America.
>>29102 Almost like superhero stories shouldn't be reflections of reality but what we should strive to be & dream of. Almost like it should be entertainment first or something. From there you can still have conflicts & allusions to reality but from the lens of a fictional world tackling the problems. Star Trek did it for decades.
>>29075 I'm pretty sure various villains have done that. I could have sworn I read some Swamp Thing stories from like 2014 about precisely what you describe. Might have been Floronic Man doing it, though. Or maybe that was a different but similar story since of course Swamp Thing would deal with stuff like that often. As has been mentioned, the stories end up being about how it doesn't actually help as much as it just disrupts equilibrium and causes more damage. >>29102 Watchmen and some other stories are about what you describe, the effect of these things on the world. That's why things work best when very specific real world events aren't mentioned often. 9/11 making Doctor Doom and Magneto cry is famously stupid since they do things a million times worse than 9/11 every day. Meanwhile, in the DC Universe, Imperiex was busy destroying the entire universe, and tons of major characters died, but to be fair, I can't recall any times DC actually mentioned 9/11 in universe. Because maybe it happened, but nobody would care since the world is such a nightmarish hellscape that 9/11 wouldn't even be newsworthy. Also, DC is helped by the fact Lex Luthor was president at the time, so there was no George Bush to set up the inside job. President Luthor's inside job was a giant kryptonite meteor instead. Much cooler. I mostly bring this up to point out how stupid it is to have Spider-Man meet Obama. Things like that shouldn't be referenced very specifically, especially by that point in the timeline, because yeah, things would change, and it's more fun if it's more sci-fi and more related to the story. I can buy early stories having Kennedy or Johnson or Nixon as president, but after a point it begins to beg the question of why things haven't changed more. On the other hand, sliding timescales make it so the past essentially becomes more and more like our world as it shifts further and further into the past. The Fantastic Four were the first people on the moon, until the timescale slid far enough so that their origin story took place after Apollo 11, so now Armstrong was the first guy on the moon.
>>29075 >why do they never do anything like have Poison Ivy "greenifying" absolute deserts like North Africa and West Taiwan? You know, solve real problems. Aside from the obvious, that'd be a bad fit for Ivy, given that Swamp Thing already exists and even the most charitable interpretations treat her "love" for plants as an extension of her psychopathy. Plus, it'd make DC pairing her with Harley Quinn more ridiculous.
>>29126 Yeah, the only "heroic" thing I could see Ivy doing is finally killing the Joker when he inevitably kills Harley at some point and then Batman stops her because "muh justice, muh due process, you can't kill my genocidal clown boyfriend."
>>29123 >9/11 making Doctor Doom and Magneto cry I would have thought Magneto would be happy given 9/11 was a triumph over the goyim non-mutants. > I can't recall any times DC actually mentioned 9/11 in universe. They might have just relegated it to special issues with Superman flying down meeting NYPD and NYCFD personnel and posed in front of the American flag at Ground Zero. But not in the mainline universe, no. The only reason I can think people would support real life events in comics is trying to go back to WW2 and say, "We had Superman fighting Nazis and Captain America punching Hitler so comics have always reflected the real world 1:1" Ignoring what propaganda is and the purpose it serves vs. regular storytelling.
>>29276 >reading dark avengers thunderbolts because bullseye and gargan venom >there is like 3 times when iron patriot osborn starts to talk about "in universe" politics like why the chinese radioactive men needs to hide his face to not show a chink beating american men, show the thunderbolts as non-lethal as possible and make songbird the leader because she was the most "friendly-looking" of the team I read it a time ago and not full I read Siege instead after a few volumes but probably there is a lot of that. Also the time when JJ Jameson prefer to have Moonstone Ms.Marvel instead of Gargan Spider-Man as the hero city because "sex sells" textually.

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