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Vidya Cartoons Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 21:02:49 No. 2354
Mega Hi! Cartoons based off of one or more video games or cartoons with a video game theme.
>>9241 How the fuck am I a schizo if this >>9243 keeps happening? How dare I question the likes of Jewywood.
>>9279 >How the fuck am I a schizo if this >>9243 keeps happening? Because you pay attention and have decent pattern recognition, that makes you a schizo in the eyes of normalniggers and other fuckwits who won't pay attention to the long-existent subversion of western media.
(537.32 KB 300x167 Eyebrow wonders.gif)
>>9288 >Use the boogeyman for marketing points >Hence why reddit's cattle forgive and forget and keep consooming shit >Rinse and repeat
Netflixvania is an example of how "heroism" today is about being a gamma male. Trevor is an edgy outcast and only helps other outcasts immediately. Same shit that gets us reddit and memey (scientist aka wizard saves world he holds in contempt). Throw in the "ugh humies are scum who won't do what i want them to/let me do what i want to also giggle giggle i'm so quirky" shit too. It'd be nice to find someone yapping about how much they hate man not have a problem with calling a Nigger a Nigger and that fags are degenerates who belong in camps.
(6.49 MB 1459x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
(5.58 MB 2048x1541 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.14 MB 2048x1464 ClipboardImage.png)
(734.67 KB 2048x1462 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.vn/CVa2b There was almost a Rock Man anime in 1992, but it stalled during pre-production (that's why these sketchs are so rough). Some concepts were reused for Ruby-Spears Mega Man.
>>9082 >Dracula gets some his power from outside forces, yes, but it's never been the Devil or other similar figure of evil. Chaos is Canon Castlevania's Devil figure. It was created from humanity's darkness and will always be around as long as there are humans. >The closest there's been to a single entity responsible for his power was the castle's heart of chaos Soma beat in AoS, and, even after it and the castle were destroyed, Soma still retained significant power just by being Dracula's incarnate, no outside forces necessary. Chaos cannot be destroyed, not for good, as long as there are humans. And Soma never achieves his full might unless he becomes the Dark Lord. >It's hard to blame his actions on outside influences or his own vampirism when, before he ever became a vampire or ruled over darkness, he plotted to have his best friend's fiance kidnapped by a vampire so she would be sacrificed to make a whip that said best friend would use to kill said vampire, so all he could become a vampire himself just to flip the bird to God. It's shown in the Canon Castlevania that vampirism warps you. Lecarde's daughters for one. Dracula being treacherous and scheming before doesn't mean becoming a vampire had no effect on him. And that's all relevant since the show treats vampires as just "better" humans.
CONFIRMED >Valve's League of Legends The Anime https://archive.is/wiImU Place your bingo sheets. >Directed by the Voltron faggots >Replace the main cast with the retards from Funanimation >Animated by low wage slaves from third world shitholes >Anime artstyle because "muh taboo shit" >Someone gets accused of sexual allegations >1st episode is alright, but 2nd everything will go downhill and starts from there.
(6.47 MB 320x240 gutsman.mp4)
>>8554 >Gutsman's ass is there Holy shit my sides.
>>9667 >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends
>>9755 Didn't you know that Gabe Newell made League of Legends just after he completed work on Terraria?
So you all hear about the Devil May Cry show which has the Castlevania Pajeet working on it
>>9983 Consider it dead Anon.
>>9983 Was there supposed to be a DMC cartoon? My dad would have loved that
>>9667 They are going to use generic anime character design instead of the stylized character design from the game which totally disappoints me. I'll put it as the kind of show I can stand with some friends a beer and a pizza but otherwise I wouldn't be giving a shit about them
>>9755 That's how much it sucks.
Looking over a video going over Hector and Isaac story in the games reminds me of how the writing in the show was bad enough to point out Dracula trying to kill everyone will starve all the vampires when that wasn't ever noted in the games (after all, there are plenty of other non-vampire monsters in the game's world and besides it's not confirmed that vampires in Castlevania's universe NEED to eat human blood as opposed to just any blood, plus there's magic and soul stealing even).
(24.11 KB 345x479 Julia_Laforeze_-_02.webp)
I'm not sure if I should be surprised they didn't put Julia in Netflixvania and make her a Nig too or not. The degenerates making it like others in showbusiness hate White Men but want to muh dik White Women so they let Darkies like Netflix Hector do it.
(9.13 KB 241x209 crazy.jpg)
>>9983 Oh yeah sure thing netflix, keep making shitty generic scripts for all the vidya that would have made very interesting shows, and then outsourcing the animation to cheap trashfactory korean studios and call it anime. Go fuck yourself Netflix.
(42.55 KB 495x619 images (4).png)
(65.82 KB 449x683 images (38).jpeg)
>>10038 As fas as I know Netflix doesn't work in their animated shows, they only buy projects to other studios. Wheter the final product is going to be good or not is up to the animation studio. I've seen other projects from Powerhouse (the animation studio that produced Castlevania) and all of them are generic and cheap as fuck, specially regarding animation. It's rather go fuck yoursel Powerhouse. That said, still, Netflix allows a market for this shitty anf cheap "american anime"
>>10046 >Blood of Zeus Thank you for reminding me this shit exists instead of a decent mythology animated.
(33.32 KB 284x500 51RBq-o5VpL._AC_[1].jpg)
>>10049 there's always The Mighty Hercules (1963-1966)
make predictions for castlevania's next season >trevor and sypha go "wahhh humanity is bad" until they see some small thing to make them decide genocide is bad >alucard goes "wahhh humanity is bad" until he sees some small thing to make him fight for muh social justice/ideals >lenoire gets away with it >isaac gets some nigger redemption >dracula is there i guess
>>10052 Looks like a mediocre Saturday Morning, are you serious or just memeing?
>>10721 it's from the early 60s, of course it looks mediocre but you can generally be assured of Heracles being Heracles and a minimum of social justice bullshit
What was the point of showing vampires eat food in season 3 if Dracula killing all humans would've starved them supposedly If they can eat food then they don't need blood. Lenoir only says blood is is their essential nourishment and that doesn't mean they need to drink human blood just (like how a traditional diet would be essential nourishment).
Oy. This'll be shit.
>>11859 >screen shotting a screen shot on discord
(49.85 KB 400x400 old get off muh lawn.jpg)
>>2354 Get on MY level, faggots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gjgK2WgQcU Watched all of these the day there were aired.
Castlevania Season 4 bad
(2.07 MB 311x240 WAGGH.gif)
>>12937 You dont say?
>>13604 They had one of the hordes of Niggers in Medieval Central Europe say they were always there
So what was the point of Hector in the show? He never really accomplished anything.
https://www.cbr.com/new-castlevania-series-netflix-richter-belmont >Richter Of course they skip right to SotN.
>>13935 or to Rondo or worst case scenario Vampire's Kiss

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