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/co/ Pain Thread 4: You go girl! Anonymous 07/27/2022 (Wed) 03:51:49 No. 27852
Welcome to the next thread for any & all /co/ related pain in comics, movies, or TV. Somehow the MCU's 4th phase is now over with a whole lot of nothing happening with a point to build up to. But hey now you're getting... Aztec Namor & Ironheart in Wakanda. I got a question. Wakanda niggas wear white & do dumb dances at a funeral for their king? Why do the buildings look like sand castle buildings you find in the middle east? I though Wakanda was super advanced. Next we got.... She-Hulk without the sex appeal & way less clever comedy. Fun. Least they're really determined to flanderize Daredevil now. Speaking of which, there's also 2 new animated shows coming to Disney+. The first, a continuation of the 90s X-men cartoon. Assuredly they won't ruin them like they have in movies & comics, right? Then the next is a prequel Spider-man show that makes literally no sense in the established MCU.
(21.05 MB 1920x1036 myahee.mp4)

>>29224 Why did you do that to yourself?
>>29227 Curiosity got the better of me & I had to know for sure just how bad it really was. It's no Turning Red at least. That movie made me actually angry. This movie's pretty unrealistic though. In the sense that Katie's dream is too ambitious for her meager skills of film making that don't improve since she was a kid. Yet somehow she gets accepted & romanticizes college as this dream land where she'll finally be accepted by people around her. It's very head in the cloud ambition that the movie doesn't do enough to illustrate just how unprepared Katie really is.
>>29226 Part of the fun of singing Dragostea Din Tei is that it's not in English. >>29224 It's just so very plain. You have the father who has legitimate concerns about their child learning skills that will allow them to be an independent adult. Opposed to that is a child who can probably "make it" as a YouTuber, but doesn't understand that the "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" aesthetic of their animation won't be appreciated by everyone.
>>29229 It's not even that Rick wants her to learn something practical. It's just that he doesn't think her dream is profitable or achievable. Which I can't blame him considering the quality of her work. He also doesn't want her to feel the pain he felt giving up his dream of living innawoods. 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' has a message & aesthetic it's going for. Katie's art is on the tier of a little kid's & her filmography is just comedies or parodies. All made without a budget or technical skill to make up for it. In a real film school, she'd be rejected immediately.
>>29230 Sadly, anon, you know the zoomers that this garbage is targeted at will eat her shit up. The kind of people who don't go into autistic rage over >>29109.
>>29232 Movie came out in 2021 & went straight to streaming on netflix. No one really talks about it today in high regard. So I don't think zoomers loved it either.
“You can take Atlantis from Greek myth, or you can adapt from a real culture,” argues Huerta. You heard it hear first, folks. According to Senor Namor, Greek myth has nothing to do with a real culture. No no. This mishmash of mesoamerican aesthetics over blue fish people is real culture! https://archive.ph/3XsxD
>>29332 The cowards wont do an actual epic of a mesoamerican culture because it wouldnt be woke, so hey decide to make a milquetoast amalgamation of mesoamerica and greece, faggots.
>>29334 >The cowards wont do an actual epic of a mesoamerican culture because it wouldnt be woke I wonder if they get PTSD from watching Apocalypto.
>>29334 >>29335 You mean tribal cultures that practiced human sacrifice & cannibalism of men, women, & children isn't a hecking wholesome beautiful ethnic culture?! That's just crazy!
>>29336 Yeah, it sounds brutal and awesome for a story, but the baizuo look it as depicting the Meso-Americans and American-Indians as being savages. And, they cannot have that as it tramples all over their "peaceful treehugging injuns who dindu nuffin" narrative that they've been repeating since the 16th century.
>>29337 Yeah even the North American native tribes were still pretty primitive & savage. Scalping, slavery, stone tools at best, & genocidal warfare were all part of their everyday way of living. In a Primal sense, you could make each of these cultures cool in their brutality. Can't so much do that through a woke lens where only white men every did anything wrong ever.
>>29338 There's evidence to suggest there used to be more peaceful tribes, but almost all of them were wiped out by disease, leaving ghost cities behind, so the only ones who survived were typically the violent nomadic tribes.
>>29339 Yeah just "disease" wiped em out. Don't look at Swift Skunk's scalp trophy collection.
>>29339 There were peaceful tribes, but they were mostly in the northwest where they could sit on their ass and collect salmon every year and even then they got preyed on by more warlike tribes raiding them to take as slaves. I do find it funny that spanish explorers writing about what's now Washington state and British Columbia wrote things like "I never thought I'd see a fat indian..."
>>29342 One of the things that heavily buttfucked native americans was that they lacked domesticable animals, they didnt have anything like goats or pull animals, that completely changed how their civilizations developed.
>>29348 Plus they didn't develop steel smithing.
>>29349 >>29341 Look at this faggot and laugh probably a native who's butthurt his civilization was conquered even after the eastern europeans brought weapons to trade for pelts and food.
>>29350 Nigger what?
>>29334 The more culture crap they pump out the further it all gets run into the ground.
Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania trailer has leaked out. More black Kang & M.O.D.O.K. made of golden metal.
(179.38 KB 735x1121 Namor King in Black.jpg)

(172.20 KB 658x1000 Namor X men.jpg)

(159.98 KB 900x930 Namor.jpg)

(943.93 KB 3508x2248 Namor Phoenix.jpg)

>>29332 Modern Namor seems easy to translate to the MCU, still wondering why they make such a big change. Well, people say that he is just a edgier Aquaman and that he fuck Susan, nothing more interesting beyond that.
>>29398 Because they desperately want hispanic representation & he's obscure enough of a character they can get away with race swapping him.
(22.51 MB 1280x720 wakanda forever.mp4)

New trailer for Wakanda Forever dropped. Showcase a bit of Riri's Ironheart, Namor's stupid fucking ankle wings, & Shuri's Black Panther suit.
(2.17 MB 1280x720 EtDaGBTxqMTvTc4u.mp4)

They're officially made Velma gay.
>>29422 If "right-wing trolls" drew Kamala as Proud Boys cumdumpster I can't imagine what its going to happen to "quintenecinal empowered black women:the movie".
>>29433 That's a good point. Though Kamala is at least drawn cute sometimes. Shuri has only the bleached audience going for her.
>>29434 Its just so morbid, also there is a trend of combine niggas with anime stylization, its a golden opportunity.
>>29432 What show was this?
>>29435 Gotta make the average niggress look attractive. That's why you just draw a white or japanese lady then make them black skinned. >>29436 The new straight to video movie.
>>29432 >>29437 Is this what their original creator intended? He was a hippie so it could well be, but from what I can tell it was just some meme that’s been made canon. The internet and its consequences have been a disaster for television.
>>29444 >He was a hippie so it could well be, but from what I can tell it was just some meme that’s been made canon. The Flanderization of the cast didn't become set in stone until after WB assumed full control of the series (Meaning the "true" production was Cyber Chase). Since 2002, the source for all of the cast's personalities and quirks was A Pup Named Scooby Doo (That everyone hated even more than Scrappy), and none of the other series.
>>29444 Who was a hippie? The creator of scooby doo?
>>29444 Pretty sure Ruby and Spears would not be considered hippies.
>>29444 If you want the inspiration for Scooby Doo, watch an old show called "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Fred is based on the titular character, Daphne was based on Dobie's primary object of (one sided) affection Thalia Menniger, Shaggy is based off of Dobie's beatnik best friend Maynard G. Krebs, and Velma is based off of Dobie's classmate and secret admirer Zelda Gilroy. Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, and one of the original writers have said that Dobie Gillis was the inspiration for the main characters, with the name Scooby Doo coming from the Frank Sinatra song "Strangers in the Night" (Where Frank basically starts melodic scatting in the fade out, "Scooby doobie doo, da da da dee da")

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