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Young Boys Older Girls Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 00:09:39 No. 5832
/ss/ thread anyone? Post your favorite /ss/ pairs, discuss what you like about them and the series they come from.
>>28837 Trauma and mental health issues tend to make good artists. >>28836 >Likes >CIAniggers >>28851 Guess what? Most Christians don't know the Bible and are blind sheep, because most people are stupid normalfags and Christians are no exception.
>>29237 I’m telling you she has Irish blood. The whites of Australia, for example, don’t just have English ancestry but Scottish and Irish too alongside others and of course the English themselves probably had already mixed with Scotts and Irish. I see a surprising number of red heads at the local supermarket considering they’re supposedly a rare and dwindling group. Of course, red hair didn’t appear solely in those populations, but it is most common among them. Scotts actually have the most redheads.
>>29029 Exposed neck, no Adam's apple. Vee confirmed for female, even if her face looks like a 12 year old boy's. Now post more semi-canon /ss/.
>>29277 This.
>>29274 >Guess what? Most Christians don't know the Bible and are blind sheep, because most people are stupid normalfags and Christians are no exception. Yes yes we get it you go to reddit. >>29277 Little wonder she makes poor financial decisions & has no accountability for her actions.
>>29279 You're taking personal offense to something that's basically aimed at normalfags and people who use Christianity as a costume.
>>29280 If he meant only those are larp as Christians then he wouldn't put Christians in general under that knock.
>>29281 Christians in general are LARPers. There aren't that many real Christians.
>>28850 >people reading the comic who enjoy that content but are tired of being browbeaten for their real world beliefs. Are you saying there's genuine faithful Christians reading a comic for /ss/ lewds?
>>29282 Again, back to reddit with you.
>>29284 Why exactly are you here in an /ss/ thread again? To preach that the evils of the sin of lust everyone else here is engaging in? I don't understand how Christians end up in these dens of sin, yet only seem to get mad at the people saying anything bad about Christianity, when if they were at all consistent, they'd take issue with everyone here.
>>29285 They're drawings. No Christian gets up in arms about violent video games or movies. Stop trying to make it about religion when it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the thread beyond one character not even posted here.
>>29286 >Stop trying to make it about religion when it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the thread I didn't bring it up. >No Christian gets up in arms about violent video games or movies. So? The subject is lust. Violence is an act, so it has to be real to matter. But lust is an emotion, and so porn is a sin, drawn or otherwise.
>>29287 Doesn't matter. Everyone sins. Get the fuck back on subject.
(48.22 KB 237x315 ss folder.png)

>>29288 >It's on subject to bemoan anti-Christian themes in an /ss/ comic >It's off subject to point out the hypocrisy of doing that, and here of all places So basically, don't say anything that upsets your Christian sensibilities, and we're cool and on subject, got it. >Everyone sins. Acknowledging that, and promoting/engaging in some sins while acting like saying anything anti-Christian is even worse than the sin makes no sense.
(244.00 KB 700x700 Gl wonderloli.png)

I swear I had the reverse version of this image saved, but now I can't find it. Anyone have it?
>>29290 Having a villain use religion as a weapon for dogmatic zealotry beliefs is not anti-Christian. Nor is enjoying pure fiction. Now get the fuck out.
>>29291 Found it. For some reason the colored version is smaller.
>>29292 >Having a villain use religion as a weapon for dogmatic zealotry beliefs is not anti-Christian. Gonna have to backtrack for this one. >>28844 said it was anti-Christian. >>28850 said Christians that read the comic for /ss/ will not like the anti-Christian message, in spite of the fact reading a comic for /ss/ is very non-Christian >>28851 said no, it's about blind zealotry. I replied that most Christians are normalfags which are blind retards anyways, since most people are normalfags. But even walking back that statement of mine, and accepting it's about zealotry, not Christianity, the second post I reference is still the source of my overall focus on the hypocrisy of complaining about about anti-Christian themes in an /ss/ thread. He believes it to be anti-Christian, and that's what makes him a strange hypocrite. >But everyone sins Yes, you're right. That doesn't make it any less hypocritical to be mad at something for being anti-Christian when he's reading it for the purpose of indulging in a Christian sin. >Enjoying pure fiction isn't anti-Christian So? It's still a sin to enjoy lustful fiction as is the purpose of this thread. Or are you telling me it's not a sin to jack off to porn if all the porn is drawn? Oh, is masturbation a sin? So it's fine as long as you don't touch your dick while looking at tons of illustrated erotica? That seems like an odd line to draw in the sand, but whatever ultimately justifies you being upset about anti-Christian sentiment in a fetish thread I suppose. >>29293 Thanks anon. I could of sworn I saved it. I have some lolified cape stuff, but practically no shotafied characters.
>>29294 If you're not gonna post /ss/ then shut up & fuck off already.
>>29295 No. /ss/ is hot. I just don't really have any /co/ specific /ss/, sadly. Here's something by a western artist, at least.
>>29292 I've always been a fan of Damian's moments where his inner boy comes out. He starts gushing about how cool it was to finally meet Killer Croc. Maybe even disarms the giant cannibal by gushing about how awesome he looks and taking all killing intent out of him. >"I'mma pick my teeth with yer ribs!" >"Oh man, how did you get your eyes to look like that? I thought what you had was just a skin condition! That's so cool!" >"Y-yeah?" >"Yeah! Are those contacts?" >" Yeah, they're contacts. Thought it'd complete the whole croc image."
>>5833 Wanted some western /ss/ age difference and found a gallery with a ton of Vee's Mac x Frankie pics. https://exhentai.org/g/1806355/615648ad6e/
>>29306 I love this lady's works. Shame about the rest of her. Wish she weren't having such a shitty time so she could keep drawing more /ss/.
>>29305 Little too playful for Damian. He's a lot more of a shit than just kid excited to be a hero.
>>29307 Doesn she draw a lot of futa on shota shit? Thats extremely horrible.
>>29309 dudes into /ss/ and ass stuff are just one step away of gay shit.
>>29312 It's not gay if it's shota.
>>29312 >ass stuff Gay or nay, they're equally degenerate.
>>29274 >Most Christians don't know the Bible and are blind sheep That's a comforting lie you tell yourself.
There is no conspiracy that tells that modern cartoons are just pandering to perverts instead of entertain actual kids? I see more interest coming from people above 16 than the supposed target audience. This its just another proof.
>>29369 It's not really a conspiracy. It's a pretty open secret most cartoons contain the writer's fetish or allusions to their interests. That's just kinda how we as humans are though. Perverts.
>>29382 Yeah, all of the hidden sex jokes and stuff, but it seems that today cartoons try their best to appear as innocent as possible, paradoxically causing more harcore art.
>>29383 Not even that. Muscle growth, feet, farts, diapers, & giantess stuff is in cartoons all the time. It's not inherently sexual but to the people behind the scenes... they know what they're doing.
>>29369 >that modern cartoons They've been this way for a good while. Look at Totally Spies.
>>29412 Well that's just the french being themselves.

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