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15.ai Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 20:47:40 No. 8738
>15.-what? Basically some dev decided to make a program to mimic popular voices, just feed it enough of one voice and it'll slowly learn how to mimic it. Its mostly being used by a bunch of horsefuckers after their show ended explaining why there's so many mlp voices but its been getting popular as the dev adds more non-horse shit. It recently came back online after the dev did some work making the more popular voices sound even better, while adding around 100 more voices. At certain points ai.15 is a flatout deadringer and its only going to get better from here. At this rate the typical "voice actor" may go the way of the dinosaur.
>>9934 >>9949 This would be an act of evil. Spare him, anons. He'd still be with us today if Andy Dick wasn't a complete cunt and gave Mrs. Hartman those drugs. No, I'm not kidding. Jon Lovitz beat the unholy fuck out of Dick years later at a bar
>>11006 Andy Dick has always been fucked up and beyond. That's why he got a #MeToo.
Twitter now says >I was way off with my prediction for v14. This one took over 50 retries to get it just right – the last several versions took around 10 or 20 retries each. So, final version to be released soon™
>>11385 Well, while you're waiting for it, someone else made it for other voices: https://vo.codes/
(290.33 KB 470x445 357990356.png)
>>11571 >software filters words the developer doesn't like and generates audio of the character saying "you should not say something hateful like that"
>>11573 >it's real I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me for mentioning it in the first place. Though at least you can circumvent it by using or combining words with a similar pronunciation. Why do people like this exist.
>>10872 >No you faggot, the horsefuckers found it and are the most proactive contributors Wrong. 15.ai started as part of /mlp/'s own Pony Preservation Project, and 15 himself was a huge contributor. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/33700529/ (first thread about the project) https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/33729880/ (first thread with a proper OP) https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/34611670/#q34627577 (first post made by15) https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/34996397/#q35030139 (first time 15.ai is mentioned) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xe1Clvdg6EFFDtIkkFwT-NPLRDPvkV4G675SUKjxVRU/edit (a huge document detailing everything they have done so far)
>>9084 jesus christ this is both amazing and scary how accurate it is.
>>11697 I want to know what Dave Willis thinks of this.
>>11698 im all up for getting a perfect imitation of sweetie belle's voice on my sex doll but this has far more potential for evil than it does for good or leisure.
>>11699 Given the choice between this tech being developed in secret and in public, I'll gladly take harsh reality over blissful ignorance.
(665.64 KB 908x902 output.mp4)
(2.19 MB 1920x1080 bane the fire rises.mp4)
>>8738 >The jews can replace their stable of expensive goyim actors with computer graphics, deepfakes, and this Just in time for one of the worst ratings for the Acadamy Awards Ceremony in a long time. <Born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore space, born just in time to watch the celebrity meme finally fucking die. <mfw
(117.04 KB 640x960 6ee60f3e.jpg)
(154.35 KB 1264x718 sphtsample02_0000.jpg)
(111.49 KB 1264x718 miku_School03.jpg)
(159.46 KB 1468x890 20120504_4935401.jpg)
>>12244 >implying having no meatbags means no celeb worship Miku is literally just a pictorial representation of a text to speech program yet she's a huge media franchise with more obsessive fans that most (if not all) fleshlings have.
(415.39 KB 160x160 spittakelesbian.gif)
>>12295 >implying having no meatbags means no celeb worship I wasn't implying that at all, although I see now the pinktext could be read that way, so I won't be an asshole about it. People will always worship false idols, you are correct. I was just saying that the fleshling celebs and their moronic influence may be coming to the end of the road and they appear to know it. Some of them are panicking. Covid's been a pain in the ass, but it did do SOME good. >"Imagine" showed us just how desperate those cocksuckers are for attention. People weren't happy, and every stupid face singing off-key was emblazoned in our minds. >Ellen's infamous "I feel like I'm imprisoned in a house that's literally bigger than a real prison" comment managed to lose her a lot of moronic fans. When it came out just how big a cunt she is in real life (booby-traps, shaming an audience member, forcing an actress to prematurely reveal she was pregnant), people were already annoyed enough with her that she was given no benefit of the doubt. >People were forced to break some habits they didn't even know they had. My little bro's twice-weekly trip to the (((theaters))) was fucked, and he realized there was much better stuff to be viewed from the comfort of his own home. And the popcorn didn't cost 15 fucking dollars, either. >Keeping with /co/ subject matter, comic shops getting jewed by Diamond was bad, but DC and (eventually) Marvel jewing Diamond was pottery. That's a back that's been needing breaking for a long time. >Because of "Imagine" and every other "We are your gods!" moment, people were waking up to how things really go in the entertainment industry. Ricky Gervais pointing out that, not only was the Emperor wearing no clothes, but that he was also fucking children, was a litmus test for the normals for just how fucking corrupt the press is for calling him out. >Hollywood burned the theaters to save their own asses and to keep as much money as possible. Theaters, going forward, will most likely be a niche retro entertainment venue, like bar-arcades. (((Hollywood))), in it's current form, is on its last legs. Comics, in their current form, are dying, kept alive only as franchise producers by the studios that own them. Television? Sitting through commercials is intolerable, and who under the age of 50 wants to watch censored content? Kids watch jewtube once they're old enough to figure out how to work a smartphone. Cartoons are rapidly being replaced with anime, which is far superior in terms of art and writing. Mainstream entertainment will have to adapt or die, and given how resistant they are to change, I'm guessing that it's choosing to die.
>>12323 Imagine?
>>12392 john lennon song about how cool it would be if the wrold was liberal or communist(can't remmember which) bunch of celebrities came together and covered it in some kind "let's stay hopeful guys" stunt. It pissed everyone off, irregardless of politcal leanings.
>>12394 Lennon said it was basically an experiment to see if people would be more accepting of Marxism if you sugarcoat it. The funniest thing to come out of that whole celebrity shitshow was Schwarzenegger singing Disturbed "Down With the Sickness" in response
>>12394 >>12395 >Lennon said it was basically an experiment to see if people would be more accepting of Marxism if you sugarcoat it. When did he actually say he wrote the song with that intention? While the song is admittedly communist with lines like imagine no possessions, religions, countries etc, its also not far off from most beliefs people thoughtlessly have in general.
>>10872 dipshit
>>12397 >'Imagine,' both the song itself and the album, is the same thing as 'Working Class Hero' and 'Mother' and 'God' on the first disc. But the first record was too real for people, so nobody bought it. It was banned on the radio. But the song 'Imagine,' which says: "Imagine that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics" is virtually the communist manifesto, even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement. You see, 'Imagine' was exactly the same message, but sugar-coated. Now 'Imagine' is a big hit almost everywhere — anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional, anti-capitalistic song, but because it is sugar-coated it is accepted. Now I understand what you have to do. - John Lennon -Blaney, John (2007). Lennon and McCartney: Together Alone (1st ed.). Jawbone Press. ISBN 978-1-906002-02-2. That's the full quote and the source. It's taken out of context, as the vast majority of quotes are. His kid seems to have turned out okay, so Johnny boy must have done something right. https://twitter.com/seanonolennon?lang=en
>>12485 >Sean Lennon Did he ever make up with his Half-brother Julian? I remember there being a lot of bad blood between John's kids, for obvious reasons.
>>9989 that is because his dataset came from an audiobook he did
>>8787 >>8788 Care to post some edits? I don't know moonspeak so I don't know how to search niconico
egg good
>>8738 >15.ai It's down. Anyone know of any mirrors?
>>13847 Its been down for three months and the last time the creator said anything was 2 months ago. It's dead and you bumping this thread got me excited for a bit before I saw what you bumped it for.
(237.99 KB 867x1024 200% mad.png)
>>13869 >>13847 >they don't know
>>13911 >>they don't know Pray enlighten us.
(20.54 MB 1920x1080 mbksgjnmeyn.mp4)
>>13847 >>13869 >>13913 The dev of the project posts his updates on /mlp/.
>>13916 Has he updated since his twitter post? Any indication of if/when it's coming back? Has he listed what characters he has gotten voice data for? Anything of note?
>>13918 From what I gathered from lurking the /mlp/ archives about the project, he is currently reworking both the backend and the frontend, constantly updating his models and opening test sites that go up and down during unspecified amounts of time. He hasn't given any ETA on when the main site will be available again, and he's a bit secretive on his test sites, so your best chance is to monitor the /mlp/ threads for news about it or use a similar Text to speech project (like https://uberduck.ai/ ).
>>13924 Well searching the archives of that shithole, I found an update of the test site (which doesn't work right now and only has a few MLP characters even if it did) to v19.1.1 occured on the 4th and started using "final" in the test site urls on the 21st of last month. So he's not dead.
(45.46 KB 246x311 kidcalvinstop.jpg)
>>13916 >The dev of the project posts his updates on /mlp/. Makes as much sense as anything else in CY+6, I guess.
(44.52 KB 378x279 feels dragon.png)
>>13982 Fuck, I have such an awesome project in mind, but I can't do anything with this being down.

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