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15.ai Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 20:47:40 No. 8738
>15.-what? Basically some dev decided to make a program to mimic popular voices, just feed it enough of one voice and it'll slowly learn how to mimic it. Its mostly being used by a bunch of horsefuckers after their show ended explaining why there's so many mlp voices but its been getting popular as the dev adds more non-horse shit. It recently came back online after the dev did some work making the more popular voices sound even better, while adding around 100 more voices. At certain points ai.15 is a flatout deadringer and its only going to get better from here. At this rate the typical "voice actor" may go the way of the dinosaur.
Hello, nice to meet you.
>>19720 They are currently accepting datasets from new characters, so if you want to have any of the characters you mentioned just gather the data using their format, upload it somewhere and send them. They are currently updating their system so you would have to wait
>>20124 Hello, how are you doing?
>>20124 Did you get that thing I sent you?
>>20303 I think those voices were already there, and he didn't add my voices. What the exactly did he add?
>>20309 He improved the model. Voices are apparently next (prop first half of 2022)
>>9028 Use Stephen Merchant's voice from XFM as sources then throw a robot distortion over it it might be a bit better
(808.33 KB 1300x1700 Korra and the baby.png)

>>8738 Is there an AI voice of Master Shake?
(1.23 MB 1920x1080 A message to Kyle.webm)

I need a outfit idea can someone duet with a outfit Idea
>>23430 Pizza parlor uniforms?
>>20349 >Downfall's Hitler and Fegelein are on the list Fuck yeah, I can have Hitler's ranting match up with what he's saying.
(21.07 MB 720x480 Shake talks about Korra.mp4)

>>20337 there is one but it's from another site called uberduck.ai it's not very good.
>>23968 Some voices are better than others, but yeah it's not as good as 15.ai.
Not necessarily made with 15.ai but the accuracy of the simulated voices are incredible.
Suara wibu
For only two payments of nineteen ninety five!
>>27648 Almost a whole year and the mf still hasn't uploaded the characters I sent
I need him to finish the shodan ai for erotic shitposting porpouses.
>>27670 What is that supposed to do? All it seemed to manage was tell me I used 'ass' too much.
Hello There
https://neuralblender.com/ Heres a better AI if someone wants to make new pictures.
>>29067 Well it's better but...

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