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(257.29 KB 768x398 Right Wing Trolls.png)
Zombie Simspons continues for another 2 seasons Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 01:46:29 No. 10094
That'll be Seasons 33-34 taking it to 2023. If that wasn't bad enough, they even pulled a "SJW is a term created by right-wing trolls" on a recent Simpsons episode. Will Simpsons ever end? If I had to guess, they'll keep it going until they hit season 50 or at least 1,000th episode just for bragging rights. Do you still watch classic Simpsons or do you not want to be reminded about the walking corpse that it currently is? https://archive.vn/68Hge (renewal) https://archive.vn/dZ7s6 (SJW Simpsons)
>SJW with dots between the letters How come they can be so disconected with internet slang?
there's a theory that Matt Groening wants to keep it going until it wins the world record for longest running cartoon or most episodes or something like that just one problem: Sazae-san has had a new episode every week since its debut in 1969. At over 2600 episodes (or fast approaching 8000 when you consider each airing is divided into 3 smaller episodes), it is the longest running and has the most episodes of any animated series. This last year is the first time they've ever done reruns and then only due to the coof impacting production
>>10117 >there's a theory that Matt Groening wants to keep it going until it wins the world record for longest running cartoon That's pretty stupid. If the Simpsons keeps getting renewed is for the sole reason it's still making money (even after all the TV rating decline), not only the series but as a franchise as a whole. >a new episode every week since its debut in 1969 That's depressing. There should be a name for that kind of stuff, like "production series cartoon"? Idk
>>10115 That's the Springfield, something something that Marge typed up. Then Lisa points out SJW stands for something else.
>>10117 Sazae-san must be pretty bad by now.
>>10094 I think it will end when Julie Kavner eventually dies. She can't do Marge anymore. Her voice is shot.
>>10126 As some guy stated some years ago, with the current technology what stops them to put Marge's voice actress's voice into a neural network and just work with that? If they invest into a functioning program that simulates the voice of show's characters it could basically go on forever
>>10129 I mean there is 15.ai. All it takes is for someone to rip the voice clips and upload them.
Simpsons still gets like 1 million views per episode on network tv, that's a lot, for some reason. Anyway until the people who put on Sunday night fox die the Simpsons won't.
(21.86 KB 480x360 Homer doh.jpg)
>>10094 I thought when the voice actress of Minnie Mouse passed away they would kill off her characters in the Simpsons. >Replaced by Grey Delise WHAT THE FUCK? >>10123 The creator refuses to let her show archived, probably because she keeps recycling the same plot. >>10136 There is an Adobe AudioShop just to disguise the autotune and weird misplaced sentence mixing, expect Julie Kavner's corpse to be puppetered. Is it true she's a fucking garbage human being?
>>10180 >garbage human being Either call her a cunt with dead ovaries or go back to reddit faggot.
>>10180 >Replaced by Grey Delise You mean the woman who specializes in sounding like a prostitute?
>>10180 >Is it true she's a fucking garbage human being? No. She's not a human being, she's a woman.
>>10180 >probably because she keeps recycling the same plot. the stated reason in her will was something to the effect of wanting it to always be moving forward
(186.04 KB 540x308 Simpsons Irak.png)
>>10121 I already saw the clip, I couldn't understand jackshit what Marge said because she already sounds like a cat with a tumor on its chest. >>10181 >reddit We already here, fuckboy. Unzip your pants and start jerking off to cartoons aimed at children. >>10182 Yup, it seems having dead children in The Simpsons is too much despite Al Jean confirming they're off the show.
>>10094 The Simpsons has been bad twice as long as it was good at this point. I can't even think about watching it. >>10218 >despite Al Jean confirming they're off the show. How are they going to do it? Just not address it?
(114.82 KB 540x764 Simpsons btfo righties.png)
>>10094 I do find it funny how the replacements of Carl and Dr. Hibbert look exactly like the characters, nothing stereotypical. >>10219 >How are they going to do it? Just not address it? They were supposed to be buried a long with Lionel Hutz and the other guest appearances while completely ignoring their existence.

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