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Raya and the Last Dragon Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 15:05:08 No. 10143
Disney panders to China / SEA with its alta rip off.
>>10143 It was honestly okay just the dialog was very poor. still one of the more decent films disney has done in years.
Every time I look at that movie whether its a trailer, clip, or image it fills my mind with a sudden emotion of uninterest and slight disgust. I'm not even being facetious it's like my mind wants me to forget this movie exists and now whenever someone reminds me it exists I get annoyed.
>>10170 I know what you mean. Everything from the first trailer made the film feel like it was all dirty and ugly despite how "cutesy" it comes across.
(165.67 KB 1018x862 ClipboardImage.png)
(43.96 KB 713x194 1615478377314.png)
Good news is the movie bombed domestically and internationally meaning it was a total bust overall. https://archive.is/qNTNa
>>10230 Even Soul, which has a bunch of Muslims walking around in the background, did better than Raya.
>>10230 To be fair, you can say the same to any animated feature that premiered on streaming, all of them are bombing because people just prefer to pirate it
>>10248 Why would it apply to Raya and not Tom & Jerry? They're pretty much the same audience. I think it's more likely that just nobody gave a flying fuck about Raya.
>>10248 But that makes zero sense since Tom and Jerry debuted the week before and earned more at the BO and didn't charge their customers 30 bucks just to see the fucking film.
>>10254 I believe you could also see the Tom and Jerry movie HBO max with no extra charge when it released in theaters, so people WILLING chose to pay money at the BO then watch it on stream and it still made more then Raya. I wonder what it could mean. Do people just want to go back to the theaters? Is it because T&J is a brand and people are more likely to see a movie from something they are familiar with?. Are people tired of Disney's shit and silently boycotting them? Maybe no one know Raya existed, cause I didn't knew it was being made. I'm pretty sure it's not because T&J is a better movie. It looked like shit.
>>10288 T&J IS shit, but it's shit people are familiar with. Raya was barely marketed to anyone outside of SEA and China and Disney had the balls to charge customers 30 bucks to see a film that wasn't as good as Pixar's Soul.
>>10289 I completely forgot about Soul because I literally saw no one talking about it a month after the trailer came out.
>>10143 So what was the story?
>>10329 What's the story of what?
>>10342 The film, what else.
>>10343 Which movie: Raya, Soul or Tom and Jerry?
>>10347 What's the Subject of the thread.

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