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(155.74 KB 558x432 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 16:22:47 No. 11977
I didn't know that Ukinojoe was such a colossal faggot, I always enjoyed his animations. https://archive.vn/uN6nv
>>11977 I mean he is right about the Hazbin Hotel thing.
Who are these faggots and what exactly is going on?
>>11979 Newgrounds drama
>>11978 Only thing I know is - John Kricfalusi is the creator of Ren & Stimpy, and mainly post animation stuff on his blog about said stuff, which I follow. If "Joe Kricfalusi" is another one of his aliases, the man undoubtedly can draw a better Bugs Bunny with his ass. Drawing and selling "crap" on his online store is all he has left.
>>11981 ukinojoe is unrealted to John Kricfaulsi. It's just a le funny XD joke name. ukinojoe is just one of many internet animators from Newgrounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hDRb2GjDs8 https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=1hDRb2GjDs8
>>11977 I liked this guy's animations, sad he's such a jerk. You could've made this a thread about his animated shorts, if it's going to me pure drama I highly doubt we are going to end with decent discussion.
>>11977 I don't know who that is.
A rule of thumb: Every celeb and e-celeb is a colossal faggot until proven otherwise. >>11980 >newgrounds Figures, they were reddit before reddit.
>>11983 I see. Thanks for clearing that up. >>11994 Newgrounds: The Den of Whiny Faggots.
>>11994 >>12004 Zoomers and coomers on this site nowadays are sucking Niggergrounds' dick so much and it fucking aggravates me. Didn't we always used to shit on that Reddit-lite shithole?
Zoomers and coomers?
>>12063 I've seen nothing but shit talked about newgrounds on this site. You must have this site confused with cuckchan.
(10.62 KB 255x191 houseofcardsintense.jpg)

>>11994 >until proven otherwise Addendum: They are ACTORS and you can never fully trust those rare occasions when they seem based.
>butthurt niggergrounds simping jannies delete posts admitting that 2000s internet maybe wasn't that great to begin with
So he doesn't like vivziepop or chris. Isn't that his right? He gives what seems like perfectly good reasons for not liking Hazbin Hotel (it's basically pure reddit) and there's a lot of baggage with some people from newgrounds; I've heard the stories of how Cory used to be a scary guy, so I wouldn't be surprised that the cards fell as they did. Joe always struck me as kind of a loner loser anyway. I'd be more upset if he came out flag waving for Biden or something. >>11990 He's a flash animator. He is capable of decent work but I think does odd jobs for people to live and then shitposts low effort stuff on youtube. There is basically zero reason to be aware of him or follow him intently.
(3.80 MB 640x480 083956824524.mp4)

(390.03 KB 1713x2048 5689236593.jpg)

>>12145 >Cory used to be a scary guy LOL. No. He used to be part of the commentary community under a different name, and had autistic Skype fights with low functioning youtube autists like the guys that made lewd thomas the tank engine fanfiction, or the downie with a million youtube alts that makes sailor moon/wwe crossovers with his old action figures. But after he got newgrounds famous from runkachunk, he simmered down and eventually got more social after being involved with sleepycabin. Now he's in a shitty ska band, because every shitty ska band needs a fat band member.
As much of a fag as Arin is he's absolutely right about NEwGROundS. >>12137 Shit moderation isn't just exclusive to Mark/v/ it seems...
>>12393 That Anon was going beyond being a faggot.
>>11977 >4th image What's the context behind that one? >>12063 More like if SomethingAwful was open source. >>12153 Cory "Spazkid"? I always remember him as the Sonichu cartoon guy, later on he would kick the hornets nest with his revamped channel. Then the faggot would end up creating shitty porn for his A-Log fanbase Mighty Magiswords porn
>>12541 >Then the faggot would end up creating shitty porn for his A-Log fanbase Of course. Unironic robotfuckers who jerk off to their fake girlfriends instead of getting real ones.
>>12541 >More like if SomethingAwful was open source. Based comparison. God 2000s internet culture was such shit, makes this post-ironic hellscape seem tolerable by comparison.
>>12706 >all of the 2000s were SA
>>12706 >SomethingAwful Is that faggot site still around? Fucking Livestock was such a piece of shit, he made Lowtax look human.
(177.01 KB 500x384 renlipstick.png)

>>11977 >Kricfalusi Is he related to John?
>>12708 >>all of the 2000s were SA
>>12724 >Realize that all the original Anons that were on cuckchannel back in 2006 are probably nearing forty by now. >Even the underaged b& are nearing thirty by now >Even the newfags who came in post-Chanology are in their thirties >Even the fucking terminal cancer that came in 2012-2013 just before the Exodus are nearing thirty >It's already been seven years since the Exodus Christ, where does the time go?
>>12732 I started browsing cuckchannel in 2015 and 8chan in 2018
>>12732 >Even the fucking terminal cancer that came in 2012-2013 just before the Exodus are nearing thirty I can confirm
>>12783 I'm 48
>>12708 >Dumb and forced memes like "All your base belongs to us" >"We're proud goons" >School shooters >Guys living like Terry Davis >Dick sucking contests >Hypocrisy, lots of it >You can be edgy all what you what, BUT... And one of them is free, while the other one costs 10 dollars. >>12718 Yes, but they never bothered to archive their flash shit, specially the ones that were funny.
This is the first I've heard Ricepirate described as a scumbag. What'd he do?
(46.51 KB 640x360 man robbierotten pirate.jpg)

>>12893 Boarded a British ship and stole all their rice.
(497.88 KB 562x530 lowtax.png)

(26.13 KB 200x252 1joshboruff.jpg)

>>12880 >Dick sucking contests I'd ask you if that was literal or figurative, but I've seen pics of Livestock and Lowtax and I'm afraid "sexual predator face" applies to both of them.
(1.04 MB 400x300 how is babby formed.webm)

>>12880 >Yes, but they never bothered to archive their flash shit, specially the ones that were funny. Here. Have fun.
>>12904 I meant the ones where they micspam stupid shit on public chats, the one with Lowtax's daughter was sort of fucked up because a Britbong guessed her kind of parents.
>>12880 Fucking this. I'd take a billion wojaks over the utter fucking cringefest that was 90s-2000s internet.
(132.72 KB 639x324 pcU6BFy.png)

>>12917 > I'd take a billion wojaks
>>12917 >t. faggot that started high school in 2016
(10.42 KB 144x155 895sdfger54.jpg)

>>12917 Holy shit kill yourself
>>12917 >thinks it was a cringefest then >not now Jesus fuck you're either delusional from a hit to the head or you weren't there.
>>12911 >Lowtax's daughter Someone accepted his seed?
>>13616 what ever happened to shmorky anyhow? didn't xir get cancelled.
(12.92 KB 636x588 0.PNG)

(11.80 KB 729x655 100.PNG)

(279.05 KB 960x1280 3463464.jpg)

>>13617 If I had to guess, the only internet presence he probably has is on inkbunny and teen-dating apps. Those old skype chat logs with Mandy are so fucking hilarious. He goes from self-righteous male feminist to "please doodoo on my chest" immediately when he realized Mandy wasn't a gender fairy
>>12917 How the hell soyjokas are any different than the retarded rageface at Negros?
>>12732 >Even the fucking terminal cancer that came in 2012-2013 just before the Exodus are nearing thirty That's assuming they joined when they were adults
Sorry for necro-ing but yeah Ukinojoe has gulped the blue pill since 2014. Gamer bad, gamers r hitlur, orange man bad. He's one of those britbongs who weirdly cares a lot about US politics. Seeing him disassociate from fellow NGers is predictable. Him, mrweebl, tomska, arin hanson...all have disavowed NG which made them popular in the first place.
>>14519 Which later on Negrogrounds would also be full on faggots, remember their DRUMPF April Fools'? But yeah, at least they flex their free speech rules by letting manchildren run wildly, you still have to suck off their mods tho.
>>11983 >just one of many internet animators from Newgrounds So it's the pot calling the kettle black?
>>14519 >Sorry for necro-ing but yeah Ukinojoe has gulped the blue pill since 2014 All of Negrogrounds got pozzed. It's literally Deviantart just like Pixiv and Tumblr. >>14528 This wouldn't happen if ((some people)) didnt glorify fapping to cardboard 1d cartoon whores
>>12918 >Defends Negrogrounds >is a furfag O HAI MARK
>>14613 Reposting your shitposts becuase they got deleted? How embarising.
(133.85 KB 322x323 That fucking cat.png)

(35.29 KB 398x370 Smug levels critical.JPG)

>>14615 He seems like an autist who got his brain fried because people kept posting smug anime girls to laugh at his autism. Reminds me of the Powergirl Autist and how he would get ass blasted whenever someone would post smug/laughing Jojo reaction images.
>>11977 Literally Who is this faggot? I've never heard of him, he seems to be extremely jealous of his peers for being more successful than him and has a massive ego to boot.
>>14624 Essentially just some fag who made some popular, extremely normalfag-friendly youtube animations.
>>14519 >mrweebl Wasn't he always more of a b3ta guy?
(50.78 KB 510x632 4363464.PNG)

>>14610 >All of Negrogrounds got pozzed. It's literally Deviantart just like Pixiv and Tumblr. Pretty much this, except they also share their audience with people from itch.io after FnF got popular enough to make people think "hey, I make mediocre games, maybe they'll get just as popular if I mirror them on this dead website". At this point Tom just cares about site activity, since him and his crew do nothing about all of the SFM yiff spam (which isn't even real animation), and the front paged content is horrid.
(48.98 KB 640x432 Valentine.JPG)

(571.00 KB 600x771 Smug Okuyasu.png)

>>14651 >Nothing but smug Jojo, male Jojo characters, I should add. <Y-you want to be a woman. If you wanted more, you only needed to ask. You really do remind me of Powergirl Autist, now try hijacking the board and gloat about it so we can laugh at you and it'll be just like 2016.
>>14649 My favorite part is trannys even on IBs like this coping and seething about "muh cring kulturrrrr" whenever Chads make fun of their retarded Sonic/Kingdom Hearts crossover inflation fanfic. This trannyshit pushback against what is essentially the internet equivalent of natural selection has been ramping up way too much recently which led to the revival of Negrogrounds.
>>14661 >This trannyshit pushback against what is essentially the internet equivalent of natural selection has been ramping up way too much recently Expect to see way more of that shit now that Kiwifamrs led to the suicide of the tranmy creator of a shitty SNES emulator.
>>14640 >how the fuck did anyone have nostalgia for that shithole? Balloon Duel
(3.30 MB 406x339 jontron sweating.gif)

>>15062 >IMAGINE GETTING BTFOD BY FUCKING EGORAPTOR Imagine thinking that a guy who uses "trigger warnings" and is fucking a fetal alcohol slut could ever BTFO anybody.
>>15118 A guy that abandoned his animation career on the word of his Ayy Lmao wife
>>14519 >tomska Who is obese now btw. It's incredible. He looks cartoon obese.
(112.48 KB 596x677 34656.PNG)

I guess the twitter mob is going after this retard after he tried to sell a nft of his 3D dog bit from gts. The most hilarious thing to come out of this shitfit is the supposed context of the "I'm sorry" song he did
>>14662 >Expect to see way more of that shit now that Kiwifamrs led to the suicide of the tranmy creator of a shitty SNES emulator. He's not dead retard
>>15175 There's only so many times he can say "I'm gaining weight because of depression" before it's not a viable excuse. It's been years since Ed died. There's a point where you move on from a friend's death. Tom is just giving up on life. After my dog died, I started working out more. Motivated even more so by being locked inside. I've seen a noticeable difference now. What Tom's doing is nothing but excusing his self destructive behavior. No different from someone like Boogie.
(272.59 KB 660x2194 Geek is Chic.jpg)

Man, the internet is just one big pile of shit now. Sad to see, but I guess that's just a consequence of the whole of the USA declining so hard culturally, socially and financially that you can see it end in a few decades.
>>15424 It's almost like you shouldn't fake your death, because then people won't believe you when you really do pass. I still don't believe he's dead because a) a suicidal person doesn't go from bribing you with their life savings to directly threatening you with legal action and b) the person you linked provided zero evidence beyond "Yeah I talked to the cops and they totally said he's dead, trust me. No don't ask what are you crazy?"
>>15436 Anon take your meds or go back to foxdickfarms, we're talking about a troon here. Logical thinking was thrown out the door long ago and considering multiple outlets are reporting on it, its pretty much confirmed he's dead.
>>12732 >seven years since the Exodus >14 years since Chanology >17 years since Yahoo closed its Chatrooms >over twenty years since my first time in a chatroom Someone end it please
>>12917 There are easier ways to come out of the closet then to say 90's Internet was shit
>>15435 Negrogrounds was always degenerate shit for zoomers and coomers. No wonder Markv and ZionZionZionxyzyzyxyzyzchan loves it so much.
Not /co/ related
Reminder that the creator of the shitty Negrogrounds Guitar Hero ripoff that Che Guevara's daughter AoC played to hide Biden's lolipedoshit is a lolipedo himself https://www.twitter.com/isntjerry1/status/1417641967723352068
>>15764 LMAO his dumbass is getting BTFO in the replies and QRTs
>>15764 What the fuck is any of this you just spewed out onto your keyboard?
>>15766 for whatever reason this thread attracts all the spergs who shitpost on cakekike /v/.
>>15767 I dunno, maybe because it mentions oneyplays? Beats me.
>>15768 One guy was sperging out about how the cakekike supposedly likes newgrounds. That might be the sole reason they keep bumping this thread with shitposts and bait. I recall the thread was getting hit by that one wojack spammer earlier in the week.
>>15764 Been seeing alot of twatter trannies gloating about how that game was always shit and they'd be correct. Hopefully this means Negrogrounds can finally go back to irrelevance for good this time with the rest of the 2000s internet cancers.
>>15818 >twatter Anon, are you like retarded or something?
>>14649 >NG's relevancy sustained by a life support game named Five Nights At Funkin' >A mediocre DIY Dance Dance Revolution that looks something out of flash, but couldn't because its dead >Its Gamebanana mods are the same 1 to 100 difficult bullshit The drama is more entertaining than that meh at best game. >>15435 Although Newgrounds was aimed at the school shooting wannabe audience who pretend to be edgy but not really bigoted: >Gore is alright <But no racial stereotypes >Say fuck or shit <But don't say retarded or faggot All because lewd artists play the victim, ex: minus8. I wouldn't be surprised if Shadman is their Shmorky, literally: <It's alright if he does it, he gave me a blowjob. >>14662 I was left when a transalator got harassed for translating a tranny joke or the time SMWCentral went full down woke because of a semen stained pony clutching brony who tried to btfo rightwing trolls while showing off his degenerate masochist fetish,
>>15951 >ll because lewd artists play the victim, ex: minus8 What did minus8 do? I know he's korean and at risk of being jailed for drawing porn alone.
>>15951 >But don't say retarded or faggot <one of their biggest animated series' was Retarded Animal Babies
>>15966 nevermind. I thought he just got shit on for being loli/shota fag, didn't know he said he was an actual pedo. Sorry if this brings another /cow/ fag derail.
>>15969 All forms of porn are illegal in Worst Korea, you donut.
>>15971 I know, but minus8 outright blogposted how he was attracted to 3dpd kids and how much he hated himself for it apparently.
>>15977 >>15978 See what did I tell you.
(5.34 MB 852x480 AWESOME Arin.webm)

>>15966 He's got a tremendous ego that could sink both Koreas. >>15967 That was a long time ago, a product of its time, forgive and forget.
>>15951 Can you feel it bro? The ultimate demise of the most godawful cringefest website to still remain from the festering autism shithole that is the 2000s internet. It's gonna be fucking glorious.
(75.69 KB 720x811 Avdol KYS.JPG)

>>16293 >There's nothing wrong with /cow/fags Back to julay, nigger.
>>16292 >>15951 I hope I live to see Tom Fulp blow his brains out.
I'm surprised Frank hasn't decided to just delete this thread since it only bumps when someone post's bait in it. He's deleted better threads for less.
(126.56 KB 1280x720 Fortnite Columbine.jpg)

>>16305 I love how everyone forgot the time he apologized to all the virtual signaling soccer moms over his school shooting game, because they thought he mocked Columbine. Didn't know a mutant satanist girl was with the rejected cast of Clerks, that's why they don't want to release the hidden tapes.
(3.01 MB 640x360 Redditors before Reddit.mp4)

Seriously, Faggy Niggers At Fuckin' is a mediocre game whose drama is more entertaining than the game itself: >Author of Yoshi mod gets cancelled for loli lewds and saying "niggers" >Author of Cassandra mod cancelled for mocking Columbine and completely ignored the purpose of Pico's School Shooting >Stonetoss mod >Eddsworld mod author gets cancelled because you know: Roasties. >The creator himself gets cancelled for dickriding Shadman. And many attention seeking queers rage quitting just to rebrand themselves and leave everything behind, yet they refuse to leave their echo chambers.
(192.45 KB 365x359 1416801000218.png)

unkle joe was never good.
>>11977 honestly sounds incredibly based
>>16575 Oh yeah, FnF drama is really widespread. >/v/-tan mod taken down due to there being blatant loli rape porn in the files as a troll >Plus one of the songs is just called "Infinigger" And that was just halfchan blatantly trolling >Creator of the Whitty mod, one of the oldest mods for the game deletes everything because the fanbase gets too cancerous, now spends his time shitting on anyone who still likes it or liked his mod Jhonen Vasquez style
(33.01 KB 600x548 0f2.jpg)

>>16575 >>>The creator dickriding Shadman. lol what a faggot

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