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(198.26 KB 1920x1080 loki scared.jpg)
(278.40 KB 1920x1080 the time keepers.jpg)
(172.17 KB 1920x1080 tva holding loki back.jpg)
Loki Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 13:19:58 No. 13891
In this next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki becomes an emasculated joke himself, the Time Variance Authority are strict, authoritarian (and diverse) time lords that are weak against fire, and those magical stones are nothing more than paperweights to the TVA. The entire MCU was all according to plan thanks to some space lizards called the Time-Keepers, including Thanos commiting immense genocide and allowing the Avengers to mess with time travel, and yet Loki stealing the magic cube is an absolute violation - no free will until Loki showed up. A whole slew of contradictions, inconveniences, and retconning in just the first episode!
>>13891 >magical stones are nothing more than paperweights Anon you do know the Infinity gems only work in their respected universes? They are practically useless when taken out.
(240.16 KB 1920x1080 single timeline.jpg)
(160.93 KB 1920x1080 not loki.jpg)
>>13893 That's assuming that there are supposed to be multiple universes in the first place (in live action). The show is sadly not directly adapted from the comics (yet), and all of the entire universe of the MCU is taking place in this single timeline. Also, Loki could've stolen those paperweights and have full control of the entire universe that he's in after sneaking in a TVA grunt's portal, which is likely what's happening with the hooded guy by the end of the episode. I've uploaded the first episode on the Volafile, so see for yourself there. Do not give Disney your money.
>>13894 attempted to upload the show, but it looks like you can't upload it there. Trying to find another way for now.
(374.98 KB 1000x423 1000.png)
>>13894 >That's assuming that there are supposed to be multiple universes in the first place
>>13891 >>13894 It really gives me a headache how they're butchering their own franchise. Not because I like the MCU. Far from it. But just the sheer incompetence & blindly stupid decisions baffle me.
(929.41 KB 245x175 marvellokipeasant.gif)
>>13891 Anyone who watches this after the previous two disappointments deserves what they get.
>>13895 I'm afraid that I can't find a way to share you all the trainwreck without a risk of DMCA. Unless /tv/ has their own sharing circles, I am all out of luck, and I apologize for wasting your time. Perhaps I would've been vaporized by the TVA if I tried to give a link.
>>13900 They all think that they're bringing their franchises into the "new era" by making them applicable to our woke society and what have you.
>>13922 It's going to be the same fate as their comics division, but this time it's getting defended by posers that insist that it's the right thing to do.
I haven't watched any of the TV series of the MCU but I've seen the films. Why do you guys dislike them? Is because they're popular? They're basically like the comic books but on a big screen. Couple of films like Captain Marvel weren't great but the mainline Avengers ones are serviceable fun action films.
>>13922 I prefer when the MCU was just simple popcorn entertainment. But it's really just become another soapbox like the comics. Because that worked out so well for them.
(288.20 KB 605x508 loki_more_impact.png)
>>13931 Popularity is just the symptom of the major issue with the MCU, especially its TV shows: it's attempting to be more profound than it thinks it is by ignoring most of its "problematic" past and nuance in favor of relying on hot button topics and controlled feedback from the cattle to be taken seriously. The recent MCU TV shows are no exception.
>>14066 >Kevin Feige How does that guy keep getting work? Is it nepotism? The only thing that went well for him was Bridesmaids, after that he had Cisbusters which was a dismal failure.
>>14067 >Kevin Feige >How does that guy keep getting work? He's a faggoty white gay man in Hollyweird. You do the math on that.
>>14067 >bridesmaids >cisbusters That's Paul Feig, not Kevin Feige. Regardless, they both get work from nepotism.
>>14067 >The only thing that went well for him was Bridesmaids, after that he had Cisbusters which was a dismal failure. Like >>14069 says, you're thinking about Paul Fagg Fieg. The homosexual who somehow gets a sexual thrill from women treating men (including him) like dogshit.

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