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(5.40 MB 480x360 CenturionsXMy Little Pony.webm)
(6.81 MB 480x360 The Billdozer.mp4)
(8.25 MB 1280x720 EXTRA THICK.mp4)
(1.17 MB 640x360 Remedy.mp4)
(442.99 KB 1280x720 Entering a sfw thread.mp4)
Webm Thread Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 21:11:30 No. 1462
To celebrate the new 24mb limit, let's post some webms. The more the better.
(5.99 MB 326x218 Dale Dancing.mp4)
(3.28 MB 640x360 Canned Coochie.mp4)
(3.11 MB 1280x720 Hugh tells A Story.mp4)
(2.15 MB 480x480 Shabuu.mp4)
(1.78 MB 640x480 co and movies.mp4)
(11.58 MB 1280x720 Avdol Bullies Little Kid.mp4)
(387.25 KB 476x268 koth in a nutshell.webm)
(12.91 MB 1920x1080 Calarts Magical Girl Shit.webm)
(6.83 MB 640x360 Cannon Busters Opening.mp4)
(3.85 MB 600x800 eggman.webm)
(7.13 MB 400x300 Gupta Kiss.webm)
(975.23 KB 480x480 k_visits_a.mp4)
(6.68 MB 500x782 shades.mp4)
(11.32 MB 736x1080 Vampires.webm)
>>1472 These should go to the music thread.
>>1472 Oh Black, the comic where the villains are ironically the moral ones.
(4.01 MB 1066x600 Webms For Retards.webm)
(590.86 KB 640x640 Stop being such a dork.mp4)
(404.07 KB 468x360 King of The Hill.webm)
(3.29 MB 640x360 der feuhrer's face.webm)
>>1611 Does anyone have the original source of the ed vid?
>>1611 >"We're gay caballeros" We know.
the first episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. 360p from 720p source. this is the first time I've made a long one. Advice, tips, etc on making a better webm? Should I cut each episode in half (hard to find good breakpoints in this show) or is this quality about acceptable for trying to distribute old cartoons this way?
(18.06 MB 640x360 Feed My Frankenstein.webm)
>>1946 This looks like an acceptable quality for an old show but could you post the same episode split in two to compare better?
>>1950 sure. give me some time to split it
let's see how it looks this time Mysterious Cities of Gold - s1e01 - Esteban, Child of the Sun - part 1
>>1953 and part 2
>>1953 >>1954 >Esteban For a second I thought it was Estaban Winsmore.
>>1953 >>1954 It turned out nice, good job Anon.
>>1954 >>1953 I say go for the split webms. The difference in quality is quite staggering.
>>1970 >>1957 thanks. Have episode 2. Was thinking about doing it for the whole first series. Now if only I could find the second series in decent quality (found it in French but hoping for English) >>1955 I actually had to look that up; the only Second Life meme I knew of is Ralph Pootawn
(13.59 MB 640x360 KryptoandStreakyvsDexter.webm)
This ended up being a bloated Frankenstein mess but here it is. If it wasn't an MP4, this video could've looked better but the watermark would still be there. I should avoid making videos longer than a minute or two if I want to avoid big file sizes.
(16.12 MB 640x360 sff.webm)
(5.54 MB 640x360 vermin intro.webm)
(10.13 MB 854x480 yellow brain.webm)
webbums you say
(15.50 MB 1280x720 mr fear.webm)
(12.07 MB 854x480 the wolf.webm)
(15.48 MB 640x360 ju ju.webm)
(13.60 MB 854x480 summer nights.webm)
(13.22 MB 640x360 rattle that lock.webm)
(11.79 MB 854x480 two against one.webm)
(21.23 MB 1920x1036 Caravan Palace - Miracle.mp4)
(1012.79 KB 640x480 153463724800.webm)
(1.57 MB 640x480 153494512400.webm)
(1.94 MB 640x480 153494529400.webm)
(2.66 MB 640x480 153494531000.webm)
>>4722 How the fuck did the first one get on TV? Holy shit.
(758.00 KB 640x480 Bald.webm)
(2.24 MB 1280x720 Z3O23hMVByuqwe8_.mp4)
So despite the fact Disney remade Mulan, it's absolutely nothing like the animated movie. No Mushu, no Shang, Mulan has magic chi powers, the huns are replaced with "northern invaders", & you got shit like this.
>>4770 they made it a wuxia film to appeal to it's main chink audience, what did you really expect?
>>4771 I expected chinese pandering propaganda. I didn't expect the movie to be THIS bad.
(146.19 KB 1200x1096 Chinad_bba8d1_7961870.jpg)
>>4770 Post your laughing webms, anons.
(1.15 MB 640x360 Ahahahahautism.webm)
(2.69 MB 720x480 who indeed.webm)
(1.16 MB 640x480 Perfect.webm)
(1.77 MB 640x480 Antifa sees a non-leftist.webm)
(413.29 KB 308x402 Footfags.webm)
(419.13 KB 640x480 Western Civilization.webm)
Testing files with edited duration tags
(1.33 MB 640x480 Giantess fags.webm)
(1.12 MB 640x480 Lincoln hates footfags.webm)
(106.02 KB 640x480 Angry Ghastly.webm)
(111.61 KB 214x372 You spin me right round.webm)
>>5187 >Bypass cuckchannel limit How about you stay there? This isn't /test/, you faggot.
>>7387 i miss this guy. he quit doing his nu simpsons reviews a long time ago.
>>7387 That Marge is excellent.
(4.37 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant army.webm)
(4.76 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant vs army.webm)
(5.04 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant vs army2.webm)
(3.18 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant battleship.webm)
(5.48 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant fly.webm)
(5.58 MB 1728x720 Iron Giant Superman.webm)
(784.89 KB 1728x720 Where's the giant.webm)
>>7570 >>7571 The film should've done much better in theaters
(6.26 MB 480x360 Robotnik's robowaifu.mp4)
(1.14 MB 250x250 c5f.gif)
>>7655 >She's got really big- <HAIR!
>>7387 We need an AI that makes audio synopses to destroy this hyperconsumption bugmen fad. Spoiler wars that trivializes your precious media CONTENT.
(8.21 MB 1280x720 Tell the Whole Story.webm)
Pearl would never tell the truth about the Holocaust.
>>7773 We need classes that teach people how to manage money, though I would mandate sterilization for "people" who waste money on funko pop vinyl figures.
(38.97 KB 480x270 XRdVM5QRdYG9A-Cn.mp4)
>>7851 That isn't enough, its a mind disease that prays on the weak and young minded, only full extermination will suffice.
>>7775 >black guy who started working in the field in 1879, whose only filament related patent was for a higher yield carbonization process in 1882 invented the light bulb because of his filaments >but not Edison who started research in 1878 and after much experimentation produced the first long-lasting carbon filament lamp in 1880 when he discovered the use of carbonized bamboo Even though I've seen it dozens, if not hundresds of times, leftist historical revisionism still pisses me off.
(17.58 MB 1280x720 The Family Simp (Real).mp4)
>>7965 That was better than both of the actual hows.
(1.43 MB 1280x720 Sea of Passion.webm)
(177.58 KB 640x480 You simp.webm)
(7.36 MB 1280x720 Dubs.webm)
(2.83 MB 654x480 Japanese animation studio.webm)
(213.20 KB 1436x1080 Harley give loli.webm)
I've been using webm for retards lately, and it seems to always fuck up the first few frames. Any setting that can fix this?
>>1462 Merry Christmas
>>8038 I got better with ffmpeg, but you can try Xmedia Recode if Webm for Retards is causing problems. I'm assuming the source file doesn't have issues?
(1.60 MB 640x480 weeaboos.mp4)
(7.14 MB 540x360 Eris.webm)
>>8105 great show
>>4770 That was like some shit out of the Power Rangers but taking its self seriously.
(3.80 MB 960x720 Otto.webm)
(5.50 MB 960x720 Doctor Octopus.webm)
(5.60 MB 960x720 Doctor Octopus2.webm)
(2.01 MB 960x720 Doctor Octopus3.webm)
(5.76 MB 960x720 Hobgoblin.webm)
(5.66 MB 960x720 Hobgoblin2.webm)
(5.22 MB 960x720 Osborn.webm)
(4.74 MB 960x720 Venom.webm)
(5.40 MB 960x720 Venom2.webm)
(4.54 MB 960x720 Rogue.webm)
(5.82 MB 960x720 sentinels.webm)
(3.46 MB 960x720 Spider-Man and the X-Men.webm)
(3.58 MB 1280x720 Richard Dragon.webm)
(5.28 MB 1280x720 Lady Shiva.webm)
(4.75 MB 1280x720 Lady Shiva2.webm)
(3.53 MB 1280x720 Kobra.webm)
(4.68 MB 1280x720 Bronze Tiger.webm)
(5.62 MB 1280x720 Schlangenfaust.webm)
(5.04 MB 1280x720 Lady Shiva3.webm)
>>8894 >>8895 This has no business being called a Batman movie.
(453.60 KB 706x533 Ew.png)
>>8894 >>8895 Wow, the animation is fucking atrocious, it's so choppy and crude, they move like slow robots. Not that I had any expectations for this movie. >>8898 Don't you know DC is all about Batwank these days no matter how ridiculous or little sense does it make? This movie was probably made to pander to hipsters and boomers.
>>8906 Batwank has been a thing for decades now. This is just straight up a completely unfitting film for him to be in. Let alone giving him the title name.
>>8915 But that's the thing, DC slaps Batman on anything they think won't sell because they know the Batcult will shovel anything with Baman on it down their gaping gullet.
>>8915 >This is just straight up a completely unfitting Not necessarily if we're going by older versions of the Bat.
>>8918 I'm not even sure a Batcult still exists anymore. Maybe because they've been replaced by the Snyder cult that think his movies are the best things ever & he could do no wrong. For some fucking reason. >>8919 It doesn't fit when his co-stars not only have no problem with killing but the style of film is more of James Bond meets Bruce Lee. Brave & the Bold had an episode that did this kind of premise with Bronze Tiger a lot better because it was still Batman focused with Batman villains.
>>8921 Some idiots think murder bat should be a thing.
>>8921 <I'm not even sure a Batcult still exists anymore Nigga... Snydershit got its obligatory SHF and MAFEX and that's pretty much it. I doubt kids gave damn about the Snyder figures not that anyone with taste would care about most Mattel releases regardless of source material . Meanwhile, general Batwank have been keep going strong on 2020 and probably will continue in 2021 as well. The examples I gave are probably not even half of all the Batwank toys released last year. t. toyfag
>>8953 I mean you got me on the toys department. However cheap & easy to mass produce they are. >>8952 I don't think Batman killing is good or bad inherently. The problem is that the core of the character is not being a killer. The version that Snyder blatantly is trying to emulate doesn't kill despite what Zack claims. It also doesn't make any sense if he's perfectly fine with killing but DOESN'T kill Joker, Harley, Deadshot, or Killer Croc.
>>8954 Toys unlike movies and shows are 100% profit, because you can't download them yet . >However cheap & easy to mass produce they are There are expensive toys aimed for adult collectors that can cost 60$+ either way, toys are fun including playline ones, no need to be snob about it .
>>8955 Nigga McFarlane toys are incredibly cheap & ugly. Do you not see these terrible sculpts & paint apps? If that's your standard for collectible toys then I don't trust you with money.
>>8961 >McFarlane toys >expensive toys aimed for adult collectors that can cost 60$+ Are you illiterate?
>>8965 You didn't post any other action figures but McFarlane.
>>8968 I guess the answer to my question is yes, work on your reading comprehension. <You didn't post any other action figures It's clear you have no actual knowledge about toys, no wonder you moron thought Batcult doesn't exist anymore.
>>8971 Okay nigger. Go back to cuckchan.
(12.08 MB 640x360 Yodel-adle-eedle-idle-oo.mp4)
(4.14 MB 634x360 I YODEL!.mp4)
>>9492 Buffy might've worked if the VA could emote for shit
(18.72 MB 854x480 ENA - Extinction Party.webm)
>>9495 Speaking of VAs that can't emote for shit...
(6.35 MB 960x720 help_JackStauber.webm)
>>1950 I'll never get over how Medusa look so much more terrifying in stop motion than anything the shitty CGI does.
>>9761 I'm saving that one for our next reading of Were-Ed. Speaking of, when's Sonichu?
(556.86 KB 320x240 fish oil.webm)
>>9761 That small mouth movement at "to-ooh" on the line "I ain't got many friends left to talk to-ooh" makes me happy.
It's getting more difficult to find Slav cartoons, thanks to JewTube's Content ID fuckery. Even harder is finding databases of foreign cartoons besides Japan.
(1.23 MB 480x360 daphne bullies velma.mp4)
(986.88 KB 1280x720 pandering to furries 101.webm)
>>9519 I still don't understand why everybody flipped their shit over this. It's weird and random but that's all it is.
(1.88 MB 1280x720 01. super skooks world.webm)
(810.76 KB 1280x720 02. swooce.webm)
(3.14 MB 1280x720 03. right in your behind.webm)
(23.05 MB 1280x720 04. dance party.webm)
>>10696 Skooks is one of my favourite YTP series of all time. Including anime version of that webm too.
An Easter classic.
Someone who worked on Isle of Dogs recently made this with Taika Waititi.
(144.86 KB 261x379 Cohen.png)
>>11852 >Taika Waititi Who?
(11.78 MB 854x480 Ed Edd n Eddy.mp4)
>>11862 You literally took a screenshot of his wiki.
>>11866 Damn that song sure would hit harder if it wasn't Steven Universe.
>>11866 Why would you give that shit space on your hard drive?
The creator of Making Fiends, Amy Winfrey, made a web series about Hell a year ago. Who knows when she'll make another one?
(344.02 KB 1708x2200 soros is too damned smug.jpg)
(45.71 KB 503x146 jew taika waititi COHEN.png)
>>11862 Just in case anyone missed that bit at the bottom.
>>13729 Honestly we could probably just make episodes of ATHF ourselves now.
>>13731 >Honestly we could probably just make episodes of ATHF ourselves now. And better ones. >mfw Questionable Malcontent the series using vid related as input for Marten's voice.
>>9690 Back in the day, we'd watch the Flintstones at lunch before heading back to school. They thought nothing of advertising the most insanely fucked up nightmare fuel, including Medusa from CotT and fucking Tarman from Return of the Living Dead. We weren't coddled back then, but I kind of wish we were, a little, when it came to that sort of thing. Medusa and Tarman are a joke to an adult, but to a kid they're every shadow on every bedroom wall when you're trying to sleep.
(117.25 KB 239x294 zootopia unimpressed.png)
>>13817 >The Two Ronnies You got my hopes up, anon.

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