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(1.08 MB 1080x1093 ClipboardImage.png)

Arthur's going off the air soon. Anonymous 07/28/2021 (Wed) 03:34:41 No. 15869
Arthur's ending sometime in 2022. After 25 season in the winter of 2022, the show will debute it's final season and after that, it'll just be reruns. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XIdwV4MMYmA https://archive.fo/StRS7 https://archive.fo/dWyfH
(83.05 KB 342x245 1564981981.png)

>>15869 >After 25 season >25 season
>>15869 Good. It became extremely gay and should be put out of its misery
>>15870 Sorry, I mean to type 25 seasons.
>>15869 It was the only show anyone could watch, until they started virtue signaling. Nevertheless, I watched it up to season 22 and am sad to hear this.
>>15874 There's no problem, im just mentally tired that Arthur survived for so long.
>>15872 It should have ended once millennials turned 10, now it ironically dies with their kids.
(182.99 KB 515x341 think-about-it.png)

this has been sitting on my harddrive for almost two years
(154.15 KB 680x962 thinkinghat.jpg)

Will Simpsons follow?
>>15884 The Simpsons have been dead for years now.
>>15885 Yeha, but will the walking bones that move on their own be destroyed?
>>15883 Robot. Reed. Dorothy Wayneright.
(76.73 KB 597x942 Simpsons Race to 0.PNG)

>>15884 I give it 8-10 more years of fumes When even Family Guy surpasses them you know it's beyond help. Kids and teens don't watch TV anymore.
Honestly I'm shocked it's stayed on for so long.
>>15915 What's the rightmost collumn a rating of? Millions of views?
It's deserved now that the show is nothing but faggot propaganda.
>>15883 WATCH THOSE WONDERING HANDS >>15885 I think he meant: When are they're going to put an end to their misery? Seriously, who the fuck is Morrissey?
>>15884 Not until Groening's dead. Even then, it'll only be a temporary break, because (((Disney))) isn't going to let a shekel-printer brand die peacefully.
>>15960 Groening hasn't had anything to do with the production of the series since like Season 2. His death wouldn't deter them at all. They've also replaced a bunch of voice actors for various roles, so I doubt that even replacing the main characters would deter them either. The only thing that will stop them is if the show becomes very, very unprofitable.
>>15960 It's basically their Spongebob.
at least i will always have bzeh's art.
(233.87 KB 684x253 arthurbane1.jpg)

(223.58 KB 685x251 arthurbane2.jpg)

(247.17 KB 681x250 arthurshawshank.jpg)

I miss fooling around in the comic-maker app.
>>16159 If you feel like digging (sorry, don't have the link on me) you should be able to use it via the wayback machine. I was able to anyway.
(223.86 KB 677x250 arthurpulpfiction.jpg)

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